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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
1078 07x01 08/Sep/2008 Busted Online
1079 07x02 09/Sep/2008 Make It or Break It
1080 07x03 10/Sep/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
1081 07x04 11/Sep/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (2)
1082 07x05 12/Sep/2008 The N-Word Debate
1083 07x06 15/Sep/2008 Money Rescue: Surviving the Crisis
1084 07x07 16/Sep/2008 Real Life: Heart Shattered
1085 07x08 17/Sep/2008 "Save My Mommy!"
1086 07x09 18/Sep/2008 Parents Falsely Accused?
1087 07x10 19/Sep/2008 School Controversies
1088 07x11 22/Sep/2008 Behind the Headlines
1089 07x12 23/Sep/2008 Before You Do
1090 07x13 24/Sep/2008 The Locator: Reunion Aftermath
1091 07x14 25/Sep/2008 Fireproof Your Marriage
1092 07x15 26/Sep/2008 Fighting the System
1093 07x16 29/Sep/2008 Extreme Moms
1094 07x17 30/Sep/2008 The Goldmans on O.J.’s Trial
1095 07x18 01/Oct/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (3)
1096 07x19 02/Oct/2008 Stressed Out to the Max
1097 07x20 03/Oct/2008 "Brainwashed by My Parents"
1098 07x21 06/Oct/2008 Money Rescue: Extreme $pending
1099 07x22 07/Oct/2008 Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson
1100 07x23 08/Oct/2008 The O.J. Simpson Verdict
1101 07x24 09/Oct/2008 Financial 911!
1102 07x25 10/Oct/2008 Child Sex Slaves
1103 07x26 13/Oct/2008 You Got Served
1104 07x27 14/Oct/2008 Campus Crisis
1105 07x28 15/Oct/2008 The Bridge Controversy - Tragic Choice
1106 07x29 16/Oct/2008 "Who Am I?"
1107 07x30 17/Oct/2008 Hoarding Nightmare: The Aftermath
1108 07x31 20/Oct/2008 Virtual Chaos
1109 07x32 21/Oct/2008 What Do You Fear?
1110 07x33 22/Oct/2008 Forced to Be a Father
1111 07x34 23/Oct/2008 Killer Texting
1112 07x35 24/Oct/2008 Dating Double Standards
1113 07x36 27/Oct/2008 Broken Trust
1114 07x37 28/Oct/2008 Cyber Bullying
1115 07x38 29/Oct/2008 Gender-Confused Kids
1116 07x39 30/Oct/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
1117 07x40 31/Oct/2008 Extreme Discipline?
1118 07x41 03/Nov/2008 Child Abductions
1119 07x42 04/Nov/2008 Grandmother vs. Mother Custody Battle
1120 07x43 05/Nov/2008 Mind Control?
1121 07x44 06/Nov/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (2)
1122 07x45 07/Nov/2008 Child Abandonment
1123 07x46 10/Nov/2008 Drew Peterson
1124 07x47 11/Nov/2008 Risky Teen Behavior
1125 07x48 12/Nov/2008 Hitman
1126 07x49 13/Nov/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (3)
1127 07x50 14/Nov/2008 "My Mom vs. My Man!"
1128 07x51 17/Nov/2008 Love Triangle
1129 07x52 18/Nov/2008 “My Child Can’t Stop Eating”
1130 07x53 19/Nov/2008 Shoplifting Confessions
1131 07x54 20/Nov/2008 Spouses at War
1132 07x55 21/Nov/2008 Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate
1133 07x56 24/Nov/2008 Family Cult
1134 07x57 25/Nov/2008 Family Drama
1135 07x58 26/Nov/2008 A Husband's Double Life
1136 07x59 28/Nov/2008 "I Survived!" Caught on Camera
1137 07x60 01/Dec/2008 "Bring Back My Child"
1138 07x61 02/Dec/2008 Whatever Happened To?
