The Great Escape - Recap

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The scene opens with an ambitious Preston, discussing with Sherman and Knox, his chimera of becoming a great magician. The scene is shown alternating with one of his previous performances with his cohort, Angelica. As he continues with his babble, he informs them about a Vegas booking agent, unswayed by the performance of the duo. Back on stage, Angelica tells him to perform the “Phoenix” trick as it was their last chance to impress the agent. Agreeing with his partner’s opinion Presto performs the trick, which he prefers to call magic. But the magic turned into horror when Angelica disappears. Preston asks an amused Sherman to help him find Angelica. Next, it is shown that Sherman goes underneath the stage, where he believes that Angelica is able to escape.

He discovers a secret passage, which leads to a room where there is a safe. Sherman finds a piece of the Phoenix (Angelica’s) wings and concludes that she is a robber and that she robbed Preston of all his money. But Sherman was flabbergasted on seeing all the money in the safe. In the next scene, Sherman is shown trying to redo the Phoenix trick. Meanwhile, Isabel comes in and informs him about a tiff Knox had with Willa about Timo Proud earlier in the day, where Willa called him a “perv” as he suspects an illicit relationship between them. Isabel also informs Sherman that the guy (Timo) whom Willa calls her cousin is not related to her. Sherman spurns the information and takes Isabel to the room where the safe is kept. Even Isabel is surprised to see the safe full of cash. Just then Sherman pulls out few bills and throws them in the air.

Both of them realize that the money is counterfeit, as they all land on the floor, face down and inform Johnny (the guy who looks after the safe) about the same. Next, we see Sherman, Isabel and Johnny meeting a Secret Service Agent Judy Green, and Isabel asks her about the counterfeit operation. But Green tells her that she cannot divulge any information to her as she is a Marshall. But she happily shares it with Sherman, leaving Isabel a little irritated. They take Johnny for interrogation. Green tells Sherman that Angelica was using a fake identity. She also educates Sherman that the paper used for the counterfeit, was the same used for telephone books. This irritates Isabel, but Green dismisses it. Isabel suggests searching the magician’s dorm. Just then Preston walks in enquiring whether Angelica could be traced. But Green arrests him for being an accomplice in the counterfeit operation.

Preston requests Sherman to remove his journal from his pocket, as he does not want his magical secrets to fall in wrong hands. Next, at the bar, Knox and Sherman are discussing about the case, where Knox tells Sherman that it is impossible to find someone whose identity is unknown. Just the Isabel walks in announcing her resentment towards Greene’s behavior and tossing a bunch of papers at Sherman. Knox asks Isabel to have a word with Willa about “the cousin” in lieu of which he could get her to be a part of the counterfeit investigation. On studying those papers, Sherman finds out that an arts student had two hundred tons of paper delivered to his school, but not through it, thus sacrificing his student discount. Next, Sherman is shown visiting the arts school searching for the student (Maddox). But the professor informs Sherman that he dropped out three weeks ago.

He picks up one of the drawings made by the student and deduces where he lives. Next, Sherman and Knox are shown entering Maddox’ condo, where they see Angelica. But they lose her again, as she pulls off a confounding disappearing act. She leaves behind her wings. Sherman hurries to check on Maddox, but finds him dead. He was poisoned. Next we see Isabel trying to talk to Willa about her affair with Timo (as a part of her deal with Knox). Just then Sherman calls Isabel, asking her to bail out Preston. Next we see Preston, Sherman and Isabel driving back discussing about the case, when Preston tells them that he plans to take up the job offered to him by his brother. Next we see Sherman, break out of a strange dream. He tells Isabel that there were three people involved in the counterfeit ring, and that they have over looked the artist. But Isabel continues to talk about her conversation with Willa. Next day Green, Sherman and Isabel are seen visiting the art school, looking for the artist among the students.

But Sherman declares that it is the teacher who is their bad guy. Next, we see Isabel and Willa having a conversation, where Willa tells Isabel that she isn’t getting married to Timo and that Timo was in love with another girl, despite them being engaged at an early age, as per the gypsy tradition. Willa continues to tell her as to how Timo, in desperation, was about to do something very dangerous, to pay an uncle, who could call off their engagement. Next, we see Knox entering a room, in the art school. In the room, Sherman sees a printer with some pending activity. Despite Green’s resistance, Sherman pulls out a piece of paper from the printer, which turns out to be an e-ticket to North Dakota. On their way, Sherman tells Knox that the name on the ticket was actually an anagram for Derek Towers and the ticket was for Lina(Angelica). Sherman tells Knox that Angelica was trying to mislead them with the anagram and the ticket, and that she wanted them to follow her to the Canadian border.

Sherman says that she made a fatal mistake. They figure out that she was planning to escape to Mexico, which was to the opposite of Canada. They set out to the bus station as they realize that she wasn’t going by air. On reaching the bus station, they see the professor, Derek Towers, who on seeing them tries to escape. But Knox throws him to the ground, by flinging a suitcase at him. Next, we see Knox telling Greene, who is now suspended for letting Sherman take vital evidence, that the only way to get her career back would be by finding Angelica. With Green’s help, they line up all the passengers traveling by the bus to Mexico. But she tells them that there was no one who matched Angelica’s description.

They then decide to look for Derek Tower’s luggage, but they don’t find anything. Sherman realizes that Angelica could be in a disguise. He finds his target. Dressed as a boy, Angelica tries to escape, but could not. They put her in a box and take her away. Next, we see Sherman, Isabel and Knox at Sherman’s nest, trying to help Timo arrange for the money, by giving him a part of their savings. Next we see Sherman and Knox sitting with Preston, informing him about how things worked out. Preston still insisted on giving up magic and taking up the job offered to him by his brother. He acknowledges that his beautiful assistant was more intelligent than he was. Sherman tries to dissuade Preston of his decision.

He tells him that despite his dislike for magic, he finds the content in Preston’s journal very interesting. He tells Preston that with few changes made, Phoenix would work and that the next time he needs to find an assistant who he could trust. As Preston walks away Sherman says that he still did not believe in magic. And to their bewilderment, Preston disappears, leaving behind a cloud of smoke. The episode ends.