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Season 9

A Fairly Odd Summer

A trip to Hawaii ends up in trouble thanks to Vicki, Foop and Crocker.

A Fairly Odd Christmas

Timmy and his magical godparents have to save Christmas. But the only way they can is by getting Timmy on the naughty list first.

127 :09x01 - Fairly OddPet

When Timmy's desire for a pet are ignored by his parents, he adopts a mischievous fairy dog. However Timmy soon finds out that, just as Jorgan warned, caring for a fairy dog can be a lot of work.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky

128 :09x02 - Dinkelscouts | I Dream of Cosmo

Timmy wishes Mr. Dinkleberg would be his scout troop leader so they can have a hazard free scouting trip.

I Dream of Cosmo:
When Cosmo looses his memory, he believe's he's a genie that Timmy's father finds in an old lamp.

129 :09x03 - Turner & Pooch

Mr. Crocker realizes that Timmy’s dog, Sparky, has magical powers. Eager to use the fairy dog’s powers to fulfill his own wishes, Mr. Crocker hypnotizes Sparky in an attempt to turn him against Timmy.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky | Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker

130 :09x04 - Dumbbell Curve

After Timmy faces the prospect of Summer School, he wishes for everyone to be dumber than he is so he can pass.

131 :09x05 - The Terrible Twosome

Poof turns 2 years old and begins the 'terrible twos'

132 :09x06 - App Trap

Timmy wishes for the smartest smart phone in the world but naturally, things get out of hand when it decided to take over Timmy's life.

133 :09x07 - Force of Nature

To get out of community service, Timmy wishes every animal would clean up after themselves.
With the animals doing such a good job, things (of course) get out of hand when Timmy wishes it is okay for the humans to litter & the animals decide to seek revenge on Timmy.

134 :09x08 - Viral Vidiots

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135 :09x09 - Scary GodCouple

Foop becomes Vicky's anti-fairy godparent and the pair begins to terrorize Timmy and the children of Dimmsdale.
Guest Stars: Grey Griffin as Vicky | Eric Bauza as Foop

136 :09x10 - School of Crock

Timmy wishes Mr. Crocker would get transferred as far away from Dimmsdale as possible. Unfortunately, Cosmo unknowingly sends him to Poof's class at Spellementary School where he hatches a plan to steal everyone's magic.

Problems mount when Poof begins 'pooferty' and no one can understand anything he is saying.
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Poof | Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker

137 :09x11 - Cosmonopoly | Hero Hound

After Timmy's dad gets trapped in a board game invented by Comso called Cosmonopoly, Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo & Poof must enter the game before Timmy's mom chucks it, & them, in a wood chipper.

Hero Hound:
When Sparky confesses he's not very brave, Timmy wishes for an opportunity for him to be a hero.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky

138 :09x12 - A Boy and his Dog-Boy | Crock Blocked

A Boy and his Dog-Boy:
Sparky wishes he was a human, and Timmy becomes a dog. Timmy tries to convince Sparky to change back to canine form.

Crock Blocked:
Timmy wishes Mr. Crocker would disappear, but he becomes invisible. Due to this, Dad thinks the house is haunted.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky

139 :09x13 - Finding Emo | Dust Busters

Finding Emo:
Timmy tries to impress his new love interest, Missy by becoming an athlete, a sensitive guy & finally a "emo".
However things go very wrong, when the completely newly uncaring Timmy stops wishing and Jorgen threatens to take away his fairies.

Dust Busters:
Years if wishing has left Timmy's house covered in Fairy Dust, so Timmy, Wanda & Cosmo must find a way to get rid of it all.

140 :09x14 - The Past and the Furious

Wanda and Cosmo take Timmy through time to meet some of the other Godkids they overlooked before him, but when Timmy interacts with the past, he alters the future and has to figure out how to return things to normal before it becomes permanent.

141 :09x15 - Let Sleeper Dogs Lie | Cat-astrophe

Let Sleeper Dogs Lie:
Crocker remembers he brainwashed Sparky to capture Timmy's fairies.

