The Dresden Files

Season 1

Season 1
In the first episode a scared young boy comes to Harry Dresden, private detective and practicing wizard, begging him to investigate the monsters he is convinced are following him. Harry's conscience won't let him just walk away, especially when the monsters prove to be very real.

Meanwhile the Chicago Police Department needs his help to solve a grisly murder, and Dresden might very well find himself to be the next target of a homicidal monster.

You begin to learn about Harry's past as he remembers what it was like to take his very first steps as a Wizard and the way his father protected and hid him from dangers young Harry couldn't understand.

Harry at this time is seeing Laura and his relationship with Murphy is professional.

In the Second episode a fine arts dealer hires Harry because he believes he is being haunted by his 17 year old daughter. In the process Harry stumbles upon a psychopathic killer that has found a way to cheat death using an ancient Egyptian tablet.

When the killer's soul finds his way into Murphy's body, Harry must step over the line into dark magic, or risk losing her.

Murphy takes a leave of absence from her job at the police force because she is traumatized by the events in the episode. Unable to come to grips with what she thinks of as horrible nightmares she confronts Harry.

The third episode has Detective Murphy asking Dresden to help her with a series of ritualistic slayings. He discovers that werewolves are involved, but the werewolves aren't the killers, they're the victims.

And when the FBI gets involved with the investigation Harry becomes the prime suspect and is thrown in jail. An innocent woman is targeted by the killer and Harry may not be able to help her.

Murphy and Kirmani are taken off the case and Murphy is unable to help Harry when he is thrown in jail by the FBI agents.

Murphy questions Harry's involvement. It is obvious their relationship has been damaged. Murphy no longer completely trusts Harry.

When Harry is hired to help a young woman find her lost boyfriend, Harry finds himself embroiled in a battle over a Hellion's soul. Will Harry make a deal with the devil to protect the girl, or will he defy the council and double cross the devil to help the girl reclaim the mortal soul of her boyfriend?

Murphy is frustrated by Harry's silence when the case is left open after Harry interferes.

We learn about the fine line Morgan walks when keeping the peace between the Council and the monsters of the world. Morgan and Harry work together to help save a young couple from demons.

The fifth episode reveals more of Harry's past. A beautiful vampire named Bianca comes back into Harry's life to call in an old debt and she drags Harry into a tangled web of undead drugs and warring Vampire factions. Events escalate to the point where even the highest levels of the High Council take an interest and Harry may very well be forced to make a choice between betraying Bianca to save himself.

Laura and Harry have a falling out when Bianca visits. Bianca and Harry were lovers five years ago, just after the murder of Harry's uncle.

In the sixth episode a man with premonitions about his own death seeks Dresden's help, and he promptly drops dead in Harry's office. This prompts Harry and Bob to research his strange death, only to discover the man they thought was dead is still alive. Soon Harry finds himself the target of the dark magician responsible and the spells employed triggers a memory for Bob, who recognizes the magic all too well.

Murphy still doesn't trust Harry but still manages to be friendly with him when she rescues him from his captors.

At the end of the episode more is revealed about Bob's past as he explains the crime that got him executed and cursed.

In the seventh episode a young woman is killed right outside Harry's door, Harry is drawn into finding a mysterious thieving ring where the thieves are local college students... and using black magic to walk through walls. As the students start dying one by one something evil grows stronger, and it won't rest until all the students are dead.

Harry convinces Morgan to help Dante, a young man revealed to have an understanding of magic.

Bob shows just how bitter his curse can be when he blames himself over the death of a girl and shows just how easy it would be to end his existence.

In the eighth episode both the Chicago Police Department and the High Council demand that Harry investigate the bizarre deaths of a crime boss and his girlfriend, two deaths lead to a string of them, all killed by black magic. Harry becomes the prime suspect and the target as he desperately hunts through the magical community of Chicago to find the man responsible before he ends up dead himself.

Murphy and Morgan both hold Harry suspect when Harry is revealed to be the only wizard capable of committing such brutal acts using magic.

In the ninth episode a detective is killed by an unexplained means his partner Liz Fontaine teams up with Harry to find his killer. What Harry finds is a trail that leads him to a fertility clinic and a strange ritual influenced by a Incubus. But as Liz and Harry get closer to the killer they may find themselves the next victims.

Murphy is borderline belligerent with Harry and Liz.

The tenth episode brings Murphy and Harry's volatile relationship to a head.

Bob's skull is stolen by someone thought to be dead for 5 years, Harry's uncle Justin Morningway. Bob is offered freedom from the 800 year curse that has bound him to the skull in return for his skills in Thaumaturgy. A life for a life.

Meanwhile the Chicago Police are reopening the case of Morningway's death and it just might ruin the bond of trust between Harry and Murphy.

Harry finally confesses the truth about his uncle's death to Murphy as her eyes are opened about the strange nature of magic. Murphy comes to a quasi peace with Harry's nature.

Bob and Harry show just how close a relationship they have, as the script flashes back to Harry's childhood and shows Bob's role in development as a wizard.

The eleventh episode has Morgan and Ancient Mai coming to Harry for protection after Mai is attacked. Harry, Mai, Morgan, and Murphy are all trapped inside a field of death and unable to escape. If that wasn't bad enough something very evil is trapped inside with them. Harry must find out just what is going on before everyone ends up trapped for eternity in hell.

Morgan and Harry are forced to work closely together and Morgan shows grudging respect for Harry, when he figures out how to save the day.

Harry and Murphy take on their stickiest case yet when a former mobster drowns on dry land. As Harry and Murphy get closer to the killer, more people try and come between the two of them, getting them both thrown off the case. Even Murphy's father gets in on it, trying to drive a wedge between Harry and Murphy. Things only get worse when Joe Murphy becomes the prime suspect in the mobster's murder.

Harry and Murphy are on friendly terms again and after Harry uses magic to save Murphy's father's life, Murphy reveals she just might be open to a relationship with Harry.

And with that, Harry turns the sign on his door from open to closed.

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Season: 1
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Broadcast Information: Sunday at 09:00 pm on Syfy
Season 1 Cast
Paul BlackthorneplayedHarry Dresden (12 eps)
Valerie CruzplayedLt. Connie Murphy (11 eps)
Terrence MannplayedBob (11 eps)
Conrad CoatesplayedMorgan (6 eps)
Raoul BhanejaplayedDetective Sid Kirmani (10 eps)
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Premiere: January 21, 2007
Ended: April 15, 2007
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