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Dr. Phil

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 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1260 8x01 14/Sep/2009 Should They Stay Together? N/A
1261 8x02 15/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil in New York City! N/A
1262 8x03 16/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil Live from Philadelphia! N/A
1263 8x04 17/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil in New York City (2) N/A
1264 8x05 18/Sep/2009 Ask Dr. Phil in Philly! N/A
1265 8x06 21/Sep/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns N/A
1266 8x07 22/Sep/2009 When Does Discipline Go Too Far? N/A
1267 8x08 23/Sep/2009 The Reality of Motherhood N/A
1268 8x09 24/Sep/2009 Jaycee Comes Home N/A
1269 8x10 25/Sep/2009 All Aboard Amtrak with Dr. Phil N/A
1270 8x11 28/Sep/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine in Court N/A
1271 8x12 29/Sep/2009 Ask Dr. Phil and American Girl N/A
1272 8x13 30/Sep/2009 Drunk Driving Moms N/A
1273 8x14 01/Oct/2009 Girl World N/A
1274 8x15 02/Oct/2009 Race to the Altar N/A
1275 8x16 05/Oct/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine’s Boyfriend N/A
1276 8x17 06/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil's Family Surprise and Financial Dilemmas N/A
1277 8x18 07/Oct/2009 Teen Sex Trends N/A
1278 8x19 08/Oct/2009 Relationship Surprises N/A
1279 8x20 09/Oct/2009 Ruined Reputations N/A
1280 8x21 12/Oct/2009 Inside Infidelity N/A
1281 8x22 13/Oct/2009 Easier Than You Think N/A
1282 8x23 14/Oct/2009 Guilty Moms N/A
1283 8x24 15/Oct/2009 Sibling Abuse N/A
1284 8x25 16/Oct/2009 Have a Little Faith N/A
1285 8x26 19/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Speaks Out N/A
1286 8x27 20/Oct/2009 The Wesson Family Massacre N/A
1287 8x28 21/Oct/2009 The Wesson Family Massacre (2) N/A
1288 8x29 22/Oct/2009 The 237 Reasons Why Women Have Sex N/A
1289 8x30 23/Oct/2009 What No One Wants to Admit N/A
1290 8x31 26/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex and Dr. Phil N/A
1291 8x32 27/Oct/2009 Sins of a Father N/A
1292 8x33 28/Oct/2009 Revenge: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly N/A
1293 8x34 29/Oct/2009 A Family in Turmoil N/A
1294 8x35 30/Oct/2009 Affair Intervention N/A
1295 8x36 02/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Confronts Family N/A
1296 8x37 03/Nov/2009 Risky Teen Trends: "Save My Son" N/A
1297 8x38 04/Nov/2009 Pressure for Perfection N/A
1298 8x39 05/Nov/2009 Are You Ready for Divorce? N/A
1299 8x40 06/Nov/2009 Top Three Ways You're Making Your Child Obese N/A
1300 8x41 09/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra: Divorce and Custody N/A
1301 8x42 10/Nov/2009 Lazy Husbands and Cling-On Kids N/A
1302 8x43 11/Nov/2009 How to Negotiate Anything N/A
1303 8x44 12/Nov/2009 Abducted by a Predator N/A
1304 8x45 13/Nov/2009 "I Never Thought it Could Happen to Me" N/A
1305 8x46 16/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Divorce and Custody (2) N/A
1306 8x47 17/Nov/2009 When Good Kids Go Bad N/A
1307 8x48 18/Nov/2009 Inside Infidelity (2) N/A
1308 8x49 19/Nov/2009 Biggest Financial Mistakes N/A
1309 8x50 20/Nov/2009 The Rudeness Epidemic N/A
1310 8x51 23/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Family in Court N/A
1311 8x52 24/Nov/2009 Biggest Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making N/A
1312 8x53 25/Nov/2009 How to Spot a Liar, Confront a Cheat, Escape a Scam Artist N/A
