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The Dresden Files: The Other Dick

When a detective is killed by an unexplained means, his partner Liz Fontaine teams up with Harry to find his killer. What Harry finds is a trail that leads him to a fertility clinic and a strange ritual influenced by an Incubus. But as Liz and Harry get closer to the killer they may find themselves the next victims.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 110
Airdate: Sunday March 25th, 2007

Director: James Head
Writer: George Mastras

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Apr 11, 2007

Guest Stars
Richard BlackburnRichard Blackburn
As Jim Brennan
Richard BlackburnRichard Blackburn
As Jim Brennan
John Boylan (2)John Boylan (2)
As Dr. Overland
John Boylan (2)John Boylan (2)
As Dr. Overland
Stephanie MooreStephanie Moore
As Felicity Jones
Stephanie MooreStephanie Moore
As Felicity Jones
Chris OwensChris Owens
As Ronald Jones
Chris OwensChris Owens
As Ronald Jones
Lara KellyLara Kelly
As Anya Petrofsky
Lara KellyLara Kelly
As Anya Petrofsky
Main Cast
Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
As Harry Dresden
Valerie CruzValerie Cruz
As Lt. Connie Murphy
Valerie CruzValerie Cruz
As Lt. Connie Murphy
Raoul BhanejaRaoul Bhaneja
As Detective Sid Kirmani
Raoul BhanejaRaoul Bhaneja
As Detective Sid Kirmani
Episode Quotes
Harry: Some things come a lot easier to other people than they do to me. For example, money. I mean, spending it has never been a problem. Figuring out how to make it, well, always been the mystery.

Jim Brennan: What is the sacred rule? Come on, come on, anybody. Harvey.
Harry: Huh?
Jim Brennan: Harvey. Yeah. The uh, the sacred rule?
Harry: Oh. Uh... Keep your mouth shut.
Jim Brennan: Harvey is right.
Harry: Harry's right.
Jim Brennan: Harry? Who the hell is Harry?

Liz Fontaine: Dresden. It's about your tuition. Your last two promises of payment have come and gone. You're going to have to leave the class.
Harry: I just got an A.
Liz Fontaine: Not in accounting.

Harry: If I had a dollar for every time I've tripped over a body, had a gun pulled on me and watched Murphy kick for clues, I'd have more than enough money to pay for Brennan's P.I. class.

Murphy: She wants you arrested on suspicion of murder.
Harry: Yeah, I deduced that… you know, almost being a graduate of Brennan's class and all.

Harry: So you're ruling out a disgruntled client or a vengeful cuckold?
Murphy: I'm not ruling out anything... did you just say "cuckold"?

Harry: "Bring peace if you can." That's what he said. Brennan was a good guy. Not good with names, but he didn't treat me like I'd crawled out from underneath some rock.

Bob: And the comely assistant with the rap sheet... she doesn't factor into this at all?
Harry: Well, yeah, she thinks I killed the guy. I'd like to correct that impression.
Bob: Um-hum. And how are her legs?
Harry: Dishy.
Bob: I rest my case.

Harry: I'm a good dick. Bad dick. Whatever you want. Huh?
Liz Fontaine: You could be bad dick.
Harry: Okay.

Liz Fontaine: You know what, Harvey? You can just get out of the car! (climbs into Harry's car)
Harry: Hey. That's my car.
Liz Fontaine: Yeah, well, I'm driving.
Harry: What?!
Liz Fontaine: Well, whatever. Look, trust me on this. (Harry looks unconvinced) It's a woman's intuition (Harry still unconvinced) Okay, I'll make a deal with you. If Felicity Jones isn't throwing her milkshake in the yard...
Harry: What?!
Liz Fontaine: ...I'll be happy to move on to one of your brilliant ideas.
Harry: Fine.
Liz Fontaine: Yeah?
Harry: Just one thing...
Liz Fontaine: What?
Harry: My name... isn't Harvey.
Liz Fontaine: It isn't?
Harry: No.
Liz Fontaine: What is it?
Harry: You're the detective...

Harry: Well, two hours and forty minutes, eleven clothing stores browsed, and one purchase of trashy lingerie.
Liz Fontaine: Bet that made your day.
Harry: Nah. It's not my style.

Harry: You know, I'll finish this off. It's fine.
Liz Fontaine: It's a fertility clinic. You go in there alone, you're gonna look even more freakish than you do right now. You gonna tell them you want to get pregnant?

Dr. Overland: Mr. Fairburn, we'll get your prior records sent over but, in the meantime, let's get a current sample and see what's what. (gives Harry a specimen jar)
Liz Fontaine: Get cracking.

Harry: When I cross a ley line, I can feel it in my bones. And my bones were telling me the trouble I was looking for was dead ahead.

Liz Fontaine: Well, I did some, um, research on Dr. Overland and his, uh, little den of iniquity.
Harry: Yeah? What did you find out?
Liz Fontaine: Let's talk about you first.
Harry: Umm...
Liz Fontaine: Your real name is Harry and you, uh, you claim to be a wizard?
Harry: Yeah, guilty. Got the pictures?
Liz Fontaine: What does that mean?
Harry: You know, it means "wizard."
Liz Fontaine: Wizard at what? Math? Cooking? I mean, we get all kinds of kooks in PI class but you're a first.
Harry: Life, huh? Those are the pictures, right?
Liz Fontaine: You're changing the subject.
Harry: I'm trying to.

Liz Fontaine: How did you know we had to investigate that?
Harry: I was just poking around.
Liz Fontaine: Yeah. You're not a wizard at lying, are you?

Liz Fontaine: Who are you? Who is he?
Harry: That is the, uh, tea expert.
Liz Fontaine: Ah.
Harry: Bob...Liz. Liz...Bob.
Bob: Pleasure.

