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Dr. Phil

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 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1433 9x01 06/Sep/2010 Teens: Life on the Street N/A
1434 9x02 07/Sep/2010 For Better or Worse? N/A
1435 9x03 08/Sep/2010 Crossing the Line? N/A
1436 9x04 09/Sep/2010 Rude Teens N/A
1437 9x05 10/Sep/2010 When Enough is Enough N/A
1438 9x06 13/Sep/2010 End the Silence on Domestic Violence N/A
1439 9x07 14/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives N/A
1440 9x08 15/Sep/2010 Teen Drama Overload! N/A
1441 9x09 16/Sep/2010 Are We Just Too Sensitive? N/A
1442 9x10 17/Sep/2010 Happy 60th Birthday, Dr. Phil! N/A
1443 9x11 20/Sep/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Delivery Day Drama N/A
1444 9x12 21/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: If Looks Could Kill N/A
1445 9x13 22/Sep/2010 Brandon Intervention N/A
1446 9x14 23/Sep/2010 Script Swap N/A
1447 9x15 24/Sep/2010 Shattered in an Instant N/A
1448 9x16 27/Sep/2010 Troubled Teens Update N/A
1449 9x17 28/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Judgment Day N/A
1450 9x18 29/Sep/2010 A Family's Fear N/A
1451 9x19 30/Sep/2010 A Family's Fear (2) N/A
1452 9x20 01/Oct/2010 No Child Forgotten N/A
1453 9x21 04/Oct/2010 Runaways Return N/A
1454 9x22 05/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: The Truth Hurts N/A
1455 9x23 06/Oct/2010 Bullied to Death N/A
1456 9x24 07/Oct/2010 The Anti-Bully Movement N/A
1457 9x25 08/Oct/2010 Tiebreakers N/A
1458 9x26 11/Oct/2010 Trolling, Luring and Trafficking: Online Dangers N/A
1459 9x27 12/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Fake It 'til You Make It N/A
1460 9x28 13/Oct/2010 Extreme Food Compulsions N/A
1461 9x29 14/Oct/2010 What Your Dreams Reveal N/A
1462 9x30 15/Oct/2010 Gen Why? N/A
1463 9x31 18/Oct/2010 "You're Not the Boss of Me!" N/A
1464 9x32 19/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: My Own Worst Enemy N/A
1465 9x33 20/Oct/2010 Alienated Parents N/A
1466 9x34 21/Oct/2010 Teen Dating Violence N/A
1467 9x35 22/Oct/2010 Dr. Phil Tests Your Personality N/A
1468 9x36 25/Oct/2010 When Good People Do Bad Things N/A
1469 9x37 26/Oct/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Dirty Laundry N/A
1470 9x38 27/Oct/2010 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Abusive Exes N/A
1471 9x39 28/Oct/2010 A Love Triangle N/A
1472 9x40 29/Oct/2010 A Love Triangle (2) N/A
1473 9x41 01/Nov/2010 Behind the Headlines N/A
1474 9x42 02/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Hell Hath No Fury N/A
1475 9x43 03/Nov/2010 Brandon Meets the Heroin Twins N/A
1476 9x44 04/Nov/2010 Spoiled and Entitled N/A
1477 9x45 05/Nov/2010 Chelsea Refuses to Grow Up N/A
1478 9x46 08/Nov/2010 Fight Over Teens' Baby N/A
1479 9x47 09/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Mother vs. Daughter N/A
1480 9x48 10/Nov/2010 "Get Out of My Family Tree" N/A
1481 9x49 11/Nov/2010 Dirt, Lies and the Internet N/A
1482 9x50 12/Nov/2010 Beauty isn't Enough N/A
1483 9x51 15/Nov/2010 Women behind the Men N/A
1484 9x52 16/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Move-in Day N/A
1485 9x53 17/Nov/2010 Mommy Confessions N/A
1486 9x54 18/Nov/2010 Trapped in Violence N/A
1487 9x55 19/Nov/2010 Trapped in Violence (2) N/A
1488 9x56 22/Nov/2010 Spoiled and Entitled Girls Return! N/A
1489 9x57 23/Nov/2010 Raising a Bully? N/A
