Swing and a Miss - Recap

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The scene opens with Isabel climbing out of a swanky looking red sports car, it turns out the car is owned by the new guy she is dating. It is shown that after making out with her date (a major league pitcher); she asks him for a quick second and calls Walter, leaving him a message that she is invoking clause C. When she catches up with her date once again, he is starting in disbelief at his door which is hanging open, and is barely dangling by the hinges. It turns out, he's been robbed. Isabel pulls her gun out of her gold clutch (she's head to toe gold this evening), in order to apprehend the possible burglar. She hands the clutch to Frankie, and tells him to stay put, while she goes about her business.

Frankie stares in disbelief at her and the clutch and then starts after her because "he's the man.", and it thus is his responsibility to take care of his woman, he is still in utter disbelief on seeing her present avatar. On looking, it turns out that the thief is still in the house, but gets away with a whole bunch of memorabilia when Isabel doesn't shoot him in the back; as she doesn’t want to kill someone just for robbing. Frankie asks her for a referral for a detective to track down his stuff, as most of it was really valuable, and would fetch quite a fortune. Seeing him in dismay, Isabel brings him to Walter but warns him that Walter is a little different, and that he might find Walter’s methods unconventional.

Frankie is just worried about his stuff and doesn’t really care, as to what methods are applied in finding them. Frankie hands Walter a list of the items stolen, and Isabel asks Walter to take the case for her, Walter all along is somehow convinced that there is more to the robbery than meets the eye. Somewhere during the sit-down, Walter realizes that Isabel invoked clause C and Frankie is curious on hearing this, and wants to know what that is exactly. They explain to Frankie what the state of Walter and Isabel's relationship is: they are friends with benefits and have drawn out a somewhat complex contract which allows them to take a break when either is interested in another party. Walter asks Frankie what he's keeping from him and when Walter feels that Frankie isn’t coming clean with him, he decides to not take the case; and walks away, when Frankie denies hiding anything from him regarding the robbery.

Despite everything, and Walters’s doubts about Frankie hiding something, Isabel convinces him to take the case anyway. Later, Isabel and Frankie are shown making out when Frankie confesses to Isabel that he is really religious and that when he got into that slump the year before, and wasn’t really performing well, what helped him out of his slump was prayer and his St. Christopher medal, hearing this Isabel isn’t visibly too happy. Isabel is a bit thrown by his religiosity, but decides to be cool with it, as she doesn’t want to hurt his sentiments. Doing the thing Walter does best, he realizes that the thief might have panicked when Isabel pulled a gun on him and with Leo along for the ride thinks he's found the bag.

Turns out not so much, but lucky for all, Leo finds the bag in a tree, as the thief it turns out hasn’t managed to carry it with him, this confirms Walter’s doubts about there being more to the robbery than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Walter and Leo find Frankie working out at the stadium, he’s very clearly off his game, and visibly bothered. Walter hands him everything including the medal, but demands to know what it is that he is really missing, as he is still convinced of the fact that, Frankie is hiding something important from him. This especially when he observes that Frankie isn’t too excited even on getting back his stolen goods. After the catcher punches Walter out for being sorta rude to Frankie, Frankie finally admits that he really wants his socks back. His lucky socks, the ones that he believes actually helped him revive his form, when had hit an all time low; and wasn’t performing to his potential.

Meanwhile, Willa has proven herself to the team and Walter convinces Leo to allow her to help with the case. Especially, after the twins (one black the other white twins who are not each other's twins) threaten to kill Will and do kill Leo's jukebox. Walter realizes that there's gambling involved because the lucky socks are missing, he realizes a lot is at stake. He also figures out that, stealing all that other stuff had been a ruse to make the police think it was a regular robbery. After shaking down an informant of sorts, regarding the case, Walter, Leo and Willa find themselves outside an illegal casino, which is their next lead in the case. While Walter and Leo argue about who should go in, Willa just waltzes over, taking charge of things. The casino owner is as sleazy as one might expect, but with Walter and Leo's help, Willa finds the all valuable socks.

The casino owner tries his best to control the situation, but is killed when the twins follow Walter and Leo into the bar. In the ensuing chaos, the twins are also all killed. Meanwhile, Walter realizes that the socks are not the socks in question and then realizes that the only one who could have taken the socks is Frankie's best friend, the catcher; he decides to keep this information from Frankie. It turns out the best friend has something of a gambling problem, and is repentant about what he has done. With the sleazy casino owner dead, Walter decides not to tell Frankie who stole from him, and thus save a friendship. Next its shown, that after all that transpired, and despite Isabel having helped Frankie in his hour of need; Frankie breaks up with Isabel.

It’s because, it turns out that he really couldn't get on board with the whole clause C thing, he makes it clear that he is bothered by the arrangement she and Walter have, and would want the woman he is seeing, all for himself. But when recounting the breakup with Walter, she gives a different version, so it doesn’t look as if she was dumped. She is then shown telling him that she couldn't get on board with the religion and socks thing that, Frankie had revealed about himself earlier. At which point Walter asks her if she'd like to make things less friends with benefits and more official, it is something that the both of them wanted for a long time, it turns out. She agrees quite readily. The episode ends with Willa taking her ill-gotten casino earnings and repairing Leo's jukebox, making him a very happy, gentle giant; in the process. Willa is happy at being given an opportunity to be a part of the team and work on cases with them. The episode ends.