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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 16/Sep/2002 Dr. Phil's First Show
2 1x02 17/Sep/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
3 1x03 18/Sep/2002 Kids and Weight
4 1x04 19/Sep/2002 Marriage and Money
5 1x05 20/Sep/2002 Dr. Phil's How To
6 1x06 23/Sep/2002 Can't Stand Being a Mom
7 1x07 24/Sep/2002 When Sexual Styles Don't Match
8 1x08 25/Sep/2002 Rob Lowe: Cancer In The Family
9 1x09 26/Sep/2002 Fight Over Fat
10 1x10 27/Sep/2002 Should You Have A Baby?
11 1x11 30/Sep/2002 Heartbreaking Headlines
12 1x12 01/Oct/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
13 1x13 02/Oct/2002 Body Image
14 1x14 03/Oct/2002 Feuding Families
15 1x15 04/Oct/2002 Revenge and Deception
16 1x16 07/Oct/2002 Rescuing Angela (1)
17 1x17 08/Oct/2002 Rescuing Angela (2)
18 1x18 09/Oct/2002 Controlling People
19 1x19 10/Oct/2002 Face Your Fears
20 1x20 11/Oct/2002 Project Single Girls
21 1x21 14/Oct/2002 Moochers
22 1x22 15/Oct/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
23 1x23 16/Oct/2002 Sibling Rivalry
24 1x24 17/Oct/2002 'Should We Get Married?'
25 1x25 18/Oct/2002 Too Much of a Good Thing?
26 1x26 21/Oct/2002 Mothers vs. Daughters
27 1x27 22/Oct/2002 Commitment Phobia
28 1x28 23/Oct/2002 Discipline Debate
29 1x29 24/Oct/2002 How To Heal A Broken Heart
30 1x30 25/Oct/2002 Mixed Signals
31 1x31 28/Oct/2002 The Sex Talk
32 1x32 29/Oct/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
33 1x33 30/Oct/2002 Fighting in Front of Your Kids
34 1x34 31/Oct/2002 Eating Disorders
35 1x35 01/Nov/2002 Follow-Ups with Out-of-Control Moms
36 1x36 04/Nov/2002 Child Predators
37 1x37 05/Nov/2002 Anger Management
38 1x38 06/Nov/2002 Roles in Marriage
39 1x39 07/Nov/2002 Angela Update
40 1x40 08/Nov/2002 Dr. Phil’s Can’t-Miss Parenting Techniques
41 1x41 11/Nov/2002 More Controlling People
42 1x42 12/Nov/2002 Living Beyond Your Means
43 1x43 13/Nov/2002 Sexy Too Soon
44 1x44 14/Nov/2002 Moments of Crisis
45 1x45 15/Nov/2002 The Aftermath of Infidelity
46 1x46 18/Nov/2002 How Well Do You Know Your Kids?
47 1x47 19/Nov/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
48 1x48 20/Nov/2002 Top Three Threats to Your Marriage
49 1x49 21/Nov/2002 Moms on the Verge
50 1x50 22/Nov/2002 A Dr. Phil Checkup
51 1x51 25/Nov/2002 Is Flirting Good, Clean Fun?
52 1x52 26/Nov/2002 Self Matters
53 1x53 27/Nov/2002 My Big Fat Attitude
54 1x54 28/Nov/2002 Feuding Families
55 1x55 29/Nov/2002 Empty Nest
56 1x56 02/Dec/2002 Get Straight With Your Weight (1)
57 1x57 03/Dec/2002 Is This Normal?
58 1x58 04/Dec/2002 Self Matters (2)
59 1x59 05/Dec/2002 "You're Not the Person I Married"
60 1x60 06/Dec/2002 Larry King
61 1x61 09/Dec/2002 Cheaters
62 1x62 10/Dec/2002 Closing The Gap
63 1x63 11/Dec/2002 Blended Families
64 1x64 12/Dec/2002 How Are They Now?
65 1x65 13/Dec/2002 Creating Happiness
66 1x66 16/Dec/2002 Spouses Who Let Themselves Go
67 1x67 17/Dec/2002 Ask Dr. Phil
68 1x68 18/Dec/2002 Wrongly Accused
69 1x69 19/Dec/2002 Runaways
70 1x70 20/Dec/2002 Dreading The Holidays
71 1x71 26/Dec/2002 Dr. Phil's How To Series
72 1x72 06/Jan/2003 Making Your Resolutions a Reality
73 1x73 07/Jan/2003 How to Talk to Your Kids About...
74 1x74 08/Jan/2003 Opposites Attract, But Can They Last?
75 1x75 09/Jan/2003 Eating Disorders (2)
76 1x76 10/Jan/2003 Couple Follow-Ups
77 1x77 13/Jan/2003 Moms On The Verge (2)
78 1x78 14/Jan/2003 Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
79 1x79 15/Jan/2003 Afraid To Age
80 1x80 16/Jan/2003 Can This Marriage Be Saved?
81 1x81 17/Jan/2003 Suddenly Rich
82 1x82 20/Jan/2003 Guest Check-Ups
83 1x83 21/Jan/2003 Is This Normal?
84 1x84 22/Jan/2003 Settle Your Disputes
85 1x85 23/Jan/2003 How to Talk to Your Teens
86 1x86 24/Jan/2003 Self-Defeating Games
87 1x87 27/Jan/2003 Mamma's Boys
88 1x88 28/Jan/2003 My Big Fat Attitude (2)
89 1x89 29/Jan/2003 For Better or Worse!
90 1x90 30/Jan/2003 Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery?
91 1x91 31/Jan/2003 Your Etiquette Questions Answered
92 1x92 03/Feb/2003 Overweight Children
93 1x93 04/Feb/2003 My Big Fat Baby (2)
94 1x94 05/Feb/2003 'How To' For Husbands
95 1x95 06/Feb/2003 Wedding Etiquette
96 1x96 07/Feb/2003 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make
97 1x97 10/Feb/2003 Phil and Robin's Favorite Valentine Gifts
98 1x98 11/Feb/2003 Ask Dr. Phil
99 1x99 12/Feb/2003 Double Trouble
100 1x100 13/Feb/2003 Will There Be a Wedding?
101 1x101 14/Feb/2003 Project Single Girls (2)
102 1x102 17/Feb/2003 Looking For Mr. Millionaire
103 1x103 18/Feb/2003 Debate Dr. Phil
104 1x104 19/Feb/2003 The Other Woman
105 1x105 20/Feb/2003 Men Who Cheat
106 1x106 21/Feb/2003 Take It Off!
107 1x107 24/Feb/2003 Moochers (2)
108 1x108 25/Feb/2003 Fighting Fair
109 1x109 26/Feb/2003 Parenting Follow-Ups
110 1x110 27/Feb/2003 Bullies
111 1x111 28/Feb/2003 Town Controversies
112 1x112 07/Mar/2003 Shocking Headlines
113 1x113 10/Mar/2003 Annoying Habits
114 1x114 11/Mar/2003 Ask Dr. Phil
115 1x115 12/Mar/2003 Multiple Marriages
116 1x116 13/Mar/2003 Perfectionists
117 1x117 31/Mar/2003 Follow Ups
118 1x118 01/Apr/2003 Ask Dr. Phil, with Teens
119 1x119 02/Apr/2003 Newlyweds
120 1x120 03/Apr/2003 Living with the War (1)
121 1x121 04/Apr/2003 Living with the War (2)
122 1x122 08/Apr/2003 Ask Dr. Phil
123 1x123 09/Apr/2003 Secrets and Lies
124 1x124 10/Apr/2003 Jays Follow-up
125 1x125 11/Apr/2003 Debate Dr. Phil (2)
126 1x126 14/Apr/2003 'My Spouse Acts Like a Child'
127 1x127 15/Apr/2003 Center of Attention
128 1x128 16/Apr/2003 Birth Order
129 1x129 17/Apr/2003 Women Who Dislike Women
130 1x130 18/Apr/2003 Moving On
131 1x131 21/Apr/2003 How to Negotiate
132 1x132 22/Apr/2003 Obesessed with Food
133 1x133 23/Apr/2003 Money Matters
134 1x134 24/Apr/2003 Sex Wars
135 1x135 25/Apr/2003 Kids Gone Wild
136 1x136 28/Apr/2003 Be My Guest
137 1x137 29/Apr/2003 Real-Life Drama Queens
138 1x138 30/Apr/2003 Adult Bullies
139 1x139 01/May/2003 Big Changes, Bigger Problems
140 1x140 02/May/2003 Are You Raising a Spoiled Brat?
141 1x141 05/May/2003 Kids and Weight Follow-up
142 1x142 06/May/2003 What's Behind Our Choices
143 1x143 07/May/2003 Worst Spouse in America
144 1x144 08/May/2003 People Pleasers and Doormats
145 1x145 09/May/2003 The Dark Side of Cheerleading
146 1x146 12/May/2003 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make (2)
147 1x147 13/May/2003 Moms with Secret Lives
148 1x148 14/May/2003 Marriage Checkups
149 1x149 15/May/2003 Family Grudges
150 1x150 16/May/2003 Trading Places
151 1x151 19/May/2003 What Dr. Phil Knows About Men
152 1x152 20/May/2003 Hormones From Hell
153 1x153 21/May/2003 Weight Controversies
154 1x154 22/May/2003 Ask Dr. Phil
155 1x155 23/May/2003 Fifteen Minutes of Fame
156 1x156 26/May/2003 What Dr. Phil Knows About Men (2)
157 1x157 27/May/2003 Naysayers and Passive-Aggressives
158 1x158 28/May/2003 Dr. Phil's Vault
159 1x159 29/May/2003 Surviving Divorce
160 1x160 30/May/2003 What Do We Do Now?
161 1x161 02/Jun/2003 Get Straight with Your Weight (2)
162 1x162 03/Jun/2003 OCD Follow-up
163 1x163 05/Jun/2003 Surviving the Worst
164 1x164 06/Jun/2003 Behind the Scenes
165 1x165 13/Jun/2003 How to Make Millions
166 1x166 20/Jun/2003 Balance of Power
167 1x167 04/Jul/2003 How Long Will I Live?

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
168 2x01 01/Sep/2003 Parenting 101
169 2x02 02/Sep/2003 'Yup, I Screwed Up!'
170 2x03 03/Sep/2003 Married Too Fast, Too Young
171 2x04 04/Sep/2003 Dr. Phil's Most Memorable Guests
172 2x05 05/Sep/2003 Men and Sex
173 2x06 08/Sep/2003 Biggest Money Mistakes
174 2x07 09/Sep/2003 Couple Wars
175 2x08 10/Sep/2003 Breaking Teens' Bad Habits
176 2x09 11/Sep/2003 'My Personality Is a Problem'
177 2x10 12/Sep/2003 Dr. Phil's Success Stories
178 2x11 15/Sep/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Premiere
179 2x12 16/Sep/2003 Meet the Weight Loss Challenge Finalists
180 2x13 17/Sep/2003 Competitive Parents
181 2x14 18/Sep/2003 A Family Divided: Meet the Family
182 2x15 19/Sep/2003 One Year Later
183 2x16 22/Sep/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: In the Mansion
184 2x17 23/Sep/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: One-on-One
185 2x18 24/Sep/2003 Ask Dr. Phil
186 2x19 25/Sep/2003 A Family Divided (2)
187 2x20 26/Sep/2003 Dr. Phil's Confidence Course
188 2x21 29/Sep/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: One-on-One
189 2x22 30/Sep/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: The Final Cut
190 2x23 01/Oct/2003 Kids' First...
191 2x24 02/Oct/2003 A Family Divided: A Marriage in Turmoil
192 2x25 03/Oct/2003 What's Your Personality?
193 2x26 06/Oct/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #1
194 2x27 07/Oct/2003 Stand By Your Man?
195 2x28 08/Oct/2003 Divided by Race
196 2x29 09/Oct/2003 A Family Divided: An Uncertain Time
197 2x30 10/Oct/2003 That's Rude!
198 2x31 13/Oct/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #2
199 2x32 14/Oct/2003 Surviving the First Year of Marriage
200 2x33 15/Oct/2003 Are You Disciplining Your Child the Wrong Way?
201 2x34 16/Oct/2003 A Family Divided (5)
202 2x35 17/Oct/2003 What Are You Really Mad About?
203 2x36 20/Oct/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #3
204 2x37 21/Oct/2003 Going for Broke
205 2x38 22/Oct/2003 Consumed With Conceiving
206 2x39 23/Oct/2003 A Family Divided: Exploring Adoption
207 2x40 24/Oct/2003 How Honest Are Your Friends And Family?
208 2x41 27/Oct/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #4
209 2x42 28/Oct/2003 The Most Overscheduled Moms in America
210 2x43 29/Oct/2003 Family Freeloaders
211 2x44 30/Oct/2003 A Family Divided: Delivery Day!
212 2x45 31/Oct/2003 Sex Games
213 2x46 03/Nov/2003 Marriage in the Electronic Age
214 2x47 04/Nov/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #5
215 2x48 05/Nov/2003 Family Matters: An Intervention
216 2x49 06/Nov/2003 An Intervention (2)
217 2x50 07/Nov/2003 Marriage Hungry
218 2x51 10/Nov/2003 Mom vs. Mom
219 2x52 11/Nov/2003 Wedding Nightmares
220 2x53 12/Nov/2003 Are They Still Fighting?
221 2x54 13/Nov/2003 A Family Divided (8)
222 2x55 14/Nov/2003 Debate Dr. Phil
223 2x56 17/Nov/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Decision Day (1)
224 2x57 18/Nov/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Decision Day (2)
225 2x58 19/Nov/2003 "Is This Normal?"
226 2x59 20/Nov/2003 A Family Divided: Katherine's Turn
227 2x60 21/Nov/2003 Follow Ups
228 2x61 24/Nov/2003 Parenting 101: Biggest Nightmares
229 2x62 25/Nov/2003 Jay's Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens
230 2x63 26/Nov/2003 Brandon's Intervention: Follow-up
231 2x64 28/Nov/2003 You Either Get It or You Don't
232 2x65 01/Dec/2003 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Key #7
233 2x66 02/Dec/2003 Sexual Slumps
234 2x67 03/Dec/2003 Profile of a Pregnancy
235 2x68 04/Dec/2003 The Role of a Man
236 2x69 05/Dec/2003 Have They Changed? Follow-ups
237 2x70 08/Dec/2003 Ask Dr. Phil About Weight
238 2x71 09/Dec/2003 The Dark Side of Teens
239 2x72 10/Dec/2003 More Hormones from Hell
240 2x73 11/Dec/2003 Was Our Marriage a Mistake?
241 2x74 12/Dec/2003 Accidents Waiting to Happen
242 2x75 15/Dec/2003 Holiday Eating
243 2x76 16/Dec/2003 Girls Misbehaving
244 2x77 17/Dec/2003 Parenting 101: FAQs
245 2x78 18/Dec/2003 A Family Divided: One-on-One with Erin
246 2x79 19/Dec/2003 Holidays From Hell
247 2x80 22/Dec/2003 Jealousy and Envy
248 2x81 23/Dec/2003 Dr. Phil's Booty Camp
249 2x82 24/Dec/2003 Heroes and Role Models
250 2x83 05/Jan/2004 Resolutions Revisited
251 2x84 06/Jan/2004 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
252 2x85 07/Jan/2004 Weight Loss Challenge: Dr. Phil's Family
253 2x86 08/Jan/2004 A Family Divided: America Talks Back
254 2x87 09/Jan/2004 'My Makeover Didn't Work'
255 2x88 12/Jan/2004 Weight Loss Challenge Superstars
256 2x89 13/Jan/2004 Ask Dr. Phil
257 2x90 14/Jan/2004 Adjusting to Parenthood
258 2x91 15/Jan/2004 Inside a Family Divided
259 2x92 16/Jan/2004 Let's Make a Deal!
260 2x93 19/Jan/2004 Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories
261 2x94 20/Jan/2004 The Role of the Man (2)
262 2x95 21/Jan/2004 True Love
263 2x96 22/Jan/2004 A Family Divided: A Reunion in Germany
264 2x97 23/Jan/2004 What Are You Thinking?
265 2x98 26/Jan/2004 Bye Bye Booty!
266 2x99 27/Jan/2004 Addictions
267 2x100 28/Jan/2004 Profile of a Pregnancy Follow-up
268 2x101 29/Jan/2004 A Family Divided: Alexandra's Journey
269 2x102 30/Jan/2004 Teen Weight Loss Challenge
270 2x103 02/Feb/2004 Thomas, the Bachelor!
271 2x104 03/Feb/2004 Parenting 101: Follow-ups
272 2x105 04/Feb/2004 Financial Fiascos
273 2x106 05/Feb/2004 A Family Divided: Marty and Erin's Marriage
274 2x107 06/Feb/2004 'The Buttinskys'
275 2x108 09/Feb/2004 Weight Interventions
276 2x109 10/Feb/2004 A Family in Crisis: Meet the Family
277 2x110 11/Feb/2004 'Our One Big Fight!'
278 2x111 12/Feb/2004 A Family Divided: Six-Month Checkup
279 2x112 13/Feb/2004 Ask Robin About Valentine's Day!
280 2x113 16/Feb/2004 Weight Sabotage!
281 2x114 17/Feb/2004 A Family in Crisis: Stacy Drops A Bombshell
282 2x115 18/Feb/2004 Brandon's Family Follow-up
283 2x116 19/Feb/2004 A Family Divided: Concerns About Katherine
284 2x117 20/Feb/2004 Spend the Day With Dr. Phil
285 2x118 23/Feb/2004 Parenting Gone Bad
286 2x119 24/Feb/2004 A Family in Crisis: 12-Year-Old Michael Leaves Home
287 2x120 25/Feb/2004 Kick 'em Out!
288 2x121 26/Feb/2004 A Family Divided: Confronting Alex About Dating Again
289 2x122 27/Feb/2004 Extreme Follow-ups
290 2x123 01/Mar/2004 Debate Dr. Phil
291 2x124 02/Mar/2004 A Family in Crisis: Stacy and Chris Face Off
292 2x125 03/Mar/2004 'My Big Day Was Ruined!'
293 2x126 04/Mar/2004 A Family Divided: Robin's Intervention
294 2x127 05/Mar/2004 Single and Sick of It
295 2x128 08/Mar/2004 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-ups
296 2x129 22/Mar/2004 Booty Camp Finale
297 2x130 23/Mar/2004 A Family in Crisis: Stacy and Chris Put to the Test
298 2x131 24/Mar/2004 Big Bad Bullies
299 2x132 25/Mar/2004 A Family Divided: Alex's Dating and Birth Control
300 2x133 29/Mar/2004 Teen Weight Loss Challenge
301 2x134 30/Mar/2004 A Family in Crisis: Will Dr. Phil Fire This Family?
302 2x135 02/Apr/2004 The Reality of Reunions
303 2x136 05/Apr/2004 'My Big Fat Follow-up'
304 2x137 06/Apr/2004 Baby Dilemmas
305 2x138 07/Apr/2004 'My Gripe With Mom'
306 2x139 08/Apr/2004 A Family in Crisis: Fired For Good?
307 2x140 12/Apr/2004 Too Rich, Too Young
308 2x141 13/Apr/2004 Kids Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
309 2x142 15/Apr/2004 A Family Divided: The Real Marty
310 2x143 16/Apr/2004 Follow-ups
311 2x144 19/Apr/2004 Weight Interventions (2)
312 2x145 20/Apr/2004 Mean Girls
313 2x146 21/Apr/2004 O, The Oprah Magazine: Sexual Confidence
314 2x147 22/Apr/2004 A Family in Crisis: Still Fighting
315 2x148 23/Apr/2004 Staff Asks Dr. Phil and Robin
316 2x149 26/Apr/2004 The Final Physical Challenge
317 2x150 27/Apr/2004 Debate Dr. Phil
318 2x151 28/Apr/2004 'Afraid of My Children'
319 2x152 29/Apr/2004 A Family Divided: Marty's Confession
320 2x153 30/Apr/2004 'The Bickersons'
321 2x154 03/May/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat (1)
322 2x155 04/May/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat (2)
323 2x156 05/May/2004 Parenting 101: Extreme Mistakes?
324 2x157 06/May/2004 A Family in Crisis: Will Chris Cheat?
325 2x158 07/May/2004 Extreme Marriages
326 2x159 10/May/2004 Parenting 101: Parenting Bloopers
327 2x160 11/May/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Self-Defeating Games
328 2x161 12/May/2004 Anatomy of a Divorce
329 2x162 13/May/2004 A Family Divided: After the Confession
330 2x163 14/May/2004 A Family Divided: Erin Explodes at Alex
331 2x164 17/May/2004 The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Who Won't Make It
332 2x165 18/May/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Infidelity
333 2x166 19/May/2004 Anatomy of a Divorce (2)
334 2x167 20/May/2004 A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?
335 2x168 21/May/2004 Extreme Behaviors
336 2x169 24/May/2004 Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Finale
337 2x170 25/May/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Parental Legacy
338 2x171 26/May/2004 Anatomy of a Divorce: The Final Verdict
339 2x172 27/May/2004 A Family in Crisis: What Does the Future Hold?
340 2x173 28/May/2004 The Real World
341 2x174 31/May/2004 Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories
342 2x175 01/Jun/2004 Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale
343 2x176 02/Jun/2004 Anti-Aging

