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Dr. Phil

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 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
692 5x01 04/Sep/2006 More Feuding In-laws N/A
693 5x02 11/Sep/2006 Biggest Love Mistakes N/A
694 5x03 12/Sep/2006 Inside My Heart N/A
695 5x04 13/Sep/2006 Man Stealers N/A
696 5x05 14/Sep/2006 More Brats N/A
697 5x06 15/Sep/2006 Dirty Little Secrets N/A
703 5x07 18/Sep/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance N/A
704 5x08 19/Sep/2006 When In-Laws Cross the Line N/A
705 5x09 20/Sep/2006 Revenge of the Exes N/A
706 5x10 21/Sep/2006 Cult Confrontations N/A
707 5x11 22/Sep/2006 Follow-Ups N/A
708 5x12 25/Sep/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (2) N/A
709 5x13 26/Sep/2006 "Marry Me or Else!" N/A
710 5x14 27/Sep/2006 Generation Rx N/A
711 5x15 28/Sep/2006 Love Scams? N/A
707 5x16 29/Sep/2006 Wedding Dos and Don'ts N/A
708 5x17 02/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (3) N/A
714 5x18 03/Oct/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin N/A
715 5x19 04/Oct/2006 Custody Battles Gone Bad N/A
716 5x20 05/Oct/2006 Attack in the Night N/A
717 5x21 06/Oct/2006 The IQ Answer N/A
718 5x22 09/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (4) N/A
719 5x23 10/Oct/2006 Drunken Mistakes N/A
720 5x24 11/Oct/2006 One Paycheck Away N/A
721 5x25 12/Oct/2006 Divorcing the Family N/A
722 5x26 13/Oct/2006 Teen Plastic Surgery N/A
723 5x27 16/Oct/2006 Runaway Dramas N/A
724 5x28 17/Oct/2006 What Would Robin Do? N/A
725 5x29 18/Oct/2006 In-Law Threats N/A
726 5x30 19/Oct/2006 Teachers Caught in the Act N/A
727 5x31 20/Oct/2006 Cheapskates and Big Spenders N/A
728 5x32 23/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (1) N/A
729 5x33 24/Oct/2006 Fifty and Fabulous! N/A
730 5x34 25/Oct/2006 Home Wreckers N/A
731 5x35 26/Oct/2006 Backstabbing Sisters N/A
732 5x36 27/Oct/2006 New Orleans Scam? N/A
733 5x37 30/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (2) N/A
729 5x38 31/Oct/2006 Cheating Disasters N/A
730 5x39 01/Nov/2006 Is This Normal? N/A
736 5x40 02/Nov/2006 Gorgeous Isn't Enough! N/A
737 5x41 03/Nov/2006 Shocking Accusations N/A
738 5x42 06/Nov/2006 The Lie Detector Tests N/A
739 5x43 07/Nov/2006 The Lie Detector Tests (2) N/A
740 5x44 08/Nov/2006 Cougars and Sugar Daddies N/A
741 5x45 09/Nov/2006 Dr. Phil Scam N/A
742 5x46 10/Nov/2006 Dr. Phil Scam (2) N/A
743 5x47 13/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (3) N/A
744 5x48 14/Nov/2006 Sisters at War N/A
745 5x49 15/Nov/2006 When Too Much Is ... Too Much N/A
746 5x50 16/Nov/2006 Starving for Perfection N/A
747 5x51 17/Nov/2006 In-Laws' Dirty Secrets Exposed N/A
748 5x52 20/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention N/A
749 5x53 21/Nov/2006 Nightmare Brides and Grooms N/A
750 5x54 22/Nov/2006 Rude Relatives N/A
751 5x55 24/Nov/2006 Great School Debate N/A
752 5x56 27/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (2) N/A
753 5x57 28/Nov/2006 Jeremy Returns N/A
754 5x58 29/Nov/2006 Out of the Dog House! N/A
750 5x59 30/Nov/2006 Spoiled and Entitled N/A
