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Dr. Phil

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 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
515 4x01 29/Aug/2005 The Secret Lives of Single Moms N/A
516 4x02 30/Aug/2005 "Get Rid of It!" N/A
517 4x03 31/Aug/2005 Reunited (2) N/A
521 4x04 01/Sep/2005 Family Intervention N/A
522 4x05 02/Sep/2005 "I Hate Myself" N/A
523 4x06 05/Sep/2005 Phobias N/A
524 4x07 06/Sep/2005 "Fighting For My Children" Follow-Up N/A
525 4x08 07/Sep/2005 Dark Family Secrets N/A
526 4x09 08/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: The Aftermath N/A
527 4x10 09/Sep/2005 Ask Dr. Phil and Follow-ups N/A
528 4x11 12/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers N/A
529 4x12 13/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Rebuilding Lives N/A
530 4x13 14/Sep/2005 1,000 Women! N/A
531 4x14 15/Sep/2005 The Disappearance of Natalee N/A
532 4x15 16/Sep/2005 Pretty/Ugly N/A
533 4x16 19/Sep/2005 "Afraid of My Mom" N/A
534 4x17 20/Sep/2005 Little Mean Girls N/A
535 4x18 21/Sep/2005 Meddling Future Mothers-in-law N/A
536 4x19 22/Sep/2005 Are You a Racist? N/A
537 4x20 23/Sep/2005 What a Difference a Year Makes! N/A
538 4x21 26/Sep/2005 Honeymoon's Over! N/A
539 4x22 27/Sep/2005 Shocking Teen Trends N/A
540 4x23 28/Sep/2005 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy N/A
541 4x24 29/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Follow-Ups N/A
539 4x25 30/Sep/2005 "Get a Backbone!" N/A
543 4x26 03/Oct/2005 The Family Cult N/A
544 4x27 04/Oct/2005 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
545 4x28 05/Oct/2005 Moms: Cut the Chaos N/A
546 4x29 06/Oct/2005 "Stand Up for Yourself" N/A
547 4x30 07/Oct/2005 The Latest Debates N/A
548 4x31 10/Oct/2005 Wifestyles N/A
549 4x32 11/Oct/2005 College Chaos N/A
550 4x33 12/Oct/2005 Overprotective Moms N/A
551 4x34 13/Oct/2005 Cheerleader Scandal N/A
552 4x35 14/Oct/2005 "Kick 'Em to the Curb!" N/A
553 4x36 17/Oct/2005 Stalking the Stars N/A
554 4x37 18/Oct/2005 "I Am Right!" N/A
555 4x38 19/Oct/2005 "I'm Gay, OK?" N/A
556 4x39 20/Oct/2005 "You Ruined My Reputation!" N/A
557 4x40 21/Oct/2005 Moms and Money Conflicts N/A
558 4x41 24/Oct/2005 "Is This Normal?" N/A
559 4x42 25/Oct/2005 Deadly Injustice N/A
560 4x43 26/Oct/2005 More Sex with Kim Cattrall N/A
561 4x44 27/Oct/2005 Extreme Parenting N/A
562 4x45 28/Oct/2005 Addicts Transformed N/A
560 4x46 31/Oct/2005 "Spoiled and Entitled?" N/A
561 4x47 01/Nov/2005 The Stepford Family N/A
565 4x48 02/Nov/2005 Falsely Accused N/A
566 4x49 03/Nov/2005 Extreme Food Obsessions N/A
567 4x50 04/Nov/2005 A Shopping Intervention N/A
568 4x51 07/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge N/A
566 4x52 08/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge (2) N/A
570 4x53 09/Nov/2005 The New Generation of Moochers N/A
571 4x54 10/Nov/2005 Infidelity Aftermath N/A
572 4x55 11/Nov/2005 Dating Disasters N/A
573 4x56 14/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club N/A
