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The Dresden Files: Storm Front

When both the Chicago Police Department and the High Council demand that Harry investigate the bizarre deaths of a crime boss and his girlfriend, two deaths lead to a string of them, all killed by black magic. Harry becomes the prime suspect and the target as he desperately hunts through the magical community of Chicago to find the man responsible before he ends up dead himself.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 101
Airdate: Sunday March 18th, 2007

Alternate Airdates:

CA (SPACE) Mar 18, 2007
UK (sky 1) Apr 04, 2007
NZ (Prime) Nov 07, 2007

Guest Stars
Rebecca McFarlandRebecca McFarland
As Susan Rodriguez
Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly
As Bianca
Daniel KashDaniel Kash
As Justin Morningway
Sherry MillerSherry Miller
As Monica Cutler
Jonathan WhittakerJonathan Whittaker
As Victor Cutler
Elizabeth ThaiElizabeth Thai
As Ancient Mai
Jennifer KyddJennifer Kydd
As Grace Cutler
John DeSantisJohn DeSantis
As Demon (as John De Santis)
Christine TizzardChristine Tizzard
As Jennifer Randall
Greg BrykGreg Bryk
As Tommy Thom
Shannon BoodramShannon Boodram
As Linda Atwater
Joshua MilkoJoshua Milko
As Clubgoer
Main Cast
Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
As Harry Dresden
Valerie CruzValerie Cruz
As Lt. Connie Murphy
Conrad CoatesConrad Coates
As Morgan
Raoul BhanejaRaoul Bhaneja
As Detective Sid Kirmani


Chicago, early morning, and gangster Tommy Tomm is in a hotel room with his girlfriend, Jennifer Randall. As a storm gathers outside, Jennifer worries about what they saw outside the club. Tommy assures her that it was just a trick of the light. He tells her that nothing will happen to her and they kiss... and Jennifer starts bleeding from the mouth. As she collapses to the floor, clutching at her chest, Tommy starts bleeding as well...

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Episode Notes
This was supposed to be the original pilot episode, but was pushed back to later in the season. Originally it was supposed to be a two hour long movie. This also was changed.

This is the first episode not featuring Terrence Mann as Bob.

Originally Dresden was supposed to drive a blue VW bug, which is seen in this episode in the garage, however Paul Blackthorne, who is 6' 3" tall would have looked awkward getting in and out of the bug so Dresden's car was changed to a beat up Jeep for the rest of the show.

This is the only time in the series that we see Mister, Harry's cat. In the books, Mister is a huge grey tabby. In the series he's an average-sized orange cat.

New Zealand played the original 2-hour pilot as their season premiere on November 7, 2007.

Episode Quotes
Harry: When I hung up my shingle, I thought all my cases would start with a sultry femme fatale begging for help and oozing sex and danger. I live in hope.

Kirmani: I've been meaning to ask you... Harry Dresden, "Wizard." Let me guess, a couple of summers ago you were a Jedi Knight and now you're a wizard named Harry? Eh, it's good marketing, I guess, but couldn't you come up with something a little more original?
Harry: My father named me after Harry Houdini. You heard of him?
Kirmani: Yeah, he was a circus freak, right? Like Bozo the Clown?

Harry: Look, if this is a personal visit, I uh don't do parties and I don't do love potions, so unless you got a serious job, the way in is also the way out.

Kirmani: The victims were Jennifer Randall and Thomas Edward Thomson.
Harry: Tommy Tomm. The mobster.
Kirmani: Wizard and organized crime connoisseur. Quite a nice resume you got there, Gandalf...

Harry: These people weren't stabbed, Murphy. Nothing touched them. Their hearts exploded out of their chests. There's only one thing that could do that.
Kirmani: A microwave?

Harry: The High Council. Capital H, Capital C. Cue ominous music. It's kind of like the Bar Association for wizards. They provide oversight; they administer the entrance exams and try to basically keep all this magic stuff out of sight and under control. The good guys, theoretically. But cross them and you'll wish you'd never slung a spell.

Harry: Look, I'm not the only answer here. We could be looking at an out-of-towner, something out of the Nevernever. Or even a free agent, a sorcerer.
Ancient Mai: Which is the only reason you're still breathing. I'm gonna make this very simple, Dresden. If someone else did this, prove it. Find him and bring me his head on a platter. Because if I don't get his head... I'm taking yours.

Harry: High Council justice isn't like the regular legal system. It's more, uh, old school. With blunt implements and sharp edges. So when Mai tells me to do something, I can't exactly appeal to a higher court. And if I screw up, I'm not likely to get a stay of execution, either.

Harry: Susan, Susan, Susan, it's not a date if we never leave the apartment. Now, we're going for dinner and a movie, and you're going to wait there while I get dressed. Okay? All right?
Susan Rodriguez: Your loss.

Susan Rodriguez: The Astounding Dresden?
Harry: My dad. He once opened for, uh, Sinatra.
Susan Rodriguez: So what happened to you? Stage fright?
Harry: Hah. Very funny.

Harry: Okay, down in the basement there's a potion on the workbench. Drink it, it'll help you escape. Just go! C'mon!
Susan Rodriguez: Oh, my coat!
Harry: What are you doing?!?
Susan: I'm getting my coat, Harry!
Harry: Demon! Get down there!