1490 9x58 24/Nov/2010 Intervention: Saving Jaime N/A
1491 9x59 26/Nov/2010 Family Falling Apart N/A
1492 9x60 29/Nov/2010 The Holiday 12 N/A
1493 9x61 30/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Under One Roof N/A
1494 9x62 01/Dec/2010 Altered for the Altar N/A
1495 9x63 02/Dec/2010 Brat-Proof Your Child N/A
1496 9x64 03/Dec/2010 Living with a Lie N/A
1497 9x65 06/Dec/2010 Commit or Quit! N/A
1498 9x66 07/Dec/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Frenemies N/A
1499 9x67 08/Dec/2010 Ask Dr. Phil: Internet Dramas N/A
1500 9x68 09/Dec/2010 Scandal in the Ministry N/A
1501 9x69 10/Dec/2010 Overweight Teens Fight Back N/A
1502 9x70 13/Dec/2010 Violent Kids N/A
1503 9x71 14/Dec/2010 5-Minute Fixes N/A
1504 9x72 15/Dec/2010 Troubled Teens Turnaround N/A
1505 9x73 16/Dec/2010 Tough Choices N/A
1506 9x74 17/Dec/2010 Holiday Dramas N/A
1507 9x75 03/Jan/2011 New Year's Change N/A
1508 9x76 04/Jan/2011 Parental Abductions N/A
1509 9x77 05/Jan/2011 17 Day Diet Challenge N/A
1510 9x78 06/Jan/2011 Most Difficult Guests Return N/A
1511 9x79 07/Jan/2011 Whatever it Takes N/A
1512 9x80 10/Jan/2011 "Afraid of My Husband" N/A
1513 9x81 11/Jan/2011 From Homeless to Hollywood N/A
1514 9x82 12/Jan/2011 Ted's Family Intervention N/A
1515 9x83 13/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Confrontation N/A
1516 9x84 14/Jan/2011 Mom before Prom N/A
1517 9x85 17/Jan/2011 Runaway Bride, Runaway Groom N/A
1518 9x86 18/Jan/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives in the House N/A
1519 9x87 19/Jan/2011 Behind the Headlines: Aftermath of a Shooting N/A
1520 9x88 20/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Update N/A
1521 9x89 21/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Update (2) N/A
1522 9x90 24/Jan/2011 Sabotage and Self Destruction N/A
1523 9x91 25/Jan/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Meet Rachael's Man N/A
1524 9x92 26/Jan/2011 Teenage Confessions N/A
1525 9x93 27/Jan/2011 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1526 9x94 28/Jan/2011 When Good People Do Bad Things (2) N/A
1527 9x95 31/Jan/2011 A Parent Confronted N/A
1528 9x96 01/Feb/2011 Young and Wild N/A
1529 9x97 02/Feb/2011 Jaime Returns N/A
1530 9x98 03/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra Out of Hiding N/A
1531 9x99 04/Feb/2011 Abducted By Their Mother N/A
1532 9x100 07/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Excuses N/A
1533 9x101 08/Feb/2011 The Ex Wars N/A
1534 9x102 09/Feb/2011 Bossy Husbands N/A
1535 9x103 10/Feb/2011 Desperate Measures N/A
1536 9x104 11/Feb/2011 Competing for the Title N/A
1537 9x105 14/Feb/2011 Teens Obsessed with Love N/A
1538 9x106 15/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra in Danger N/A
1539 9x107 16/Feb/2011 Is This a Cult? N/A
1540 9x108 17/Feb/2011 Accused of the Unthinkable N/A
1541 9x109 18/Feb/2011 Accused of the Unthinkable (2) N/A
1542 9x110 21/Feb/2011 "Hands off My Teen Daughter" N/A
1543 9x111 22/Feb/2011 Consumed with Jealousy N/A
1544 9x112 23/Feb/2011 The Trouble with Madisen N/A
1545 9x113 24/Feb/2011 Oversexed and Unprotected N/A
1546 9x114 25/Feb/2011 Steve Harvey: What Are Men Thinking? N/A
1547 9x115 28/Feb/2011 Secrets Gone Wrong N/A
1548 9x116 01/Mar/2011 Three's a Crowd N/A
1549 9x117 02/Mar/2011 Suburban Dramas N/A
1550 9x118 03/Mar/2011 "Me, Me, Me": Selfish People N/A