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
344 3x01 30/Aug/2004 How to 'Get Over It'
345 3x02 31/Aug/2004 Ask Dr. Phil
346 3x03 01/Sep/2004 Dads and Daughters
347 3x04 02/Sep/2004 Inspired by a Guest
348 3x05 03/Sep/2004 Mom vs. Mom (2)
349 3x06 06/Sep/2004 Inside the Mind of a Mistress
350 3x07 07/Sep/2004 Trading Places (2)
351 3x08 08/Sep/2004 Where's Your Child on the Development Curve?
352 3x09 09/Sep/2004 Faultfinders and Flakes
353 3x10 10/Sep/2004 Follow-ups
354 3x11 13/Sep/2004 Dr. Phil Takes on a Town!
355 3x12 14/Sep/2004 Family First
356 3x13 15/Sep/2004 Custody Battles
357 3x14 16/Sep/2004 Follow-ups with the Dr. Phil Families
358 3x15 17/Sep/2004 Jealous of My Extreme Makeover
359 3x16 20/Sep/2004 Anywhere, USA: Teens in Trouble
360 3x17 21/Sep/2004 More Sex!
361 3x18 22/Sep/2004 How To Get Your Kids To ...
362 3x19 23/Sep/2004 Blended Family Trouble
363 3x20 24/Sep/2004 Two Years of 'Dr. Phil': A Look Back
364 3x21 27/Sep/2004 Exclusive: Cher Opens Up About Family
365 3x22 28/Sep/2004 Parenting with Pills
366 3x23 29/Sep/2004 Exclusive: The Bush Family
367 3x24 30/Sep/2004 A Checkup with the Horvath Family
368 3x25 01/Oct/2004 Weight Loss Challenge Follow-ups
369 3x26 04/Oct/2004 Anywhere, USA: Weight Loss Challenge
370 3x27 05/Oct/2004 Suddenly Single
371 3x28 06/Oct/2004 Exclusive: The Kerry Family
372 3x29 07/Oct/2004 Ask Dr. Phil About Parenting
373 3x30 08/Oct/2004 'Is My Spouse Normal?'
374 3x31 11/Oct/2004 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin!
375 3x32 12/Oct/2004 What Type of Parent Are You?
376 3x33 13/Oct/2004 Adoption (1)
377 3x34 14/Oct/2004 Family First: Follow-ups
378 3x35 15/Oct/2004 Newlywed Dread
379 3x36 18/Oct/2004 'Don't Be a Mooch!'
380 3x37 19/Oct/2004 Parents' Top Three Problems
381 3x38 20/Oct/2004 Critical Mates
382 3x39 21/Oct/2004 Blended Family Trouble (2)
383 3x40 22/Oct/2004 Totally Obsessed!
384 3x41 25/Oct/2004 Postpartum Depression
385 3x42 26/Oct/2004 Desperate Parents' Biggest Dilemmas
386 3x43 27/Oct/2004 Judgmental People
387 3x44 28/Oct/2004 Hot Warning Signs
388 3x45 29/Oct/2004 Gastric Bypass Controversy
389 3x46 01/Nov/2004 Custody Battles Update
390 3x47 02/Nov/2004 Families on Fire: Managing Crisis
391 3x48 03/Nov/2004 Extreme Behaviors and Disorders
392 3x49 04/Nov/2004 The Rules of Fighting
393 3x50 05/Nov/2004 How YOU Look Drunk!
394 3x51 08/Nov/2004 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (1)
395 3x52 09/Nov/2004 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (2)
396 3x53 10/Nov/2004 Desperate Diets
397 3x54 11/Nov/2004 A Family Affair
398 3x55 12/Nov/2004 'Where'd the Money Go?'
399 3x56 15/Nov/2004 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
400 3x57 16/Nov/2004 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (3)
401 3x58 17/Nov/2004 Pedophiles: A Parent's Worst Nightmare
402 3x59 18/Nov/2004 A Family Affair (2)
403 3x60 19/Nov/2004 Left at the Altar
404 3x61 22/Nov/2004 Stage Parents
405 3x62 23/Nov/2004 The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (4)
406 3x63 24/Nov/2004 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior'
407 3x64 26/Nov/2004 Anywhere USA (5)
408 3x65 29/Nov/2004 Black Sheep of the Family
409 3x66 30/Nov/2004 Real Talent? Or Get Real!
410 3x67 01/Dec/2004 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior' Update
411 3x68 02/Dec/2004 Desperate Diets Update
412 3x69 03/Dec/2004 Follow-ups
413 3x70 06/Dec/2004 Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
414 3x71 07/Dec/2004 Kids Ask Dr. Phil
415 3x72 08/Dec/2004 Aging Gracefully With Robin
416 3x73 09/Dec/2004 Family First Follow-ups (2)
417 3x74 10/Dec/2004 Five Factors for a Phenomenal Family
418 3x75 13/Dec/2004 Medical Controversies
419 3x76 14/Dec/2004 The Rudest Kids in America
420 3x77 15/Dec/2004 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (1)
421 3x78 16/Dec/2004 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (2)
422 3x79 17/Dec/2004 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party (3)
423 3x80 20/Dec/2004 Women Addicted to Psychics
424 3x81 21/Dec/2004 Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
425 3x82 03/Jan/2005 Money Makeovers
426 3x83 04/Jan/2005 Weight Loss Resolutions
427 3x84 05/Jan/2005 Addiction Resolutions
428 3x85 06/Jan/2005 Family Resolutions
429 3x86 07/Jan/2005 'Makeover Our Marriage'
430 3x87 11/Jan/2005 Coach Carter
431 3x88 12/Jan/2005 Overweight Brides
432 3x89 13/Jan/2005 Adoption (2)
433 3x90 14/Jan/2005 Custody Battles Update
434 3x91 17/Jan/2005 Dr. Phil Takes on Abusers
435 3x92 18/Jan/2005 Staying Alive in 2005
436 3x93 20/Jan/2005 More Parenting Dilemmas
437 3x94 21/Jan/2005 Letting Go of Love
438 3x95 24/Jan/2005 Dr. Phil and Dr. Bill
439 3x96 25/Jan/2005 Adoption (3)
440 3x97 26/Jan/2005 Brides with Secrets
441 3x98 27/Jan/2005 Parents Ask Dr. Phil
442 3x99 28/Jan/2005 Adoption Controversy
443 3x100 31/Jan/2005 'Overhaul My Spouse'
442 3x101 01/Feb/2005 Parents' Biggest Mistakes
443 3x102 02/Feb/2005 Newlywed Nightmares
444 3x103 03/Feb/2005 The Doctor, the Wife and the Mistress
445 3x104 04/Feb/2005 'My Child Is Ruining My Life'
446 3x105 07/Feb/2005 Invasive In-laws
447 3x106 08/Feb/2005 Pushy Parents?
448 3x107 09/Feb/2005 Celebrity Obsessed
449 3x108 10/Feb/2005 Gold Diggers and Trophy Wives
450 3x109 11/Feb/2005 Finding Your Perfect Match
451 3x110 14/Feb/2005 Ask Dr. Phil About Sex
452 3x111 15/Feb/2005 Fixing the Feuding Family
453 3x112 16/Feb/2005 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp
454 3x113 17/Feb/2005 'Grow Up!'
455 3x114 18/Feb/2005 Debate Dr. Phil
456 3x115 21/Feb/2005 Scary Trends
457 3x116 22/Feb/2005 Wedding Disasters
458 3x117 23/Feb/2005 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?'
461 3x118 24/Feb/2005 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' (2)
462 3x119 25/Feb/2005 'My Life is a Mess!'
463 3x120 28/Feb/2005 In-law Intervention
464 3x121 01/Mar/2005 Extreme Sex Differences
465 3x122 02/Mar/2005 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!'
466 3x123 03/Mar/2005 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp (2)
467 3x124 04/Mar/2005 Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp (3)
466 3x125 07/Mar/2005 Biggest $$$ Mistakes Families Make
467 3x126 08/Mar/2005 Ask Dr. Phil
468 3x127 09/Mar/2005 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath
471 3x128 11/Mar/2005 ADD Dilemma
470 3x129 21/Mar/2005 The Osbournes: 'Is My Family Normal?'
471 3x130 22/Mar/2005 Weight Loss Challenge Updates
472 3x131 23/Mar/2005 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!' Follow-up
473 3x132 28/Mar/2005 Sports Fanatics
474 3x133 29/Mar/2005 Teens Who Cheat and Gamble
477 3x134 31/Mar/2005 Favorite Guests Follow-ups
476 3x135 04/Apr/2005 Too Old or Too Young for Babies and Sex?
477 3x136 05/Apr/2005 Raising a Stepchild
478 3x137 06/Apr/2005 Secrets in the Suburbs
479 3x138 07/Apr/2005 Unethical Marriages?
480 3x139 11/Apr/2005 Ultimate Revenge
481 3x140 12/Apr/2005 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
482 3x141 14/Apr/2005 Stories of Survival
483 3x142 15/Apr/2005 Extreme Envy
484 3x143 18/Apr/2005 Big Dollar Dilemmas
485 3x144 19/Apr/2005 Bullies
486 3x145 20/Apr/2005 Reunited
487 3x146 21/Apr/2005 Kids Ask Dr. Phil
488 3x147 22/Apr/2005 Too Much of a Good Thing
489 3x148 25/Apr/2005 Prenup Problems
490 3x149 26/Apr/2005 'Act Your Age!'
491 3x150 27/Apr/2005 Parenting Headaches
494 3x151 28/Apr/2005 Torn Between Two Lovers (1)
495 3x152 29/Apr/2005 Torn Between Two Lovers (2)
494 3x153 02/May/2005 Bad Influences
495 3x154 03/May/2005 Brainwashed Brides
496 3x155 04/May/2005 Reality Check
497 3x156 05/May/2005 The Realities of Rehab
498 3x157 06/May/2005 Mother's Day Celebration
499 3x158 09/May/2005 Meddling Mother-in-Law
500 3x159 10/May/2005 Cheaters Caught on Tape
501 3x160 11/May/2005 Mikai Returns
502 3x161 12/May/2005 OCD Nightmares
500 3x162 13/May/2005 Dr. Phil's 500th Show
501 3x163 16/May/2005 Ultimate Moochers
502 3x164 17/May/2005 'Fighting for My Children'
503 3x165 18/May/2005 'Get Off My Back!'
504 3x166 19/May/2005 Alcohol and Abuse
505 3x167 20/May/2005 If People Really Knew ...
506 3x168 23/May/2005 Torn Between Two Lovers (3)
507 3x169 24/May/2005 Inside the Cult
508 3x170 25/May/2005 Desperate Husbands
509 3x171 26/May/2005 Follow-ups
510 3x172 27/May/2005 Weight Loss Challenge Finale
511 3x173 30/May/2005 Kids Ask Dr. Phil
512 3x174 31/May/2005 Parenting Secrets
513 3x175 11/Jul/2005 Unforgivable Past
514 3x176 18/Jul/2005 The Power of Music

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
515 4x01 29/Aug/2005 The Secret Lives of Single Moms
516 4x02 30/Aug/2005 "Get Rid of It!"
517 4x03 31/Aug/2005 Reunited (2)
521 4x04 01/Sep/2005 Family Intervention
522 4x05 02/Sep/2005 "I Hate Myself"
523 4x06 05/Sep/2005 Phobias
524 4x07 06/Sep/2005 "Fighting For My Children" Follow-Up
525 4x08 07/Sep/2005 Dark Family Secrets
526 4x09 08/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: The Aftermath
527 4x10 09/Sep/2005 Ask Dr. Phil and Follow-ups
528 4x11 12/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Rescuing the Rescuers
529 4x12 13/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Rebuilding Lives
530 4x13 14/Sep/2005 1,000 Women!
531 4x14 15/Sep/2005 The Disappearance of Natalee
532 4x15 16/Sep/2005 Pretty/Ugly
533 4x16 19/Sep/2005 "Afraid of My Mom"
534 4x17 20/Sep/2005 Little Mean Girls
535 4x18 21/Sep/2005 Meddling Future Mothers-in-law
536 4x19 22/Sep/2005 Are You a Racist?
537 4x20 23/Sep/2005 What a Difference a Year Makes!
538 4x21 26/Sep/2005 Honeymoon's Over!
539 4x22 27/Sep/2005 Shocking Teen Trends
540 4x23 28/Sep/2005 Overmedicating America: The Cruise Controversy
541 4x24 29/Sep/2005 Hurricane Katrina: Follow-Ups
539 4x25 30/Sep/2005 "Get a Backbone!"
543 4x26 03/Oct/2005 The Family Cult
544 4x27 04/Oct/2005 Ask Dr. Phil
545 4x28 05/Oct/2005 Moms: Cut the Chaos
546 4x29 06/Oct/2005 "Stand Up for Yourself"
547 4x30 07/Oct/2005 The Latest Debates
548 4x31 10/Oct/2005 Wifestyles
549 4x32 11/Oct/2005 College Chaos
550 4x33 12/Oct/2005 Overprotective Moms
551 4x34 13/Oct/2005 Cheerleader Scandal
552 4x35 14/Oct/2005 "Kick 'Em to the Curb!"
553 4x36 17/Oct/2005 Stalking the Stars
554 4x37 18/Oct/2005 "I Am Right!"
555 4x38 19/Oct/2005 "I'm Gay, OK?"
556 4x39 20/Oct/2005 "You Ruined My Reputation!"
557 4x40 21/Oct/2005 Moms and Money Conflicts
558 4x41 24/Oct/2005 "Is This Normal?"
559 4x42 25/Oct/2005 Deadly Injustice
560 4x43 26/Oct/2005 More Sex with Kim Cattrall
561 4x44 27/Oct/2005 Extreme Parenting
562 4x45 28/Oct/2005 Addicts Transformed
560 4x46 31/Oct/2005 "Spoiled and Entitled?"
561 4x47 01/Nov/2005 The Stepford Family
565 4x48 02/Nov/2005 Falsely Accused
566 4x49 03/Nov/2005 Extreme Food Obsessions
567 4x50 04/Nov/2005 A Shopping Intervention
568 4x51 07/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge
566 4x52 08/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil's Road Show: Newlywed Challenge (2)
570 4x53 09/Nov/2005 The New Generation of Moochers
571 4x54 10/Nov/2005 Infidelity Aftermath
572 4x55 11/Nov/2005 Dating Disasters
573 4x56 14/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club
571 4x57 15/Nov/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (2)
575 4x58 16/Nov/2005 "My Kid's a Star"
576 4x59 17/Nov/2005 The Search for Natalee and Amy
577 4x60 18/Nov/2005 "My Annoying Family"
578 4x61 21/Nov/2005 Childhood Secrets
579 4x62 22/Nov/2005 Yours, Mine & Ours
580 4x63 23/Nov/2005 Schizophrenia
581 4x64 25/Nov/2005 Biggest Parenting Problems
582 4x65 28/Nov/2005 Conception Deception
583 4x66 29/Nov/2005 Fighting Over the Will
581 4x67 30/Nov/2005 "You Wouldn't Last a Day!"
582 4x68 01/Dec/2005 House Call Intervention
583 4x69 02/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's First Wives Club (3)
587 4x70 05/Dec/2005 Nasty Breakups
585 4x71 06/Dec/2005 Love Smart (1)
586 4x72 07/Dec/2005 Love Smart (2)
590 4x73 08/Dec/2005 Extreme Follow-Up
591 4x74 09/Dec/2005 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin Plus the JCPenney Jam!
592 4x75 12/Dec/2005 Conned By a Con Artist?
593 4x76 13/Dec/2005 Mom's Biggest Mistakes
594 4x77 14/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza!
592 4x78 15/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Extravaganza (2)
593 4x79 16/Dec/2005 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Giveaways
594 4x80 02/Jan/2005 New Year: Old Habits
598 4x81 03/Jan/2006 Love Resolutions
599 4x82 04/Jan/2006 Unforgettable Weight Stories
600 4x83 05/Jan/2006 'Am I Cursed?'
601 4x84 06/Jan/2006 No More Excuses with Star Jones Reynolds
602 4x85 09/Jan/2006 Nasty Custody Battles
603 4x86 10/Jan/2006 Pressured Into Marriage
604 4x87 11/Jan/2006 Living on the Edge
605 4x88 12/Jan/2006 Racism Experiment
606 4x89 13/Jan/2006 Old Flames
607 4x90 16/Jan/2006 Honeymoon's Over Follow-Up
608 4x91 17/Jan/2006 Extreme Disorders
609 4x92 19/Jan/2006 Follow-Ups
610 4x93 20/Jan/2006 Kids Ask Dr. Phil
611 4x94 23/Jan/2006 Too Hot!
612 4x95 24/Jan/2006 Dreams, Nightmares and Night Terrors
613 4x96 25/Jan/2006 "Is This Normal?"
614 4x97 26/Jan/2006 Shopping Intervention: The Aftermath
615 4x98 27/Jan/2006 Money Disasters
616 4x99 30/Jan/2006 Trapped
614 4x100 31/Jan/2006 Cut 'Em Off!
615 4x101 01/Feb/2006 "Throw It Out!"
619 4x102 02/Feb/2006 Twisted Love
620 4x103 03/Feb/2006 Competition Freaks
621 4x104 06/Feb/2006 Bad Brides
622 4x105 07/Feb/2006 The Hunt for Amanda
623 4x106 08/Feb/2006 Deadly Eating
624 4x107 09/Feb/2006 Family Secrets, Family Lies
625 4x108 10/Feb/2006 Last Chance
627 4x110 13/Feb/2006 Love Smart Island
625 4x111 14/Feb/2006 Love Smart Island (2)
629 4x112 15/Feb/2006 Mr. Mooch
630 4x113 16/Feb/2006 Trouble in the Spotlight
631 4x114 17/Feb/2006 Family Troublemakers
632 4x115 20/Feb/2006 Are You a Bitch?
633 4x116 21/Feb/2006 More Wifestyles
634 4x117 22/Feb/2006 Wedding Wars
635 4x118 23/Feb/2006 Exes from Hell
636 4x119 24/Feb/2006 Liar, Liar
637 4x120 27/Feb/2006 Twisted Love: The Aftermath
635 4x121 28/Feb/2006 On the Outs With In-Laws
636 4x122 01/Mar/2006 Cheaters
637 4x123 02/Mar/2006 "Our Biggest Battle"
638 4x124 03/Mar/2006 "Stop Ruining Your Child!"
639 4x125 06/Mar/2006 Love, Lies and the Law
640 4x126 07/Mar/2006 Extreme Highs and Lows
641 4x127 20/Mar/2006 "I'm a Slave to My Spouse"
642 4x128 21/Mar/2006 More Annoying People
643 4x129 27/Mar/2006 More Wifestyles (3)
644 4x130 28/Mar/2006 Money Hungry
645 4x131 03/Apr/2006 Mommy Dearest
646 4x132 04/Apr/2006 "I Want My Ex Back"
647 4x133 05/Apr/2006 Loving Dumb
648 4x134 06/Apr/2006 Plastic People
649 4x135 07/Apr/2006 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?
650 4x136 10/Apr/2006 Settle This!
651 4x137 11/Apr/2006 What Are You Afraid Of?
652 4x138 12/Apr/2006 Dangerous Love
653 4x139 13/Apr/2006 Engaged Too Soon
654 4x140 14/Apr/2006 The Dr. Phil Foundation: Helping Kids
656 4x141 17/Apr/2006 Dangerous Kids
657 4x142 18/Apr/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
658 4x143 19/Apr/2006 Teen Dating and Abuse
659 4x144 20/Apr/2006 "I Love Myself"
660 4x145 21/Apr/2006 Baby Wars
661 4x146 24/Apr/2006 The Final Ultimatum
662 4x147 25/Apr/2006 Teen Wake-Up Calls
663 4x148 26/Apr/2006 "You're Not Hot Enough"
664 4x149 27/Apr/2006 Big Burden
664 4x150 28/Apr/2006 Dr. Phil's Mooch Squad
665 4x151 01/May/2006 Fighting Styles
667 4x152 02/May/2006 Missing
668 4x153 03/May/2006 Possessive People
669 4x154 04/May/2006 Violent Love Intervention
670 4x155 05/May/2006 When Sex Styles Don't Match
671 4x156 08/May/2006 A Mother's Rage
672 4x157 09/May/2006 Finding Allene and Mollie
672 4x158 10/May/2006 Finding Allene and Mollie (2)
674 4x159 11/May/2006 Mind Your Business!
674 4x160 12/May/2006 Toxic Relationships
675 4x161 15/May/2006 Son-in-Law vs. Mother-in-Law
676 4x162 16/May/2006 The Divorce Experiment
677 4x163 17/May/2006 Brandon Behind Bars
678 4x164 18/May/2006 Alex Turns 18
679 4x165 19/May/2006 "My Fiance is a Stalker"
680 4x166 22/May/2006 Predator Sting
681 4x167 23/May/2006 Abandoned
682 4x168 24/May/2006 "Get My Groom to Grow Up!"
683 4x169 25/May/2006 Cheating Fiancés?
684 4x170 26/May/2006 Summer Slim
685 4x171 10/Jul/2006 Biggest Brats
686 4x172 11/Jul/2006 Domestic Dollar Disputes
687 4x173 12/Jul/2006 A Predator in the House?
688 4x174 13/Jul/2006 Online Dating
689 4x175 14/Jul/2006 End of the Year Follow-Ups
690 4x176 28/Aug/2006 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later
691 4x177 29/Aug/2006 Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later (2)

