Season 2

22 :02x01 - The Emperor's New Tuber/Room for Improvement

Malina tries to win a village potato-growing contest; Kuzco, Chaca and Tipo clean their attic bedroom.
Guest Stars: Miley Cyrus as Mudka's Meat Hut Waitress | John Goodman as Pacha

23 :02x02 - Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban

Kuzco goes on a summer beach vacation with Pacha's family; a friend from Kuzco's past shows up and claims he was falsely imprisoned.

24 :02x03 - Ramon's A Crowd/Guakumentary

Kronk and Kuzco get jealous when a new kid, Ramon, takes over Kronk's job and steals Malina's attention away from Kuzco.

25 :02x04 - Demon Llama!/Show Me the Monkey

Demon Llama!: Pacha's llamas accidentally drink Yzma's demon potion when it spills into the river that the llamas drink from after Yzma throws it away and they all turn into demons while Kuzco and Pacha try to herd them.

Show Me the Monkey: Kuzco tries to cheat and use a monkey to climb up the side of the Academy after he challenges a strong classmate to the climb.
Guest Stars: Miley Cyrus as Unknown | Justin Cowden as Unknown
Director: Howard Parkins

26 :02x05 - Picture This!/TV or Not TV

Yzma tries to take over as empress when the community becomes distracted with the discovery of TV.

27 :02x06 - Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow?

Kuzco's antics at the mall get a policeman fired; a manatee shows up at Malina's door.

29 :02x08 - Curse of the Moon Beast/Aww, Nuts!

Curse of the Moon Beast: On the anniversary of Kuzco's annual "prank day" where he takes the burden upon himself of pulling pranks on everyone else, Kronk has decided that this year he will not be made a fool out of by Kuzco. But Kuzco doesn't appear to be up to pulling any pranks this year when he is adamant about seeing a giant scary moon beast and is terrified out of his mind.

Aww, Nuts!: After Kuzco places the blame for ruining a feast on Bucky the squirrel, the town decides to have a new day where they will hunt squirrels and then ship them off to far away towns to get rid of them. But when Yzma hears of this, she sees the perfect way to get rid of Kuzco for once and for all by turning him into a squirrel and getting him shipped off for good.

30 :02x09 - Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars

Emperor's New School Spirit: Kuzco gets rid of the school mascot when he starts to outshine Kuzco as the main attraction at school-related events. But when no one will come to the games anymore, Kuzco has to come up with a solution. Meanwhile, Yzma attends her high school reunion and she is still being made fun of like she was when she was in school so she tries to come up with a plan for revenge.

Card Wars: Kuzco can't seem to get caught up with the newest, coolest game fads and after trading a valuable game card to Kronk without knowing of its value, he tries to figure out some way to get it back.

31 :02x10 - The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe

The Emperor's New Home School
Kuzco decides to be home-schooled, thinking he can lie about all day doing nothing

Mudka's Secret Recipe
Yzma steals the secret recepe for Mudka's meat mugs.

32 :02x11 - Emperor's New Musical

In a new attempt to name herself empress, Yzma declares that if the students cannot raise 5,000 Kuzcoins in two days that The Academy will have to be torn down because of the money problems it is facing. Malina immediately jumps into action and starts thinking of ways to raise the money, and finally comes to the conclusion that the best idea will be to put on a school musical. She gets even more excited about this idea when she learns that they will be able to get teen heart-throb Dirk Brock to perform at their musical. But with Kuzco and Yzma causing conflict because they both want to be the star, everyone starts to worry that they might not be able to save the school after all.

33 :02x12 - A Giftmas Story

After learning that Papa Santaos is real, Kuzco tries to get off of his naughty list so that his wish will be granted to become emperor.

35 :02x14 - Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza

In Kronkenitza, Kronk discoveres he's not Incan.

41 :02x20 - Guaka Rules

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44 :02x23 - Puff Piece/Take My Advice

Puff Piece: Kuzco and Kronk team up for a school project where they have to start and run a successful business as a team. But when Kuzco isn't too keen on the "team" aspect of the assignment, he might lose his partner and his chance at a good grade.

Take My Advice: When Yzma undergoes a job review for her job as royal adviser, she is fired for not giving Kuzco any advice. But when Yzma's replacement turns out to be worse than Yzma ever was, Kuzco tries his best to find a way to hire Yzma again.
Guest Stars: Miley Cyrus as Yata

45 :02x24 - Yzbot/The Puma Whisper

Yzbot: Yzma leaves Kronk in charge of a robotic version of herself while she goes off to Hollywood to become a famous pop star. Things get a little crazy though when the Yzbot's remote gets switched with the show-controlling remote that belongs to Kuzco.

The Puma Whisper: Kuzco finds himself in a jam after he takes credit for scaring off a pack of wild pumas that were about to attack him when it was really Pacha.

48 :02x27 - The Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malinas

The Emperor's New Show /
Kuzco reads some fan mail where the fans want a diferent kind of show, so he tries several of the suggestions.

Too Many Malinas
Kuzco tired of being rejected by Malina, tries to separate the lovey-dovey part from her uptight part, only it fails and he ends up splitting every one of her personalities.

51 :02x30 - Cornivale

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52 :02x31 - Graduation Groove

It's graduation time for Kuzco, only he's used to being a peasant and worries that he doesnt have what it takes to be emperor anymore. Meanwhile, Yzma tries one last dith attempt to get Kuzco to not graduate.
Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons | Action | Adventure | Children | Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 27, 2006
Ended: November 20, 2008
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