751 5x60 01/Dec/2006 Big Weight Issues N/A
752 5x61 04/Dec/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (3) N/A
758 5x62 05/Dec/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin N/A
759 5x63 06/Dec/2006 Teacher Troubles N/A
760 5x64 07/Dec/2006 Homework Hell N/A
761 5x65 08/Dec/2006 Out-of-Control Husbands N/A
762 5x66 11/Dec/2006 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Show! N/A
763 5x67 12/Dec/2006 Convince Me! N/A
764 5x68 13/Dec/2006 Holiday Horror Stories N/A
765 5x69 14/Dec/2006 Extreme Lives N/A
761 5x70 15/Dec/2006 Children of Addicts N/A
762 5x71 18/Dec/2006 How Are They Now? N/A
763 5x72 02/Jan/2007 Wacky Resolutions N/A
764 5x73 03/Jan/2007 Meet Your Match N/A
765 5x74 04/Jan/2007 "What I Want This Year!" N/A
766 5x75 05/Jan/2007 No More Jerks! N/A
767 5x76 08/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention N/A
768 5x77 09/Jan/2007 False Confessions N/A
769 5x78 10/Jan/2007 Mega Moochers N/A
770 5x79 11/Jan/2007 In Search Of ... N/A
771 5x80 12/Jan/2007 Settle This! N/A
772 5x81 15/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (2) N/A
773 5x82 16/Jan/2007 Marriage Deal-Breakers N/A
774 5x83 17/Jan/2007 Gender Identity Crisis N/A
775 5x84 18/Jan/2007 Mr. Wrong N/A
776 5x85 19/Jan/2007 Young Moms Ask the Experts N/A
777 5x86 22/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (3) N/A
778 5x87 23/Jan/2007 Snobs and Egomaniacs N/A
779 5x88 24/Jan/2007 Problem Parent or Problem Child? N/A
780 5x89 25/Jan/2007 Rude and Crude People N/A
781 5x90 26/Jan/2007 Bullies N/A
782 5x91 29/Jan/2007 Fatal Attraction? N/A
783 5x92 30/Jan/2007 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" N/A
784 5x93 31/Jan/2007 Big Love N/A
785 5x94 01/Feb/2007 A Difficult Reunion N/A
786 5x95 02/Feb/2007 A Difficult Reunion (2) N/A
787 5x96 05/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp N/A
788 5x97 06/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (2) N/A
789 5x98 07/Feb/2007 Little Boys, Big Weight Problems N/A
790 5x99 08/Feb/2007 Flasher Exposed N/A
791 5x100 09/Feb/2007 Sign on the Line! N/A
792 5x101 12/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (3) N/A
793 5x102 13/Feb/2007 Secret Love N/A
794 5x103 14/Feb/2007 Valentine Troubles N/A
795 5x104 15/Feb/2007 The Young and the Reckless N/A
796 5x105 16/Feb/2007 Biggest Reunions Ever N/A
797 5x106 19/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (4) N/A
798 5x107 20/Feb/2007 Love or Money N/A
799 5x108 21/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins Follow-Up N/A
800 5x109 22/Feb/2007 Adoption Scams N/A
801 5x110 23/Feb/2007 Adoption Scams (2) N/A
802 5x111 26/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (5) N/A
803 5x112 27/Feb/2007 "What Would You Do?" N/A
804 5x113 28/Feb/2007 Silent Darkness N/A
805 5x114 01/Mar/2007 Sudden Fame N/A
806 5x115 02/Mar/2007 Caught in the Act N/A
807 5x116 05/Mar/2007 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines N/A
808 5x117 06/Mar/2007 To Be a Child Star N/A
809 5x118 08/Mar/2007 The Scott Peterson Jurors N/A
810 5x119 09/Mar/2007 Dominating Spouses N/A