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
692 5x01 04/Sep/2006 More Feuding In-laws
693 5x02 11/Sep/2006 Biggest Love Mistakes
694 5x03 12/Sep/2006 Inside My Heart
695 5x04 13/Sep/2006 Man Stealers
696 5x05 14/Sep/2006 More Brats
697 5x06 15/Sep/2006 Dirty Little Secrets
703 5x07 18/Sep/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance
704 5x08 19/Sep/2006 When In-Laws Cross the Line
705 5x09 20/Sep/2006 Revenge of the Exes
706 5x10 21/Sep/2006 Cult Confrontations
707 5x11 22/Sep/2006 Follow-Ups
708 5x12 25/Sep/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (2)
709 5x13 26/Sep/2006 "Marry Me or Else!"
710 5x14 27/Sep/2006 Generation Rx
711 5x15 28/Sep/2006 Love Scams?
707 5x16 29/Sep/2006 Wedding Dos and Don'ts
708 5x17 02/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (3)
714 5x18 03/Oct/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
715 5x19 04/Oct/2006 Custody Battles Gone Bad
716 5x20 05/Oct/2006 Attack in the Night
717 5x21 06/Oct/2006 The IQ Answer
718 5x22 09/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance (4)
719 5x23 10/Oct/2006 Drunken Mistakes
720 5x24 11/Oct/2006 One Paycheck Away
721 5x25 12/Oct/2006 Divorcing the Family
722 5x26 13/Oct/2006 Teen Plastic Surgery
723 5x27 16/Oct/2006 Runaway Dramas
724 5x28 17/Oct/2006 What Would Robin Do?
725 5x29 18/Oct/2006 In-Law Threats
726 5x30 19/Oct/2006 Teachers Caught in the Act
727 5x31 20/Oct/2006 Cheapskates and Big Spenders
728 5x32 23/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (1)
729 5x33 24/Oct/2006 Fifty and Fabulous!
730 5x34 25/Oct/2006 Home Wreckers
731 5x35 26/Oct/2006 Backstabbing Sisters
732 5x36 27/Oct/2006 New Orleans Scam?
733 5x37 30/Oct/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (2)
729 5x38 31/Oct/2006 Cheating Disasters
730 5x39 01/Nov/2006 Is This Normal?
736 5x40 02/Nov/2006 Gorgeous Isn't Enough!
737 5x41 03/Nov/2006 Shocking Accusations
738 5x42 06/Nov/2006 The Lie Detector Tests
739 5x43 07/Nov/2006 The Lie Detector Tests (2)
740 5x44 08/Nov/2006 Cougars and Sugar Daddies
741 5x45 09/Nov/2006 Dr. Phil Scam
742 5x46 10/Nov/2006 Dr. Phil Scam (2)
743 5x47 13/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred (3)
744 5x48 14/Nov/2006 Sisters at War
745 5x49 15/Nov/2006 When Too Much Is ... Too Much
746 5x50 16/Nov/2006 Starving for Perfection
747 5x51 17/Nov/2006 In-Laws' Dirty Secrets Exposed
748 5x52 20/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention
749 5x53 21/Nov/2006 Nightmare Brides and Grooms
750 5x54 22/Nov/2006 Rude Relatives
751 5x55 24/Nov/2006 Great School Debate
752 5x56 27/Nov/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (2)
753 5x57 28/Nov/2006 Jeremy Returns
754 5x58 29/Nov/2006 Out of the Dog House!
750 5x59 30/Nov/2006 Spoiled and Entitled
751 5x60 01/Dec/2006 Big Weight Issues
752 5x61 04/Dec/2006 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins, The Intervention (3)
758 5x62 05/Dec/2006 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
759 5x63 06/Dec/2006 Teacher Troubles
760 5x64 07/Dec/2006 Homework Hell
761 5x65 08/Dec/2006 Out-of-Control Husbands
762 5x66 11/Dec/2006 Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Show!
763 5x67 12/Dec/2006 Convince Me!
764 5x68 13/Dec/2006 Holiday Horror Stories
765 5x69 14/Dec/2006 Extreme Lives
761 5x70 15/Dec/2006 Children of Addicts
762 5x71 18/Dec/2006 How Are They Now?
763 5x72 02/Jan/2007 Wacky Resolutions
764 5x73 03/Jan/2007 Meet Your Match
765 5x74 04/Jan/2007 "What I Want This Year!"
766 5x75 05/Jan/2007 No More Jerks!
767 5x76 08/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention
768 5x77 09/Jan/2007 False Confessions
769 5x78 10/Jan/2007 Mega Moochers
770 5x79 11/Jan/2007 In Search Of ...
771 5x80 12/Jan/2007 Settle This!
772 5x81 15/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (2)
773 5x82 16/Jan/2007 Marriage Deal-Breakers
774 5x83 17/Jan/2007 Gender Identity Crisis
775 5x84 18/Jan/2007 Mr. Wrong
776 5x85 19/Jan/2007 Young Moms Ask the Experts
777 5x86 22/Jan/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention (3)
778 5x87 23/Jan/2007 Snobs and Egomaniacs
779 5x88 24/Jan/2007 Problem Parent or Problem Child?
780 5x89 25/Jan/2007 Rude and Crude People
781 5x90 26/Jan/2007 Bullies
782 5x91 29/Jan/2007 Fatal Attraction?
783 5x92 30/Jan/2007 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
784 5x93 31/Jan/2007 Big Love
785 5x94 01/Feb/2007 A Difficult Reunion
786 5x95 02/Feb/2007 A Difficult Reunion (2)
787 5x96 05/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp
788 5x97 06/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (2)
789 5x98 07/Feb/2007 Little Boys, Big Weight Problems
790 5x99 08/Feb/2007 Flasher Exposed
791 5x100 09/Feb/2007 Sign on the Line!
792 5x101 12/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (3)
793 5x102 13/Feb/2007 Secret Love
794 5x103 14/Feb/2007 Valentine Troubles
795 5x104 15/Feb/2007 The Young and the Reckless
796 5x105 16/Feb/2007 Biggest Reunions Ever
797 5x106 19/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (4)
798 5x107 20/Feb/2007 Love or Money
799 5x108 21/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins Follow-Up
800 5x109 22/Feb/2007 Adoption Scams
801 5x110 23/Feb/2007 Adoption Scams (2)
802 5x111 26/Feb/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (5)
803 5x112 27/Feb/2007 "What Would You Do?"
804 5x113 28/Feb/2007 Silent Darkness
805 5x114 01/Mar/2007 Sudden Fame
806 5x115 02/Mar/2007 Caught in the Act
807 5x116 05/Mar/2007 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines
808 5x117 06/Mar/2007 To Be a Child Star
809 5x118 08/Mar/2007 The Scott Peterson Jurors
810 5x119 09/Mar/2007 Dominating Spouses
811 5x120 12/Mar/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp (6)
812 5x121 19/Mar/2007 Weddings Gone Bad
813 5x122 20/Mar/2007 "I Hate This Marriage"
814 5x123 22/Mar/2007 Anna's Aftermath
815 5x124 26/Mar/2007 Teen Intervention Follow-Up
816 5x125 27/Mar/2007 Fifteen Minutes of Fame
817 5x126 28/Mar/2007 Runaways Gone Wild
818 5x127 03/Apr/2007 The Price of Privilege
819 5x128 04/Apr/2007 Did He or Didn't He?
820 5x129 05/Apr/2007 What's Up, Doc?
821 5x130 06/Apr/2007 Explosive Anger and Its Aftermath
822 5x131 09/Apr/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace
823 5x132 10/Apr/2007 Husbands Ask Dr. Phil
824 5x133 11/Apr/2007 Anna Nicole Smith: Family Controversy
825 5x134 12/Apr/2007 Twin Tug of War
826 5x135 13/Apr/2007 180-Degree Turn
827 5x136 16/Apr/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace (2)
828 5x137 17/Apr/2007 Identity Theft
829 5x138 18/Apr/2007 Wrongful Punishment
830 5x139 19/Apr/2007 Moms Gone Wild
831 5x140 20/Apr/2007 Mistrust in Love
832 5x141 23/Apr/2007 Family Drama
833 5x142 24/Apr/2007 Is This Normal?
834 5x143 25/Apr/2007 Know-It-All In-Laws
835 5x144 26/Apr/2007 Obsessive Love
836 5x145 27/Apr/2007 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues
837 5x146 30/Apr/2007 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention
838 5x147 01/May/2007 "Call it Off!"
839 5x148 02/May/2007 Bully Dads
840 5x149 03/May/2007 Lay Down the Law
841 5x150 04/May/2007 Overweight and Forgotten
842 5x151 07/May/2007 A Dr. Phil Family on Fire: House Intervention (2)
843 5x152 08/May/2007 Torn between Two Husbands
844 5x153 09/May/2007 Strung Out!
845 5x154 10/May/2007 Obsessive Love: Secrets Revealed
846 5x155 11/May/2007 Obsessive Love: On the Run
847 5x156 14/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star"
848 5x157 15/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star" (2)
849 5x158 16/May/2007 Anatomy of Abuse
850 5x159 17/May/2007 Meddling Moms
851 5x160 18/May/2007 Girly Men?
852 5x161 21/May/2007 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star" (3)
853 5x162 22/May/2007 The True Life of Marcia Brady
854 5x163 23/May/2007 Secret Love: The Aftermath
855 5x164 24/May/2007 "Who Am I?"
856 5x165 25/May/2007 Step Monster
857 5x166 28/May/2007 Family on Fire: House Intervention (3)
858 5x167 29/May/2007 Family on Fire: House Intervention (4)
859 5x168 30/May/2007 Ask the Authors
860 5x169 09/Jul/2007 "You Owe Me an Apology!"
861 5x170 10/Jul/2007 Slacker Wives and Moocher Moms
862 5x171 12/Jul/2007 What Happened Next?
863 5x172 13/Jul/2007 Prison Moms
864 5x173 03/Sep/2007 Who's the Evil-Doer?
865 5x174 04/Sep/2007 Violent Kids
866 5x175 05/Sep/2007 Family Follow-Up
867 5x176 06/Sep/2007 The Ex Factor
868 5x177 07/Sep/2007 Kids Caught in the Middle

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
869 6x01 10/Sep/2007 Season 6 Premiere
876 6x02 11/Sep/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds
871 6x03 12/Sep/2007 The Nanny Affair
872 6x04 13/Sep/2007 The Nanny Affair (2)
879 6x05 14/Sep/2007 Saboteurs
880 6x06 17/Sep/2007 Faking It?
881 6x07 18/Sep/2007 Etiquette Dilemmas
882 6x08 19/Sep/2007 Nasty Neighbors
883 6x09 20/Sep/2007 Change My Face, Change My Race
884 6x10 21/Sep/2007 Does Age Matter?
885 6x11 24/Sep/2007 Bishop T. D. Jakes
880 6x12 25/Sep/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (2)
887 6x13 26/Sep/2007 Cranky Kids
888 6x14 27/Sep/2007 Hobo Daddy
883 6x15 28/Sep/2007 The Jena 6
884 6x16 01/Oct/2007 Jena 6 Continues
885 6x17 02/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (3)
892 6x18 03/Oct/2007 Mama Drama
893 6x19 04/Oct/2007 Britney Breaking News
894 6x20 05/Oct/2007 Follow-Ups
895 6x21 08/Oct/2007 Frankie and Gwen
890 6x22 09/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (4)
897 6x23 10/Oct/2007 Troubled Teen Love
898 6x24 11/Oct/2007 Munchausen Mom
899 6x25 12/Oct/2007 Mild vs. Wild
900 6x26 15/Oct/2007 The O.J. Book Battle
895 6x27 16/Oct/2007 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp Newlyweds (5)
902 6x28 17/Oct/2007 Sexual Predators?
903 6x29 18/Oct/2007 Deadly Kids
904 6x30 19/Oct/2007 Suing for Love
905 6x31 22/Oct/2007 Exes at War
906 6x32 23/Oct/2007 Tuesdays with Morrie
907 6x33 24/Oct/2007 Controversial Love Affairs
908 6x34 25/Oct/2007 Policing the Parents
909 6x35 26/Oct/2007 Devastating Divorce
910 6x36 29/Oct/2007 Parent Trap
911 6x37 30/Oct/2007 Body Dysmorphia
906 6x38 31/Oct/2007 A Model's Dangerous Marriage
907 6x39 01/Nov/2007 Teacher Sex Scandal
908 6x40 02/Nov/2007 Teacher Sex Scandal (2)
915 6x41 05/Nov/2007 DNA Dramas
916 6x42 06/Nov/2007 Introducing the House of Judgment
917 6x43 07/Nov/2007 Finding Alex
918 6x44 08/Nov/2007 Banned from the Wedding
919 6x45 09/Nov/2007 Debate Dr. Phil and the Bishop
914 6x46 12/Nov/2007 House of Judgment
921 6x47 13/Nov/2007 Will Fights
922 6x48 14/Nov/2007 A Daughter in Danger?
917 6x49 15/Nov/2007 A Daughter in Danger? (2)
918 6x50 16/Nov/2007 Scary Skinny
919 6x51 19/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions
920 6x52 20/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (2)
921 6x53 21/Nov/2007 A Husband's Shocking Confessions (3)
923 6x54 26/Nov/2007 Katherine Returns
924 6x55 27/Nov/2007 Banned from the Wedding (2)
925 6x56 28/Nov/2007 Divorce Decision
926 6x57 29/Nov/2007 Too Big, Too Young
927 6x58 30/Nov/2007 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
928 6x59 03/Dec/2007 Shocking Teen Trends
929 6x60 04/Dec/2007 Doomed from the Start?
930 6x61 05/Dec/2007 Internet Dangers
931 6x62 06/Dec/2007 Desperate to Be a Mom
932 6x63 07/Dec/2007 A Killer among Us?
933 6x64 10/Dec/2007 House of Judgment (2)
934 6x65 11/Dec/2007 Plastic Surgery Nightmares
935 6x66 12/Dec/2007 Christmas Chaos
936 6x67 13/Dec/2007 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Celebration
937 6x68 14/Dec/2007 Is This Normal?
938 6x69 17/Dec/2007 House of Judgment (3)
939 6x70 18/Dec/2007 Dangerous Daughters
940 6x71 19/Dec/2007 Parents' Ultimate Test: Dealing with Autism
941 6x72 02/Jan/2008 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions
942 6x73 03/Jan/2008 Shocking Trends of the New Year
943 6x74 04/Jan/2008 New Year's Resolutions
944 6x75 07/Jan/2008 Don't Be That Girl
945 6x76 08/Jan/2008 Cyber Bullies
946 6x77 09/Jan/2008 When to Call It Quits
947 6x78 10/Jan/2008 "What's Age Got to Do with It?"
948 6x79 11/Jan/2008 "My Big, Fat, Spoiled Family Member"
949 6x80 14/Jan/2008 "At War with My Teen"
950 6x81 15/Jan/2008 Internet Mistakes
951 6x82 16/Jan/2008 Get Rich Quick Disasters
952 6x83 17/Jan/2008 "Get Your Act Together!"
953 6x84 18/Jan/2008 "Butt Out!"
954 6x85 21/Jan/2008 Real Life Gossip Girls
955 6x86 22/Jan/2008 Cojo: Back from the Brink
956 6x87 23/Jan/2008 Con Artists and Thieves
957 6x88 24/Jan/2008 "I Want Out!"
958 6x89 25/Jan/2008 Secrets in the Suburbs
959 6x90 28/Jan/2008 The Baggy Pants Debate
960 6x91 29/Jan/2008 Extreme Weight with The Doctors
961 6x92 30/Jan/2008 "Get Rid of It!"
962 6x93 31/Jan/2008 Vigilante Justice
963 6x94 01/Feb/2008 Teens Having Babies
964 6x95 04/Feb/2008 Dirty Little Secrets
965 6x96 05/Feb/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement
966 6x97 06/Feb/2008 Pill Popping Twins
967 6x98 07/Feb/2008 Pill Popping Twins (2)
968 6x99 08/Feb/2008 "My Worst Valentine!"
1000 6x100 11/Feb/2008 1000th Show!
1001 6x101 12/Feb/2008 1000 Celebration Continues! 1001!
1002 6x102 13/Feb/2008 Behind Closed Doors
1003 6x103 14/Feb/2008 Lies and Betrayal
1004 6x104 15/Feb/2008 Living on a Prayer
1005 6x105 18/Feb/2008 "Sober Up or Else!"
1006 6x106 19/Feb/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (2)
1007 6x107 20/Feb/2008 Bully Husband
1008 6x108 21/Feb/2008 Family Court Battles
1009 6x109 22/Feb/2008 Hell Weddings
1010 6x110 25/Feb/2008 Deadly Thin
1011 6x111 26/Feb/2008 Alter Egos
1012 6x112 27/Feb/2008 Internet Cheats
1013 6x113 28/Feb/2008 Still Chasing the Crown
1014 6x114 29/Feb/2008 Follow-Ups
1015 6x115 03/Mar/2008 Teens and Sex with the Bishop
1016 6x116 04/Mar/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement (3)
1017 6x117 05/Mar/2008 Identity Theft (2)
1018 6x118 07/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Sex Offenders Next Door
1019 6x119 10/Mar/2008 Underage Marriage
1020 6x120 11/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Targeting the Paparazzi
1021 6x121 12/Mar/2008 Let's Talk about Sex
1022 6x122 14/Mar/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Fly Girls
1023 6x123 18/Mar/2008 Love Junkies
1024 6x124 31/Mar/2008 Battered and Bruised
1025 6x125 01/Apr/2008 The Superbug Scare
1026 6x126 02/Apr/2008 Hitting Rock Bottom
1027 6x127 03/Apr/2008 Perfectionist Moms
1028 6x128 04/Apr/2008 Ask Dr. Phil about Parenting
1029 6x129 07/Apr/2008 Will Fights
1030 6x130 08/Apr/2008 Ask The Doctors
1031 6x131 09/Apr/2008 Fat Abusers
1032 6x132 10/Apr/2008 Marriage Dilemmas
1033 6x133 11/Apr/2008 Women Beware!
1034 6x134 14/Apr/2008 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed
1035 6x135 15/Apr/2008 Desperate for My Daughter
1036 6x136 16/Apr/2008 Drug Troubles
1037 6x137 17/Apr/2008 "You're a Liar!"
1038 6x138 18/Apr/2008 Exhibitionists
1039 6x139 21/Apr/2008 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed (2)
1040 6x140 22/Apr/2008 Dr. Phil Now: Secrets inside the Compound
1041 6x141 23/Apr/2008 Dr. Phil Now: The Children of the Compound
1042 6x142 24/Apr/2008 A Boy in Trouble
1043 6x143 25/Apr/2008 Confronting Grandpa
1044 6x144 28/Apr/2008 A Secret Inside: Extreme Hoarding
1045 6x145 29/Apr/2008 Daddy Drama
1046 6x146 30/Apr/2008 "It's My Baby Too!"
1047 6x147 01/May/2008 Inappropriate In-Laws
1048 6x148 02/May/2008 Cougar Craze
1049 6x149 05/May/2008 Divorce that Daughter- in-Law!
1050 6x150 06/May/2008 Moochers
1051 6x151 07/May/2008 Male Egos Out of Control
1052 6x152 08/May/2008 Is This Marriage Really Over?
1053 6x153 09/May/2008 Mama Drama
1054 6x154 12/May/2008 Sister-in-Law from Hell?
1055 6x155 13/May/2008 Babysitter Gone Bad
1056 6x156 14/May/2008 "I'm Hot, You're Not!"
1057 6x157 15/May/2008 Psychic Dramas
1058 6x158 16/May/2008 Spanking Scandals
1059 6x159 19/May/2008 Nuptial Nightmares
1060 6x160 20/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp
1061 6x161 21/May/2008 Grandpa Returns: The Aftermath
1062 6x162 22/May/2008 Cults?
1063 6x163 23/May/2008 Beach Body Boot Camp
1064 6x164 26/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (2)
1065 6x165 27/May/2008 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp (3)
1066 6x166 28/May/2008 Against All Odds
1067 6x167 29/May/2008 The Sex Talk
1068 6x168 07/Jul/2008 Adult Sibling Rivalry
1069 6x169 08/Jul/2008 Ask Dr. Phil
1070 6x170 09/Jul/2008 Newlywed Bank Robbers
1071 6x171 10/Jul/2008 Can This Family Be Saved?
1072 6x172 11/Jul/2008 Abducted from School
1073 6x173 01/Sep/2008 Custody Chaos
1074 6x174 02/Sep/2008 Ask The Doctors
1075 6x175 03/Sep/2008 More Nasty Neighbors
1076 6x176 04/Sep/2008 Ask Dr. Phil
1077 6x177 05/Sep/2008 Party Mom

