Jude Emery - Recap

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The Dukes are in one of their usual car chases when they run into Jude Emery, a Texas Ranger, who's car broke down. He informs the Sheriff, Boss and the Dukes that he is in Hazzard County to catch criminal Snake Harmon and his gang.
Sheriff Grady, not wanting to lose this bust himself, wants to catch them first. The Dukes promise to do whatever it takes to help Jude. In the meantime, Daisy has fallen for Jude in the story's subplot.
The Dukes infiltrate Snake's gang saying they want to be a part of his team, all the while Jude is hiding in their car. Snake doesn't trust the Dukes, so they test them in a car race involving an actual snake in the General Lee. Snake's Gang discovers Jude and this leads to an arm wrestling match, which Luke is about to lose until Daisy shows up right in time, offering to help Snake. Snake agrees, but this leads to a car chase between the Dukes and the Sheriff and Boss to make sure Snake doesn't get out of their jurisdiction. With the help of the Dukes, Daisy and Uncle Jesse, Jude gets Snake over Hazzard county line. This enables Jude to take Snake into his custody as the Sheriff and Boss are moaning. Jude even gets to gloat a little as he binds Snake. In the end everyone wins. Jude and Daisy share a long kiss goodbye, while Snake and his gang, now bound to Jude's jeep, hoot and hollar. Jude drives his prisoners back to Texas as the show ends.