For the Good of Our Country - Recap

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The White House okays a press release claiming the passengers and crew survived the crash, which was caused by Brazilian separatists. The release claims that Michael heroically died in the crash. Meanwhile, Martinez meets with Blake and Jarvis, and demands to know what progress they're making to find the sleepers. Blake admits that they didn't suspects sleepers until recently, and suggests they focus on the assassination attempt against the President at Coral Gables. He wants to return to interrogating Michael, still in custody. Martinez agrees, but insists on talking to him first.

Michael apologizes and insists that he didn't have a choice when they abducted his daughters. Martinez doesn't buy it, and Michael admits that his abductors did something to him that temporarily drove him out of his mind. The president appeals to him as a father for anything Michael can give them to identify his abductors. Michael finally remembers that someone made a call at 1:08 pm giving his abductors the go-ahead to put him on the plane and order him to kill Martinez. Martinez realizes the significance of the time.

Jarvis has his aide, Eva, try to bring up the transcript of Michael's interrogation. She tells him that it's under Executive seal and he doesn't have permission. Jarvis goes into his office and nervously sits down, contemplating a photo of himself and Martinez together on the campaign trail.

One Hour Before the Assassination

At Coral Gables, Jarvis calls Martinez into the house to meet with Blake and Whitman. They all counsel Martinez not to release Sophia and her people, but the president insists on telling the truth to the American people. Once the meeting ends, Jarvis goes to his limo and calls Dempsey. Dempsey says that they have no choice but to dispose of Martinez to stop the release of the detainees. Jarvis worries about the cost in human lives, but Dempsey insists that they can't risk the release of an unknown enemy into their midst, and that Jarvis has to get out of the compound before the plane hits.


Sean, Leila, Peter, and Madeline flee the building and Peter blows up the apartment behind him. Leila and Sean go to the street, and Sean reassures his girlfriend that he'll find her sister and clear his name. The lead killer survives the blast, gets down to the street, and shoots Sean in the left shoulder.

The couple flees into an alleyway and manages to knock the killer unconscious, and then take his gun. Before the police can arrive and seal the area, Sean has Leila hotwire a stolen car and drive away. She wants to take him to the hospital, but Sean warns that they'll notify the authorities when they realize he has a gunshot wound. Leila insists and refuses to lose him. When they arrive at the hospital, she abducts Dr. Matt Kemp as he leaves at the end of his shift, and forces him into the car.

Blake returns from the hospital and assures Martinez that Simon is recovering and will be discharged in a day or two. The president admits that Blake is a good friend, and then explains that Michael's testimony about the phone call confirms that someone in the room or connected to them gave the go-ahead to send Michael. Martinez knows that it wasn't Blake, both because Blake has had personal experience with disloyalty and because he had the NSA monitor his calls. Now they work together to go over all of the phone records and confirm who made the call.

Jarvis calls Dempsey and warns that Martinez talked to Michael, and is now behind closed doors with Blake. Dempsey tries to assure him that no one can trace Michael to Jarvis, and says that nothing bad will happen. When Jarvis demands reassurances, Dempsey tells him to meet at a designated meeting place, a doctor's office set up as cover. Jarvis balks because he has a meeting, and Dempsey says that it's up to him how soon he wants to put his mind at ease.

Two Years Ago

Jarvis speaks at a political rally, rousing the crowd and mobilizing his party's base. When he's done, he meets with one of his major contributors: Dempsey notes that it's a shame that Jarvis lost the nomination, and notes that it's a done deal that Martinez will take the White House. He wants Jarvis to work with Martinez, who plans to create a bipartisan ticket. Dempsey wants Jarvis to become vice president, and provide balance to the idealistic Martinez.


Martinez and Blake go over the transcripts, and realize that Jarvis is the traitor. He made a scrambled call at the identified time, and the encryption is military-grade and non-government. A minute after Jarvis finished his call, Michael was given the go-ahead. However, Blake figures that Jarvis is the front man for someone else. He advises caution and a surveillance operation, warning that they can't prosecute Jarvis for an assassination they say never happened. However, Martinez insists on confronting the man who ordered the death of his family. He storms off to Jarvis' office, only to discover that the vice president has gone to his doctor, and his aide doesn't know where he is.

Sarah holds Matt at gunpoint and tells him to stop at a pharmacy for supplies, and then go to his house to operate on Sean. They pull in at the pharmacy and Matt tries to get Leila to stay with Sean. She insists on going with him and they approach the pharmacist. Matt buys all of the supplies that he needs. Outside, Sean sees a police car pull up. Inside, Leila notices the officers enter the pharmacy and tells Matt to hurry up and not do anything stupid. They finally get the supplies and go out to the car... and discover that Sean is gone.

Vicky meets with Dempsey, who adds an herbal sweetener to his coffee and offers her a cup. She refuses, and Dempsey asks what happened in Texas. She claims that Sean and Leila caught them all by surprise, but Dempsey passes on Carter's suspicions that there was an inside man on the team that betrayed them. Vicky deflects suspicion by noting that Carter got away as well, and Dempsey seemingly believes her. He then gives her the next assignment: kill Jarvis.

Jarvis arrives at the doctor's office with his Secret Service team. At the White House, Blake and Martinez order the Secret Service to secure Jarvis. They go to the exam room only to discover that he's slipped out through a back door. Blake orders the Secret Service agents to sweep the perimeter and find Jarvis.

Jarvis goes to the building's boiler room to meet with Dempsey, and finds Vicky and another operative waiting for him. She draws a gun and prepares to shoot him... and then shoots the operatives. She then tells Jarvis that she wants out, and she wants to trade his life for Dempsey. Vicky tells him to tell the President how he was working for Dempsey, and warns that Dempsey is interested in more than patriotism. She tells Jarvis to come clean since it's the only way they can get out alive, and walks away.

Matt and Leila find Sean in a nearby alleyway. Matt goes to work and has Leila help him. Working together, they manage to get the bullet out and stabilize him. Leila and Sean thank Matt for his help.

Jarvis calls his Secret Service team and tells them to meet him at the back of the building. He then calls Martinez and admits that he's behind the assassination attempt. Jarvis insists that he was mislead, and Martinez demands to know who mislead him. The Secret Service agents come to get Jarvis as a van pulls up and the driver gets out. Before Jarvis can give Martinez Dempsey's name, the van blows up, smashing Jarvis to the ground in a bloody heap.

Dempsey is taking his herbal sweetener when he gets word that Jarvis is dead, and Vicky failed in her mission. He goes to the mirror and examines his features, which briefly grow younger before aging again.