571 4x57 15/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (2) N/A
575 4x58 16/Nov/2005 "My Kid's a Star" N/A
576 4x59 17/Nov/2005 The Search for Natalee and Amy N/A
577 4x60 18/Nov/2005 "My Annoying Family" N/A
578 4x61 21/Nov/2005 Childhood Secrets N/A
579 4x62 22/Nov/2005 Yours, Mine & Ours N/A
580 4x63 23/Nov/2005 Schizophrenia N/A
581 4x64 25/Nov/2005 Biggest Parenting Problems N/A
582 4x65 28/Nov/2005 Conception Deception N/A
583 4x66 29/Nov/2005 Fighting Over the Will N/A
581 4x67 30/Nov/2005 "You Wouldn't Last a Day!" N/A
582 4x68 01/Dec/2005 House Call Intervention N/A
583 4x69 02/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (3) N/A
587 4x70 05/Dec/2005 Nasty Breakups N/A
585 4x71 06/Dec/2005 Love Smart (1) N/A
586 4x72 07/Dec/2005 Love Smart (2) N/A
590 4x73 08/Dec/2005 Extreme Follow-Up N/A
591 4x74 09/Dec/2005 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin Plus the JCPenney Jam! N/A
592 4x75 12/Dec/2005 Conned By a Con Artist? N/A
593 4x76 13/Dec/2005 Mom's Biggest Mistakes N/A
594 4x77 14/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza! N/A
592 4x78 15/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza (2) N/A
593 4x79 16/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Giveaways N/A
594 4x80 02/Jan/2005 New Year: Old Habits N/A
598 4x81 03/Jan/2006 Love Resolutions N/A
599 4x82 04/Jan/2006 Unforgettable Weight Stories N/A
600 4x83 05/Jan/2006 'Am I Cursed?' N/A
601 4x84 06/Jan/2006 No More Excuses with Star Jones Reynolds N/A
602 4x85 09/Jan/2006 Nasty Custody Battles N/A
603 4x86 10/Jan/2006 Pressured Into Marriage N/A
604 4x87 11/Jan/2006 Living on the Edge N/A
605 4x88 12/Jan/2006 Racism Experiment N/A
606 4x89 13/Jan/2006 Old Flames N/A
607 4x90 16/Jan/2006 Honeymoon's Over Follow-Up N/A
608 4x91 17/Jan/2006 Extreme Disorders N/A
609 4x92 19/Jan/2006 Follow-Ups N/A
610 4x93 20/Jan/2006 Kids Ask Dr. Phil N/A
611 4x94 23/Jan/2006 Too Hot! N/A
612 4x95 24/Jan/2006 Dreams, Nightmares and Night Terrors N/A
613 4x96 25/Jan/2006 "Is This Normal?" N/A
614 4x97 26/Jan/2006 Shopping Intervention: The Aftermath N/A
615 4x98 27/Jan/2006 Money Disasters N/A
616 4x99 30/Jan/2006 Trapped N/A
614 4x100 31/Jan/2006 Cut 'Em Off! N/A
615 4x101 01/Feb/2006 "Throw It Out!" N/A
619 4x102 02/Feb/2006 Twisted Love N/A
620 4x103 03/Feb/2006 Competition Freaks N/A
621 4x104 06/Feb/2006 Bad Brides N/A
622 4x105 07/Feb/2006 The Hunt for Amanda N/A
623 4x106 08/Feb/2006 Deadly Eating N/A
624 4x107 09/Feb/2006 Family Secrets, Family Lies N/A
625 4x108 10/Feb/2006 Last Chance N/A
627 4x110 13/Feb/2006 Love Smart Island N/A
625 4x111 14/Feb/2006 Love Smart Island (2) N/A
629 4x112 15/Feb/2006 Mr. Mooch N/A
630 4x113 16/Feb/2006 Trouble in the Spotlight N/A
631 4x114 17/Feb/2006 Family Troublemakers N/A
632 4x115 20/Feb/2006 Are You a Bitch? N/A
633 4x116 21/Feb/2006 More Wifestyles N/A
634 4x117 22/Feb/2006 Wedding Wars N/A
635 4x118 23/Feb/2006 Exes from Hell N/A
636 4x119 24/Feb/2006 Liar, Liar N/A
637 4x120 27/Feb/2006 Twisted Love: The Aftermath N/A
635 4x121 28/Feb/2006 On the Outs With In-Laws N/A
