Life After Death - Recap

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The scene opens and we see Sherman in a party; dancing. Just then the guy, who throws the party, Glade, calls Sherman to have a word with him. Sherman thanks him for inviting him to the party. Glade tells him that his lawyer tells him that he is good. He makes him listen to the unreleased track of J-Stryke. And in the next 4 days it would be 10 years since J-Stryke was murdered. The track is played and the entire crowd starts to groove to the track; including Sherman. Just then Glade pulls out his gun and shoots the speakers! The lawyer tells him that the track that Sherman heard was a long lost track of J-Stryke, but actually it was the property of gangster Glade. It seems that Stryke was signed to Glade at the time of his death.

He wants Sherman to trace the source of leak. Sherman denies to take up the case because he doesn’t feel motivated. But the lawyer tells him that she knew Leo personally. And she wants to get back to Leo and wants to use Sherman to do it! That’s some motivation! He is in. he tells them that he thinks that Stryke is alive because the kind of keyboard that was used in the track did not exist 10 years ago. But Glade tells him that it could be the DJ who’s used it to remake Stryke’s music. Sherman tells Willa to find where DJ W. Square broadcasts from. Willa traces the DJ to Sofia, Bulgaria. But then she feels that there is some programming involved somewhere. Willa tells him that she is not allowed to use the internet as she is on probation. Sherman tells her that this would help their friend, Leo rekindle his old affair.

She agrees. Next, Sherman and Leo are driving and Sherman tells Leo that he could prove that Stryke is alive by digging up his coffin; as he is sure that his body wouldn’t be there. They meet Stryker’s family and they see that they hate Glade. Trey, his brother tells them that Glade and his lawyer got a hold on Stryker’s publishing rights and his mom did not get anything. Sherman notices that Trey is an alcoholic. His mother tells them that Trey was about to get into MIT but then things went wrong. Leo asks her if there is any chance that Stryker is still alive. But she says that she had buried him and she is positive that he isn’t. Next, Leo meets his lost love, Athena; the lawyer. Sherman has not mentioned about her to Leo and she tells him that she is Sherman’s client.

She brings him a copy of the contact. Sherman has set up a sound system with some other additions. He figures out that the DJ is disguising his voice and explains the phenomenon of the working of sound waves. he proves it by attaching different colored lights to the equipment and he tells Athena that the yellow lights wouldn’t flash for a natural voice. Nice work! But Willa has an address; South Beach University. Sherman has made arrangements to find out more about more about the DJ’s personality. That would be listening to the track and finding out more from his words, non-English speaking phrases etc. Confusing and mentally exhausting!!! Meanwhile, Leo and Athena are revisiting their old memories, when Glade walks in. he is mad as the DJ dropped in another Stryker track tonight and would drop in one more the next day and each one would cost him a million.

Before the two men could cause harm to each other, Athena leaves with Glade. Next, we see that our Finder has found some lead and he calls Bella. Sherman and Bella go to meet the DJ and his real name is Kareem Riaz. Kareem tells them that he gets a call and picks up the music from a drop site; not the internet but a real place; the playground where Stryke got gunned down. They go to the place and Kareem tells them that the music is left under a yellow horse on the ground. Symbolic, maybe. Just then a van pulls up and a masked man shoves Kareem into the van. Sherman and Bella follow the van. But lost them. When they pull under a bridge, the men throw Kareem on the roof of Sherman’s truck! Sherman and Bella are bailed out by Athena. Bella feels that Glade was the one who scooped up Kareem but Athena tells her that Glade is not in town and that they are still hoping to find the tracks.

She hands over Stryke’s homicide file to Bella and says that it was pretty thin that Trey was with Stryke when he got shot. Sherman has few questions. Meanwhile, Athena tells Leo that they should start a firm together. And like that he could buy the whole island and a new wardrobe. But Leo tells her that he has changed a lot and she hasn’t. Next, we see that once again Sherman is having one of his dreams. He wakes up sure that Stryker is alive. Leo and Sherman go to meet Trey. Sherman tells Trey that he is the other half the world doesn’t know of. Trey is the one who wrote Stryke’s lyrics. And since they have the same vocal quality, he recorded the new tracks and leaked them to DJ Kareem. Trey tells them that for sometime after his brother’s death he was huge, but then later his fame began to die.

And all Stryke wanted was immortality and Trey tried to give him that. Leo asks him for his brother’s last words. But Trey tells him that he didn’t have any. Sherman asks Trey whether he was the one who shot his brother; as he was the brains behind the lyrics and Stryke was only the face. Hence there could be jealousy. Trey tells them that he “killed” his own brother but did not “murder” him. He tells them that it was Stryke’s idea. He got a gun from somewhere and asked Trey to shoot him in leg. He said he would walk around with a cane and the sales would rocket. Trey shoots Stryke in the leg, but he was unable to stop the bleeding and Stryke bled to death. Trey then wiped the gun and buried it below the yellow horse. Stryke’s last words: It wasn’t our fault.

He tells them that even God would not forgive him for killing his own brother. He hands over all the tracks to them. Leo tells Trey that if he wants forgiveness he has to admit what he has done. Next, Sherman and Leo are driving and Sherman asks Leo about his rekindled romance. Leo asks him whether he took up this case for hooking them up together. Sherman tells Leo that he doesn’t like to see him lonely. Leo tells him that it is not his fault that he lives the life he is living. Just then a thought hit Sherman. He tells Leo that Stryke told his brother that it was not “our” fault; which means it wasn’t his idea to get himself shot in the leg. They arrive at Glade’s. They figure out that it was Athena’s idea to convince Trey to take a shot in his leg, which made her a millionaire. Glade is shocked and tells her that it was a cold act.

She has crossed lines he had never crossed. She asks Leo to hand over the hard drive. But he doesn’t. Next, Try’s mother tells him that she should have known that both of them had made the music together. But she tells Trey that she knows that Stryke wouldn’t let Trey tell her. Leo suggests to Trey’s mother that as a good business move, she should still keep her business with Glade. Glade tells her that Trey is not a performer but an amazing poet. Now is the time that Trey will tell his mother entire truth. He wants to be alone while doing so. The mother breaks down on hearing about one son’s death but also understands the other ones plight. Next, Sherman and Bella dig out the gun. Athena is being interrogated.

Next, Sherman and Leo are discussing Beats Vs Melody, when Trey arrives. Leo tells Trey that they have been paid and he need not worry about it. But Trey tells Leo that Sherman told him otherwise. Just then Kareem walks in with his broken hand. Sherman had promised him to introduce him to the artist behind those tracks and we see that Sherman has kept his promise. Trey was thinking about a manager and Kareem is a music management student. Leo knows that Sherman always cared about his clients and tells him to stop trying to make him happy. But that wouldn’t stop Sherman…would it? The episode ends.