1313 8x54 27/Nov/2009 Snap Judgments N/A
1314 8x55 30/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra’s Divorce N/A
1315 8x56 01/Dec/2009 How to Get Along with Anyone N/A
1316 8x57 02/Dec/2009 Parents' Biggest Fears N/A
1317 8x58 03/Dec/2009 Dr. Phil's Legal Matters N/A
1318 8x59 04/Dec/2009 Generation Me N/A
1319 8x60 07/Dec/2009 Inside Infidelity (3) N/A
1320 8x61 08/Dec/2009 "When Should I Commit My Kids?" N/A
1321 8x62 09/Dec/2009 Are You Ready? N/A
1322 8x63 10/Dec/2009 Holiday Surprises N/A
1323 8x64 11/Dec/2009 Adoption Dilemmas N/A
1324 8x65 14/Dec/2009 Holiday Checklist: Is it OK To ...? N/A
1325 8x66 15/Dec/2009 Who Should Get Kate? N/A
1326 8x67 16/Dec/2009 Anti-Social Networking N/A
1327 8x68 17/Dec/2009 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1328 8x69 18/Dec/2009 Holiday Help N/A
1329 8x70 04/Jan/2010 Don't Do It Again in 2010! N/A
1330 8x71 05/Jan/2010 New Parenting Styles N/A
1331 8x72 06/Jan/2010 "Number One Complaint about My Spouse" N/A
1332 8x73 08/Jan/2010 "Am I the Only One?" N/A
1333 8x74 11/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Custody Battles N/A
1334 8x75 12/Jan/2010 Affair Repair N/A
1335 8x76 13/Jan/2010 How Do You Define a Modern Family? N/A
1336 8x77 14/Jan/2010 Hurtful Lies and Shattered Trust N/A
1337 8x78 15/Jan/2010 Mom's Biggest Battles N/A
1338 8x79 18/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine Storms Off N/A
1339 8x80 19/Jan/2010 Desperately Seeking Love N/A
1340 8x81 20/Jan/2010 Trends for 2010: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly N/A
1341 8x82 21/Jan/2010 Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making N/A
1342 8x83 22/Jan/2010 What's Your Personality? N/A
1343 8x84 25/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath N/A
1344 8x85 26/Jan/2010 Controlling the Chaos N/A
1345 8x86 27/Jan/2010 Haiti Survivor Stories N/A
1346 8x87 29/Jan/2010 Attention Seekers N/A
1347 8x88 01/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment N/A
1348 8x89 02/Feb/2010 High School Reunion N/A
1349 8x90 03/Feb/2010 Controlling Husbands N/A
1350 8x91 04/Feb/2010 Could You Be an Eyewitness? N/A
1351 8x92 05/Feb/2010 Could You Be an Eyewitness? (2) N/A
1352 8x93 08/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Dilemma N/A
1353 8x94 09/Feb/2010 Brandon Returns N/A
1354 8x95 10/Feb/2010 The Fight over Your Child N/A
1355 8x96 11/Feb/2010 Teens Obsessed with Love N/A
1356 8x97 12/Feb/2010 Love Dilemmas N/A
1357 8x98 15/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex's Announcement N/A
1358 8x99 16/Feb/2010 What Really Happened to Susan Powell? N/A
1359 8x100 17/Feb/2010 Sugar Mamas and Smart Women N/A
1360 8x101 18/Feb/2010 Moms Who Drink N/A
1361 8x102 19/Feb/2010 In-Law Drama N/A
1362 8x103 22/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Confronts Chris N/A
1363 8x104 23/Feb/2010 Surrogate Mom Faces Her Critics N/A
1364 8x105 24/Feb/2010 Are You an Enabler? N/A
1365 8x106 25/Feb/2010 Repeat Offenders N/A
1366 8x107 26/Feb/2010 Spouses under Suspicion N/A
1367 8x108 01/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Dr. Phil Scolds the Family N/A
1368 8x109 02/Mar/2010 The Biggest Money Fights: Wills and Prenups N/A
1369 8x110 03/Mar/2010 Missing Mom N/A
1370 8x111 04/Mar/2010 What's Wrong with People? N/A
1371 8x112 05/Mar/2010 Seven Days to Change: Can Amanda be Saved? N/A
1372 8x113 08/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra and Katherine's Rivalry N/A
1373 8x114 09/Mar/2010 Spouses under Suspicion (2) N/A