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1078 7x01 08/Sep/2008 Busted Online
1079 7x02 09/Sep/2008 Make It or Break It
1080 7x03 10/Sep/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
1081 7x04 11/Sep/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (2)
1082 7x05 12/Sep/2008 The N-Word Debate
1083 7x06 15/Sep/2008 Money Rescue: Surviving the Crisis
1084 7x07 16/Sep/2008 Real Life: Heart Shattered
1085 7x08 17/Sep/2008 "Save My Mommy!"
1086 7x09 18/Sep/2008 Parents Falsely Accused?
1087 7x10 19/Sep/2008 School Controversies
1088 7x11 22/Sep/2008 Behind the Headlines
1089 7x12 23/Sep/2008 Before You Do
1090 7x13 24/Sep/2008 The Locator: Reunion Aftermath
1091 7x14 25/Sep/2008 Fireproof Your Marriage
1092 7x15 26/Sep/2008 Fighting the System
1093 7x16 29/Sep/2008 Extreme Moms
1094 7x17 30/Sep/2008 The Goldmans on O.J.’s Trial
1095 7x18 01/Oct/2008 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (3)
1096 7x19 02/Oct/2008 Stressed Out to the Max
1097 7x20 03/Oct/2008 "Brainwashed by My Parents"
1098 7x21 06/Oct/2008 Money Rescue: Extreme $pending
1099 7x22 07/Oct/2008 Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson
1100 7x23 08/Oct/2008 The O.J. Simpson Verdict
1101 7x24 09/Oct/2008 Financial 911!
1102 7x25 10/Oct/2008 Child Sex Slaves
1103 7x26 13/Oct/2008 You Got Served
1104 7x27 14/Oct/2008 Campus Crisis
1105 7x28 15/Oct/2008 The Bridge Controversy - Tragic Choice
1106 7x29 16/Oct/2008 "Who Am I?"
1107 7x30 17/Oct/2008 Hoarding Nightmare: The Aftermath
1108 7x31 20/Oct/2008 Virtual Chaos
1109 7x32 21/Oct/2008 What Do You Fear?
1110 7x33 22/Oct/2008 Forced to Be a Father
1111 7x34 23/Oct/2008 Killer Texting
1112 7x35 24/Oct/2008 Dating Double Standards
1113 7x36 27/Oct/2008 Broken Trust
1114 7x37 28/Oct/2008 Cyber Bullying
1115 7x38 29/Oct/2008 Gender-Confused Kids
1116 7x39 30/Oct/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
1117 7x40 31/Oct/2008 Extreme Discipline?
1118 7x41 03/Nov/2008 Child Abductions
1119 7x42 04/Nov/2008 Grandmother vs. Mother Custody Battle
1120 7x43 05/Nov/2008 Mind Control?
1121 7x44 06/Nov/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (2)
1122 7x45 07/Nov/2008 Child Abandonment
1123 7x46 10/Nov/2008 Drew Peterson
1124 7x47 11/Nov/2008 Risky Teen Behavior
1125 7x48 12/Nov/2008 Hitman
1126 7x49 13/Nov/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (3)
1127 7x50 14/Nov/2008 "My Mom vs. My Man!"
1128 7x51 17/Nov/2008 Love Triangle
1129 7x52 18/Nov/2008 “My Child Can’t Stop Eating”
1130 7x53 19/Nov/2008 Shoplifting Confessions
1131 7x54 20/Nov/2008 Spouses at War
1132 7x55 21/Nov/2008 Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate
1133 7x56 24/Nov/2008 Family Cult
1134 7x57 25/Nov/2008 Family Drama
1135 7x58 26/Nov/2008 A Husband's Double Life
1136 7x59 28/Nov/2008 "I Survived!" Caught on Camera
1137 7x60 01/Dec/2008 "Bring Back My Child"
1138 7x61 02/Dec/2008 Whatever Happened To?
1139 7x62 03/Dec/2008 Families under Fire
1140 7x63 04/Dec/2008 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat (4)
1141 7x64 05/Dec/2008 School Discipline: Out of Control?
1142 7x65 08/Dec/2008 Marriage Crisis: Drowning in Debt
1143 7x66 09/Dec/2008 Fighting Back
1144 7x67 10/Dec/2008 Obsessions?
1145 7x68 11/Dec/2008 Relationship Reality Check
1146 7x69 12/Dec/2008 911 Nightmares!
1147 7x70 15/Dec/2008 Headline Horror Stories
1148 7x71 16/Dec/2008 Dr. Phil and Robin's Classic Holidays
1149 7x72 17/Dec/2008 Huge Holiday Headaches
1150 7x73 18/Dec/2008 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony
1151 7x74 19/Dec/2008 Beyond the Front Lines
1152 7x75 05/Jan/2009 New Year: Change Your Life
1153 7x76 06/Jan/2009 What’s Age Got to Do with It?
1154 7x77 07/Jan/2009 Omaha Mall Shooting: A Mother’s Guilt
1155 7x78 08/Jan/2009 Body-Obsessed Boys
1156 7x79 09/Jan/2009 Not Easily Broken
1157 7x80 12/Jan/2009 An Addict in the Family
1158 7x81 13/Jan/2009 Little Boy Lost
1159 7x82 14/Jan/2009 Family Cult (2)
1160 7x83 15/Jan/2009 Rage Caught on Tape
1161 7x84 16/Jan/2009 Ask Dr. Phil
1162 7x85 19/Jan/2009 Pressures of the President
1163 7x86 21/Jan/2009 The Wild, Wild Web
1164 7x87 22/Jan/2009 President Obama: Hope vs. Reality
1165 7x88 26/Jan/2009 Fighting Fair
1166 7x89 27/Jan/2009 Crazy Teen Trends
1167 7x90 28/Jan/2009 Honeymoon Hangover
1168 7x91 29/Jan/2009 Time to Grow Up!
1169 7x92 30/Jan/2009 Shocking Headlines
1170 7x93 02/Feb/2009 Rage Caught on Tape: The Follow Up
1171 7x94 03/Feb/2009 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations
1172 7x95 04/Feb/2009 Child Caught in the Middle
1173 7x96 05/Feb/2009 For Better or Worse?
1174 7x97 06/Feb/2009 What's Wrong with Men?
1175 7x98 09/Feb/2009 Wasted Youth
1176 7x99 10/Feb/2009 Parent vs. Parent
1177 7x100 11/Feb/2009 Octuplets Debate
1178 7x101 12/Feb/2009 Octuplets Scandal
1179 7x102 13/Feb/2009 Valentine Dilemmas
1180 7x103 16/Feb/2009 Growing Up Too Fast?
1181 7x104 17/Feb/2009 Paralyzed by Fear
1182 7x105 18/Feb/2009 The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution (4)
1183 7x106 19/Feb/2009 Behind the Headlines: Octuplets Saga Continues
1184 7x107 20/Feb/2009 Tyler Perry: Anger to Forgiveness
1185 7x108 23/Feb/2009 Teen Love Trauma
1186 7x109 24/Feb/2009 How Not to Get Scammed
1187 7x110 25/Feb/2009 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil
1188 7x111 26/Feb/2009 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil (2)
1189 7x112 27/Feb/2009 Forced to be a Deadbeat Dad?
1190 7x113 02/Mar/2009 Money-Saving Tips and Tricks
1191 7x114 03/Mar/2009 How to Have More Sex, Less Fighting
1192 7x115 04/Mar/2009 Affairs of the Heart
1193 7x116 05/Mar/2009 One Mistake Away from Jail
1194 7x117 06/Mar/2009 One Mistake Away from Jail: Teen Wake-Up Call
1195 7x118 09/Mar/2009 Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed
1196 7x119 10/Mar/2009 Octuplets: Breaking News
1197 7x120 11/Mar/2009 Dr. Phil Meets the Octuplets
1198 7x121 12/Mar/2009 Love and Lies
1199 7x122 13/Mar/2009 Keeping Up with the Kardashians
1200 7x123 16/Mar/2009 Octuplets' Mom Answers Viewer Questions
1201 7x124 17/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point
1202 7x125 18/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (2)
1203 7x126 19/Mar/2009 The Millionaire Matchmaker
1204 7x127 20/Mar/2009 Abusive Love
1205 7x128 23/Mar/2009 "My Big Day Was Ruined"
1206 7x129 24/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (3)
1207 7x130 25/Mar/2009 Octuplets: On the Record
1208 7x131 26/Mar/2009 Octuplets: On the Record (2)
1209 7x132 27/Mar/2009 How to Talk to Your Kids about Money
1210 7x133 30/Mar/2009 The Dark Side of the Internet
1211 7x134 31/Mar/2009 Young Wives at a Turning Point (4)
1212 7x135 01/Apr/2009 Frustrated Moms
1213 7x136 02/Apr/2009 Out of the Cult Follow-Up
1214 7x137 03/Apr/2009 Reunion Realities
1215 7x138 16/Apr/2009 Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?
1216 7x139 17/Apr/2009 Amazing Weight Loss Reveals
1217 7x140 20/Apr/2009 Child with a Child
1218 7x141 21/Apr/2009 What's Hormones Got to Do with It?
1219 7x142 22/Apr/2009 Why Was Little Sandra Murdered?
1220 7x143 23/Apr/2009 How to Escape a Bad Marriage
1221 7x144 24/Apr/2009 How to Get to "I Do"
1222 7x145 27/Apr/2009 Craigslist Killer? Profile of the Med Student Accused
1223 7x146 28/Apr/2009 Need for Control
1224 7x147 29/Apr/2009 How to Make More Money
1225 7x148 30/Apr/2009 Dump Your Dreams?
1226 7x149 01/May/2009 Teens: Pressure to Be Pretty
1227 7x150 04/May/2009 Reinvent Yourself
1228 7x151 05/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent
1229 7x152 06/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (2)
1230 7x153 07/May/2009 How to Stay Sober
1231 7x154 08/May/2009 Does Mother Know Best?
1232 7x155 11/May/2009 Behind the Headlines
1233 7x156 12/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (3)
1234 7x157 13/May/2009 "Save My Daughter"
1235 7x158 14/May/2009 Not Daddy's Little Girl
1236 7x159 15/May/2009 Dangerous Teen Trends
1237 7x160 18/May/2009 DUI Outrage
1238 7x161 19/May/2009 Drew Peterson Indicted
1239 7x162 20/May/2009 How to Fix a Broken Family
1240 7x163 21/May/2009 What Happens to Drew Peterson’s Children?
1241 7x164 22/May/2009 Summer Weight Loss Series
1242 7x165 25/May/2009 Caught in the System
1243 7x166 26/May/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (4)
1244 7x167 29/May/2009 Same-Sex Marriage Reaction
1245 7x168 06/Jul/2009 A Teen's Pregnancy
1246 7x169 07/Jul/2009 A Teen's Pregnancy: Brittney's Decision
1247 7x170 08/Jul/2009 Ask the Bishop
1248 7x171 09/Jul/2009 Is It Over? A Divorce Solution
1249 7x172 10/Jul/2009 OCD
1250 7x173 31/Aug/2009 Dr. Phil's Recession Survival Squad
1251 7x174 01/Sep/2009 Is Life Getting to You?
1252 7x175 02/Sep/2009 When She's the Breadwinner
1253 7x176 03/Sep/2009 The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee
1254 7x177 04/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat Update
1255 7x178 07/Sep/2009 On Thin Ice
1256 7x179 08/Sep/2009 How to Be a Better Parent (5)
1257 7x180 09/Sep/2009 Conception Crazed
1258 7x181 10/Sep/2009 Trapped Under the Same Roof
1259 7x182 11/Sep/2009 Is This Normal?

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1260 8x01 14/Sep/2009 Should They Stay Together?
1261 8x02 15/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil in New York City!
1262 8x03 16/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil Live from Philadelphia!
1263 8x04 17/Sep/2009 Dr. Phil in New York City (2)
1264 8x05 18/Sep/2009 Ask Dr. Phil in Philly!
1265 8x06 21/Sep/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns
1266 8x07 22/Sep/2009 When Does Discipline Go Too Far?
1267 8x08 23/Sep/2009 The Reality of Motherhood
1268 8x09 24/Sep/2009 Jaycee Comes Home
1269 8x10 25/Sep/2009 All Aboard Amtrak with Dr. Phil
1270 8x11 28/Sep/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine in Court
1271 8x12 29/Sep/2009 Ask Dr. Phil and American Girl
1272 8x13 30/Sep/2009 Drunk Driving Moms
1273 8x14 01/Oct/2009 Girl World
1274 8x15 02/Oct/2009 Race to the Altar
1275 8x16 05/Oct/2009 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine’s Boyfriend
1276 8x17 06/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil's Family Surprise and Financial Dilemmas
1277 8x18 07/Oct/2009 Teen Sex Trends
1278 8x19 08/Oct/2009 Relationship Surprises
1279 8x20 09/Oct/2009 Ruined Reputations
1280 8x21 12/Oct/2009 Inside Infidelity
1281 8x22 13/Oct/2009 Easier Than You Think
1282 8x23 14/Oct/2009 Guilty Moms
1283 8x24 15/Oct/2009 Sibling Abuse
1284 8x25 16/Oct/2009 Have a Little Faith
1285 8x26 19/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Speaks Out
1286 8x27 20/Oct/2009 The Wesson Family Massacre
1287 8x28 21/Oct/2009 The Wesson Family Massacre (2)
1288 8x29 22/Oct/2009 The 237 Reasons Why Women Have Sex
1289 8x30 23/Oct/2009 What No One Wants to Admit
1290 8x31 26/Oct/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex and Dr. Phil
1291 8x32 27/Oct/2009 Sins of a Father
1292 8x33 28/Oct/2009 Revenge: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
1293 8x34 29/Oct/2009 A Family in Turmoil
1294 8x35 30/Oct/2009 Affair Intervention
1295 8x36 02/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Confronts Family
1296 8x37 03/Nov/2009 Risky Teen Trends: "Save My Son"
1297 8x38 04/Nov/2009 Pressure for Perfection
1298 8x39 05/Nov/2009 Are You Ready for Divorce?
1299 8x40 06/Nov/2009 Top Three Ways You're Making Your Child Obese
1300 8x41 09/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra: Divorce and Custody
1301 8x42 10/Nov/2009 Lazy Husbands and Cling-On Kids
1302 8x43 11/Nov/2009 How to Negotiate Anything
1303 8x44 12/Nov/2009 Abducted by a Predator
1304 8x45 13/Nov/2009 "I Never Thought it Could Happen to Me"
1305 8x46 16/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Divorce and Custody (2)
1306 8x47 17/Nov/2009 When Good Kids Go Bad
1307 8x48 18/Nov/2009 Inside Infidelity (2)
1308 8x49 19/Nov/2009 Biggest Financial Mistakes
1309 8x50 20/Nov/2009 The Rudeness Epidemic
1310 8x51 23/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Family in Court
1311 8x52 24/Nov/2009 Biggest Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
1312 8x53 25/Nov/2009 How to Spot a Liar, Confront a Cheat, Escape a Scam Artist
1313 8x54 27/Nov/2009 Snap Judgments
1314 8x55 30/Nov/2009 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra’s Divorce
1315 8x56 01/Dec/2009 How to Get Along with Anyone
1316 8x57 02/Dec/2009 Parents' Biggest Fears
1317 8x58 03/Dec/2009 Dr. Phil's Legal Matters
1318 8x59 04/Dec/2009 Generation Me
1319 8x60 07/Dec/2009 Inside Infidelity (3)
1320 8x61 08/Dec/2009 "When Should I Commit My Kids?"
1321 8x62 09/Dec/2009 Are You Ready?
1322 8x63 10/Dec/2009 Holiday Surprises
1323 8x64 11/Dec/2009 Adoption Dilemmas
1324 8x65 14/Dec/2009 Holiday Checklist: Is it OK To ...?
1325 8x66 15/Dec/2009 Who Should Get Kate?
1326 8x67 16/Dec/2009 Anti-Social Networking
1327 8x68 17/Dec/2009 Ask Dr. Phil
1328 8x69 18/Dec/2009 Holiday Help
1329 8x70 04/Jan/2010 Don't Do It Again in 2010!
1330 8x71 05/Jan/2010 New Parenting Styles
1331 8x72 06/Jan/2010 "Number One Complaint about My Spouse"
1332 8x73 08/Jan/2010 "Am I the Only One?"
1333 8x74 11/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Custody Battles
1334 8x75 12/Jan/2010 Affair Repair
1335 8x76 13/Jan/2010 How Do You Define a Modern Family?
1336 8x77 14/Jan/2010 Hurtful Lies and Shattered Trust
1337 8x78 15/Jan/2010 Mom's Biggest Battles
1338 8x79 18/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine Storms Off
1339 8x80 19/Jan/2010 Desperately Seeking Love
1340 8x81 20/Jan/2010 Trends for 2010: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
1341 8x82 21/Jan/2010 Biggest Parenting Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
1342 8x83 22/Jan/2010 What's Your Personality?
1343 8x84 25/Jan/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath
1344 8x85 26/Jan/2010 Controlling the Chaos
1345 8x86 27/Jan/2010 Haiti Survivor Stories
1346 8x87 29/Jan/2010 Attention Seekers
1347 8x88 01/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment
1348 8x89 02/Feb/2010 High School Reunion
1349 8x90 03/Feb/2010 Controlling Husbands
1350 8x91 04/Feb/2010 Could You Be an Eyewitness?
1351 8x92 05/Feb/2010 Could You Be an Eyewitness? (2)
1352 8x93 08/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Dilemma
1353 8x94 09/Feb/2010 Brandon Returns
1354 8x95 10/Feb/2010 The Fight over Your Child
1355 8x96 11/Feb/2010 Teens Obsessed with Love
1356 8x97 12/Feb/2010 Love Dilemmas
1357 8x98 15/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex's Announcement
1358 8x99 16/Feb/2010 What Really Happened to Susan Powell?
1359 8x100 17/Feb/2010 Sugar Mamas and Smart Women
1360 8x101 18/Feb/2010 Moms Who Drink
1361 8x102 19/Feb/2010 In-Law Drama
1362 8x103 22/Feb/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Confronts Chris
1363 8x104 23/Feb/2010 Surrogate Mom Faces Her Critics
1364 8x105 24/Feb/2010 Are You an Enabler?
1365 8x106 25/Feb/2010 Repeat Offenders
1366 8x107 26/Feb/2010 Spouses under Suspicion
1367 8x108 01/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Dr. Phil Scolds the Family
1368 8x109 02/Mar/2010 The Biggest Money Fights: Wills and Prenups
1369 8x110 03/Mar/2010 Missing Mom
1370 8x111 04/Mar/2010 What's Wrong with People?
1371 8x112 05/Mar/2010 Seven Days to Change: Can Amanda be Saved?
1372 8x113 08/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra and Katherine's Rivalry
1373 8x114 09/Mar/2010 Spouses under Suspicion (2)
1374 8x115 10/Mar/2010 What's Wrong with People? (2)
1375 8x116 11/Mar/2010 Wrongful Convictions Follow-Up
1376 8x117 12/Mar/2010 Teens under Pressure
1377 8x118 17/Mar/2010 Snapshots from a Serial Killer
1378 8x119 22/Mar/2010 Child Obsessed
1379 8x120 23/Mar/2010 Backstabbing Friends
1380 8x121 24/Mar/2010 Prescription for Disaster
1381 8x122 29/Mar/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: A Marriage in Question
1382 8x123 30/Mar/2010 Are Moms Really That Busy?
1383 8x124 31/Mar/2010 Dangerous Fads
1384 8x125 01/Apr/2010 Secrets to Becoming Smarter and Happier
1385 8x126 02/Apr/2010 Pressure for Perfection
1386 8x127 06/Apr/2010 The Fat Debate
1387 8x128 07/Apr/2010 The Fat Debate (2)
1388 8x129 08/Apr/2010 Bullied to Death
1389 8x130 09/Apr/2010 Are You a Modern Woman?
1390 8x131 12/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Tough Choices
1391 8x132 13/Apr/2010 Ask Dr. Phil
1392 8x133 14/Apr/2010 Crisis in Family Court
1393 8x134 15/Apr/2010 Fighting for Your Child
1394 8x135 16/Apr/2010 Dating and Married to Distraction
1395 8x136 19/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family: Erin and Alexandra's Standoff
1396 8x137 20/Apr/2010 Kelly Osbourne Helps a Drug Addict
1397 8x138 21/Apr/2010 Meddling Moms
1398 8x139 22/Apr/2010 Multiple Problems
1399 8x140 23/Apr/2010 Discipline Dangers
1400 8x141 26/Apr/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Behind the Bruises
1401 8x142 27/Apr/2010 Why Men Cheat
1402 8x143 28/Apr/2010 A Predator Next Door
1403 8x144 29/Apr/2010 Revenge Revisited
1404 8x145 30/Apr/2010 For Better or Worse?
1405 8x146 03/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Outrage
1406 8x147 04/May/2010 Bully Moms
1407 8x148 05/May/2010 Severed Ties
1408 8x149 06/May/2010 Meet the McGraw Baby!
1409 8x150 07/May/2010 Runaway Moms?
1410 8x151 10/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine Fired!
1411 8x152 11/May/2010 Dr. Phil Confronts Animal Abusers
1412 8x153 12/May/2010 Dying to Be Thin
1413 8x154 13/May/2010 Alienation of Affection
1414 8x155 14/May/2010 Runaway Mom: The Polygraph
1415 8x156 17/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family: The Trouble with Alexandra
1416 8x157 18/May/2010 Ultimate Betrayal
1417 8x158 19/May/2010 Troubled Teens: An Intervention
1418 8x159 20/May/2010 Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
1419 8x160 21/May/2010 Too Young, Too Fast?
1420 8x161 24/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Warning Marty
1421 8x162 25/May/2010 Love Triangle
1422 8x163 26/May/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns, Finale: Erin’s Reveal
1423 8x164 27/May/2010 Extreme Teen Dangers
1424 8x165 28/May/2010 Locate Your Love with Steve Harvey
1425 8x166 31/May/2010 Silent Darkness Follow-Up
1426 8x167 01/Jun/2010 P.I. Moms
1427 8x168 02/Jun/2010 Adoption: Return to Sender?
1428 8x169 03/Jun/2010 Behind the Scenes
1429 8x170 30/Aug/2010 Wedding Woes
1430 8x171 31/Aug/2010 A House Divided
1431 8x172 01/Sep/2010 "I Want My Parents to Divorce"
1432 8x173 02/Sep/2010 Can You Get over Your Past?