1551 9x119 04/Mar/2011 How Far Would You Go for Your Kids? N/A
1552 9x120 07/Mar/2011 Mommy Rescue 911 N/A
1553 9x121 08/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: The Mistress Revealed N/A
1554 9x122 09/Mar/2011 Secrets, Lies and Regrets N/A
1555 9x123 10/Mar/2011 Mini Mean Girls N/A
1556 9x124 14/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Housewife Breakdown N/A
1557 9x125 15/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Kimm Returns N/A
1558 9x126 28/Mar/2011 Happy Birthday, Avery N/A
1559 9x127 29/Mar/2011 Troubled Teens: Crisis Point N/A
1560 9x128 30/Mar/2011 Deadly Consequences N/A
1561 9x129 31/Mar/2011 Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better! N/A
1562 9x130 01/Apr/2011 Secret Regrets N/A
1563 9x131 04/Apr/2011 Born to Rage? N/A
1564 9x132 05/Apr/2011 Betrayed by Blood N/A
1565 9x133 06/Apr/2011 When Family Members Attack N/A
1566 9x134 08/Apr/2011 Midlife Crisis or Excuse? N/A
1567 9x135 11/Apr/2011 Does This Mom Really Want Her Child Back? N/A
1568 9x136 12/Apr/2011 Take the Chaos Test N/A
1569 9x137 13/Apr/2011 Can This Family Be Saved? An Intervention N/A
1570 9x138 14/Apr/2011 Young Women in Trouble N/A
1571 9x139 18/Apr/2011 Vows of Violence? N/A
1572 9x140 19/Apr/2011 Out-of-Control Children: A Family Intervention N/A
1573 9x141 20/Apr/2011 "'Til Death Do Us Part" N/A
1574 9x142 21/Apr/2011 Reality TV Stars' Real Life Drama N/A
1575 9x143 22/Apr/2011 Blended Families N/A
1576 9x144 25/Apr/2011 Bad Girls N/A
1577 9x145 26/Apr/2011 Financial Infidelity N/A
1578 9x146 27/Apr/2011 Saving Hannah N/A
1579 9x147 28/Apr/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra in Denial? N/A
1580 9x148 29/Apr/2011 Bridal Betrayal N/A
1581 9x149 02/May/2011 "My Teen Can't Stand My Husband" N/A
1582 9x150 03/May/2011 Inside the Mind of a Mistress N/A
1583 9x151 04/May/2011 Inside the Mind of a Mistress (2) N/A
1584 9x152 05/May/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up? N/A
1585 9x153 06/May/2011 Maggots, Mold and Rotten Milk: A Mother Accused N/A
1586 9x154 09/May/2011 Pushy Moms? N/A
1587 9x155 10/May/2011 In-Laws Face Off N/A
1588 9x156 11/May/2011 Forgiving the Unforgivable N/A
1589 9x157 12/May/2011 Forgiving the Unforgivable (2) N/A
1590 9x158 13/May/2011 Mail Order Brides N/A
1591 9x159 16/May/2011 Bullies Beware! N/A
1592 9x160 17/May/2011 Bullies Beware! (2) N/A
1593 9x161 18/May/2011 Brandon Intervention: Three Brothers N/A
1594 9x162 19/May/2011 Big-Time Moochers N/A
1595 9x163 20/May/2011 In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder N/A
1596 9x164 23/May/2011 In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder (2) N/A
1597 9x165 24/May/2011 Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention N/A
1598 9x166 25/May/2011 Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention (2) N/A
1599 9x167 26/May/2011 "My Mate's Not Hot Enough!" N/A
1600 9x168 27/May/2011 Angry Women, Scared Husbands N/A
1601 9x169 30/May/2011 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Custody Battles N/A
1602 9x170 31/May/2011 “My Teen Can’t Stand Her Stepfather” N/A
1603 9x171 01/Jun/2011 Smart Women, Dumb Choices? N/A
1604 9x172 02/Jun/2011 Ride or Die Women N/A
1605 9x173 03/Jun/2011 Ask Dr. Phil N/A

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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 2002
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