Bad Blood - Recap

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Chicago in the Near West District at night. Bianca and her assistant, Natalie, get out of their car outside Bianca's club. A van pulls up across the street and the men inside open fire. One of them takes out Bianca's bodyguard with a crossbow. Bianca returns fire, wounding one of them, and they get away before she can stop them.

Harry is at home watching Spanish soap operas with Laura and Bob, who are both in tears. There's a knock at the doors and Harry makes a hasty escape to answer it after telling Bob to get back in his skull. Harry is surprised to find her there and she insists that she has nowhere else to go. He finally invites her in, granting her access, and Laura quickly leaves over Harry's objections. Bianca then asks to hire Harry, reminding him what she did for him. She bares her fangs and says that its payback time.

Five Years Ago

A wounded Harry staggers down the street. Bianca and her associate, Jake Darius, notice him pass and recognize him by reputation. Bianca goes over and offers her help. Harry refuses, but Bianca tells Jake to pick him up and bring him along.


Bianca figures that the attack was organized and wonders if the High Council sanctioned the assault. She wonders if the treaties with the Council have been broken and wants Harry to talk to them and find out if someone is gunning. Harry wonders if she plans to kill them but Bianca insists that she wants to make amends and invites him to come to her club if he wants evidence that she's telling the truth.

As Harry prepares an enchanted lens, Bob advises him not to go. Harry insists on taking the case, assuring Bob that Bianca won't kill him now if she didn't five years ago.

Five Years Ago

Harry wakes up in Bianca's bed, his wounds bandaged. Bianca comes in and tells him to take it easy, and then asks what happened. Jake comes in and tells Bianca that Morgan is downstairs. She assures Harry that she's good with secrets and then goes to meet the Warden. Morgan demands to see Harry, telling Bianca that Justin Morningway, Harry's uncle, was murdered with black magic. The Warden tells Bianca to contact him if Harry makes an appearance and walks out.


At the club, Harry looks at Bianca's bed as she and Natalie, another vampire, come in. When Harry wonders about Bianca's former assistant, Jake, Bianca says that he had his own vision of the future that she wasn't interested with. Natalie gives him an eyeball belonging to the dead bodyguard and Harry examines it with the lens. He sees the van and the masked attackers in military armor, and figures that it's Clive, a contract killer for the High Council. Natalie promises to kill him but Harry says that he's difficult to work. Bianca gives him the crossbow bolt but Harry says that it's masked and warns her that Clive may be acting independently of the High Council. Bianca suggests that Harry talk with Morgan.

The next day, Harry goes to the private dining club where Morgan is meeting with his four lieutenant. They're discussing stopping Jake before he brings in a supply of Third Eye when Harry interrupts. Morgan comes outside and Harry asks about Clive. After pointing out that Harry is showing poor judgment working with Bianca, Morgan admits that they have a truce with the Red Council and Clive hasn't been sanctioned for wetwork.

Harry hits the streets trying to get a lead on Clive. Clive finally sends his men to grab Harry and bring him in, and asks why Harry wants him. Harry explains that he's looking for the man who tried to kill Clive, but Clive points out that if he wanted Bianca dead, she'd be dead. He insists that he's retired but is interrupted when somebody breaks in. Clive has his men dump Harry in the back armory and then they open fire on their attackers. Harry uses a spell to free himself and grabs some weapons, just as blood seeps in under the door. When Harry goes out, he finds Clive and his me, their throats ripped out. Clive is barely holding on but can only mutter that it's his granddaughter's birthday before he dies.

Natalie returns to the club with a crossbow and asks Natalie and Bianca why they killed Clive. They insist that they're innocent and Bianca says that they were having an orgy and can give him the names of the participants.

Five Years Ago

Down at the bar, Harry tells Bianca about his past when he traveled around with his uncle. He admits that he's always had trouble appreciating life and his mother got killed trying to change the world. Harry suggests that someone should wipe out his entire family because they're screwed up and Bianca offers her condolences, assuring him that she's not a monster and didn't choose to be a vampire. After a moment Bianca leans over and kisses him.


Bob is surprised that Harry didn't kill Bianca. The wizard admits that he led Bianca to Clive. They're interrupted when Morgan and his men break in. Bob bids him good luck and leaves, and Ancient Mai, a High Council member, comes in. She demands to know where Bianca is, and hits Harry when he says he doesn’t know. He explains that Clive's men captured him and Ancient Mai asks if Bianca told him anything else. Harry insists that he has no reason to protect Bianca and asks what's going on. Ancient Mai finally asks if Bianca mentioned Third Eye. Harry tells her the truth, that the vampire said nothing about it, and Ancient Mai gives him a pair of ancient handcuffs to place on Bianca and summon her. The group disappears into the wind and Harry sighs in irritation.