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1433 9x01 06/Sep/2010 Teens: Life on the Street
1434 9x02 07/Sep/2010 For Better or Worse?
1435 9x03 08/Sep/2010 Crossing the Line?
1436 9x04 09/Sep/2010 Rude Teens
1437 9x05 10/Sep/2010 When Enough is Enough
1438 9x06 13/Sep/2010 End the Silence on Domestic Violence
1439 9x07 14/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives
1440 9x08 15/Sep/2010 Teen Drama Overload!
1441 9x09 16/Sep/2010 Are We Just Too Sensitive?
1442 9x10 17/Sep/2010 Happy 60th Birthday, Dr. Phil!
1443 9x11 20/Sep/2010 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Delivery Day Drama
1444 9x12 21/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: If Looks Could Kill
1445 9x13 22/Sep/2010 Brandon Intervention
1446 9x14 23/Sep/2010 Script Swap
1447 9x15 24/Sep/2010 Shattered in an Instant
1448 9x16 27/Sep/2010 Troubled Teens Update
1449 9x17 28/Sep/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Judgment Day
1450 9x18 29/Sep/2010 A Family's Fear
1451 9x19 30/Sep/2010 A Family's Fear (2)
1452 9x20 01/Oct/2010 No Child Forgotten
1453 9x21 04/Oct/2010 Runaways Return
1454 9x22 05/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: The Truth Hurts
1455 9x23 06/Oct/2010 Bullied to Death
1456 9x24 07/Oct/2010 The Anti-Bully Movement
1457 9x25 08/Oct/2010 Tiebreakers
1458 9x26 11/Oct/2010 Trolling, Luring and Trafficking: Online Dangers
1459 9x27 12/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Fake It 'til You Make It
1460 9x28 13/Oct/2010 Extreme Food Compulsions
1461 9x29 14/Oct/2010 What Your Dreams Reveal
1462 9x30 15/Oct/2010 Gen Why?
1463 9x31 18/Oct/2010 "You're Not the Boss of Me!"
1464 9x32 19/Oct/2010 The Dr. Phil Housewives: My Own Worst Enemy
1465 9x33 20/Oct/2010 Alienated Parents
1466 9x34 21/Oct/2010 Teen Dating Violence
1467 9x35 22/Oct/2010 Dr. Phil Tests Your Personality
1468 9x36 25/Oct/2010 When Good People Do Bad Things
1469 9x37 26/Oct/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Dirty Laundry
1470 9x38 27/Oct/2010 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Abusive Exes
1471 9x39 28/Oct/2010 A Love Triangle
1472 9x40 29/Oct/2010 A Love Triangle (2)
1473 9x41 01/Nov/2010 Behind the Headlines
1474 9x42 02/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Hell Hath No Fury
1475 9x43 03/Nov/2010 Brandon Meets the Heroin Twins
1476 9x44 04/Nov/2010 Spoiled and Entitled
1477 9x45 05/Nov/2010 Chelsea Refuses to Grow Up
1478 9x46 08/Nov/2010 Fight Over Teens' Baby
1479 9x47 09/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Mother vs. Daughter
1480 9x48 10/Nov/2010 "Get Out of My Family Tree"
1481 9x49 11/Nov/2010 Dirt, Lies and the Internet
1482 9x50 12/Nov/2010 Beauty isn't Enough
1483 9x51 15/Nov/2010 Women behind the Men
1484 9x52 16/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Move-in Day
1485 9x53 17/Nov/2010 Mommy Confessions
1486 9x54 18/Nov/2010 Trapped in Violence
1487 9x55 19/Nov/2010 Trapped in Violence (2)
1488 9x56 22/Nov/2010 Spoiled and Entitled Girls Return!
1489 9x57 23/Nov/2010 Raising a Bully?
1490 9x58 24/Nov/2010 Intervention: Saving Jaime
1491 9x59 26/Nov/2010 Family Falling Apart
1492 9x60 29/Nov/2010 The Holiday 12
1493 9x61 30/Nov/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Under One Roof
1494 9x62 01/Dec/2010 Altered for the Altar
1495 9x63 02/Dec/2010 Brat-Proof Your Child
1496 9x64 03/Dec/2010 Living with a Lie
1497 9x65 06/Dec/2010 Commit or Quit!
1498 9x66 07/Dec/2010 Dr. Phil Housewives: Frenemies
1499 9x67 08/Dec/2010 Ask Dr. Phil: Internet Dramas
1500 9x68 09/Dec/2010 Scandal in the Ministry
1501 9x69 10/Dec/2010 Overweight Teens Fight Back
1502 9x70 13/Dec/2010 Violent Kids
1503 9x71 14/Dec/2010 5-Minute Fixes
1504 9x72 15/Dec/2010 Troubled Teens Turnaround
1505 9x73 16/Dec/2010 Tough Choices
1506 9x74 17/Dec/2010 Holiday Dramas
1507 9x75 03/Jan/2011 New Year's Change
1508 9x76 04/Jan/2011 Parental Abductions
1509 9x77 05/Jan/2011 17 Day Diet Challenge
1510 9x78 06/Jan/2011 Most Difficult Guests Return
1511 9x79 07/Jan/2011 Whatever it Takes
1512 9x80 10/Jan/2011 "Afraid of My Husband"
1513 9x81 11/Jan/2011 From Homeless to Hollywood
1514 9x82 12/Jan/2011 Ted's Family Intervention
1515 9x83 13/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Confrontation
1516 9x84 14/Jan/2011 Mom before Prom
1517 9x85 17/Jan/2011 Runaway Bride, Runaway Groom
1518 9x86 18/Jan/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives in the House
1519 9x87 19/Jan/2011 Behind the Headlines: Aftermath of a Shooting
1520 9x88 20/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Update
1521 9x89 21/Jan/2011 Ted Williams: The Update (2)
1522 9x90 24/Jan/2011 Sabotage and Self Destruction
1523 9x91 25/Jan/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Meet Rachael's Man
1524 9x92 26/Jan/2011 Teenage Confessions
1525 9x93 27/Jan/2011 Ask Dr. Phil
1526 9x94 28/Jan/2011 When Good People Do Bad Things (2)
1527 9x95 31/Jan/2011 A Parent Confronted
1528 9x96 01/Feb/2011 Young and Wild
1529 9x97 02/Feb/2011 Jaime Returns
1530 9x98 03/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra Out of Hiding
1531 9x99 04/Feb/2011 Abducted By Their Mother
1532 9x100 07/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Excuses
1533 9x101 08/Feb/2011 The Ex Wars
1534 9x102 09/Feb/2011 Bossy Husbands
1535 9x103 10/Feb/2011 Desperate Measures
1536 9x104 11/Feb/2011 Competing for the Title
1537 9x105 14/Feb/2011 Teens Obsessed with Love
1538 9x106 15/Feb/2011 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra in Danger
1539 9x107 16/Feb/2011 Is This a Cult?
1540 9x108 17/Feb/2011 Accused of the Unthinkable
1541 9x109 18/Feb/2011 Accused of the Unthinkable (2)
1542 9x110 21/Feb/2011 "Hands off My Teen Daughter"
1543 9x111 22/Feb/2011 Consumed with Jealousy
1544 9x112 23/Feb/2011 The Trouble with Madisen
1545 9x113 24/Feb/2011 Oversexed and Unprotected
1546 9x114 25/Feb/2011 Steve Harvey: What Are Men Thinking?
1547 9x115 28/Feb/2011 Secrets Gone Wrong
1548 9x116 01/Mar/2011 Three's a Crowd
1549 9x117 02/Mar/2011 Suburban Dramas
1550 9x118 03/Mar/2011 "Me, Me, Me": Selfish People
1551 9x119 04/Mar/2011 How Far Would You Go for Your Kids?
1552 9x120 07/Mar/2011 Mommy Rescue 911
1553 9x121 08/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: The Mistress Revealed
1554 9x122 09/Mar/2011 Secrets, Lies and Regrets
1555 9x123 10/Mar/2011 Mini Mean Girls
1556 9x124 14/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Housewife Breakdown
1557 9x125 15/Mar/2011 Dr. Phil Housewives: Kimm Returns
1558 9x126 28/Mar/2011 Happy Birthday, Avery
1559 9x127 29/Mar/2011 Troubled Teens: Crisis Point
1560 9x128 30/Mar/2011 Deadly Consequences
1561 9x129 31/Mar/2011 Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better!
1562 9x130 01/Apr/2011 Secret Regrets
1563 9x131 04/Apr/2011 Born to Rage?
1564 9x132 05/Apr/2011 Betrayed by Blood
1565 9x133 06/Apr/2011 When Family Members Attack
1566 9x134 08/Apr/2011 Midlife Crisis or Excuse?
1567 9x135 11/Apr/2011 Does This Mom Really Want Her Child Back?
1568 9x136 12/Apr/2011 Take the Chaos Test
1569 9x137 13/Apr/2011 Can This Family Be Saved? An Intervention
1570 9x138 14/Apr/2011 Young Women in Trouble
1571 9x139 18/Apr/2011 Vows of Violence?
1572 9x140 19/Apr/2011 Out-of-Control Children: A Family Intervention
1573 9x141 20/Apr/2011 "'Til Death Do Us Part"
1574 9x142 21/Apr/2011 Reality TV Stars' Real Life Drama
1575 9x143 22/Apr/2011 Blended Families
1576 9x144 25/Apr/2011 Bad Girls
1577 9x145 26/Apr/2011 Financial Infidelity
1578 9x146 27/Apr/2011 Saving Hannah
1579 9x147 28/Apr/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra in Denial?
1580 9x148 29/Apr/2011 Bridal Betrayal
1581 9x149 02/May/2011 "My Teen Can't Stand My Husband"
1582 9x150 03/May/2011 Inside the Mind of a Mistress
1583 9x151 04/May/2011 Inside the Mind of a Mistress (2)
1584 9x152 05/May/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up?
1585 9x153 06/May/2011 Maggots, Mold and Rotten Milk: A Mother Accused
1586 9x154 09/May/2011 Pushy Moms?
1587 9x155 10/May/2011 In-Laws Face Off
1588 9x156 11/May/2011 Forgiving the Unforgivable
1589 9x157 12/May/2011 Forgiving the Unforgivable (2)
1590 9x158 13/May/2011 Mail Order Brides
1591 9x159 16/May/2011 Bullies Beware!
1592 9x160 17/May/2011 Bullies Beware! (2)
1593 9x161 18/May/2011 Brandon Intervention: Three Brothers
1594 9x162 19/May/2011 Big-Time Moochers
1595 9x163 20/May/2011 In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder
1596 9x164 23/May/2011 In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder (2)
1597 9x165 24/May/2011 Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention
1598 9x166 25/May/2011 Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention (2)
1599 9x167 26/May/2011 "My Mate's Not Hot Enough!"
1600 9x168 27/May/2011 Angry Women, Scared Husbands
1601 9x169 30/May/2011 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Custody Battles
1602 9x170 31/May/2011 “My Teen Can’t Stand Her Stepfather”
1603 9x171 01/Jun/2011 Smart Women, Dumb Choices?
1604 9x172 02/Jun/2011 Ride or Die Women
1605 9x173 03/Jun/2011 Ask Dr. Phil

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1606 10x01 12/Sep/2011 Brat Ban
1607 10x02 13/Sep/2011 Cindy and George Anthony: The Interview
1608 10x03 14/Sep/2011 The Anthonys: The Revelations
1609 10x04 15/Sep/2011 Ted Williams: The Apology
1610 10x05 16/Sep/2011 Sugar Baby Students
1611 10x06 19/Sep/2011 The Trial: The Truth
1612 10x07 20/Sep/2011 Levi Johnston: Thrust Into the Spotlight
1613 10x08 21/Sep/2011 The Cost of Beauty
1614 10x09 22/Sep/2011 Taylor Armstrong One on One
1615 10x10 23/Sep/2011 Overweight or Underfed?
1616 10x11 26/Sep/2011 Love Times Three
1617 10x12 27/Sep/2011 Prophet or Pedophile?
1618 10x13 28/Sep/2011 Inside the FLDS
1619 10x14 29/Sep/2011 Baby after Breakup
1620 10x15 30/Sep/2011 Who's to Blame?
1621 10x16 03/Oct/2011 Radical Parenting
1622 10x17 04/Oct/2011 "Is My Teen Blinded by Love?"
1623 10x18 05/Oct/2011 Life in the Fast Lane
1624 10x19 06/Oct/2011 "My Life, Deleted"
1625 10x20 07/Oct/2011 Going to Extremes
1626 10x21 10/Oct/2011 What Really Happened?
1627 10x22 11/Oct/2011 Missing for a Decade: A Girl Held Captive
1628 10x23 12/Oct/2011 Missing for a Decade: The Girl Escapes
1629 10x24 13/Oct/2011 Guns N' Roses & Second Chances
1630 10x25 14/Oct/2011 The Secret World of Amateur Adult Video
1631 10x26 17/Oct/2011 Dr. Phil and Robin: Dancing with the Stars
1632 10x27 18/Oct/2011 Bullying: The Power to Protect Your Child
1633 10x28 19/Oct/2011 "Our Teen is Tearing the Family Apart"
1634 10x29 20/Oct/2011 Grandmas Feud over Becca's Baby
1635 10x30 21/Oct/2011 Twins Search for Twins
1636 10x31 24/Oct/2011 Majoring in Failure?
1637 10x32 25/Oct/2011 Won't Do "I Do" Until ...
1638 10x33 26/Oct/2011 Shaming the Family Name
1639 10x34 27/Oct/2011 Exes Behaving Badly
1640 10x35 28/Oct/2011 Pageant Mom and Daughter Compete
1641 10x36 31/Oct/2011 House of Horrors and Other Shocking Headlines
1642 10x37 01/Nov/2011 Monster In-Laws
1643 10x38 02/Nov/2011 A Family Secret: A Brother's Apology
1644 10x39 03/Nov/2011 Affairs, Lies and Audiotape
1645 10x40 04/Nov/2011 Parents Caught Crossing the Line?
1646 10x41 07/Nov/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Admissions
1647 10x42 08/Nov/2011 Love Triangle
1648 10x43 09/Nov/2011 A Daughter's New Accusations against the Judge
1649 10x44 10/Nov/2011 A Father Accused: Who's Telling the Truth?
1650 10x45 11/Nov/2011 Dr. Phil's Twin-Tacular with Adam Sandler
1651 10x46 14/Nov/2011 The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau
1652 10x47 15/Nov/2011 Rebecca Zahau: The New Autopsy Results Revealed
1653 10x48 16/Nov/2011 Imperfect Justice?
1654 10x49 17/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (1)
1655 10x50 18/Nov/2011 Penn State Scandal: Parents Beware
1656 10x51 21/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (2)
1657 10x52 22/Nov/2011 Most Outrageous Monster In-Law Returns
1658 10x53 23/Nov/2011 Heaviest Woman on Record
1659 10x54 25/Nov/2011 "Have a Little Faith"
1660 10x55 28/Nov/2011 P.I.N.K. Method
1661 10x56 29/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (3)
1662 10x57 30/Nov/2011 Desperately Seeking Attention
1663 10x58 01/Dec/2011 Anger Intervention
1664 10x59 02/Dec/2011 Chore Wars
1665 10x60 05/Dec/2011 Sibling Rivalry and Abuse
1666 10x61 06/Dec/2011 Get Divorced or Get Even
1667 10x62 07/Dec/2011 Generation Lazy?
1668 10x63 08/Dec/2011 Plastic Disaster
1669 10x64 09/Dec/2011 Murder of a Preacher's Wife
1670 10x65 12/Dec/2011 Innocence Robbed: A Horrific Story of Abuse
1671 10x66 13/Dec/2011 Cost of Living
1672 10x67 14/Dec/2011 Saving Daniella
1673 10x68 15/Dec/2011 Comics Tell All
1674 10x69 16/Dec/2011 Grudges, Gripes and Grievances
1675 10x70 19/Dec/2011 Second Chances
1676 10x71 20/Dec/2011 Happy, Healthy and Hot for the Holidays
1677 10x72 03/Jan/2012 Smart People, Bad Choices
1678 10x73 04/Jan/2012 CBS This Morning
1679 10x74 05/Jan/2012 B-Wars
1680 10x75 06/Jan/2012 Weight Wars
1681 10x76 09/Jan/2012 Partying to Death
1682 10x77 10/Jan/2012 Psychic Investigations
1683 10x78 11/Jan/2012 "Why Am I Still Single?"
1684 10x79 12/Jan/2012 Held Captive?
1685 10x80 13/Jan/2012 Tarnished Tiaras: Beauty Queens Gone Bad
1686 10x81 16/Jan/2012 Shot, Tortured and Left to Die
1687 10x82 17/Jan/2012 Teen Trends: Killer Numbers
1688 10x83 18/Jan/2012 Unusual Syndromes and Fears
1689 10x84 19/Jan/2012 Teen Girls in the News
1690 10x85 20/Jan/2012 Cruise Ship Disaster
1691 10x86 23/Jan/2012 Under the Influence
1692 10x87 24/Jan/2012 Fix It or End It Today
1693 10x88 25/Jan/2012 17 and Out of Control
1694 10x89 26/Jan/2012 Starving to Death
1695 10x90 27/Jan/2012 Coming Clean
1696 10x91 30/Jan/2012 Unforgivable Acts?
1697 10x92 31/Jan/2012 What Were You Thinking?
1698 10x93 01/Feb/2012 Double Trouble: Violent Twins
1699 10x94 02/Feb/2012 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Goes to Rehab
1700 10x95 03/Feb/2012 Missing in a Moment: Baby Lisa
1701 10x96 06/Feb/2012 The Girl in the Closet
1702 10x97 07/Feb/2012 Teen Mama Drama
1703 10x98 08/Feb/2012 Donny Osmond
1704 10x99 09/Feb/2012 Beauty Queen Hits Rock Bottom
1705 10x100 10/Feb/2012 Inside the Powell Family Tragedy
1706 10x101 13/Feb/2012 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Inside Rehab
1707 10x102 14/Feb/2012 Cut the Cord
1708 10x103 15/Feb/2012 "Will My Mother-in-Law Destroy My Marriage?"
1709 10x104 16/Feb/2012 Shocking School Sex Abuse Accusations
1710 10x105 17/Feb/2012 P.I. Moms: The Truth Behind the Scandal
1711 10x106 20/Feb/2012 Deadbeat Dad?
1712 10x107 21/Feb/2012 "My Lover, My Abuser"
1713 10x108 22/Feb/2012 A Most Unusual Love Triangle
1714 10x109 23/Feb/2012 Open Marriage
1715 10x110 24/Feb/2012 Out-of-Control Jealousy
1716 10x111 27/Feb/2012 Mother-in-Law Mayhem
1717 10x112 28/Feb/2012 "Held Hostage by My Father"
1718 10x113 29/Feb/2012 Parental Abuse?
1719 10x114 01/Mar/2012 "Braxton Family Values"
1720 10x115 02/Mar/2012 Model Mom Calls Her Religion a Cult
1721 10x116 05/Mar/2012 Overly-Competitve Parents
1722 10x117 06/Mar/2012 Complicated Love
1723 10x118 07/Mar/2012 "Stabbed in the Heart by My Teen"
1724 10x119 08/Mar/2012 "Jeff Who Lives at Home"
1725 10x120 12/Mar/2012 Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS!
1726 10x121 13/Mar/2012 Teacher Leaves Family for Student
1727 10x122 14/Mar/2012 Beyond Control and Chaos
1728 10x123 26/Mar/2012 The Surprising Reason He Hates Paying Child Support
1729 10x124 27/Mar/2012 From Wall Street Trader to Bank Robber
1730 10x125 28/Mar/2012 Young Girls: Extreme Sexual Exploitation
1731 10x126 29/Mar/2012 A Star Comes Clean: Can He Make a Comeback?
1732 10x127 30/Mar/2012 Extreme Etiquette
1733 10x128 02/Apr/2012 Shocking Love Stories
1734 10x129 03/Apr/2012 The Six Quickest Ways to Ruin a Marriage
1735 10x130 04/Apr/2012 On Top of the World and Self-Destructive
1736 10x131 05/Apr/2012 Caught in a Web of Lies
1737 10x132 06/Apr/2012 Meet Baby London and Dr. Phil’s Most-Talented Kids
1738 10x133 09/Apr/2012 Over-the-Top Moms?
1739 10x134 10/Apr/2012 Female Teacher's Affair with Student: The Aftermath
1740 10x135 11/Apr/2012 Mad Men
1741 10x136 12/Apr/2012 Outrageous Parenting Dilemmas
1742 10x137 13/Apr/2012 Deadly Consequences
1743 10x138 16/Apr/2012 "Police Say I Married a Rapist"
1744 10x139 17/Apr/2012 17 and Out of Control Follow-Up
1745 10x140 18/Apr/2012 Dates for Sale: Life of an Escort
1746 10x141 19/Apr/2012 Heroes in Pain
1747 10x142 20/Apr/2012 Cuba Gooding Jr.
1748 10x143 23/Apr/2012 Intense Family Drama: Mom Likes Brother Best?
1749 10x144 24/Apr/2012 Daddy's Little Girl
1750 10x145 25/Apr/2012 Missing in a Moment
1751 10x146 26/Apr/2012 The Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Progress ... and Setbacks
1752 10x147 27/Apr/2012 The Dr. Phil Family: The Ultimate Conclusion
1753 10x148 30/Apr/2012 Grand Canyon Child Abuse
1754 10x149 01/May/2012 Khalood is Back, and You Won't Believe It!
1755 10x150 02/May/2012 "Spoiled Rotten: My Son Needs a Reality Check"
1756 10x151 03/May/2012 Murder of a Las Vegas Showgirl
1757 10x152 04/May/2012 Mom under Suspicion
1758 10x153 07/May/2012 Rhode Island Girl Fight
1759 10x154 08/May/2012 A Football Star's Daddy Drama
1760 10x155 09/May/2012 Did He or Didn't He? Inside a Murder Confession
1761 10x156 10/May/2012 My Husband, My Kids and My Multiple Personalities
1762 10x157 11/May/2012 Last Chance for Amanda
1763 10x158 14/May/2012 A Mom's Out-of-Control Rage
1764 10x159 15/May/2012 A Sister's Accusation: An Onstage Confrontation
1765 10x160 16/May/2012 From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless
1766 10x161 17/May/2012 Too Much of a Good Thing?
1767 10x162 18/May/2012 Robert: The Nearly 800-Pound Man
1768 10x163 21/May/2012 High Society Whodunit: Murder in the Hamptons
1769 10x164 22/May/2012 Confessions of a Morbidly Obese Woman
1770 10x165 23/May/2012 Behind the Lens: Child Pornography
1771 10x166 24/May/2012 Demise of Guys
1772 10x167 25/May/2012 Inside the Other Side
1773 10x168 28/May/2012 Behind the Headlines
1774 10x169 29/May/2012 "Bring Me Back My Hot, Sexy Spouse"
1775 10x170 09/Jul/2012 Torn Between Two Bridesmaids
1776 10x171 10/Jul/2012 Is My Child a Star? (1)
1777 10x172 11/Jul/2012 Is My Child a Star? (2)