1139 07x62 03/Dec/2008 Families under Fire
1140 07x63 04/Dec/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (4)
1141 07x64 05/Dec/2008 School Discipline: Out of Control?
1142 07x65 08/Dec/2008 Marriage Crisis: Drowning in Debt
1143 07x66 09/Dec/2008 Fighting Back
1144 07x67 10/Dec/2008 Obsessions?
1145 07x68 11/Dec/2008 Relationship Reality Check
1146 07x69 12/Dec/2008 911 Nightmares!
1147 07x70 15/Dec/2008 Headline Horror Stories
1148 07x71 16/Dec/2008 Dr. Phil and Robin's Classic Holidays
1149 07x72 17/Dec/2008 Huge Holiday Headaches
1150 07x73 18/Dec/2008 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony
1151 07x74 19/Dec/2008 Beyond the Front Lines
1152 07x75 05/Jan/2009 New Year: Change Your Life
1153 07x76 06/Jan/2009 What’s Age Got to Do with It?
1154 07x77 07/Jan/2009 Omaha Mall Shooting: A Mother’s Guilt
1155 07x78 08/Jan/2009 Body-Obsessed Boys
1156 07x79 09/Jan/2009 Not Easily Broken
1157 07x80 12/Jan/2009 An Addict in the Family
1158 07x81 13/Jan/2009 Little Boy Lost
1159 07x82 14/Jan/2009 Family Cult (2)
1160 07x83 15/Jan/2009 Rage Caught on Tape
1161 07x84 16/Jan/2009 Ask Dr. Phil
1162 07x85 19/Jan/2009 Pressures of the President
1163 07x86 21/Jan/2009 The Wild, Wild Web
1164 07x87 22/Jan/2009 President Obama: Hope vs. Reality
1165 07x88 26/Jan/2009 Fighting Fair
1166 07x89 27/Jan/2009 Crazy Teen Trends
1167 07x90 28/Jan/2009 Honeymoon Hangover
1168 07x91 29/Jan/2009 Time to Grow Up!
1169 07x92 30/Jan/2009 Shocking Headlines
1170 07x93 02/Feb/2009 Rage Caught on Tape: The Follow Up
1171 07x94 03/Feb/2009 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations
1172 07x95 04/Feb/2009 Child Caught in the Middle
1173 07x96 05/Feb/2009 For Better or Worse?
1174 07x97 06/Feb/2009 What's Wrong with Men?
1175 07x98 09/Feb/2009 Wasted Youth
1176 07x99 10/Feb/2009 Parent vs. Parent
1177 07x100 11/Feb/2009 Octuplets Debate
1178 07x101 12/Feb/2009 Octuplets Scandal
1179 07x102 13/Feb/2009 Valentine Dilemmas
1180 07x103 16/Feb/2009 Growing Up Too Fast?
1181 07x104 17/Feb/2009 Paralyzed by Fear
1182 07x105 18/Feb/2009 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (4)
1183 07x106 19/Feb/2009 Behind the Headlines: Octuplets Saga Continues
1184 07x107 20/Feb/2009 Tyler Perry: Anger to Forgiveness
1185 07x108 23/Feb/2009 Teen Love Trauma
1186 07x109 24/Feb/2009 How Not to Get Scammed
1187 07x110 25/Feb/2009 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil
1188 07x111 26/Feb/2009 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil (2)
1189 07x112 27/Feb/2009 Forced to be a Deadbeat Dad?