Bianca steps out of the shadows and insists that she's being framed. Harry admits that the High Council might be involved and Bianca asks what he's going to do. He asks her about Third Eye and Bianca explains that it's a rage enhancer made for the undead. It lets vampires fight people like Clive, but it's addictive and deadly to the user. Bianca claims that she won't work with anyone who uses it and says that Harry knows that she has limits.

Five Years Ago

Harry and Bianca make love in her bed and he begs her to kill him. The vampire says that she's not done with him yet.


Harry and Bianca go back to Clive's warehouse and discover that someone has already cleaned up the corpses. As they look around, Harry apologizes for threatening her earlier. He casts a spell to pick up peak emotional moments and finally picks up an image of the vampire that killed Clive. Bianca identifies it as a Black Court vampire, and explains that she's with the Red Court and the two sides don't get along. She tells Harry that the vampire's name is Arvin and they need to talk to him.

Bianca breaks into Arvin's apartment with Harry and find a military armored vest like Clive used. They figure that someone wanted Bianca to go after Clive, making her a target for the High Council. Arvin moans in pain from behind the couch and they realize that he's high on Third Eye. Bianca picks him up and demands answers, and the vampire says that he never saw the face of the person who hired him. Once she realizes Arvin has nothing else to tell her, Bianca breaks his neck. Harry points out that Bianca could have used Arvin to clear her name. However, the vampire points out that Ancient Mai wouldn't have believed a strung-out vampire.

As Harry works out what to do next, Bianca finds a broken vial in Arvin's hand. When she pulls it out, she cuts herself on the glass. Bianca begins to lose control and they realize that it's Third Eye. She comes at Harry, who drives her back with his hockey stick wand and pins her to the wall. He tries to get through to her without success and then knocks her out.

Back at his apartment, Harry treats Bianca for the injuries he inflicted on her. Bob warns Harry that if the High Council finds out he's helping an enemy, he'll be in trouble. Once Bob leaves, Bianca regenerates her wounds and thanks Harry for everything. She then tells Harry that she has to take the person who set her up, and it's no longer any of his concern. Harry insists on going with her and realizes that it's Jake because of Morgan's comment at the restaurant.

Five Years Ago

Jake informs Bianca that he's arranged for Harry's passage out of town. Bianca realizes that he's jealous but Jake says that she's ruining his personal plans by refusing to cooperate with him. When Jake asks if she thinks she's doing Harry a favor, Bianca says that she's collecting debts. Jake tells her to collect Harry's debt later and get him out of town now.


Harry figures that Jake is her ex-lover, but Bianca simply explains that Jake wanted to sell Third Eye out of her club. She paid him to go away but now he's back and is setting her up to get her out of the way so he can take over the club. Harry suggests that they arrange a meeting and Bianca assures him that Jake can be... persuaded.

Jake and his bodyguard arrive at Jake's warehouse and Bianca and a heavily armed Harry step out of the shadows. Bianca figures that Jake hired Black Court vampires to kill Clive and his men, paying them in Third Eye. Jake denies it but Harry warns him that if they disappear then the High Council gets word of his activities. Bianca advises him to back off now, but Jake says that he no longer has interest in Chicago. He's only there because he has someone who wants to buy Third Eye.

Before Jake can give them the name of the buyer, two men shoot Harry in the back with crossbows. Natalie comes in, armed, and introduces herself as the buyer. She explains that she took Bianca's lessons in ruthlessness to heart and admits that she was behind everything. Natalie plans to conceal her power play from the High Council until the time is right to take over, and wants to know how Bianca was going to warn the High Council about Jake. Bianca doesn't see any reason to answer since she's dead anyway, and Natalie promises that she'll suffer if she doesn't talk.

Before Bianca can respond, someone takes out her men. Natalie realizes that Harry has disappeared, while Bianca walks off, moving faster than Natalie can draw a bead. Jake hides behind his bodyguard and Natalie kills the man. Harry throws his hockey stick, knocking Natalie out, and then puts Mai's handcuffs on the vampire. Bianca comes back and slaps her assistant, and Harry restrains her as Mai and the Wardens arrive.

Later, Harry and Bianca share a glass of wine. She apologizes for almost killing him earlier and admits that they're both murderous creatures that don't deserve to live because of their murderous paths. Harry wonders what she does to make up for the pain she's caused and Bianca tells him that she lets him think that he can save her from herself. He tells her that he just wanted to erase the debt he owed her and Bianca thanks him for being there. She promises not to bother him again and asks if she frightens him. When Harry says that he isn't frightened of her, Bianca half-jokingly says that's why she might have to kill him one day. She then kisses Harry, tells him to take care of himself, and leaves.