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Dr. Phil

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 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
869 6x01 10/Sep/2007 Season 6 Premiere N/A
876 6x02 11/Sep/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds N/A
871 6x03 12/Sep/2007 The Nanny Affair N/A
872 6x04 13/Sep/2007 The Nanny Affair (2) N/A
879 6x05 14/Sep/2007 Saboteurs N/A
880 6x06 17/Sep/2007 Faking It? N/A
881 6x07 18/Sep/2007 Etiquette Dilemmas N/A
882 6x08 19/Sep/2007 Nasty Neighbors N/A
883 6x09 20/Sep/2007 Change My Face, Change My Race N/A
884 6x10 21/Sep/2007 Does Age Matter? N/A
885 6x11 24/Sep/2007 Bishop T. D. Jakes N/A
880 6x12 25/Sep/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (2) N/A
887 6x13 26/Sep/2007 Cranky Kids N/A
888 6x14 27/Sep/2007 Hobo Daddy N/A
883 6x15 28/Sep/2007 The Jena 6 N/A
884 6x16 01/Oct/2007 Jena 6 Continues N/A
885 6x17 02/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (3) N/A
892 6x18 03/Oct/2007 Mama Drama N/A
893 6x19 04/Oct/2007 Britney Breaking News N/A
894 6x20 05/Oct/2007 Follow-Ups N/A
895 6x21 08/Oct/2007 Frankie and Gwen N/A
890 6x22 09/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (4) N/A
897 6x23 10/Oct/2007 Troubled Teen Love N/A
898 6x24 11/Oct/2007 Munchausen Mom N/A
899 6x25 12/Oct/2007 Mild vs. Wild N/A
900 6x26 15/Oct/2007 The O.J. Book Battle N/A
895 6x27 16/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (5) N/A
902 6x28 17/Oct/2007 Sexual Predators? N/A
903 6x29 18/Oct/2007 Deadly Kids N/A
904 6x30 19/Oct/2007 Suing for Love N/A
905 6x31 22/Oct/2007 Exes at War N/A
906 6x32 23/Oct/2007 Tuesdays with Morrie N/A
907 6x33 24/Oct/2007 Controversial Love Affairs N/A
908 6x34 25/Oct/2007 Policing the Parents N/A
909 6x35 26/Oct/2007 Devastating Divorce N/A
910 6x36 29/Oct/2007 Parent Trap N/A
911 6x37 30/Oct/2007 Body Dysmorphia N/A
906 6x38 31/Oct/2007 A Model's Dangerous Marriage N/A
907 6x39 01/Nov/2007 Teacher Sex Scandal N/A
908 6x40 02/Nov/2007 Teacher Sex Scandal (2) N/A
915 6x41 05/Nov/2007 DNA Dramas N/A
916 6x42 06/Nov/2007 Introducing the House of Judgment N/A
917 6x43 07/Nov/2007 Finding Alex N/A
918 6x44 08/Nov/2007 Banned from the Wedding N/A
919 6x45 09/Nov/2007 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop N/A
914 6x46 12/Nov/2007 House of Judgment N/A
921 6x47 13/Nov/2007 Will Fights N/A
922 6x48 14/Nov/2007 A Daughter in Danger? N/A
917 6x49 15/Nov/2007 A Daughter in Danger? (2) N/A
918 6x50 16/Nov/2007 Scary Skinny N/A
919 6x51 19/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions N/A
920 6x52 20/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (2) N/A
921 6x53 21/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (3) N/A
923 6x54 26/Nov/2007 Katherine Returns N/A
924 6x55 27/Nov/2007 Banned from the Wedding (2) N/A
925 6x56 28/Nov/2007 Divorce Decision N/A
926 6x57 29/Nov/2007 Too Big, Too Young N/A
927 6x58 30/Nov/2007 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin N/A
928 6x59 03/Dec/2007 Shocking Teen Trends N/A
929 6x60 04/Dec/2007 Doomed from the Start? N/A
