The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files

Ever since he was a boy, Harry Dresden, knew that monsters were real, just as he was able to make things happen simply with the force of his will. As he grew he began to learn of his magical heritage, given to him by his mother, and coveted by his Uncle, who would stop at nothing to possess it.

Now that he is grown Harry is the only private investigator / wizard in Chicago and listed in the phone book. He uses real magic to help him solve his cases, much to the chagrin of both the police and the magical establishment, whose shadow wars often spill into the 'real' world and involve people who have no idea just how magical, and dark, the world can be.

Based on Jim Butcher's best-selling novels, The Dresden Files.

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Final: 1x12 -- Second City (Apr/15/2007) [Special Airtime: 10:00 pm]

Harry and Murphy take on their stickiest case yet when a former gang member drowns on dry land. As Harry and Murphy get closer to the killer, more people try and come between the two of them, getting them both thrown off the case. Even Murphy's father gets in on it, trying to drive a wedge between Harry and Murphy. Things only get worse when Joe Murphy becomes the prime suspect in the mobster's murder.
Available Episodes

Second City
Apr 15, 2007
Season 1 episode 12

Things That Go Bump
Apr 08, 2007
Season 1 episode 11

What About Bob?
Apr 01, 2007
Season 1 episode 10

The Other Dick
Mar 25, 2007
Season 1 episode 9

Storm Front
Mar 18, 2007
Season 1 episode 8

Mar 11, 2007
Season 1 episode 7

Soul Beneficiary
Mar 04, 2007
Season 1 episode 6

Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
As Harry Dresden
Valerie CruzValerie Cruz
As Lt. Connie Murphy
Conrad CoatesConrad Coates
As Morgan
Raoul BhanejaRaoul Bhaneja
As Detective Sid Kirmani



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Science Fiction with a CSI TwistRating: 11 likes, 2 dislikes

Remember the good old days when The X-files was a new show? Sci Fi was rare on TV at the time. All that we had was deep space sci-fi series like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Then came the X-files. Sci Fi brought into the real world. It opened up a lot of doors for the genre of Sci Fi. It seems difficult to imagine now a time when good Science Fiction on Television was rare. Read more

Review posted on Monday, February 12th 2007 at 5:36 am


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Dresden Files RenewalRating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes

I for one found the review enlightening but, despite the not so good directing or whatever WE STILL LOVE "HARRY DRESDEN" and want him back. Thank you for your review now Please read mine. YES We ALL here in My House Hope HARRY COMES BACK. Including Bob and All the characters that played their different parts to help Harry be Who He IS. Especially BOB. Read more

Review posted on Monday, July 9th 2007 at 2:09 am

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1x10: What About Bob? recap: San Francisco, 1982.. read more.

1x12: Second City recap: Midtown Chicago in winter, and Conner Reyes comes out of a convenience store. A man grabs him and rams a branding iron into his shoulder, and then walks away. Reyes starts gagging, water pouring from his mouth, and he finally collapses, dead... read more.

1x11: Things That Go Bump recap: Harry is at his apartment taking his once-a-year stab at exercising when Murphy comes in and demands to know what he's been doing. She's received a report of a green explosion in the vicinity and figures that Harry is involved. He insists that he isn't but agrees to go with her so that she can pay him to consult. Talk turns to the necklace that she always wears and Murphy explains that her nine-year-old daughter Anna gave it to her... read more.

1x9: The Other Dick recap: Harry is taking his test for a PI license so he can continue working as a consultant. However, he's distracted by the female teacher's assistant, Liz Fontaine. The male teacher, detective Jim Brennan, tells them that anyone who can answer his next question will pass regardless of their score. Brennan asks what is the sacred rule of the private investigator. When no one answers, Brennan calls on Harry, who manages to guess that the right answer is "Keep your mouth shut." Brennan tells them that after 40 years, it's the most important rule he's learned. As Harry takes a break with the others, Liz approaches him and asks for his tuition. She warns him that he'll have to leave the class if he doesn't pay up. Harry explains that he can't make money unless he gets the permit, but Liz is unimpressed... read more.

1x7: Walls recap: A woman comes into the shop while Harry is out, and sees Bob. She assumes he's a human being and Bob offers his help, but she insists that she needs to talk to Harry. The woman walks out just as Harry comes back, and he senses that she's upset. As she turns back to him, a car drives by and hits her. As Harry checks her pulse, he notices a fraternity pin chained around her neck. As he looks at the driver, he sees the man's face distort as if there were a second face projected on it... read more.
Recurring Guests

Matt Gordon as Waldo Butters (5 eps)
Daniel Kash as Justin Morningway (3 eps)
Jonathan Higgins as Colm Dresden (3 eps)
James Binkley as Wallace (2 eps)
Jane McLean as Ancient Mai (2 eps)
Joanne Kelly as Bianca (2 eps)
Matthew Knight as Young Harry Dresden (2 eps)
Natalie Lisinska as Laura Ellis (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 21, 2007
Ended: April 15, 2007
• A Dresden-akt├ík (Used In Hungary)
• Akta Harry'ego Dresdena (Used In Poland)
• Dosarele lui Dresden (Used In Romania)
• Dresden (Used In Czech Republic)
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