1374 8x115 10/Mar/2010 What's Wrong with People? (2) N/A
1375 8x116 11/Mar/2010 Wrongful Convictions Follow-Up N/A
1376 8x117 12/Mar/2010 Teens under Pressure N/A
1377 8x118 17/Mar/2010 Snapshots from a Serial Killer N/A
1378 8x119 22/Mar/2010 Child Obsessed N/A
1379 8x120 23/Mar/2010 Backstabbing Friends N/A
1380 8x121 24/Mar/2010 Prescription for Disaster N/A
1381 8x122 29/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: A Marriage in Question N/A
1382 8x123 30/Mar/2010 Are Moms Really That Busy? N/A
1383 8x124 31/Mar/2010 Dangerous Fads N/A
1384 8x125 01/Apr/2010 Secrets to Becoming Smarter and Happier N/A
1385 8x126 02/Apr/2010 Pressure for Perfection N/A
1386 8x127 06/Apr/2010 The Fat Debate N/A
1387 8x128 07/Apr/2010 The Fat Debate (2) N/A
1388 8x129 08/Apr/2010 Bullied to Death N/A
1389 8x130 09/Apr/2010 Are You a Modern Woman? N/A
1390 8x131 12/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Tough Choices N/A
1391 8x132 13/Apr/2010 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1392 8x133 14/Apr/2010 Crisis in Family Court N/A
1393 8x134 15/Apr/2010 Fighting for Your Child N/A
1394 8x135 16/Apr/2010 Dating and Married to Distraction N/A
1395 8x136 19/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family: Erin and Alexandra's Standoff N/A
1396 8x137 20/Apr/2010 Kelly Osbourne Helps a Drug Addict N/A
1397 8x138 21/Apr/2010 Meddling Moms N/A
1398 8x139 22/Apr/2010 Multiple Problems N/A
1399 8x140 23/Apr/2010 Discipline Dangers N/A
1400 8x141 26/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Behind the Bruises N/A
1401 8x142 27/Apr/2010 Why Men Cheat N/A
1402 8x143 28/Apr/2010 A Predator Next Door N/A
1403 8x144 29/Apr/2010 Revenge Revisited N/A
1404 8x145 30/Apr/2010 For Better or Worse? N/A
1405 8x146 03/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Outrage N/A
1406 8x147 04/May/2010 Bully Moms N/A
1407 8x148 05/May/2010 Severed Ties N/A
1408 8x149 06/May/2010 Meet the McGraw Baby! N/A
1409 8x150 07/May/2010 Runaway Moms? N/A
1410 8x151 10/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine Fired! N/A
1411 8x152 11/May/2010 Dr. Phil Confronts Animal Abusers N/A
1412 8x153 12/May/2010 Dying to Be Thin N/A
1413 8x154 13/May/2010 Alienation of Affection N/A
1414 8x155 14/May/2010 Runaway Mom: The Polygraph N/A
1415 8x156 17/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family: The Trouble with Alexandra N/A
1416 8x157 18/May/2010 Ultimate Betrayal N/A
1417 8x158 19/May/2010 Troubled Teens: An Intervention N/A
1418 8x159 20/May/2010 Breaking the Cycle of Abuse N/A
1419 8x160 21/May/2010 Too Young, Too Fast? N/A
1420 8x161 24/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Warning Marty N/A
1421 8x162 25/May/2010 Love Triangle N/A
1422 8x163 26/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns, Finale: Erin’s Reveal N/A
1423 8x164 27/May/2010 Extreme Teen Dangers N/A
1424 8x165 28/May/2010 Locate Your Love with Steve Harvey N/A
1425 8x166 31/May/2010 Silent Darkness Follow-Up N/A
1426 8x167 01/Jun/2010 P.I. Moms N/A
1427 8x168 02/Jun/2010 Adoption: Return to Sender? N/A
1428 8x169 03/Jun/2010 Behind the Scenes N/A
1429 8x170 30/Aug/2010 Wedding Woes N/A
1430 8x171 31/Aug/2010 A House Divided N/A
1431 8x172 01/Sep/2010 "I Want My Parents to Divorce" N/A
1432 8x173 02/Sep/2010 Can You Get over Your Past? N/A

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Premiere: September 16, 2002
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