811 5x120 12/Mar/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (6) N/A
812 5x121 19/Mar/2007 Weddings Gone Bad N/A
813 5x122 20/Mar/2007 "I Hate This Marriage" N/A
814 5x123 22/Mar/2007 Anna's Aftermath N/A
815 5x124 26/Mar/2007 Teen Intervention Follow-Up N/A
816 5x125 27/Mar/2007 Fifteen Minutes of Fame N/A
817 5x126 28/Mar/2007 Runaways Gone Wild N/A
818 5x127 03/Apr/2007 The Price of Privilege N/A
819 5x128 04/Apr/2007 Did He or Didn't He? N/A
820 5x129 05/Apr/2007 What's Up, Doc? N/A
821 5x130 06/Apr/2007 Explosive Anger and Its Aftermath N/A
822 5x131 09/Apr/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace N/A
823 5x132 10/Apr/2007 Husbands Ask Dr. Phil N/A
824 5x133 11/Apr/2007 Anna Nicole Smith: Family Controversy N/A
825 5x134 12/Apr/2007 Twin Tug of War N/A
826 5x135 13/Apr/2007 180-Degree Turn N/A
827 5x136 16/Apr/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace (2) N/A
828 5x137 17/Apr/2007 Identity Theft N/A
829 5x138 18/Apr/2007 Wrongful Punishment N/A
830 5x139 19/Apr/2007 Moms Gone Wild N/A
831 5x140 20/Apr/2007 Mistrust in Love N/A
832 5x141 23/Apr/2007 Family Drama N/A
833 5x142 24/Apr/2007 Is This Normal? N/A
834 5x143 25/Apr/2007 Know-It-All In-Laws N/A
835 5x144 26/Apr/2007 Obsessive Love N/A
836 5x145 27/Apr/2007 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues N/A
837 5x146 30/Apr/2007 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention N/A
838 5x147 01/May/2007 "Call it Off!" N/A
839 5x148 02/May/2007 Bully Dads N/A
840 5x149 03/May/2007 Lay Down the Law N/A
841 5x150 04/May/2007 Overweight and Forgotten N/A
842 5x151 07/May/2007 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention (2) N/A
843 5x152 08/May/2007 Torn between Two Husbands N/A
844 5x153 09/May/2007 Strung Out! N/A
845 5x154 10/May/2007 Obsessive Love: Secrets Revealed N/A
846 5x155 11/May/2007 Obsessive Love: On the Run N/A
847 5x156 14/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star" N/A
848 5x157 15/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star" (2) N/A
849 5x158 16/May/2007 Anatomy of Abuse N/A
850 5x159 17/May/2007 Meddling Moms N/A
851 5x160 18/May/2007 Girly Men? N/A
852 5x161 21/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star" (3) N/A
853 5x162 22/May/2007 The True Life of Marcia Brady N/A
854 5x163 23/May/2007 Secret Love: The Aftermath N/A
855 5x164 24/May/2007 "Who Am I?" N/A
856 5x165 25/May/2007 Step Monster N/A
857 5x166 28/May/2007 Family on Fire: House Intervention (3) N/A
858 5x167 29/May/2007 Family on Fire: House Intervention (4) N/A
859 5x168 30/May/2007 Ask the Authors N/A
860 5x169 09/Jul/2007 "You Owe Me an Apology!" N/A
861 5x170 10/Jul/2007 Slacker Wives and Moocher Moms N/A
862 5x171 12/Jul/2007 What Happened Next? N/A
863 5x172 13/Jul/2007 Prison Moms N/A
864 5x173 03/Sep/2007 Who's the Evil-Doer? N/A
865 5x174 04/Sep/2007 Violent Kids N/A
866 5x175 05/Sep/2007 Family Follow-Up N/A
867 5x176 06/Sep/2007 The Ex Factor N/A
868 5x177 07/Sep/2007 Kids Caught in the Middle N/A

S05 - #118/May/2007A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Caged?N/A

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