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1778 11x01 04/Sep/2012 Worst Husbands in America?
1779 11x02 05/Sep/2012 Teen Sex Obsession
1780 11x03 06/Sep/2012 A Mother’s Betrayal: My Mother Adopted My Ex-Boyfriend
1781 11x04 07/Sep/2012 She Lost Weight, He Lost His Temper
1782 11x05 10/Sep/2012 Out of Control and Out of Options
1783 11x06 11/Sep/2012 Friends of George Zimmerman Speak Out
1784 11x07 12/Sep/2012 NY Soccer Mom Madam?
1785 11x08 13/Sep/2012 Top Model Intervention
1786 11x09 14/Sep/2012 Trayvon Martin’s Parents
1787 11x10 17/Sep/2012 The Lohans
1788 11x11 18/Sep/2012 Psychic Dilemmas with Medium John Edward
1789 11x12 19/Sep/2012 Dad Accused of Faking His Own Death
1790 11x13 20/Sep/2012 Robert Blake: The Man behind the Murder Headlines
1791 11x14 21/Sep/2012 Deadly New Accusations: A Murder Mystery?
1792 11x15 24/Sep/2012 Moms in the News: What Were You Thinking?
1793 11x16 25/Sep/2012 Edge of Insanity: My Schizophrenic Child
1794 11x17 26/Sep/2012 Brutal Beauties
1795 11x18 27/Sep/2012 Brutal Beauties: The Trouble with Tiffani
1796 11x19 28/Sep/2012 Child Prostitute Links Sandusky to Pedophile Ring
1797 11x20 01/Oct/2012 Dirty Divorce? Why Are They Still Living under One Roof?
1798 11x21 02/Oct/2012 Missing: The Mystery of Baby Kate
1799 11x22 03/Oct/2012 Heroin, Bath Salts and Meth: The New Face of Addiction
1800 11x23 04/Oct/2012 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Missing Mom
1801 11x24 05/Oct/2012 Children of Affairs
1802 11x25 08/Oct/2012 A Husband Accused: Holding His Wife Hostage?
1803 11x26 09/Oct/2012 Twisted Grief
1804 11x27 10/Oct/2012 Anorexic and Drug Addicted: Saving Morgan
1805 11x28 11/Oct/2012 Scared of My Son
1806 11x29 12/Oct/2012 Fat Attack
1807 11x30 15/Oct/2012 A Twisted Family Tragedy
1808 11x31 16/Oct/2012 When Love Hurts
1809 11x32 17/Oct/2012 Tense Reunions
1810 11x33 18/Oct/2012 Adoption Controvery: Battle over Baby Veronica
1811 11x34 19/Oct/2012 Inside the World of OCD
1812 11x35 22/Oct/2012 Two Amandas
1813 11x36 23/Oct/2012 Little Miss Attitude!
1814 11x37 24/Oct/2012 Never-Ending Abuse?
1815 11x38 25/Oct/2012 New Year's Mystery: How Did Sheena Die?
1816 11x39 26/Oct/2012 New Year's Mystery: The Polygraph Test Results
1817 11x40 29/Oct/2012 My Fiancée vs. My Mom
1818 11x41 30/Oct/2012 Bully Backlash
1819 11x42 31/Oct/2012 Confronting Narcissistic Personalities
1820 11x43 01/Nov/2012 House on Fire: A Family Divided
1821 11x44 02/Nov/2012 Daughter Accused of Faking Pregnancy
1822 11x45 05/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Visits Monster In-Law Khalood
1823 11x46 06/Nov/2012 Teen Mama Drama: Did She Get Pregnant to Get on TV?
1824 11x47 07/Nov/2012 Love: The Good, The Bad and The Painful
1825 11x48 08/Nov/2012 Moms Who Hate Their Own Children
1826 11x49 09/Nov/2012 Million-Dollar Custody Battle
1827 11x50 12/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Mystery: Was Morgan Murdered by Stalkers?
1828 11x51 13/Nov/2012 Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
1829 11x52 14/Nov/2012 Broken Bones, Broken Hearts and Broken Engagements?
1830 11x53 15/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Interrogates: Is He a Con Man?
1831 11x54 16/Nov/2012 Little Liars?
1832 11x55 19/Nov/2012 World's Biggest Bride Update
1833 11x56 20/Nov/2012 In Love and Illegal?
1834 11x57 21/Nov/2012 Unbearable In-Laws
1835 11x58 23/Nov/2012 The Ultimate Freeloaders
1836 11x59 26/Nov/2012 Overwhelmed and Frazzled
1837 11x60 27/Nov/2012 Daughter Drama
1838 11x61 28/Nov/2012 Who Is the Best Celebrity Babysitter?
1839 11x62 29/Nov/2012 Beaten, Starved and Locked in a Room?
1840 11x63 30/Nov/2012 To Catch a Catfish: An Online Dating Predator Exposed
1841 11x64 03/Dec/2012 Skeptics Beware: The Psychic Intuitives Are Here
1842 11x65 04/Dec/2012 Move On or Move Out
1843 11x66 05/Dec/2012 How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex
1844 11x67 06/Dec/2012 Young, Reckless and Enabled
1845 11x68 07/Dec/2012 Home Invasions
1846 11x69 10/Dec/2012 Mama's Boys
1847 11x70 11/Dec/2012 Killer Mom: The Sole Survivor and Remarry or Run?
1848 11x71 12/Dec/2012 Weatherman's Real Life Hangover
1849 11x72 13/Dec/2012 Controversial Parenting
1850 11x73 14/Dec/2012 Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
1851 11x74 17/Dec/2012 Profile of a School Shooter
1852 11x75 18/Dec/2012 The Littlest Witnesses: How Children Grieve
1853 11x76 19/Dec/2012 Sudden Tragedy, Lasting Grief
1854 11x77 02/Jan/2013 New Year Mama Drama
1855 11x78 03/Jan/2013 A Mother's Shameful Past
1856 11x79 04/Jan/2013 The Truth about Liars
1857 11x80 07/Jan/2013 Crazy, Stupid Love
1858 11x81 08/Jan/2013 Elder Abuse
1859 11x82 09/Jan/2013 Teenage Rage
1860 11x83 10/Jan/2013 Ashley Toye: Monster or Mistake?
1861 11x84 11/Jan/2013 Bipolar and Mentally Ill Moms
1862 11x85 14/Jan/2013 Young, Innocent and Held Captive
1863 11x86 15/Jan/2013 Is Mom Playing Favorites?
1864 11x87 16/Jan/2013 Adult Temper Tantrums
1865 11x88 17/Jan/2013 Football, Booze and Bad Behavior
1866 11x89 18/Jan/2013 Girls Who Bash Girls Who Dress Sexy
1867 11x90 21/Jan/2013 Good Luck Fixing Me, Dr. Phil!
1868 11x91 22/Jan/2013 Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured?
1869 11x92 23/Jan/2013 Distorted Beauty
1870 11x93 24/Jan/2013 Shocking Mom Revelations
1871 11x94 25/Jan/2013 My In-Laws Tried to Kill Me
1883 11x106 14/Feb/2013 My Son Picked the Wrong Fiancée
1886 11x109 20/Feb/2013 Scammed and Duped ?
1887 11x110 21/Feb/2013 Outrageous Parenting Styles
1887 11x110 25/Feb/2013 Young, Online and out of Control
1888 11x111 26/Feb/2013 The Disappearance of Dylan:Who's to Blame?
1889 11x112 27/Feb/2013 The Search for Dylan: The Polygraph Drama
1890 11x113 28/Feb/2013 NBA Player's Battle with Anxiety Lands Him on the Bench
1891 11x114 01/Mar/2013 My Daughter Is Lazy and Entitled
1892 11x115 04/Mar/2013 Mama's Boys
1893 11x116 05/Mar/2013 Lying, Spending Spouses
1894 11x117 06/Mar/2013 Ferocious Teens
1895 11x118 07/Mar/2013 Falsely Accused of Being a Deadbeat Mom?
1896 11x119 08/Mar/2013 Season 11, Episode 119
1897 11x120 12/Mar/2013 Obsessed with Love
1898 11x121 13/Mar/2013 Ex-Wives Seeking Justice
1899 11x122 19/Mar/2013 His Girlfriend Robbed Him Blind
1900 11x123 25/Mar/2013 "My Husband is A Fugitive, but I love him"
1901 11x124 26/Mar/2013 Dangerous Revenge
1902 11x125 27/Mar/2013 Dangerous Minds: Women Who Snap
1903 11x126 02/Apr/2013 Misbehaving Moms?
1904 11x127 03/Apr/2013 "Crazy or just Complex: What Is Wrong with my Loved one?"
1905 11x128 04/Apr/2013 J.R. Martinez Opens up to Dr. Phil
1906 11x129 05/Apr/2013 Affair Aftermath
1907 11x130 08/Apr/2013 "My Controlling Mother Wants My Fiancé Gone"
1908 11x131 09/Apr/2013 "Scared of My Spouse"
1909 11x132 10/Apr/2013 Disruptive Daughters
1910 11x133 11/Apr/2013 "Dr. Phil, Save My Marriage, Save My Life"
1911 11x134 12/Apr/2013 "Abandoned by Our Mom"
1912 11x135 15/Apr/2013 Kids Pick a Side: Mom or Dad
1913 11x136 16/Apr/2013 Child Star Scams?
1914 11x137 17/Apr/2013 In The News: Stabbed, Shot with a Stun Gun and Attacked
1915 11x138 18/Apr/2013 Explosive Relationships
1916 11x139 19/Apr/2013 Teen Mom Farrah Exposed
1917 11x140 22/Apr/2013 10 Kids, 1 Affair: The Ultimate Divide?
1918 11x141 23/Apr/2013 "My Best Friend is Trying to Steal my Child"
1919 11x142 24/Apr/2013 Teen Pregnancy Trap?
1920 11x143 25/Apr/2013 Catfish with a Twist
1921 11x144 26/Apr/2013 Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal
1922 11x145 29/Apr/2013 "Confronting the Girl Who Shot Me In the Face"
1923 11x146 30/Apr/2013 A Violent Love Intervention
1924 11x147 01/May/2013 Saving Julie: The Final Decision
1925 11x148 02/May/2013 Reality Teen Princess Arrested
1926 11x149 03/May/2013 "Trapped by My Cop Abuser: Why Won't Anyone Believe Me?"
1927 11x150 06/May/2013 The Ultimate Home Invasion
1928 11x151 07/May/2013 Peeping Tom Husband: Hidden Webcam and Secret Video
1929 11x152 08/May/2013 "Give Me Back My Son"
1930 11x153 09/May/2013 The Wife, Her Ex-Cop Lover and the Husband She Tried to Kill
1931 11x154 10/May/2013 "My Wife Shot Me In The Head"
1932 11x155 13/May/2013 The Rescue of Jessie Buchanan
1933 11x156 14/May/2013 Turning A Blind Eye?
1934 11x157 15/May/2013 I Abducted a Baby/Confessions of a Sociopath
1935 11x158 16/May/2013 From Star Athlete to Call Girl
1936 11x159 17/May/2013 Marry My Ex and You'll Be Sorry
1937 11x160 20/May/2013 Mom Missing for 11 Years Finally Speaks Out
1938 11x161 21/May/2013 Are My Children in a Cult?
1939 11x162 22/May/2013 t's Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son
1940 11x163 23/May/2013 Deadbeat Son Part 2: Meet Grandma
1941 11x164 24/May/2013 Parenting Disaster: Extreme Excuses
1942 11x165 27/May/2013 Intense Family Drama
1943 11x166 15/Jul/2013 My Ex Is Accused of Murder
1944 11x167 16/Jul/2013 Young & Reckless; Ask Dr. Phil
1945 11x168 17/Jul/2013 Secrets, Betrayals and Shocking Revelations
1946 11x169 18/Jul/2013 Affairs, Obsessions and Extreme Parenting
1947 11x170 19/Jul/2013 Violent Twins Return
1948 11x171 22/Jul/2013 Trayvon's Parents/Zimmerman's Best Friend: The Verdict Reaction
1949 11x172 20/Aug/2013 Missing or Murdered: Where Is 15-Year-Old Erica?
1950 11x173 21/Aug/2013 Missing or Murdered: Where Is 15-Year-Old Erica?: The Polygraph

