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The Dresden Files: What About Bob?

Bob's skull is stolen by someone thought to be dead for five years: Harry's uncle Justin Morningway. Bob is offered freedom from the 800-year curse that has bound him to the skull, in return for his skills in thaumaturgy. Meanwhile the Chicago Police are reopening the case of Morningway's death and it just might ruin the bond of trust between Harry and Murphy.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x10
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Sunday April 01st, 2007
Special Airtime: 09:00 pm

Director: David Straiton
Writer: David Simkins

Alternate Airdates:

CA (SPACE) Apr 15, 2007
UK (sky 1) Apr 18, 2007

Guest Stars
Matt GordonMatt Gordon
As Waldo Butters
Daniel KashDaniel Kash
As Justin Morningway
Jonathan HigginsJonathan Higgins
As Colm Dresden
Matthew KnightMatthew Knight
As Young Harry Dresden
Jordan MadleyJordan Madley
As Tara Wright
Main Cast
Paul BlackthornePaul Blackthorne
As Harry Dresden
Valerie CruzValerie Cruz
As Lt. Connie Murphy
Conrad CoatesConrad Coates
As Morgan
Raoul BhanejaRaoul Bhaneja
As Detective Sid Kirmani


San Francisco, 1982..

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Episode Notes
This episode ran as the season finale in Canada (Apr 15, 2007), but in the US it was the third to last episode (April 1, 2007).

In this episode Morningway introduces Bob as Hrothbert of Bainbridge.

Look closely at the scene where Harry storms into the morgue. Behind the lid of Morningway's coffin is Jim Butcher, Harry's creator.

Episode Quotes
Harry: For the working magician, the best tool in his toolbox is a little thing we like to call "the false expectation." If played right, it could stun an audience into total submission. The false expectation is also known by more aggressive illusionists as "the dashed hope." Timed just right, it can be a real killer. Here's the thing about the dashed hope. You hit someone hard enough with it an early age, and it can make a blind spot in one's habitual search for closeness and affection. Okay, my habitual search. The current blindspot's name is Tara. Sweet and funny. And willing to destroy my life for a fistful of cash. Of course, the hunger for money can create its own blind spot. And what you can't see coming... can kill you.

Young Harry Dresden: Is he a genie?
Bob: I'm not a genie. I'm a sorcerer.
Justin Morningway: Former sorcerer. His soul was damned for eternity and trapped inside his own skull.
Young Harry Dresden: What did he do?
Bob: I can hear you...
Young Harry: He's cranky.
Justin Morningway: Yes, he is, and very smart. You'll learn a lot from him.

Justin Morningway: And you left nothing behind?
Tara Wright: Only a sweet memory and a pair of handcuffs.
Justin Morningway: Handcuffs? My instruction was very clear. You were to leave nothing.
Tara Wright: I didn't want him chasing me out the door, did I?
Justin Morningway: Well, you left a possession. He can chase you around the world with it.
Tara Wright: What does that mean?
Justin Morningway: I'm sorry, Tara. I must alter the agreement.

Murphy: We got an anonymous tip
Harry: Saying what?
Murphy: That your uncle was murdered and you did it. Crazy, huh?
Harry: That is a little crazy. Let me get this straight - five years after my uncle drops dead of a heart attack, you're investigating me for murder because some crank calls up?

Murphy: Now, just so we're clear, your father also died of a heart attack?
Harry: Okay, okay, just so we can both get something clear here. If I'm gonna discuss my family's tragedies, I'm gonna do it with a really, really close friend, okay? Not with a cop who seems to be measuring me up for shackles right now.

Murphy: You inherit a fortune from your uncle and yet you're still living here practically begging strangers for lunch money...
Harry: Look, I gave the money to charity, okay? You wanna see the tax returns?
Murphy: Your uncle left you this big house. Why aren't you living in it?
Harry: Because it isn't my home.
Murphy: Then sell it!
Harry: It's safer if I don't.
Murphy: Safer for who?

Justin Morningway: You can end the never-ending torment, if you agree to use your forbidden talents and bring Morningway back from the dead.

Harry: What are you doing about all this? (Morgan holds up a small crystal skull) What is that?
Morgan: If the skull is ever unshielded, this will tell you where to find it.
Harry: What, it talks?
Morgan: It will glow. When you touch it, you'll know where to go.
Harry: Well, do you have something a little more proactive? I just gotta sit around waiting for this to...? (Morgan disappears) God, I really hate that.

