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A beautiful vampire named Bianca comes back into Harry's life to call in an old debt and she drags Harry into a tangled web of undead drugs and warring Vampire factions. Events escalate to the point where even the highest levels of the High Council take an interest and Harry may very well be forced to betray Bianca to save himself.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Production Number: 107
Airdate: Sunday February 25th, 2007

Alternate Airdates:

CA (SPACE) Feb 25, 2007
UK (sky 1) Mar 14, 2007
NZ (Prime) Dec 06, 2007

Guest Stars
Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly
As Bianca
Jane McLeanJane McLean
As Ancient Mai
Natalie LisinskaNatalie Lisinska
As Laura Ellis
James BinkleyJames Binkley
As Wallace
Lyriq BentLyriq Bent
As Jake Darius
Layton MorrisonLayton Morrison
As Bianca's Bodyguard
Kent StainesKent Staines
As Arvin
John MacDonald (1)John MacDonald (1)
As Assassin / Henchman #2
Christopher CordellChristopher Cordell
As Assassin / Henchman #3
Simon NorthwoodSimon Northwood
As Jake's Bodyguard
Main Cast
Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
As Harry Dresden
Conrad CoatesConrad Coates
As Morgan


Chicago in the Near West District at night. Bianca and her assistant, Natalie, get out of their car outside Bianca's club. A van pulls up across the street and the men inside open fire. One of them takes out Bianca's bodyguard with a crossbow. Bianca returns fire, wounding one of them, and they get away before she can stop them...

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Episode Notes
This is the first appearance of Ancient Mai, a leader in the High Council.

The Hockey Stick:

This is the first time you actually see Harry use the hockey stick (his wizard's staff) in a fight.

This is the first time you see Morgan with his sword.

Shield of the Trinity (Scutum fidei):

At the beginning of the episode Bianca asks Harry to turn the shield on his wall around inferring that it disturbed her. Shield of the Trinity (Scutum fidei) is a medieval Christian Symbol. This shows that while the vampires in this episode don't turn to ash when they are killed for the second time, they do still have a problem with religious symbolism.

Episode Quotes
Harry: Bianca.
Bianca: Harry.
Harry: Now's not a good time.
Bianca: I have a very big problem.
Harry: That's next door. We're small to medium problems here

(about Harry's girlfriend)
Bianca: She gave you the cheek. That's not so good.

Harry: Chicago. When the winds blow, they stir up all kinds of refuse. Old newspapers, wrappers from last week's lunch, lost souls. It's like the winds are the city's memories. And when they blow, they blow from every direction. Including the past.

Harry: You know what my problem is? I don't trust you. So when you come to me asking for help, my natural inclination is to run the other way!

Harry: How do you know what I'm thinking, huh? You inside my head?
Bob: Oh, I would take a peek, but I think it's pretty clear that narcissism and bad judgment are blocking the door.

Natalie: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wizard.
Harry: Hey, you're too young to remember that show.
Natalie: I'm 57.

Morgan: Why are you here?
Harry: I was just wonder if the Council is still doing business with Clive.
Morgan: Why are you asking?
Harry: 'Cause there was just an attempted hit on Bianca, okay?
Morgan: You're working for Bianca. You're becoming a poster boy for bad judgment.

Harry: People think that being an investigator's glamorous work. It's not. Three hours, pounding the pavement, putting out the word I'm looking for Clive. talking to Two-Face Johnny, Eddy the Nose, No-Christmas Curt. Dealing with guys who have nicknames like that, well, it always ends up biting you in the...

Bianca: I'm not a monster, Harry.
Harry: Didn't say you were.
Bianca: I didn't chose this life. I was just like everybody else. I had goals, I had dreams, I had friends and I had family. They were taken from me. You and I, we're orphans of the world. Everything that we've ever cared about and everyone we've ever loved... is gone.

Bianca: I'm not a monster, Harry.
Harry: Didn't say you were.
Bianca: I didn't chose this life. I was just like everybody else. I had goals, I had dreams, I had friends and I had family. They were taken from me. You and I, we're orphans of the world. Everything that we've ever cared about and everyone we've ever loved... is gone.

Bob: You didn't kill her?
Harry: No I didn't kill her.
Bob: You will regret it.
Harry: You love this don't you?
Bob: What?
Harry: Me saying you're right.
Bob: Oh... very much, and one can never really hear it enough.
Harry: God, I am such an idiot.
Bob: No argument here.
Harry: She used me.
Bob: That bitch.
Harry: I lead her to Clive, she kills Clive. The guy didn't even do anything.
Bob: How I loath her.

Harry: Ancient Mai, the High Council's top dog. She only comes out to play when there's blood on the ground. Hopefully not my blood.