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1951 12x01 03/Sep/2013 Below Rock Bottom
1952 12x02 04/Sep/2013 Leaving Life in the Tunnel
1953 12x03 05/Sep/2013 Living in Fear: "Dr. Phil Confronts my Stalker"
1954 12x04 06/Sep/2013 Last Chance or Divorce
1955 12x05 09/Sep/2013 Secret Life of a Sex Addict
1956 12x06 10/Sep/2013 Tragic Beauty: The Exclusive Story of a Bachelorette's Suicide
1957 12x07 11/Sep/2013 Love Scams: Courted by a Catfish?
1958 12x08 12/Sep/2013 Football Star Accused: Did He Do It?
1959 12x09 13/Sep/2013 Football Star Accused: The Alleged Victim Speaks Out
1960 12x10 16/Sep/2013 Outrageous Monster-In-Law Khalood is Back!
1961 12x11 17/Sep/2013 Still Missing: Where Is 7-Year-Old Kyron?
1962 12x12 18/Sep/2013 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 1
1963 12x13 19/Sep/2013 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 2
1964 12x14 20/Sep/2013 Bitter Family Battles
1965 12x15 23/Sep/2013 Nick Carter Tells All about Hitting Rock Bottom
1966 12x16 24/Sep/2013 Dropout Daughter: Confronting the Boyfriend
1967 12x17 25/Sep/2013 Rapper DMX: The Man behind the Crime Headlines
1968 12x18 26/Sep/2013 Debt Denial?/Mama's Boy Moocher
1969 12x19 27/Sep/2013 Explosive Anger
1970 12x20 30/Sep/2013 Topless Photo Scandal: Beauty Queen Victim or Girl Gone Wild?
1971 12x21 01/Oct/2013 Dangerous and Violent Love
1972 12x22 02/Oct/2013 Death in 6 Seconds: A Night of Drinking, a Lifetime of Regret
1973 12x23 03/Oct/2013 A Mother's Fury Exposed
1974 12x24 04/Oct/2013 Ask Dr. Phil
1975 12x25 07/Oct/2013 Pretty Mean Girls
1976 12x26 08/Oct/2013 Munchausen Mom
1977 12x27 09/Oct/2013 Threats, Fights and Videotape
1978 12x28 10/Oct/2013 Pregnant at 11
1979 12x29 11/Oct/2013 Cougar Confessions/ The Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Scandal
1980 12x30 14/Oct/2013 "Torn between My Mother and My Boyfriend"
1981 12x31 15/Oct/2013 Cold Case Mystery: A Family Divided
1982 12x32 16/Oct/2013 Saving Loni: From the Suburbs to the Slums
1983 12x33 17/Oct/2013 "My Husband; My Boyfriend: My Big Decison"
1984 12x34 18/Oct/2013 Bitter and Twisted
1985 12x35 21/Oct/2013 "Dad's Wife Is Ruining Our Life"
1986 12x36 22/Oct/2013 Stepdad Takes on Dr. Phil
1987 12x37 23/Oct/2013 Stepparent Abuse?
1988 12x38 24/Oct/2013 “My Mother-in-Law Destroyed My Marriage”
1989 12x39 25/Oct/2013 Teen Mom: Should They Kick Her Out?
1990 12x40 28/Oct/2013 When Love Hurts
1991 12x41 29/Oct/2013 Reunion Aftermath/Exclusive: Baby Veronica Returns
1992 12x42 30/Oct/2013 Love Scams: "My Mother Chose Her Catfish over Her Family"
1993 12x43 31/Oct/2013 “An Online Imposter Faked Her Death and Sent Me Ashes”
1994 12x44 01/Nov/2013 Parental Alienation: Who's to Blame?
1995 12x45 04/Nov/2013 Starving Myself, Killing My Family
1996 12x46 05/Nov/2013 Exclusive: Ariel Castro's First Victim Speaks Out
1997 12x47 06/Nov/2013 Chained, Tortured and Survived: The First Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Reveals All
1998 12x48 07/Nov/2013 Spies, Suspicions and Sexual Accusations
1999 12x49 08/Nov/2013 A Husband Obsessed; A Wife Accused
2000 12x50 11/Nov/2013 Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
2001 12x51 12/Nov/2013 A Sister Intervention: The Boyfriend's Sordid Past Revealed
2002 12x52 13/Nov/2013 Feuding Exes: Children Caught in the Crossfire
2003 12x53 14/Nov/2013 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios
2004 12x54 15/Nov/2013 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios: The Polygraph Results
2005 12x55 18/Nov/2013 Survivor Winner's Losing Battle
2006 12x56 19/Nov/2013 The Doctor, His Wife, His Mistress, the Murder
2007 12x57 20/Nov/2013 My Mother-in-Law Believes I'm a Killer
2008 12x58 21/Nov/2013 Mid-Life Marriage Meltdown: Torn Between Two Men
2009 12x59 22/Nov/2013 Dump Your Fiancée Now!
2010 12x60 25/Nov/2013 Did She Marry an Imposter?
2011 12x61 26/Nov/2013 Pageant Mom: Did She Put Her Daughter in Danger?
2012 12x62 27/Nov/2013 nside the Baseball Wife's Assault on Her Pitcher Husband
2013 12x63 29/Nov/2013 My Husband Shot Me and My Husband Killed My Kids
2014 12x64 02/Dec/2013 Love, Lies and Murder: Killer Doctor's Daughter Reacts to Mistress
2015 12x65 03/Dec/2013 Parents Divided Over Disowning Their Son
2016 12x66 04/Dec/2013 Scandals Ripped From the Headlines
2017 12x67 05/Dec/2013 Pregnant in Handcuffs: Shopping Outrage or Innocent Mistake?
2018 12x68 06/Dec/2013 Twin Trouble and Marriage Misery
2019 12x69 09/Dec/2013 Violent Vixen
2020 12x70 10/Dec/2013 I Did Not Try to Blind My Wife
2021 12x71 11/Dec/2013 16 and on the Path of Destruction
2022 12x72 12/Dec/2013 Give Me Back My Child
2023 12x73 13/Dec/2013 A High School Homecoming, a Rape and a Ruined Relationship
2024 12x74 16/Dec/2013 A 26-Year Age Divide: Can This Couple Be Saved?
2025 12x75 17/Dec/2013 A Husband's Betrayal: Lies, Secret Videotapes and Financial Ruin
2026 12x76 18/Dec/2013 Haunted by the Evidence: Why Was My Brother Killed?
2027 12x77 19/Dec/2013 Obsessed and Over It
2028 12x78 20/Dec/2013 Amber Portwood: 'Teen Mom' Out of Prison...Now What?
2029 12x79 06/Jan/2014 Reckless Runaway Teen
2030 12x80 07/Jan/2014 Fat, Furious and Fed Up
2031 12x81 08/Jan/2014 A Father Accused: Did He Molest His Children?
2032 12x82 09/Jan/2014 I Swear I'm Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped and Followed
2033 12x83 10/Jan/2014 Double Trouble: Teen Sisters Out of Control
2034 12x84 13/Jan/2014 Spankings, Secrets, a SWAT Standoff: A Family Torn Apart
2035 12x85 14/Jan/2014 Hoarding Chew and Spit Bags: My Daughter's Eating Disorder is Slowly Killing Her
2036 12x86 15/Jan/2014 Bad Teen or Bad Mom?
2037 12x87 16/Jan/2014 Stabbed and Abandoned/Addicted to Video Games?
2038 12x88 17/Jan/2014 Elkhart 4: Justice or Overkill?
2039 12x89 20/Jan/2014 Broken Nose, Broken Marriage
2040 12x90 21/Jan/2014 Life Out of Order Because of My Disorder: Addicted to Pregnancy
2041 12x91 22/Jan/2014 Mooching, Stealing, Sloppy Son: Should They Kick Him Out?
2042 12x92 23/Jan/2014 A Daughter's Dark Memory: Why Doesn't Her Mother Remember?
2043 12x93 24/Jan/2014 My Teen Daughter Faked Two Pregnancies
2044 12x94 27/Jan/2014 Pregnant and Out of Control: Will the Baby Be Born Addicted?
2045 12x95 28/Jan/2014 Pregnant and Abusing Drugs: The Ultimatum
2046 12x96 29/Jan/2014 Toxic and Offensive In-Laws
2047 12x97 30/Jan/2014 The Darkness of Riches: Born Billionaires but Starved and Abused
2048 12x98 31/Jan/2014 The Darkness of Riches: From Victims to Victors
2049 12x99 03/Feb/2014 A Family Slaughtered for Teen Love: The Convicted Daughter Speaks Out
2050 12x100 04/Feb/2014 My Family Slaughtered for My Daughter's Teenage Love
2051 12x101 05/Feb/2014 Love Scams: A Mother Hooked By a Catfish?
2052 12x102 06/Feb/2014 Caught on Camera: Abused Wife or Abused Husband? You Decide
2053 12x103 07/Feb/2014 Child Molester or Innocent Soldier Accused?
2054 12x104 10/Feb/2014 Was Her Son Kidnapped and Put in a Cult?
2055 12x105 11/Feb/2014 My Ex Brainwashed My Son!
2056 12x106 12/Feb/2014 My Ex Is Slowly Killing Our Daughter
2057 12x107 13/Feb/2014 Young, Privileged and in a Deadly Gang
2058 12x108 14/Feb/2014 An Obsessed Love Triangle
2059 12x109 17/Feb/2014 Sex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies?
2060 12x110 18/Feb/2014 Is Her Mother a Monster, or Is This Daughter Having False Memories?: The Polygraph Results
2061 12x111 19/Feb/2014 Fugitive Mom
2062 12x112 20/Feb/2014 Facing Off With My Polygamous FLDS Father
2063 12x113 21/Feb/2014 My Husband's Secret Life Revealed
2064 12x114 24/Feb/2014 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder
2065 12x115 25/Feb/2014 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder: The Polygraph Results
2066 12x116 26/Feb/2014 A Lying, Cheating, Violent Husband or a Wife's False Accusations?
2067 12x117 27/Feb/2014 A Husband's Decade of Deceit: Uncovering 1,000 Affairs?
2068 12x118 28/Feb/2014 Wild Lies and Accusations: A Baby Trapped in the Middle
2069 12x119 03/Mar/2014 I'm Worried My Daughter May Turn Into A Terrorist
2070 12x120 04/Mar/2014 Restraining Orders, Alleged Kidnappings, and Hit With a Car: A Marriage of Accusations
2071 12x121 05/Mar/2014 Party Mom: Did She Put Her Children In Danger?
2072 12x122 06/Mar/2014 Ultimate Betrayal: Forced To Kill His Father
2073 12x123 10/Mar/2014 Best Friend Killers: What Happened to Skylar Neese?
2074 12x124 11/Mar/2014 My Husband Wants Me To Look Like Beyonce
2075 12x125 12/Mar/2014 I Think My Daughter In Law Poisoned My Son To Death
2076 12x126 13/Mar/2014 My Head Butting, Punching, Kicking, Bruising, Biting, Knife Wielding Eight Year Old
2077 12x127 17/Mar/2014 The Fight Over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents, or Abuse of Power by a Hospital?
2078 12x128 24/Mar/2014 An Accused Man Dead: Murder or Suicide?
2079 12x129 25/Mar/2014 Animal Obsessed
2080 12x130 26/Mar/2014 Sexual Standoffs
2081 12x131 31/Mar/2014 I Fear My Daughter Will Be Kidnapped & Forced Into Sex Trafficking
2082 12x132 01/Apr/2014 Wedding Day Disaster: A Family Torn Apart
2083 12x133 02/Apr/2014 Fighting Fiances: Ready for the Altar or Running for the Hills?
2084 12x134 03/Apr/2014 From Child Killer to Serial Killer; Plus: The Murder of Baby Elaina
2085 12x135 07/Apr/2014 Season 12, Episode 135
2086 12x136 08/Apr/2014 Season 12, Episode 136
2087 12x137 09/Apr/2014 Season 12, Episode 137
2088 12x138 10/Apr/2014 Season 12, Episode 138
2089 12x139 11/Apr/2014 Season 12, Episode 139
2090 12x140 14/Apr/2014 I'm Afraid My Husband Is Going to Kill Me
2091 12x141 15/Apr/2014 I'm Over It!
2092 12x142 16/Apr/2014 Should I Marry My Controlling, Alienating, Jealous Fiance?
2093 12x143 17/Apr/2014 My Sloppy, Lazy, Mooching Daughter Needs to Move Out!
2094 12x144 18/Apr/2014 Bait-and-Switch Bride?
2095 12x145 21/Apr/2014 A Lying, Stealing, Cheating Girlfriend or a Paranoid, Obsessed Boyfriend?
2096 12x146 22/Apr/2014 A Mother's Dangerous Decision: A Daughter Damaged Forever
2097 12x147 23/Apr/2014 Beauty and the OCD Beast
2098 12x148 24/Apr/2014 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: The Boy Under the Stairs?
2099 12x149 25/Apr/2014 Where Are My Newborn Twins? Is This an Adoption Scam?
2100 12x150 28/Apr/2014 Is Alleged Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour a Serial Killer?
2101 12x151 29/Apr/2014 My Husband, Pablo, and His Other Women
2102 12x152 30/Apr/2014 My Daughter's Lies Are Tearing My Family Apart
2103 12x153 01/May/2014 Daughter vs. Dad: The Truth Revealed
2104 12x154 02/May/2014 Hands Off My Man!
2105 12x155 05/May/2014 I Believe My Ex Murdered Our Children
2106 12x156 06/May/2014 Parents Accused of Murder: Will Julia and Codey Agree to Take the Polygraph Test?
2107 12x157 07/May/2014 Michelle Knight One Year Later: Secrets of Cleveland's House of Horrors Revealed
2108 12x158 08/May/2014 My Beauty Queen Baby Girl Has Gone Ballistic
2109 12x159 09/May/2014 An Affair With a Friend Ended in a Bitter Custody Battle
2110 12x160 12/May/2014 Acquitted by a Jury, but My Ex-Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty
2111 12x161 13/May/2014 Dr. Phil's Big Ultimatum: Will Accused Mother Heather Go to Rehab?
2112 12x162 14/May/2014 Not-So-Sweet 16: My Daughter's Dangerous Sex Life
2113 12x163 15/May/2014 An Ultimatum for a Hoarding Mother: Her Kids or Her Clutter
2114 12x164 16/May/2014 Love Scams: I Married a Catfish Over the Phone
2115 12x165 19/May/2014 Trapped by My Controlling Husband: I Feel Like I Can't Leave the House, Get a Job or Have a Phone!
2116 12x166 20/May/2014 Young, Gorgeous, Privileged and Destroying Her Family
2117 12x167 21/May/2014 I Didn't Set the House on Fire to Kill My Kids
2118 12x168 22/May/2014 She Lost Custody: Can They Forgive Her?
2119 12x169 23/May/2014 Headbutted and Choked Unconscious: A Wife and Children Left in Fear
2120 12x170 26/May/2014 Troubled Teen: Who Will Take Danielle?
2121 12x171 27/May/2014 Family Dramas, Mysteries and Facing the Unknown
2122 12x172 02/Jun/2014 Tyrannical Teens
2123 12x173 14/Jul/2014 Love, Lies, Scams, Murder
2124 12x174 15/Jul/2014 A Mother Consumed with Rage: Is Her Anger Destroying Her Family?
2125 12x175 16/Jul/2014 Bully Teacher?; DNA Dilemma
2126 12x176 17/Jul/2014 Deadly Relations
2127 12x177 05/Aug/2014 My Dad Abandoned Me, and My Mom Threw Me in a Shelter
2128 12x178 01/Sep/2014 I Didn't Set the House on Fire to Kill My Kids
2129 12x179 02/Sep/2014 14 Years Later: Ex Drug Addicted Mom Finally Sees Her Son Again
2130 12x180 03/Sep/2014 A Love Triangle: Two Men Fighting For the Same Woman. Who Will Take Her to the Altar
2131 12x181 04/Sep/2014 Give Me Back My Daughters: A Mother's Fight for Custody
2132 12x182 05/Sep/2014 A Cold Case Mystery: An Ex-Boyfriends Accused of Murder
2133 12x183 08/Sep/2014 Did Walt Kill His Ex-Girlfriend? The Polygraph Test Results Revealed!

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
2134 13x01 09/Sep/2014 Vanished on Vacation: Beautiful Blonde Goes Missing in Aruba
2135 13x02 10/Sep/2014 Exclusive: The Father Acquitted of Murdering the Drunk Driver Who Killed His Sons
2136 13x03 11/Sep/2014 Sons of Guns Reality Show Scandal: The Daughter Speaks Out; Plus, More of the Dad Accused of Shooting the Drunk Driver
2137 13x04 12/Sep/2014 Get Out of My House: The Ultimate Mother vs. Nanny Feud
2138 13x05 15/Sep/2014 Exclusive: Inside the Mind of a Mother Who Attempted to Kill Herself and Her Autistic Daughter
2139 13x06 16/Sep/2014 Exclusive: Kelli Stapleton: A Mother's Worst Nightmare
2140 13x07 17/Sep/2014 Is Mom Leading an X-Rated Secret Life? Or Are These Daughters Caught Up in Drama?
2141 13x08 18/Sep/2014 #WHYISTAY: Deadly Love
2142 13x09 19/Sep/2014 My 13 Year Old Held a Knife to My Throat, Bit Me, Shoved Me, and My Other Kids Are Terrified of Her
2143 13x10 22/Sep/2014 I Spanked My Wife with a Wooden Spoon, and She Needs to Repent
2144 13x11 23/Sep/2014 My Husband Spanked Me with a Wooden Spoon, and He Wants Me to Apologize
2145 13x12 24/Sep/2014 E.R. Visits, Nearly 100 Calls to Police: Should They Redo Their 'I Dos'?
2146 13x13 25/Sep/2014 Two Mothers Facing the Unthinkable
2147 13x14 26/Sep/2014 He's Nearly 30 and Engaged to My Teen with Braces
2148 13x15 29/Sep/2014 "My Ex Won't Stop Videotaping and Posting Our Out-of-Control Son's Tantrums"
2149 13x16 30/Sep/2014 The War of the LaRosas
2150 13x17 01/Oct/2014 Love Scams: “My Mother Sent Her Online Fiancé over $300,000 and 3 Cars”
2151 13x18 02/Oct/2014 Family on Fire: Caught on Tape
2152 13x19 03/Oct/2014 “I’m Afraid My Mom Could Kill My Children: Does She Have Multiple Personalities?”
2153 13x20 06/Oct/2014 "Our Dad Left Our Dying Mother for a Woman Who Claims to Be a Kennedy Heir"
2154 13x21 07/Oct/2014 A Family's Battle with a Violent Son
2155 13x22 08/Oct/2014 "An Online Hate Group is Stalking Us and Ruining Our Lives"
2156 13x23 09/Oct/2014 My Honor Roll Teen Pregnant by Her Abusive Bad Boy
2157 13x24 10/Oct/2014 "Cyberbullied after My Son's Death"
2158 13x25 13/Oct/2014 "Give My Daughter Back or Get Out of My Life!"
2159 13x26 14/Oct/2014 10 Psychiatrists, 7 Psych Wards and 7 Arrests: “My Son is Like a Wild Animal!”
2160 13x27 15/Oct/2014 "My Husband Kidnapped My Kids 45 Years Ago -- Help Me Find Them!"
2161 13x28 16/Oct/2014 A Father Accused: The Search for the Truth
2162 13x29 17/Oct/2014 Should They Kick Him Out?
2163 13x30 20/Oct/2014 'The Notebook' Fantasy to Hard Core Reality
2164 13x31 21/Oct/2014 Who's Stalking Who: Two Women Obsessed NEW
2165 13x32 22/Oct/2014 Bob and Dorothy Return: Should I Divorce my Wife for Harassing Me?
2166 13x33 23/Oct/2014 Footsteps in the Snow: The Cold Case Murder of Maria Ridulph
2167 13x34 24/Oct/2014 Bright, Beautiful, and Blowing it: Help Save my Teen Before it's Too Late
2168 13x35 27/Oct/2014 Handsome and Homeless: A Down-and-Out Romeo
2169 13x36 28/Oct/2014 Bright, Beautiful, and Blowing it: Help Save my Teen Before it's Too Late
2170 13x37 29/Oct/2014 Minny and Lon Return: What Can We Do to Get Our Children Out of Foster Care?
2171 13x38 30/Oct/2014 Abused Wife Refuses to Leave Her Pro-Fighter Husband
2172 13x39 31/Oct/2014 Death on 5th Avenue: Millionaire Mom Accused of Murdering Son Speaks from Rikers Island
2173 13x40 03/Nov/2014 The Mystery of Michelle O'Connell: A Family Divided
2174 13x41 04/Nov/2014 Three Daughters, Three Addicts, One Family Being Torn Apart
2175 13x42 05/Nov/2014 Lethal Love: We Believe Our Son's Girlfriend Killed Him
2176 13x43 06/Nov/2014 The Secret World of Sugar Babies: A Mother and Daughter Tell All
2177 13x44 07/Nov/2014 Shocking Accusations: A Husband Poisoned? A Hit and Run?
2178 13x45 10/Nov/2014 Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? "My Sister's Illnesses are Destroying Our Family"
2179 13x46 11/Nov/2014 Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? Saving Shemida
2180 13x47 12/Nov/2014 Blacklisted by Mom: "Can We Speak to Our Dad Before He Dies?"
2181 13x48 13/Nov/2014 Survivor Todd's Shocking Relapse: The Life or Death Intervention
2182 13x49 14/Nov/2014 Will Survivor Todd Take Dr. Phil’s Help? Plus, What Happened to “Homeless Joe”?
2183 13x50 17/Nov/2014 “Mama June” Shannon To Address The Scandal That Has Rocked Her Family
2184 13x51 18/Nov/2014 The Boy under the Stairs? What Did His Stepmom Know? Plus, Uncle Poodle Responds to Mama June
2185 13x52 19/Nov/2014 A Dentist's Dilemma: "My Ex-Wife and Ex-Girlfriend Are Plotting against Me!"
2186 13x53 20/Nov/2014 Molested for over 10 Years: "Why Won't My Grandma Believe Me?"
2187 13x54 21/Nov/2014 Grandma Returns: Will She Finally Apologize for Her Molester Husband?
2188 13x55 24/Nov/2014 My Drunken Daughter Will Die if She Doesn't Stop Drinking Hand Sanitizer
2189 13x56 25/Nov/2014 My Father Offered Me as a 'Maiden' Sacrifice to an Alleged Cult Leader
2190 13x57 26/Nov/2014 My Wife or My Girlfriend? Dr. Phil, You Decide
2191 13x58 27/Nov/2014 The War of the LaRosas
2192 13x59 28/Nov/2014 Cyberbullied after My Son's Death"
2193 13x60 01/Dec/2014 A Daughter on the Brink: Did Mom Push Her over the Edge?
2194 13x61 02/Dec/2014 My Fight with Food is Ruining My Life
2195 13x62 03/Dec/2014 Gold Digger or Girl in Danger?
2196 13x63 04/Dec/2014 "I Thought My Daughter Was Abducted": Why Does This Pretty 16 Year Old Keep Going Missing?
2197 13x64 05/Dec/2014 "Dr. Phil, Save My Family"
2198 13x65 08/Dec/2014 “My Bulimic Daughter Thinks Calories are Contagious”
2199 13x66 09/Dec/2014 A Woman's Memories of Murder: Was There a Crime or Another Traumatic Event?
2200 13x67 10/Dec/2014 The Cougar Controversy: Older Women Dating Younger Men
2201 13x68 11/Dec/2014 The 'Honey Boo Boo Scandal': Chickadee and Grandma Set the Record Straight
2202 13x69 12/Dec/2014 Black and Blue in America
2203 13x70 15/Dec/2014 Young, in Love and in over Their Heads.
2204 13x71 16/Dec/2014 Is Dad a Bad Santa or Should His Son Be Put on the Naughty List?
2205 13x72 17/Dec/2014 The Night Four Girls Went into the Woods and Only Three Came Out Alive
2206 13x73 18/Dec/2014 I'm Divorcing the Real-Life Mommy Dearest
2207 13x74 19/Dec/2014 The Fall of Bill Cosby: The Women Behind the Sex Scandal
2208 13x75 05/Jan/2015 Mom vs. Dad: Who is Responsible for Their Daughter's Big Relapse?
2209 13x76 06/Jan/2015 "Get Off My Back about My Body"
2210 13x77 07/Jan/2015 "My Mother is a Menace! She is Controlling My Daughter with Her Money and Turning Her Against Me!"
2211 13x78 08/Jan/2015 "Dr. Phil, Save My Family"
2212 13x79 09/Jan/2015 300 Women and Counting: "My Brother is Addicted to Everything, and It's All My Mom's Fault"
2213 13x80 12/Jan/2015 Wild Behavior Caught on Camera
2214 13x81 13/Jan/2015 Pretty, Young and Violent
2215 13x82 14/Jan/2015 "Why is My Mom Faking Cancer?"
2216 13x83 15/Jan/2015 “My Mother Refuses to Cut the Cord with My Mama’s Boy Brother”
2217 13x84 16/Jan/2015 “Yes, I Abandoned My Children, but I’m Not a Bad Mom”
2218 13x85 19/Jan/2015 15 and a Teenage Terror
2219 13x86 20/Jan/2015 My Parents Won't Accept My Controlling Pastor Husband
2220 13x87 21/Jan/2015 "Who Am I Married to: My Mother or My Man?"
2221 13x88 22/Jan/2015 “My Family Doesn’t Know I’m a College-Aged Sugar Baby”
2222 13x89 23/Jan/2015 What Happened to Tempest?: Standing Up to Mean Girls
2223 13x90 26/Jan/2015 Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters?: "Help Me Find My Teen Daughters"
2224 13x91 27/Jan/2015 "I'm Scared of My Sister's Boyfriend": Is He a Danger to Her Children?
2225 13x92 28/Jan/2015 Shocking Viral Video: Teen Says, "If Your Boyfriend Hits You, It's a Sign of Love"
2226 13x93 29/Jan/2015 From Top TV Newscaster to Drunken Mom
2227 13x94 30/Jan/2015 Gorgeous, Violent, Raging and a Very Unsweet 16
2228 13x95 02/Feb/2015 A Family Divided over an Unsolved Murder
2229 13x96 03/Feb/2015 "Is My Wife Real or a Nigerian Love Scam?"
2230 13x97 04/Feb/2015 "Don't Give My Daughter Money: She is Lying about Dying from Cancer"
2231 13x98 05/Feb/2015 "My 21-Year-Old Daughter is Obsessed with Her Controlling, Jealous, Heroin-Addicted Boyfriend"
2232 13x99 06/Feb/2015 "Our Son Was Making Millions, but is Now Living in Our Garage with His Girlfriend"
2233 13x100 09/Feb/2015 Exclusive: The Vanderbilt Football Player’s Interview from behind Bars
2234 13x101 10/Feb/2015 Pretty Little Mean Girls
2235 13x102 11/Feb/2015 "Our Sister Lived in the Bushes and Tried to Hire Someone to Kill Her"
2236 13x103 12/Feb/2015 Fighting for Custody
2237 13x104 13/Feb/2015 Riches to Rags: "My Son's Fiancée is Ruining His Life"
2238 13x105 16/Feb/2015 The Student and the Professor: Is One Stalking the Other?
2239 13x106 17/Feb/2015 “My 4-Year-Old Daughter Crushes Her Candy Like Her Dad Crushes His Pain Pills”
2240 13x107 18/Feb/2015 The Ultimate Betrayal: A Toxic Family Love Triangle
2241 13x108 19/Feb/2015 My Ex is Evil; I Want to See My Kids
2242 13x109 20/Feb/2015 “My Sister Published a Book of Lies about Our Family”
2243 13x110 23/Feb/2015 Time is Running Out for Prison-Bound Dad: Did His Wife Blackmail Him into Embezzling $300,000?
2244 13x111 24/Feb/2015 "I Believe My Cousin is Squandering Her Inheritance on a Love Scam"
2245 13x112 25/Feb/2015 A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde, or Confused Teens in Love?
2246 13x113 26/Feb/2015 “I Am the Outcast of My Family, and They Threw Me Away Like Trash!”
2247 13x114 27/Feb/2015 "My Husband's Big Lottery Win is Ruining Our Marriage"
2248 13x115 02/Mar/2015 My Wife Chose Her Boyfriend Over Her Children
2249 13x116 03/Mar/2015 Young, Jealous Love
2250 13x117 04/Mar/2015 Adoption Nightmare: "I Want My Baby Back"
2251 13x118 05/Mar/2015 "My Daughter Hasn't Spoken to Me in 7 Years: What's Wrong with Her?"
2252 13x119 06/Mar/2015 “My Scheming, Lying, Swindling Sister”
2253 13x120 09/Mar/2015 In Sickness and in Health: "Should I Get a Divorce from My OCD Wife?"
2254 13x121 10/Mar/2015 "Our 7-Year-Old Son Threatens to Kill Us!"
2255 13x122 11/Mar/2015 Exclusive: Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend, Distraught and Out of Control: The Nick Gordon Intervention
2256 13x123 12/Mar/2015 Is Mom Leading a Secret Life, or Are These Daughters Caught Up in Drama
2257 13x124 13/Mar/2015 "Get Out of My House:" The Ultimate Mother vs. Nanny Feud
2258 13x125 16/Mar/2015 Inside the Mind of the Man Who Shot the American Sniper: A Dr. Phil Exclusive
2259 13x126 17/Mar/2015 Nine Seconds That Outraged a Nation. Plus, Our Racist Father Needs to Accept the Minorities in Our Family
2260 13x127 18/Mar/2015 Lethal Love: "We Believe Our Son's Girlfriend Killed Him"
2261 13x128 19/Mar/2015 "Get Off My Back about My Body"
2262 13x129 20/Mar/2015 Shocking Accusations: A Husband Poisoned? A Hit and Run?
2263 13x130 23/Mar/2015 Young, Beautiful and Missing: Potential New Clues in Two Cold Cases
2264 13x131 24/Mar/2015 Lifetime Grudge: Can Mother and Daughter Finally Bury the Hatchet?
2265 13x132 30/Mar/2015 1,000 Lies and Counting: A Husband Who Can't Tell the Truth
2266 13x133 31/Mar/2015 Help! My Daughter Is Addicted to Dangerous Men!
2267 13x134 01/Apr/2015 Falsely Accused of Murder and Now My Life Is Spiraling Out of Control
2268 13x135 02/Apr/2015 Flirty Emails and Suspicious Photos: Is My Husband a Cheater or Just a Charmer?
2269 13x136 06/Apr/2015 Decades of Hatred, Accusations & Altercations: A Fight For Custody That's Tearing Mother & Daughter Apart
2270 13x137 07/Apr/2015 Is Our Son a Kleptomaniac?
2271 13x138 08/Apr/2015 I've Divorced My Ex Twice, but I'm Still in Love
2272 13x139 09/Apr/2015 My Mother Gambled $2.5 Million Away and Blames Me for Being Broke
2273 13x140 10/Apr/2015 A Beautiful Teen Forced to Live a Horrible Nightmare: "I Was Held Captive by an Online 'Friend
2274 13x141 13/Apr/2015 My Husband Makes Me Think I'm Crazy, Then Videotapes Me: Accusations of Abuse Caught on Camera
2275 13x142 14/Apr/2015 "Keep My Ex-Daughter-in-Law Away From My Family"
2276 13x143 15/Apr/2015 Accusations of Beatings, Starvation and Being Locked in a Room: Who’s Telling the Truth?
2277 13x144 16/Apr/2015 A Family Fighting over a Double Murder/Psychic Medium John Edward Returns!
2278 13x145 17/Apr/2015 An Ex Accused of Stalking, Obsession and Abuse: Who's Telling the Truth?
2279 13x146 20/Apr/2015 I Believe My Parents are Enabling My Freeloading, Drug-Using, Model Brother & It Needs to Stop Today!
2280 13x147 21/Apr/2015 My Model Brother Wants My Parents to Keep His Secret — Why He Stormed Off the Stage
2281 13x148 22/Apr/2015 Cleveland Abduction: The Michelle Knight Movie and the Brutal Scenes She Couldn't Face
2282 13x149 23/Apr/2015 A Deadly Love Affair: The Widow, The Lover and The Spouse Behind Bars
2283 13x150 24/Apr/2015 Exclusive: The Co-Eds and the Catfish
2284 13x151 27/Apr/2015 Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident?
2285 13x152 28/Apr/2015 Real Housewife's Exclusive: Kim Richards Tells All About Drunken Arrest
2286 13x153 29/Apr/2015 The College Professor and His Many Women
2287 13x154 30/Apr/2015 I Believe My Stepmother Blew All of My Father's Money on a Scam Artist!
2288 13x155 01/May/2015 Uncovering a Catfish: The Battle Between Kaye & Kathy Continues
2289 13x156 04/May/2015 Family's Fight Over Father's Inheritance
2290 13x157 05/May/2015 A Family Divided: Why Is Outspoken Dad Carl Boycotting His Daughter's Wedding?
2291 13x158 06/May/2015 My Cyberbullied Daughter Killed Herself; Now I'm Being Harassed Online by a Stranger
2292 13x159 07/May/2015 Convicted Grandpa Still Claims He Is Innocent of Molestation
2293 13x160 08/May/2015 Convicted Grandpa Accused of Molestation Finally Speaks Out
2294 13x161 11/May/2015 I'm Not Unstable; Give Me My Children Back
2295 13x162 12/May/2015 A Mother Accused of Being Unfit and Unstable: Did Jennifer Pass the Drug Test?
2296 13x163 13/May/2015 Behind the Buggies and Bonnets: Amish Mafia Star Under Attack
2297 13x164 14/May/2015 Young and Beautiful: But Their Love Is Ugly
2298 13x165 15/May/2015 Mother of Year Turned Stalker: Terrorizes Couple for Outbidding Her on Dream Home
2299 13x166 18/May/2015 My Friends Shaved Their Heads and Got Tattoos Because I Had Cancer, but It Was All a Lie
2300 13x167 19/May/2015 Teacher Scandal Confession: She Had Sex with Her 15-Year-Old Student
2301 13x168 20/May/2015 A Wife Goes Missing: Is Her Husband to Blame?
2302 13x169 21/May/2015 She Left Her Babies Alone in a Car: Criminal or Mom Misunderstood?
2303 13x170 22/May/2015 Mentally Ill or Monster? Teen Convicted of Murdering Mom with a Sledgehammer Speaks
2304 13x171 26/May/2015 I Hear Voices in My Head, but I'm Not Mentally Ill! Why Won't My Family Believe Me?
2305 13x172 13/Jul/2015 Hundreds of Photos in a Box: Snapshots by an Admirer Who She Calls Her Stalker
2306 13x173 14/Jul/2015 Won't Work, Won't Go to School: My Son Just Wants to Game All Day
2307 13x174 15/Jul/2015 "I Married My Sister's Boyfriend, and It's Time She Moves On"
2308 13x175 16/Jul/2015 A Teen Admits to Killing His 11-Year-Old Brother: Who is Really to Blame?
2309 13x176 17/Jul/2015 Stun Gun, Plastic Ties and Metal Handcuffs: "My Husband is Accused of Serial Rape"
2310 13x177 31/Aug/2015 Dead Man Walking: Susan Sarandon Tries to Save a Man from Death Row
2311 13x178 08/Sep/2015 Is This Father's Extreme Parenting to Blame for His Daughters' Disorders?
2312 13x179 09/Sep/2015 Lies, Lust and a Missing Million? "My Ex Needs to Confess!"
2313 13x180 10/Sep/2015 Inside the Bill Cosby Sex Scandal: New Accusers with New Revelations
2314 13x181 11/Sep/2015 "My Wife Spends Thousands on Kratom Tea" ... "My Husband Tricked Me into Signing Our House over to Him!"