Harry: Here's the important thing to remember about our last lesson. The dashed hope--if it's successful and you've shattered your subject's illusions of normalcy, then the most unbelievable and bizarre situations will be accepted without question. With a gentle nudge, you can send your subject into a world of wonder... or straight off a cliff. Your choice.

Murphy: The death of your uncle made you a very rich man.
Harry: Wow. We just really aren't friends anymore, are we?

Murphy: What did you do?
Harry: I'm sorry, what do you mean?
Murphy: Something happened to me, I can still feel it.
Harry: You had a close call. I helped you out. You'll get better. It's just gonna take time.

Harry: Hey, how's Bob?
Justin Morningway: As you know, cranky.
Harry: Still?
Justin Morningway: Eternally.

Justin Morningway: Harry I need you to listen to me very carefully. I need you to hear this. I've tried to keep you safe, to keep you in the dark. But there are plans and machinations all around us. All the time. Moves, counter-moves. You think you know what I did, but you have no idea.

Harry: It's okay Bob, it's okay. You're gonna be okay.
Bob: If by "okay" you mean dead, then yes.
Harry: Please don't die on me, Bob.
(Harry cries as Bob grows limp in his arms. Bob's body disappears and reappears across the room.)
Bob: That is really touching.
Harry: Bob, that's not fair. You knew...
Bob: Once cursed, always cursed. My soul forever ensnared, forbidden to move on.
Harry: I guess I can live with that.
Bob: Yes, I thought you might.

Harry: I saved you, Murphy. Saved you with black magic.
Murphy: I can't believe that. Your world cannot exist because this world, the world that I live in--it's scary enough.

Murphy: I can't join you there, Harry, because my rules don't apply there and I need my rules. I need them.
Harry: I need you, Murphy. I need you to help me be a better person, to do something half-decent in this world, okay? And you gotta help me to do that for as long as I can. Please!
Murphy: Okay. For as long as I can.

Cultural References
What About Bob?:

What About Bob? (1991) is the name of a movie staring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. It's about an obsessive compulsive patient who drives his psychiatrist nuts after tracking him down while on a family vacation.

Episode References
In this episode Harry has flashbacks from The Boone Identity (using black magic to save Murphy) and Soul Beneficiary (When Bob told Harry why he was cursed).

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperHans Beimler  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Executive ProducerNicolas Cage  |  Morgan Gendel  |  Robert Hewitt Wolfe  |  Norm Golightly  |  David Simkins
Supervising ProducerCurtis Kheel
ProducerJonathan Hackett (1)
Co-ProducerLaurence Walsh
Consulting ProducerBarry M. Schkolnick  |  Jack Bernstein
Production DesignerFranco De Cotiis
EditorDavid B. Thompson
CastingJon Comerford  |  Lisa Parasyn  |  Ross Meyerson  |  Julie Tucker
First Assistant DirectorSteve Webb
MusicRobert J. Kral
Costume DesignerJoanne Hansen
Key GripMichael O'Connor (2)
Set DecoratorCarol Lavoie
Location ManagerKaren Perez
Transportation CoordinatorOrest W. Muz
Property MasterPeter Fletcher
Construction CoordinatorMark Thomson
Script SupervisorAngela Mastronardi
Production CoordinatorSusan R. Jones
Script CoordinatorElizabeth Jacobs (2)
Assistant EditorBill Oliver
Post Production SupervisorSteve D'Onofrio
GafferDave Fisher (3)
On-Line EditorPaul Deakin
Director of PhotographyAlwyn Kumst  |  Colin Hoult
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Stead
Production ManagerWanda Chaffey
Sound MixerEric Apps  |  Thomas Hidderley
Executive Story EditorPeter Egan (3)
Key Makeup ArtistMaribeth Knezev
Production AccountantDaniela Zomparelli
Extras CastingKay Rogers
"A" Camera OperatorColin Hoult
Key HairstylistLydia Pensa
Production ExecutiveStefani Deoul
PublicistLisa Ghione
Steadicam OperatorBrian Gedge
Original CastingCamille St. Cyr  |  Susan Bluestein
ColoristLorraine Grant
Dialoge CoachRae Ellen Bodie
Special Effects CoordinatorLaird McMurray
Stunt DoubleLen Wagner  |  Brian Frank  |  Dana Jones
Sound Effects EditorTom Bjelic
Dialogue EditorJohn Douglas Smith
"B" Camera OperatorBrian Gedge
Wardrobe Set SupervisorKaren Renaut
Stunt RiggerStewart Easun
Created ByJim Butcher
Key Scenic ArtistRossana Decampo
Key Special EffectsStephen Wallace
MixerStacy Coutts
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