After Timmy visits Cat Man in the Super Hero Retirment Home, Cat Man vows to defeat Sparky thinking he's his arch enemy Dog Man.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky (Let Sleeper Dogs Lie) | Adam West as Catman (Cat-astrophe) | Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker (Let Sleeper Dogs Lie)

142 :09x16 - Jerk of All Trades | Snack Attack

Jerk of All Trades:
Timmy accidentally gets Jorgen fired after he wishes for a money tree so he's forced to find him a new job.
Meanwhile Timmy's dad hatches a plan to keep raccoons away from the money tree.

Snack Attack:
Sparky creates a line of dog treats which peaks the interest of Crocker when he discovers it contains a trace amount of magic.
Guest Stars: Daran Norris as Jorgen Von Strangle | Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky (Snack Attack) | Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker (Snack Attack)

143 :09x17 - Turning Into Turner | The Wand That Got Away

Turning Into Turner:
Crocker gets a hold of Timmy's DNA and poses as a futuristic Timmy

The Wand That Got Away:
When Cosmo loses his wand, Timmy launches an all out search for it.

144 :09x18 - Dimmsdale Tales

After Timmy's dad forgets all their camping gear on a Squirrely Scouts camping trip, Timmy passes the time by telling scary stories.

145 :09x19 - Love at First Bark | Desperate Without Housewives

Love at First Bark:
Sparky falls for the Dinkleberg's new dog, but Mr. Turner forbids the romance.

Desperate Without Housewives:
To get a break from his mother's nagging, Timmy wishes for every female to disappear.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky (Love at First Bark)

146 :09x20 - Stage Fright | Gone Flushin'

Stage Fright:
Vicky's desires to be an actress so she enlists the help of Timmy to make her wish come true.

Gone Flushin':
Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo & Poof accidentally get flushed down the toilet by Dad.
Guest Stars: Grey Griffin as Vicky (Stage Fright)

147 :09x21 - The Bored Identity | Country Clubbed

The Bored Identity:
When his Dad is depressed about how boring his life is, Timmy wishes it could be more like TV's secret agent Jason Bored.

Country Clubbed:
Remy Buxaplenty invites the Turners to his family's country club.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky (The Bored Identity)

148 :09x22 - Two and a Half Babies | Anchor's Away

Two and a Half Babies: Foop and Poof must take care of an egg for a school project

Anchor's Away: Timmy's father becomes a news anchor when Chet Ubetcha quits his job.
Guest Stars: Eric Bauza as Foop (Two and a Half Babies) | Jim Ward as Chet Ubetcha (Anchor's Away)
Director: Gary Conrad

149 :09x23 - Dog Gone | Turner Back Time

Dog Gone:
Mr. Turner's boss makes his work life unbearable when he won't sell Sparky to him.

Turner Back Time:
When Timmy causes his ancestors to get new careers, it results in his family acting like rich spoiled brats.
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky (Dog Gone)

150 :09x24 - Weirdos on a Train | Tons of Timmys

Weirdos on a Train:
Crocker makes a deal with Mr. Turner which leads to him becoming best friends with Dinkleberg.

Tons of Timmys:
Timmy wishes up thousands of Timmys who end up abducting Cosmo, Wanda & Poof.

151 :09x25 - Lame Ducks | Perfect Nightmare

Lame Ducks:
After a thief breaks in, Timmy's dad starts a neighborhood watch.

Perfect Nightmare:
Timmy wishes for the "perfect" family so he can win a contest.

152 :09x26 - Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

When Poof has trouble falling asleep, Wanda tries to help by reading him a book of classic fairy tales.

153 :09x27 - Man's Worst Friend

After Foop successfully swaps the real Sparky with his evil opposite, he decides to exchange all the pets in Dimmsdale for their bad-natured counterparts, but Timmy and the fairies are determined to find a way to save the town.

154 :09x28 - Fairly Old Parent

Poof finally becomes a fairy godparent. Unfortunately, it's to Mrs. Crocker.

Source: Nickelodeon

155 :09x29 - The Fairy Beginning

When Jorgen discovers that Cosmo never graduated from the Fairy Academy, he threatens to take away his job as a Fairy Godparent. To solve the mystery of what happened, the gang looks through Cosmo's memories of his teenage years.

Source: Nickelodeon
Guest Stars: Matthew W. Taylor as Sparky
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Returning Series
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 30, 2001
Episode Order: 30
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