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
2315 14x01 14/Sep/2015 A Baby Ripped from the Womb: One Mother's Nightmare
2316 14x02 15/Sep/2015 Athlete to Escort: A Champion Runner's Fall from Grace
2317 14x03 16/Sep/2015 TV Star's Alcoholism & Depression Spiral Out of Control: Can His Career Be Saved?
2318 14x04 17/Sep/2015 A Military Cop's Confession to His Family: "I Want to Be a Woman"
2319 14x05 18/Sep/2015 MMA Fighter Sick of Battling Outside the Ring with Ex-Wife over Their Son
2320 14x06 21/Sep/2015 "My Daughter is a Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Egomaniacal, Drug-Addicted Liar and Thief"
2321 14x07 22/Sep/2015 "Accused of Kidnapping Our Own Child"
2322 14x08 23/Sep/2015 A Mother Missing: A Stepfather Accused
2323 14x09 24/Sep/2015 Missing Mom: What Happened to Carie?
2324 14x10 25/Sep/2015 Kicked Out At 15? Is This an Ungrateful Daughter or Is Mom Delusional?
2325 14x11 28/Sep/2015 "My Mom is Worth Millions: Is Her Husband a Catch or a 'Catfish'?"
2326 14x12 29/Sep/2015 Creepy Dad or Midlife Crisis: "My Husband's Inappropriate Sexting, Social Media Posts and Messages to Our Daughter's Friends"
2327 14x13 30/Sep/2015 A Mother of Four Who Says: "I Don't Want to Be a Mom Anymore"
2328 14x14 01/Oct/2015 "I Believe My Daughter's Fiancé is Abusing Her, and I Desperately Need Help"
2329 14x15 02/Oct/2015 "I Fear My Terminally Ill Son's Wife is Abusive, Cheating and Money Hungry"
2330 14x16 05/Oct/2015 "Our Son Claims He is a Famous Songwriter: Could He Be Delusional or a Master Manipulator?"
2331 14x17 06/Oct/2015 Exclusive: Eight Siblings Tortured and Held Hostage By Their Own Father
2332 14x18 07/Oct/2015 Dr. Phil covers human issue topics ranging from weight loss to errant children to support for good causes.Season 14, Episode 18
2333 14x19 08/Oct/2015 "Acquitted of Kidnapping But My Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty"
2334 14x20 09/Oct/2015 Social Media Obsessed Teens: "I Can't Breathe Without Wi-Fi"
2335 14x21 12/Oct/2015 "I Reunited with My Birth Mother and Now She Says She Wishes She Never Had Me"
2336 14x22 13/Oct/2015 "How Did Our Son Go from College-Bound Star Athlete to a Homeless 'Moocher' Sleeping in a Tool Shed?"
2337 14x23 14/Oct/2015 Exclusive: High School Hero Defends Blind Teen in Alleged Bully Attack Caught on Video
2338 14x24 15/Oct/2015 Oprah's Big Project and Guilt, Grief, Forgiveness: Best Friends Connecting after Tragedy
2339 14x25 16/Oct/2015 "I Became a Trending Topic." Peeple App Creator Sets the Record Straight
2340 14x26 19/Oct/2015 "My Gambling, Addicted Mom is $400,000 in the Hole, about to Lose Her Home and Possibly Her 14-Year-Old Son!"
2341 14x27 20/Oct/2015 She Was a Model, a Marine, but Now She's a Mess
2342 14x28 21/Oct/2015 Hollywood Facialist Accused of Hiring a Hit Man Speaks Out for the First Time
2343 14x29 22/Oct/2015 "I'm Fighting for Custody of My Child with My Ex-Husband Who I Believe is Stalking Me"
2344 14x30 23/Oct/2015 "Dr. Phil, I Need Your Help Again: My Daughter is Hitchhiking and Train Hopping as a Portland Street Kid"
2345 14x31 26/Oct/2015 A Baby on the Way: "I Think My Daughter & Her Fiancé Are Unfit Parents & I Am Fighting for Custody of My Unborn Grandchild!"
2346 14x32 27/Oct/2015 "Our Father Has a Secret Life South of the Border and Has Given $1.5 Million to His Former Mistress"
2347 14x33 28/Oct/2015 Love Triangle Troubles: "Torn between My 'City Boy' Husband & My 'Country Boy' Boyfriend"
2348 14x34 29/Oct/2015 Subway Sandwich King to Child Sex Scandal: The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes
2349 14x35 30/Oct/2015 The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes: His Plans to Target Children
2350 14x36 02/Nov/2015 "I'm Worried My Brother-in-Law is Having an Affair with My 16-Year-Old Daughter"
2351 14x37 03/Nov/2015 Uncle Kevin Answers the Accusations
2352 14x38 04/Nov/2015 "My Son-in-Law is Selfish, Angry, Disrespectful and Entitled"
2353 14x39 05/Nov/2015 A Dr. Phil Daytime Exclusive: The Woman Who Put Drain Cleaner in Her Eyes to Fulfill Her Dream of Being Blind
2354 14x40 06/Nov/2015 "My Husband Convinced Me to Sign a Postnup, but I Want It Thrown Out!"
2355 14x41 09/Nov/2015 Badmouthing, Bruises and a Bitter Custody Battle: What Does the Neighbor Say?
2356 14x42 10/Nov/2015 A Bitter Custody Battle: Claims of Poison in Ice Cream, a Child Wrapped in a Garbage Bag and Inappropriate Touching: What Will the Polygraph Reveal?
2357 14x43 11/Nov/2015 Surrogate Mother Convicted for Scamming Couple out of Thousands with Fake Pregnancy
2358 14x44 12/Nov/2015 Exclusive: The First Victim of the Fogle Sex Scandal Comes Forward. Hidden Cameras, Secret Recordings, One Girl's Cautionary Tale
2359 14x45 13/Nov/2015 "My Wife is Divorcing Me Because She is Obsessed with a Country Music Star"
2360 14x46 16/Nov/2015 "I'm Afraid My Daughter Was Kidnapped by Her Survivalist Boyfriend"
2361 14x47 17/Nov/2015 My Ex-Wife Claims I Molested Our Daughter Who Ran Off With Her Boyfriend
2362 14x48 18/Nov/2015 Adopted Twin, Beaten, Strangled, Starved and Locked in a Room: The Exclusive Interview
2363 14x49 19/Nov/2015 Our Wanna-Be Male Model Son Is Telling the World We Abused Him: It's All a Lie!
2364 14x50 20/Nov/2015 Exclusive: Estranged Couple Michael and Kate Lohan Lose Custody of Their Children: What Really Happened?
2365 14x51 23/Nov/2015 Was This Teacher Drunk in Her Elementary School Classroom?
2366 14x52 24/Nov/2015 "My Crazy Childhood: My Dad Was The Breast Pump Bandit and His Mistress Lived in Our House"
2367 14x53 25/Nov/2015 The Unbelievable Story of the Breast Pump Bandit: His Affairs, His Addictions, His Excuses
2368 14x54 27/Nov/2015 Out of Control, Out of Patience and Out of Time
2369 14x55 30/Nov/2015 Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?
2370 14x56 01/Dec/2015 TV Star Nicholas Brendon Update: The Real Man Behind the News Scandals and Arrests
2371 14x57 02/Dec/2015 Three Sisters Divided: "Our Sister's Self-Destructive Behavior Is Killing Our Mother and Could Land Her Behind Bars"
2372 14x58 03/Dec/2015 "My Husband vs. My Lying Ex: Time is Running Out for This Wife Caught in the Middle"
2373 14x59 04/Dec/2015 "I Can't Say ‘No' to Anything and it Could Literally Kill Me"
2374 14x60 07/Dec/2015 "Should I Give Up on Getting Hot?"
2375 14x61 08/Dec/2015 Animal Activist Under Attack
2376 14x62 09/Dec/2015 "I'm Terrified My Son Could Become A Mass Murderer"
2377 14x63 10/Dec/2015 The Pain of Marriage Remorse: "I'm Ready to Leave My Husband Who is 26 Years Older"
2378 14x64 11/Dec/2015 "My Daughter is Obsessed with Being the Black Sheep: Is She Mentally Ill or a Drama Queen?"
2379 14x65 14/Dec/2015 We Think Our Mom Is Cheating, Lying and Choosing Men Over Us! Should We Cut Her Off or Cut Her Some Slack?
2380 14x66 15/Dec/2015 An In-Law Ultimatum: My Beauty Queen Daughter's Ex-Cop Husband Needs to Get a Job or Get Out of My House!
2381 14x67 16/Dec/2015 22 Days in a Coma, 5 Stints in Rehab, 2 DUIs, 1 Wedding, and a Fed-Up Wife!
2382 14x68 17/Dec/2015 Death, Drugs and Lies
2383 14x69 18/Dec/2015 61-Year-Old Polygamous Pastor Marries 19-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend With His Wife's Blessing
2384 14x70 04/Jan/2016 I Want a Divorce but My Obsessive and Controlling Husband Won't Let Me Go
2385 14x71 05/Jan/2016 We Believe Our Mother Blames Us for Our Sister's Death!
2386 14x72 06/Jan/2016 Exclusive: Missing 15-Year-Old Girl Found Alive After Allegedly Being Held Hostage! Is There More to the Story?
2387 14x73 07/Jan/2016 The Parents of Missing 15-Year-Old Found Alive React to Her Claims
2388 14x74 08/Jan/2016 Facing Jail Time Because Step-Daughter Is a Liar
2389 14x75 11/Jan/2016 Protective Mom or Jilted Lover?
2390 14x76 12/Jan/2016 I Believe My Mooching Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos Are Duping My Sister
2391 14x77 13/Jan/2016 My Kids Were Starved, Slapped and Locked In a Room: A One-Year Sentence Isn't Enough!
2392 14x78 14/Jan/2016 A Mysterious Stabbing, Calls to Cops, a Beautiful Daughter's Cry for Attention or a Mom Out of Control?
2393 14x79 15/Jan/2016 Making a Murderer: Why Is Everyone Talking About Steven Avery?
2394 14x80 18/Jan/2016 Making a Murderer: New Details Revealed as the Sheriff's Department Speaks Out
2395 14x81 19/Jan/2016 I'm Raising My Granddaughter Because I Think My Daughter Is Violent, Abusive and Neglectful!
2396 14x82 20/Jan/2016 I Am God's Prophet and My Family Is Trying to Destroy Me
2397 14x83 21/Jan/2016 My Future Mother-in-Law Is a Violent, Overbearing Bully!
2398 14x84 22/Jan/2016 My Daughter Bullies Me With Beatings and Threats to My Life!
2399 14x85 25/Jan/2016 “My Drug Addicted, Mooching, Ex-Marine Brother Needs to Get His Life Together and Our Parents Need to Stop Enabling Him!”
2400 14x86 26/Jan/2016 A Blended Family on the Brink
2401 14x87 27/Jan/2016 Sisters At War Over A Will: “I Want Her Out Of Our Deceased Mom’s House!”
2402 14x88 28/Jan/2016 Wife of Top Restaurant Executive Claims She Was Scammed Out of $3 Million By Famous Football Star: Victim or Co-Conspirator?
2403 14x89 29/Jan/2016 “I Believe My Mother Turned A Blind Eye To My Grandfather Molesting Me”
2404 14x90 01/Feb/2016 Behind the Scenes of the O.J. Simpson Trial: What Really Happened?
2405 14x91 02/Feb/2016 Death by Salt: A Mom Accused
2406 14x92 03/Feb/2016 Wife Gets 25 Years for Pushing Husband Out of High Rise Window
2407 14x93 04/Feb/2016 Newlywed Murder: The Bride Speaks Out Exclusively From Behind Bars
2408 14x94 05/Feb/2016 Addicted to Rock but Now at Rock Bottom
2409 14x95 08/Feb/2016 Fat Guy Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?
2410 14x96 09/Feb/2016 Neighbor Feud Erupts With Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence
2411 14x97 10/Feb/2016 Virginia Tech Students Accused of Murdering 13-Year-Old Girl: The Victim's Father Speaks Out
2412 14x98 11/Feb/2016 I Believe My Granddaughter Was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!
2413 14x99 12/Feb/2016 I Want to Confront the Woman Whom I Believe Illegally Adopted My Granddaughter!
2414 14x100 15/Feb/2016 Jodi Arias and the Murder of Travis Alexander: New Details From the Trial Revealed
2415 14x101 16/Feb/2016 Amanda's Secret: Forbidden Love
2416 14x102 17/Feb/2016 Amanda's Secret: Lie Detector Results Revealed
2417 14x103 18/Feb/2016 Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted
2418 14x104 19/Feb/2016 Help Me, Dr. Phil: I Believe My Husband Is Poisoning My Food and Injecting Me With Needles!
2419 14x105 22/Feb/2016 Deadly Accident or Push? A Grieving Mom vs. the Girlfriend Accused
2420 14x106 23/Feb/2016 The Pastor, His Wife, the "Call Girl" and the Bounty Hunter
2421 14x107 24/Feb/2016 Teacher Guilty of Sleeping With Student Is Now Suing Him!
2422 14x108 25/Feb/2016 My Brother Thinks I'm Crazy but I Swear He's the One Having Me Followed
2423 14x109 26/Feb/2016 My Newlywed Husband Lost Our Business, Gambled Away $300K, and Is About to Lose His Family
2424 14x110 29/Feb/2016 Accusations of Compulsive Lies, False Charges and Coaching; A Dad's Fears About His Daughter's Safety at Mom's House
2425 14x111 01/Mar/2016 Mom vs. Dad: Why Lynsey Storms Off
2426 14x112 02/Mar/2016 First the "Mistress" in a Murder Case, Now Accused of Larceny. Help Me Clear My Name
2427 14x113 03/Mar/2016 A Bite Mark and Broken Ribs: A Mother Accused of Abusing Her 16-Week-Old Baby
2428 14x114 04/Mar/2016 Torn Ligaments, Bruised Arms and a Busted Lip: A Mother Abused by Her Sons or Angry Antagonizer?
2429 14x115 07/Mar/2016 I'm Living in a Mancession! My Lazy, Underachieving Husband Refuses to Get a Job!
2430 14x116 08/Mar/2016 Our Handsome, Charismatic Son Is a Devil-Problem Child
2431 14x117 09/Mar/2016 'Dr. Phil, You Saved Me Once, Can You Save Me Again? Now I'm Addicted to a Raging Husband and My Kids Are Paying the Price!'

S03 - #113/Nov/2004A Family Divided: The Baby's FatherN/A
S04 - #215/Oct/2005The Dr. Phil FoundationN/A
S04 - #310/Feb/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Love SmartN/A
S04 - #414/May/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Escaping Addiction (2)N/A
S04 - #519/May/2006A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Escaping DangerN/A
S05 - #618/May/2007A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Caged?N/A

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