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Norm is very tired of being the lamp genie so he wants to be a fairy godparent. He decides to take rid of Cosmo and Wanda in a competition called Fairy Idol, but will it work?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x0
Production Number: 78
Airdate: Friday May 19th, 2006

Guest Stars
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Blonda Fairywinkle | Supermodel
Susan BlakesleeSusan Blakeslee
voiced Bad Witch | Supermodel
Daran NorrisDaran Norris
voiced Jorgen Von Strangle | April Fool
Ben SteinBen Stein
voiced H.P. / Sanderson
Bobbi PageBobbi Page
voiced Singer
Butch HartmanButch Hartman
voiced Santa | Penguins | Sun | Scientists
Carlos AlazraquiCarlos Alazraqui
voiced Denzel Crocker | Juandissimo Magnifico | Mayor | Chompy | Simon
Carol HustonCarol Huston
voiced Singer
Chelsea MoonChelsea Moon
voiced Singer
Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry
voiced Jimmy Neutron | Fairy
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Binky | Leprechaun | Director
Faith AbrahamsFaith Abrahams
voiced Francis
Gary Leroi GrayGary Leroi Gray
voiced AJ
Grey GriffinGrey Griffin
voiced Tooth Fairy | Fairy Reporter
Jason MarsdenJason Marsden
voiced Chester McBadbat | Aladdin Guy | Guard #2
Jim WardJim Ward
voiced Chet Ubetcha | Fairy Bouncer | Lawn Gnome | Baseball Fan | Spokes-Fairy
Rick Logan (1)Rick Logan (1)
voiced Singer
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Bucky McBadbat | William Hung | Government #2
Steve LivelySteve Lively
voiced Singer
Tom KennyTom Kenny
voiced Cupid | Bucky's Agent | Government Agent #1
Deric BattisteDeric Battiste
voiced Singer
Diana DeGarmoDiana DeGarmo
voiced Cosmo (Singing Voice)
Robert CaitRobert Cait
voiced Norm the Genie | Guard #1
Main Cast
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Timmy Turner
Daran NorrisDaran Norris
voiced Cosmo | Mr. Turner a.k.a. Dad
Susan BlakesleeSusan Blakeslee
voiced Wanda | Mrs. Turner a.k.a. Mom
Episode Notes
This episode is 1 hour long and aired in 2 parts in the UK.

Contestants of the Fairy Idol: (in order of appearance)

Wiry singing The Fairly OddParents Theme Song.
Witch singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow
The Tooth Fairy singing My Shiny Teeth and Me (originally by Chip Skylark).
Lawn Gnomes singing We're Not Pixies
April Fool singing Emotions
Juandissmo Magnifico singing I'm Too Sexy For My Sexy
Cupid singing I Can't Live Without Love
Sanderson the Pixie singing I'm Sanderson
Norm the Genie singing Just Give Me the Wand
Cosmo singing Just Give Me the Wand, Pt. 2

It was revealed that Dimmsdale is located in the South of California.

Episode Quotes
Norm: So think a lot before making your first wish!
Mayor of Dimmsdale: I wish to be the mayor of the world!
Norm: Of course you do! But you'll need a different badge.
(Norm changes the mayor's badge which now says "Mayor of the World" in place of just Mayor")
Norm: Well, he'll last about twelve minutes. Now, I have (reading the text in his bookshelf) stuff to read during the big dumb second wish.

(Timmy's Clone, Cosmo and Wanda are at the bowling; Cosmo is the ball and Wanda is the pins)
Cosmo: Ummm.. Timmy, can't you use a regular ball?
Wanda: Or regular pins?
Timmy: Nah, regular balls and pins don't scream when they get struck.

Norm: (talking to the clone) And you, you known what to do.
Timmy's Clone: Yes, mister
(Norm laughs)
Norm: Ha, MISTER! I love that!

Episode Goofs
Chester went to the North and saw penguins. He then wished for the North to be warmer. Even if we could see penguins in the North, they only live in the South

Cultural References
The episode has several references to the popular reality show American Idol.

Episode References
During the party at Chester's house, you could clearly see the Chompy, the city's goat from the episode "Dream Goat" (season 1).

Other Episode Crew

CreatorButch Hartman  |  Steve Marmel
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