930 6x61 05/Dec/2007 Internet Dangers N/A
931 6x62 06/Dec/2007 Desperate to Be a Mom N/A
932 6x63 07/Dec/2007 A Killer among Us? N/A
933 6x64 10/Dec/2007 House of Judgment (2) N/A
934 6x65 11/Dec/2007 Plastic Surgery Nightmares N/A
935 6x66 12/Dec/2007 Christmas Chaos N/A
936 6x67 13/Dec/2007 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Celebration N/A
937 6x68 14/Dec/2007 Is This Normal? N/A
938 6x69 17/Dec/2007 House of Judgment (3) N/A
939 6x70 18/Dec/2007 Dangerous Daughters N/A
940 6x71 19/Dec/2007 Parents' Ultimate Test: Dealing with Autism N/A
941 6x72 02/Jan/2008 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions N/A
942 6x73 03/Jan/2008 Shocking Trends of the New Year N/A
943 6x74 04/Jan/2008 New Year's Resolutions N/A
944 6x75 07/Jan/2008 Don't Be That Girl N/A
945 6x76 08/Jan/2008 Cyber Bullies N/A
946 6x77 09/Jan/2008 When to Call It Quits N/A
947 6x78 10/Jan/2008 "What's Age Got to Do with It?" N/A
948 6x79 11/Jan/2008 "My Big, Fat, Spoiled Family Member" N/A
949 6x80 14/Jan/2008 "At War with My Teen" N/A
950 6x81 15/Jan/2008 Internet Mistakes N/A
951 6x82 16/Jan/2008 Get Rich Quick Disasters N/A
952 6x83 17/Jan/2008 "Get Your Act Together!" N/A
953 6x84 18/Jan/2008 "Butt Out!" N/A
954 6x85 21/Jan/2008 Real Life Gossip Girls N/A
955 6x86 22/Jan/2008 Cojo: Back from the Brink N/A
956 6x87 23/Jan/2008 Con Artists and Thieves N/A
957 6x88 24/Jan/2008 "I Want Out!" N/A
958 6x89 25/Jan/2008 Secrets in the Suburbs N/A
959 6x90 28/Jan/2008 The Baggy Pants Debate N/A
960 6x91 29/Jan/2008 Extreme Weight with The Doctors N/A
961 6x92 30/Jan/2008 "Get Rid of It!" N/A
962 6x93 31/Jan/2008 Vigilante Justice N/A
963 6x94 01/Feb/2008 Teens Having Babies N/A
964 6x95 04/Feb/2008 Dirty Little Secrets N/A
965 6x96 05/Feb/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement N/A
966 6x97 06/Feb/2008 Pill Popping Twins N/A
967 6x98 07/Feb/2008 Pill Popping Twins (2) N/A
968 6x99 08/Feb/2008 "My Worst Valentine!" N/A
1000 6x100 11/Feb/2008 1000th Show! N/A
1001 6x101 12/Feb/2008 1000 Celebration Continues! 1001! N/A
1002 6x102 13/Feb/2008 Behind Closed Doors N/A
1003 6x103 14/Feb/2008 Lies and Betrayal N/A
1004 6x104 15/Feb/2008 Living on a Prayer N/A
1005 6x105 18/Feb/2008 "Sober Up or Else!" N/A
1006 6x106 19/Feb/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (2) N/A
1007 6x107 20/Feb/2008 Bully Husband N/A
1008 6x108 21/Feb/2008 Family Court Battles N/A
1009 6x109 22/Feb/2008 Hell Weddings N/A
1010 6x110 25/Feb/2008 Deadly Thin N/A
1011 6x111 26/Feb/2008 Alter Egos N/A
1012 6x112 27/Feb/2008 Internet Cheats N/A
1013 6x113 28/Feb/2008 Still Chasing the Crown N/A
1014 6x114 29/Feb/2008 Follow-Ups N/A
1015 6x115 03/Mar/2008 Teens and Sex with the Bishop N/A
1016 6x116 04/Mar/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (3) N/A
1017 6x117 05/Mar/2008 Identity Theft (2) N/A
1018 6x118 07/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Sex Offenders Next Door N/A
1019 6x119 10/Mar/2008 Underage Marriage N/A
1020 6x120 11/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Targeting the Paparazzi N/A