Harry: With all due respect, it is time for you to drop the case and just... just stay safe.
Liz Fontaine: Safe?! There's no such thing as safe! Okay, there's alive, and there's dead. And anything in between is just dumb luck.

Bob: It's a doorway for incubae. Sexual tormenters who prey upon women. Seducing them,d riving them mad with lust and desire. A deviant unbridled cornucopia of...of... carnal delight.
Harry: In a fertility clinic? Come on.
Bob: For an incubus, I can think of no better playground. Think of it. Desperate women yearning for fertile seed. Reproductive organs. Naked...
Harry: Bob! Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Harry: Just tell me... what did you find out about Overland?
Liz Fontaine: Oh. He had his license to practice medicine revoked by the state of California. Do you know how bad you have to be for California to shut you down?

Harry: So, was Dr Overland an incubus? The fox in a hen house? It was time to take a little late night snoop around the chicken coop.

Liz Fontaine: Hey.
Harry: What?
Liz Fontaine: Do you have a spare hockey stick for me?
Harry: No.
Liz Fontaine: Well, this'll have to do instead. (draws a gun)
Harry: You could get in serious trouble carrying that thing.
Liz Fontaine: Thanks, mom!

Harry: Hey, listen. If we do run into Overland, you gotta let me do the talking, okay?
Liz Fontaine: Why?
Harry: Let's just say he has a way with women, all right?
Liz Fontaine: Blind, drunk women maybe...

Murphy: Why am I not arresting you for breaking and entering?
Harry: Well, nothing's been broken and there are no posted hours, so...
Murphy: You did the lock thing.
Liz Fontaine: You should have seen him earlier when he did the hockey stick thing!
Murphy: Got a fanclub.

Liz Fontaine: You know, why don’t you skip on back to La Traviata and let us handle it from here?
Murphy: You’re gone.
Liz Fontaine: Fine.
Murphy: She’s your problem, Dresden. You keep her off this and away from me.
Harry: Yeah.
Liz Fontaine: You know, it is a free country.
Murphy: Not if you’re in jail. But then you know that already, don’t you?
Liz Fontaine: Let’s go, Harry.
Murphy: Go on, Harry, before she takes another yank at your leash.
Harry: Can you just be nice?
Murphy: No. Go home so I know where to find you if I have any questions.

Liz Fontaine: I don't think I understand what happened here. Do I want to?
Harry: No.

Liz Fontaine: It's a pretty tough job if I can't use a gun. You sure you can't spare one of those killer hockey sticks?
Harry: Yeah, I'm positive.

Episode Goofs
When Harry enters Brennan's office, the onscreen identifier says 9:52.

However, when he gets inside, the clock on the wall reads 10:10.

Cultural References
Harry: Keeping Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, from throwing me out on my ass...

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, is a 1975 torture/exploitation movie. The title character runs a Nazi prison camp during World War II.

Murphy: Fine, you're Nancy Drew. Which Hardy are you?

Nancy Drew was a teenage sleuth from the novels written under the pen-name Carolyn Keene. The novels started in the 1950's and featured a plucky teenage girl who solved crimes. The series The Hardy Boys was written under the pen-name Franklin W. Dixon and featured two teenage brothers Frank and Joe Hardy who also solved mysteries. The Hardy Boys series began in 1929 and during the 1980's the two series would often crossover.

Ley Lines:

To New Age writers ley lines are psychic or magical lines that run and crisscross all around the planet. Many of the World's holiest places and places of power are considered to be where ley lines cross. The theory is that someone with magical or psychic powers can tap into the lines to gain power.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperHans Beimler  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Executive ProducerMorgan Gendel  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe  |  Norm Golightly  |  David Simkins  |  Nicolas Cage
Supervising ProducerCurtis Kheel
ProducerJonathan Hackett (1)
Co-ProducerLaurence Walsh
Consulting ProducerJack Bernstein  |  Barry M. Schkolnick
EditorJean Coulombe
CastingLisa Parasyn  |  Jon Comerford  |  Julie Tucker  |  Ross Meyerson
First Assistant DirectorJill Compton (1)
MusicRobert J. Kral
Costume DesignerJoanne Hansen
Key GripMichael O'Connor (2)
Set DecoratorCarol Lavoie
Location ManagerAine Furey
Transportation CoordinatorOrest W. Muz
Property MasterPeter Fletcher
Construction CoordinatorMark Thomson
Script SupervisorAngela Mastronardi
Script CoordinatorElizabeth Jacobs (2)
Assistant EditorBill Oliver
Post Production SupervisorSteve D'Onofrio
GafferDave Fisher (3)
On-Line EditorPaul Deakin
Director of PhotographyAlwyn Kumst  |  Colin Hoult
Story EditorPeter Egan (3)
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Stead
Production ManagerWanda Chaffey
Sound MixerEric Apps  |  Thomas Hidderley  |  Christian T. Cooke
Key Makeup ArtistMaribeth Knezev
Production AccountantDaniela Zomparelli
Extras CastingKay Rogers
"A" Camera OperatorColin Hoult
Key HairstylistLydia Pensa
Production ExecutiveStefani Deoul
PublicistLisa Ghione
Steadicam OperatorBrian Gedge
Original CastingCamille St. Cyr  |  Susan Bluestein
Dialoge CoachRae Ellen Bodie
Special Effects CoordinatorLaird McMurray
Stunt DoubleLen Wagner  |  Christopher Cordell  |  Dana Jones
Sound Effects EditorTom Bjelic
Dialogue EditorJohn Douglas Smith
"B" Camera OperatorBrian Gedge
Wardrobe Set SupervisorKaren Renaut
Stunt RiggerStewart Easun
Created ByJim Butcher
Key Scenic ArtistRossana Decampo
Key Special EffectsStephen Wallace
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