636 4x122 01/Mar/2006 Cheaters N/A
637 4x123 02/Mar/2006 "Our Biggest Battle" N/A
638 4x124 03/Mar/2006 "Stop Ruining Your Child!" N/A
639 4x125 06/Mar/2006 Love, Lies and the Law N/A
640 4x126 07/Mar/2006 Extreme Highs and Lows N/A
641 4x127 20/Mar/2006 "I'm a Slave to My Spouse" N/A
642 4x128 21/Mar/2006 More Annoying People N/A
643 4x129 27/Mar/2006 More Wifestyles (3) N/A
644 4x130 28/Mar/2006 Money Hungry N/A
645 4x131 03/Apr/2006 Mommy Dearest N/A
646 4x132 04/Apr/2006 "I Want My Ex Back" N/A
647 4x133 05/Apr/2006 Loving Dumb N/A
648 4x134 06/Apr/2006 Plastic People N/A
649 4x135 07/Apr/2006 Social Taboos: Is This Normal? N/A
650 4x136 10/Apr/2006 Settle This! N/A
651 4x137 11/Apr/2006 What Are You Afraid Of? N/A
652 4x138 12/Apr/2006 Dangerous Love N/A
653 4x139 13/Apr/2006 Engaged Too Soon N/A
654 4x140 14/Apr/2006 The Dr. Phil Foundation: Helping Kids N/A
656 4x141 17/Apr/2006 Dangerous Kids N/A
657 4x142 18/Apr/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin N/A
658 4x143 19/Apr/2006 Teen Dating and Abuse N/A
659 4x144 20/Apr/2006 "I Love Myself" N/A
660 4x145 21/Apr/2006 Baby Wars N/A
661 4x146 24/Apr/2006 The Final Ultimatum N/A
662 4x147 25/Apr/2006 Teen Wake-Up Calls N/A
663 4x148 26/Apr/2006 "You're Not Hot Enough" N/A
664 4x149 27/Apr/2006 Big Burden N/A
664 4x150 28/Apr/2006 Dr. Phil's Mooch Squad N/A
665 4x151 01/May/2006 Fighting Styles N/A
667 4x152 02/May/2006 Missing N/A
668 4x153 03/May/2006 Possessive People N/A
669 4x154 04/May/2006 Violent Love Intervention N/A
670 4x155 05/May/2006 When Sex Styles Don't Match N/A
671 4x156 08/May/2006 A Mother's Rage N/A
672 4x157 09/May/2006 Finding Allene and Mollie N/A
672 4x158 10/May/2006 Finding Allene and Mollie (2) N/A
674 4x159 11/May/2006 Mind Your Business! N/A
674 4x160 12/May/2006 Toxic Relationships N/A
675 4x161 15/May/2006 Son-in-Law vs. Mother-in-Law N/A
676 4x162 16/May/2006 The Divorce Experiment N/A
677 4x163 17/May/2006 Brandon Behind Bars N/A
678 4x164 18/May/2006 Alex Turns 18 N/A
679 4x165 19/May/2006 "My Fiance is a Stalker" N/A
680 4x166 22/May/2006 Predator Sting N/A
681 4x167 23/May/2006 Abandoned N/A
682 4x168 24/May/2006 "Get My Groom to Grow Up!" N/A
683 4x169 25/May/2006 Cheating Fianc├ęs? N/A
684 4x170 26/May/2006 Summer Slim N/A
685 4x171 10/Jul/2006 Biggest Brats N/A
686 4x172 11/Jul/2006 Domestic Dollar Disputes N/A
687 4x173 12/Jul/2006 A Predator in the House? N/A
688 4x174 13/Jul/2006 Online Dating N/A
689 4x175 14/Jul/2006 End of the Year Follow-Ups N/A
690 4x176 28/Aug/2006 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later N/A
691 4x177 29/Aug/2006 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later (2) N/A

S04 - #115/Oct/2005The Dr. Phil FoundationN/A
S04 - #210/Feb/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Love SmartN/A
S04 - #314/May/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Escaping Addiction (2)N/A
S04 - #419/May/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Escaping DangerN/A

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