Harry: What is it about bad girls? They lie, cheat, won't suck your blood even when you beg them to. But for some reason no matter how badly they treat us, we still can't walk away.

Bianca: So this was Clive's hideout?
Harry: "Hideout"? You sound like a 30s gangster's moll.
Bianca: I was a 30s gangster's moll. I've led a rich and... varied life. Death, too.

Harry: Okay, yeah, the--the thing about when I stuck the crossbow in your face? I'm--I'm really sorry about that, okay?
Bianca: I've had worse things stuck in my face.

Harry: Well, that's not you.
Bianca: No. He's Black Court.
Harry: Black Court? Are you sure?
Bianca: Trust me. I know a Black Court vampire when I see one. I'm Red Court. We don't get along.

Harry: We gotta make a list of your enemies.
Bianca: All I've got are enemies.

Bob: God, I am doomed.
Harry: Yeah you're doomed! You live in a skull. Now shut up and get in it!
Bob: All right. (whispers) But at least take some precaution. You can't trust her.
Bianca: Bob? I can hear you.
Bob: Oh, I want you to hear me.

Bianca: So what shall we drink to?
Harry: Escaping the jaws of death.
Bianca: Whose jaws? Natalie's or Ancient Mai's?
Harry: Yours.

Bianca: So we do what we can to make up for the pain that we cause.
Harry: What do you do, Bianca? To make up for it?
Bianca: Well, I let you think there's some small chance that one day you will save me from myself. That's my gift to you, Harry. Hope.

Bianca: Don't I frighten you?
Harry: You don't frighten me.
Bianca: That, my dear boy, is why one day I just might have to rip your throat out.

Episode References
Natalie: Nice to meet you, Mr Wizard.

Mr. Wizard's World was a educational science show that ran from 1983 to 1991 on the Nickelodeon channel and was the precursor for shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy among others.

Harry: (after watching Bianca break Arvin's neck.) Wow. You know it's funny. I... I always think that they're going to go up in flames, you know. Hollywood.

This refers to many popular movies like Blade (1998) or Underworld (2003) where the Vampires either go up in flames when they die for the second time or disintegrate into ash. Also breaking a vampire's neck in traditional mythology is not enough to kill them. The must be staked, exposed to sunlight, or their heads cut completely from their bodies.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperHans Beimler  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Executive ProducerMorgan Gendel  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe  |  Norm Golightly  |  David Simkins  |  Nicolas Cage
Supervising ProducerCurtis Kheel
ProducerJonathan Hackett (1)
Co-ProducerLaurence Walsh
Consulting ProducerJack Bernstein  |  Barry M. Schkolnick
Production DesignerFranco De Cotiis
EditorJean Coulombe
CastingJon Comerford  |  Lisa Parasyn  |  Julie Tucker  |  Ross Meyerson
First Assistant DirectorSteve Webb
MusicRobert J. Kral
Costume DesignerJoanne Hansen
Key GripMichael O'Connor (2)
Set DecoratorCarol Lavoie
Location ManagerKaren Perez
Transportation CoordinatorOrest W. Muz
Property MasterPeter Fletcher
Construction CoordinatorMark Thomson
Script SupervisorAngela Mastronardi
Production CoordinatorSusan R. Jones
Script CoordinatorElizabeth Jacobs (2)
Assistant EditorBill Oliver
Post Production SupervisorSteve D'Onofrio
GafferDave Fisher (3)
On-Line EditorPaul Deakin
Director of PhotographyAlwyn Kumst  |  Colin Hoult
StuntsLiise Keeling  |  Leigh Bianco
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Stead
Production ManagerWanda Chaffey
Sound MixerChristian T. Cooke  |  Thomas Hidderley  |  Eric Apps
Executive Story EditorPeter Egan (3)
Key Makeup ArtistMaribeth Knezev
Production AccountantDaniela Zomparelli
Extras CastingKay Rogers
"A" Camera OperatorColin Hoult
Key HairstylistLydia Pensa
Production ExecutiveStefani Deoul
PublicistLisa Ghione
Steadicam OperatorBrian Gedge
Original CastingCamille St. Cyr  |  Susan Bluestein
ColoristLorraine Grant
Dialoge CoachRae Ellen Bodie
Special Effects CoordinatorLaird McMurray
Stunt DoubleLen Wagner
Sound Effects EditorTom Bjelic
Dialogue EditorJohn Douglas Smith
"B" Camera OperatorBrian Gedge
Wardrobe Set SupervisorKaren Renaut
Created ByJim Butcher
Key Scenic ArtistRossana Decampo
Key Special EffectsStephen Wallace
Stunt ArrangerStewart Easun
Puppet MakerA. Scott Hamilton
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