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Season 7

The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!

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The Dukes of Hazzard

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The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

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131 :07x01 - Happy Birthday, General Lee

It’s been 8 years since Bo and Luke got the General Lee and the Duke’s decide to reminisce about how they first found the car in a nearby junkyard and decided to use it in a local race.
Guest Stars: Sam Melville as Rick | Wayne Morton as The Customer
Director: Tom Wopat
Writer: Si Rose

132 :07x02 - Welcome, Waylon Jennings

When country music star Waylon Jennings comes to Hazzard County with his mobile museum, Boss gets the idea to steal it, frame Bo and Luke for it, and then sell it back to Waylon for ransom. The Dukes then get to work to prove their innocence and are able to recover Waylon’s mobile museum. Then before leaving town, Waylon decides to hold a special concert.
Special Guest Stars: Waylon Jennings as Himself |
Guest Stars: Shannon Tweed as Betty Jo | Stephen Lee (1) as Buddy | Terrence Evans as Jeb
Director: Bob Sweeney

133 :07x03 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke

One day after drinking some water that had some mind-altering chemicals in it, Luke’s personality changes so much that he promptly starts badmouthing his family and harassing all the girls at the Boar’s Nest. While Luke decides to try his luck in robbing Boss’ bank, Bo and the rest of the family work on finding out what happened to him before Luke follows through with his plans.
Guest Stars: Alan Autry as Hurley | Lori Hallier as Dr. Debbie Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Finley as Ben | Ben Slack as Mr. Adams | James Bradford as Toby | Parley Baer as Doc Appleby
Director: Michael Caffey

134 :07x04 - Robot P. Coltrane

Tired of Roscoe’s bumbling ways, Boss decides to buy a new robot two inventors have with them, especially after seeing how easy it can capture the Dukes. As a result, Boss promptly fires Roscoe and makes the robot the new Hazzard County Sheriff. However, Boss is unaware that the inventors stole the robot from a lab that fired them and plan to return it for a high ransom.
Director: Bob Sweeney

135 :07x05 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

When the Dukes go shopping at the Capital City Department Store, Boss tricks them into thinking they’re the millionth customers so Boss can frame them for stealing the prizes that his associates stole. However, when Boss gets amnesia after hitting his head, his associates decide to kidnap him so he can’t rat them out to the authorities.
Guest Stars: Parley Baer as Doc Appleby | John Matuszak as Stoney | Jan Eddy as Zack | Audrey Landers as Billie Jean
Director: Ralph Riskin
Writer: Martin Roth

136 :07x06 - The Dukes in Hollywood

While filming a movie in Hazzard County, the star of the movie almost dies in a car accident, but Bo and Luke are able to save him in time. When the movie producers see how the Dukes saved Brock, they offer them jobs as stunt doubles in the movie. The only catch with that is that the remainder of the movie is being shot in Hollywood and, as a result, Boss and Roscoe have to go along as Bo and Luke’s chaperones. It is while on the set do the Dukes soon discover that someone associated with the movie wanted Brock to die to collect an insurance payment. Meanwhile Boss and Roscoe try to get their big movie break, but are continually shot down.
Guest Stars: Jason Bernard as The Chief Guard | Barry Van Dyke as Brock Curtis | Joel Brooks as The Director | Brett Halsey as Dillard
Director: George Bowers
Writer: Si Rose

138 :07x08 - Go West, Young Dukes

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Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Martin Roth

139 :07x09 - Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard

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Guest Stars: Cale Yarborough as Himself
Director: James Best

140 :07x10 - Danger on the Hazzard Express

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Director: Sorrell Booke
Writer: Si Rose

141 :07x11 - Sittin' Dukes

When some escaped convicts make their way to Hazzard County, one looks to settle a score with Luke after he sent him to prison when they were in the Marines. After finding out that Sheriff Little is on their trail, the pair orders Bo and Luke into helping them escape.
Writer: Martin Roth

142 :07x12 - Sky Bandits Over Hazzard

After a group of crooks hijack an armored car using a helicopter, Bo and Luke are framed for the crime. However, after Roscoe arrests them for the crime, the robbers strike again, ultimately proving the Duke’s innocence. As a result, Boss lets them escape so they can catch the robbers for Roscoe.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Taylor | Nedra Volz as Miz Tizdale | Michael Prokopuk as Cleary | Chip Heller as Budge
Director: Ralph Riskin
Writer: Si Rose

143 :07x13 - The Haunting of J.D. Hogg

Following the death of Boss’ uncle Silas, he gets left a large sum of money to donate to the charity of his choice. The Dukes however, have a sinking suspicion that Boss will decide to keep the money instead of giving it to a worthy cause. As a result, they decide to play a trick on Boss to scare him into donating the money to charity.
Guest Stars: Chris Mulkey as Sharp | Bill McLean as Mr. Winkle | Jason Evers as Larson
Director: Tom Wopat

144 :07x14 - When You Wish Upon a Hogg

Hughie Hogg returns to Hazzard County looking to con his uncle Boss with a fake Aladdin's lamp.
Guest Stars: Katherine Moffat as Trixie | Jeff Altman as Hughie Hogg
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Martin Roth

145 :07x15 - Strange Visitor to Hazzard

After hearing a lot of their neighbors talking about UFO sightings, Bo and Luke think that the people of Hazzard are crazy. But, when they discover an alien has followed them back to the farm, the boys see that there is some truth to what everybody was saying. When they try to figure out what’s going on, Boss finds out about their alien and tries to steal it, hoping he can make a lot of money by selling it.
Guest Stars: Felix Silla as The Visitor | Dennis Burkley as Mickey Larson | Britt Leach as Buck Simmons
Director: Sorrell Booke
Writer: Si Rose

146 :07x16 - Enos and Daisy's Wedding

When Enos is forced to help a pair of crooks rob the bank, Daisy witnesses what happened and fears that she will have to testify against him. Daisy then decides to propose to Enos, knowing that she wouldn’t be called to testify at his trial if they were married. As Daisy and Enos’ wedding approaches, Bo and Luke rapidly try to capture the crooks and clear Enos’ good name.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Deputy Attorney General | Scott Lincoln as Jerry | Anthony De Longis as Slade | Royce D. Applegate as Insurance Man
Director: Tom Wopat

147 :07x17 - Opening Night at the Boar's Nest

When Boss and Lulu decide to host a talent show at the Boar’s Nest, Roscoe decides to try out his magic act. However, when Roscoe makes Boss disappear, two escaped convicts return to Hazzard County to seek revenge on Boss. At first they contemplate killing Boss for sending them to prison, but they eventually decide to hold him hostage. Eventually Bo and Luke come up with a plan to free Boss and send the convicts back to prison.
Guest Stars: Kevin Peter Hall as Floyd Malone | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Bubba Malone
Director: John Schneider
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 1979
Ended: August 16, 1985
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