1021 6x121 12/Mar/2008 Let's Talk about Sex N/A
1022 6x122 14/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Fly Girls N/A
1023 6x123 18/Mar/2008 Love Junkies N/A
1024 6x124 31/Mar/2008 Battered and Bruised N/A
1025 6x125 01/Apr/2008 The Superbug Scare N/A
1026 6x126 02/Apr/2008 Hitting Rock Bottom N/A
1027 6x127 03/Apr/2008 Perfectionist Moms N/A
1028 6x128 04/Apr/2008 Ask Dr. Phil about Parenting N/A
1029 6x129 07/Apr/2008 Will Fights N/A
1030 6x130 08/Apr/2008 Ask The Doctors N/A
1031 6x131 09/Apr/2008 Fat Abusers N/A
1032 6x132 10/Apr/2008 Marriage Dilemmas N/A
1033 6x133 11/Apr/2008 Women Beware! N/A
1034 6x134 14/Apr/2008 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed N/A
1035 6x135 15/Apr/2008 Desperate for My Daughter N/A
1036 6x136 16/Apr/2008 Drug Troubles N/A
1037 6x137 17/Apr/2008 "You're a Liar!" N/A
1038 6x138 18/Apr/2008 Exhibitionists N/A
1039 6x139 21/Apr/2008 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed (2) N/A
1040 6x140 22/Apr/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Secrets inside the Compound N/A
1041 6x141 23/Apr/2008 Dr. Phil Now: The Children of the Compound N/A
1042 6x142 24/Apr/2008 A Boy in Trouble N/A
1043 6x143 25/Apr/2008 Confronting Grandpa N/A
1044 6x144 28/Apr/2008 A Secret Inside: Extreme Hoarding N/A
1045 6x145 29/Apr/2008 Daddy Drama N/A
1046 6x146 30/Apr/2008 "It's My Baby Too!" N/A
1047 6x147 01/May/2008 Inappropriate In-Laws N/A
1048 6x148 02/May/2008 Cougar Craze N/A
1049 6x149 05/May/2008 Divorce that Daughter- in-Law! N/A
1050 6x150 06/May/2008 Moochers N/A
1051 6x151 07/May/2008 Male Egos Out of Control N/A
1052 6x152 08/May/2008 Is This Marriage Really Over? N/A
1053 6x153 09/May/2008 Mama Drama N/A
1054 6x154 12/May/2008 Sister-in-Law from Hell? N/A
1055 6x155 13/May/2008 Babysitter Gone Bad N/A
1056 6x156 14/May/2008 "I'm Hot, You're Not!" N/A
1057 6x157 15/May/2008 Psychic Dramas N/A
1058 6x158 16/May/2008 Spanking Scandals N/A
1059 6x159 19/May/2008 Nuptial Nightmares N/A
1060 6x160 20/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp N/A
1061 6x161 21/May/2008 Grandpa Returns: The Aftermath N/A
1062 6x162 22/May/2008 Cults? N/A
1063 6x163 23/May/2008 Beach Body Boot Camp N/A
1064 6x164 26/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (2) N/A
1065 6x165 27/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (3) N/A
1066 6x166 28/May/2008 Against All Odds N/A
1067 6x167 29/May/2008 The Sex Talk N/A
1068 6x168 07/Jul/2008 Adult Sibling Rivalry N/A
1069 6x169 08/Jul/2008 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1070 6x170 09/Jul/2008 Newlywed Bank Robbers N/A
1071 6x171 10/Jul/2008 Can This Family Be Saved? N/A
1072 6x172 11/Jul/2008 Abducted from School N/A
1073 6x173 01/Sep/2008 Custody Chaos N/A
1074 6x174 02/Sep/2008 Ask The Doctors N/A
1075 6x175 03/Sep/2008 More Nasty Neighbors N/A
1076 6x176 04/Sep/2008 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1077 6x177 05/Sep/2008 Party Mom N/A

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