1190 07x113 02/Mar/2009 Money-Saving Tips and Tricks
1191 07x114 03/Mar/2009 How to Have More Sex, Less Fighting
1192 07x115 04/Mar/2009 Affairs of the Heart
1193 07x116 05/Mar/2009 One Mistake Away from Jail
1194 07x117 06/Mar/2009 One Mistake Away from Jail: Teen Wake-Up Call
1195 07x118 09/Mar/2009 Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed
1196 07x119 10/Mar/2009 Octuplets: Breaking News
1197 07x120 11/Mar/2009 Dr. Phil Meets the Octuplets
1198 07x121 12/Mar/2009 Love and Lies
1199 07x122 13/Mar/2009 Keeping Up with the Kardashians
1200 07x123 16/Mar/2009 Octuplets' Mom Answers Viewer Questions
1201 07x124 17/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point
1202 07x125 18/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (2)
1203 07x126 19/Mar/2009 The Millionaire Matchmaker
1204 07x127 20/Mar/2009 Abusive Love
1205 07x128 23/Mar/2009 "My Big Day Was Ruined"
1206 07x129 24/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (3)
1207 07x130 25/Mar/2009 Octuplets: On the Record
1208 07x131 26/Mar/2009 Octuplets: On the Record (2)
1209 07x132 27/Mar/2009 How to Talk to Your Kids about Money
1210 07x133 30/Mar/2009 The Dark Side of the Internet
1211 07x134 31/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (4)
1212 07x135 01/Apr/2009 Frustrated Moms
1213 07x136 02/Apr/2009 Out of the Cult Follow-Up
1214 07x137 03/Apr/2009 Reunion Realities
1215 07x138 16/Apr/2009 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?
1216 07x139 17/Apr/2009 Amazing Weight Loss Reveals
1217 07x140 20/Apr/2009 Child with a Child
1218 07x141 21/Apr/2009 What's Hormones Got to Do with It?
1219 07x142 22/Apr/2009 Why Was Little Sandra Murdered?
1220 07x143 23/Apr/2009 How to Escape a Bad Marriage
1221 07x144 24/Apr/2009 How to Get to "I Do"
1222 07x145 27/Apr/2009 Craigslist Killer? Profile of the Med Student Accused
1223 07x146 28/Apr/2009 Need for Control
1224 07x147 29/Apr/2009 How to Make More Money
1225 07x148 30/Apr/2009 Dump Your Dreams?
1226 07x149 01/May/2009 Teens: Pressure to Be Pretty
1227 07x150 04/May/2009 Reinvent Yourself
1228 07x151 05/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent
1229 07x152 06/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (2)
1230 07x153 07/May/2009 How to Stay Sober
1231 07x154 08/May/2009 Does Mother Know Best?
1232 07x155 11/May/2009 Behind the Headlines
1233 07x156 12/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (3)
1234 07x157 13/May/2009 "Save My Daughter"
1235 07x158 14/May/2009 Not Daddy's Little Girl
1236 07x159 15/May/2009 Dangerous Teen Trends
1237 07x160 18/May/2009 DUI Outrage
1238 07x161 19/May/2009 Drew Peterson Indicted
1239 07x162 20/May/2009 How to Fix a Broken Family
1240 07x163 21/May/2009 What Happens to Drew Peterson’s Children?
1241 07x164 22/May/2009 Summer Weight Loss Series
1242 07x165 25/May/2009 Caught in the System
1243 07x166 26/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (4)
1244 07x167 29/May/2009 Same-Sex Marriage Reaction
1245 07x168 06/Jul/2009 A Teen's Pregnancy
1246 07x169 07/Jul/2009 A Teen's Pregnancy: Brittney's Decision
1247 07x170 08/Jul/2009 Ask the Bishop
1248 07x171 09/Jul/2009 Is It Over? A Divorce Solution
1249 07x172 10/Jul/2009 OCD
1250 07x173 31/Aug/2009 Dr. Phil's Recession Survival Squad
1251 07x174 01/Sep/2009 Is Life Getting to You?
1252 07x175 02/Sep/2009 When She's the Breadwinner
1253 07x176 03/Sep/2009 The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee
1254 07x177 04/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat Update
1255 07x178 07/Sep/2009 On Thin Ice
1256 07x179 08/Sep/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (5)
1257 07x180 09/Sep/2009 Conception Crazed
1258 07x181 10/Sep/2009 Trapped Under the Same Roof
1259 07x182 11/Sep/2009 Is This Normal?

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