Harry: Okay. You wait here. I'll make sure the coast is clear.
Susan Rodriguez: I have an idea. You play the helpless damsel and I'll go check things out.

Susan Rodriguez: Are you okay?
Harry: Ugh. Define okay...

Susan Rodriguez: You can't tell me what to do. I'm a reporter!
Morgan: Oh. Good for you.

Harry: Take it easy. Basement is off-limits. There's leftovers in the fridge, help yourself. And if a big furry monster comes in and sits on your chest, well, that's my cat.

Harry: The magical world isn't so different from the normal one. It's full of predators and prey. And in Chicago, one of the biggest predators of them all is Bianca.

Murphy: (punching Harry in the stomach) That's for hanging up on me, stealing evidence from a crime scene, and assaulting an officer.
Harry: You mean Kirmani? He counts?

Victor Cutler: The heart is such a fragile thing. Easy to break. Impossible to repair.

Harry: So you went to bat for me. I'm speechless.
Morgan: Works for me.

Episode Goofs
You can see the major changes in the set of Harry's apartment in this episode. In all the other episodes it resembles more of a converted warehouse then an actual apartment. His apartment in this episode is much more neat and clean. Plus his workshop is a hidden room in the rest of the series rather then a trap door in the basement.

Cultural References
Kurmani: Let me guess a couple of summers ago you were a Jedi Knight and now you're a wizard named Harry?

Basically Kurmani is calling Harry a fan boy. First he references Star Wars (Jedi Knight) and then the Harry Potter Series (A wizard named Harry). In reality Harry Potter has nothing to do with Harry Dresden's name at all, as seen in the following line:

Harry: My father named me after Harry Houdini.

Harry Houdini is the most famous escape artist of all time, and Harry Dresden shows his own skills later in the episode as he easily escapes from Murphy handcuffs.

Kurmani: What a nice resume you have there, Gandalf.

Gandalf is the infamous grey robed, white bearded icon of all things wizardly made famous by the novel and movie series The Lord of the Rings. You can not think of a wizard in this day and age without thinking of the classic illustrated image of Gandalf as drawn by Alan Lee.

Episode References
In this episode Harry talks about the several kinds of magic. He mentions several types:

Summoning: As in demons or other extra-planar creatures as seen in Rules of Engagement.

Divination: A school of magic he uses often throughout the course of the season, especially in the episodes Birds of a Feather and Hair of the Dog. He uses it to gather information about his clients.

Enchantment: This has been used partially in the episode Soul Beneficiary, it's what caused Paul and Harry to think they were married, and be docile when normally they would fight. Love potions would fall under this category.

Thaumaturgy: As seen in the Boone Identity and Soul Beneficiary, it is considered dark magic. Thaumaturgy involves messing with the life functions of another living being ie. Voodoo. Also referred to as 'Night Magic'.

Storm Front:

Storm Front was Jim Butcher's first book and introduced Harry Dresden and his world back in April of 2000. The title itself has two meanings, the physical storms that the evil wizard uses to fuel his powers and the common analogy of storms. Storms are often seen in reference to conflict and misfortune, just as battles are often referred to as on coming storms.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperHans Beimler  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Executive ProducerHans Beimler  |  Norm Golightly  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe  |  Morgan Gendel  |  Nicolas Cage
Supervising ProducerCurtis Kheel
ProducerJonathan Hackett (1)  |  David Carson
Co-ProducerLaurence Walsh
Consulting ProducerBarry M. Schkolnick  |  David Simkins
Production DesignerLindsey Hermer-Bell
EditorDavid B. Thompson
CastingCamille St. Cyr  |  Susan Bluestein
First Assistant DirectorJill Compton (1)
MusicRobert J. Kral
Costume DesignerJoanne Hansen
Key GripMichael O'Connor (2)
Set DecoratorCarol Lavoie
Location ManagerAine Furey
Transportation CoordinatorOrest W. Muz
Property MasterStephen Levitt
Construction CoordinatorFred Mendelson
Script SupervisorPat Joyes
Production CoordinatorAndrea Mullan
Assistant EditorBill Oliver
Post Production SupervisorSteve D'Onofrio
GafferChristopher Howard
On-Line EditorPaul Deakin
Director of PhotographyVictor Goss  |  Colin Hoult
StuntsLen Wagner  |  Duncan McLeod (2)  |  Janet Morin  |  Dave Stevenson
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Stead
Production ManagerWanda Chaffey
Sound MixerThomas Hidderley  |  Eric Apps  |  Christian T. Cooke
Key Makeup ArtistMaribeth Knezev
Production AccountantB.E. Sharp
Extras CastingKay Rogers
"A" Camera OperatorKeith Murphy
Production ExecutiveStefani Deoul
ColoristLorraine Grant
Dialoge CoachRae Ellen Bodie
Special Effects CoordinatorTim Barraball
Sound Effects EditorTom Bjelic  |  Mark Gingras
Dialogue EditorJohn Douglas Smith
"B" Camera OperatorColin Hoult
Wardrobe Set SupervisorLou Decampo
Created ByJim Butcher
Canadian CastingLisa Parasyn
Key Scenic ArtistDavid Watts (1)
Key Special EffectsThomas Hartl
Key HairLucy Orton
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