The Last Meal - Recap

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The episode begins with a couple at a restaurant, The Bella Plata, celebrating their anniversary. As they order their meal, the man who runs the restaurant gets up and declares that the place is closed and asks the guests to leave. But the husband, Joe doesn’t want his day to be ruined and refuses to leave. He instead goes to talk to the owner. They go into the kitchen and find a man standing with a gun in his hands. The couple is thrown out. As he is about to enter again, they hear gun shots and flee. Next, three years later, at Leo’s bar, Walter and Leo are debating on something when a furious Willa walks in and tells them that Christine, her probation officer has told her that some girl, who fits her description, has been rolling up on the beach and she thinks it’s Willa.

Just then Joe walks in. he tells Walter to find a meal. He tells him about the Cuban dish, Ropa vieja, he had with his wife, Anne, on their first date. And since that place shut down, things between them have never been the same. He wants Walter to find that meal as its his anniversary in four days. Next, Leo and Walter arrive at the restaurant and Walter decides to break in. as Leo waits outside, a car pulls up next to him and the restaurant owner asks him if he was lost. Just then the cops arrive, and Leo calls Walter to warn him. But Walter doesn’t hear the phone ring. The cops arrest Walter. Walter is in the interrogation room, and Bella walks in. Walter figures out that the barber shop guy is being paid to watch the restaurant and wants to know why.

He deduces that it is a mob restaurant. But Bella can’t talk to him about this but later gives in. she asks him about Fico Vasquez, the mafia and that he owns the restaurant. He used it to launder drug money. The sous chef was murdered three years ago; stabbed with his own knives. And all the employees are on the Federal witness list. At a bar, Willa meets the girl who is impersonating her, and asks her to move out of the county and a cat fight ensues. Meanwhile, Bella gets Walter out. Willa is taken to the prison. Next, we see Walter in the kitchen, preparing Ropa vieja. He wants Joe to taste all of them and identify the taste closest to the one at the restaurant. He wants to find the chef. While tallying the result, Walter informs Leo that Willa is in prison.

Leo is upset that Willa uses her one phone call to call her cousin, Timo, instead of him. Next, Walter walks into a restaurant and finds the mysterious food critic. The world always thought that it was a female and Walter figures out that it is otherwise. He tells the critic that he is looking for Alejandro, his favorite chef. Leo tells Walter that he couldn’t get Willa get out of prison and in turn Walter informs Leo that Alejandro is still cooking. Walter figures out that as soon as the restaurant gets popular, Alejandro moves on. And according to his guess, Alejandro is in a food truck now. And he appears randomly at places. But also never goes around a three mile radius around Fico’s house. And everything is connected. Next, Walter is waiting at a particular spot, when a truck pulls in. They find Alejandro.

Alejandro tells them that if he goes anywhere around, Fico will find him and kill him. And hence he does not want to become famous. He is surprised to know that Walter found out about the smoke. He tells them that it is a rare kind of pepper that is found. And there is just one store in Miami that sells it and it is owned by Marina Vasquez. Hence he has stopped buying them. He tells them that if he did, then Fico will be alerted immediately. Walter is ready to get the chilies. Next, Walter is sitting in Christine’s office. He tells her about Donny Peters, her Parolee who skipped out on her. He tells her that he will find him for her, in exchange for Willa. Willa is out and they go to the store to get the chilies. They try to trick Marine; but after they leave, she calls and alerts some guys about Willa and Walter.

Walter hands over the peppers to Alejandro and Leo wants to have a talk with Willa. Just then a black car pulls up and Alejandro flees. The guy is armed and goes after the other three. Just when he is about to shoot Walter, Alejandro attacks him from behind. Leo tells Alejandro that they guy he killed was Fico’s cousin. Leo is upset with Walter for letting Willa steal. Just then Bella walks in and tells Walter that Alejandro is her witness. And also wants to know what he is doing inside in the kitchen. Bella is furious about the stabbing that happened as well. Just then the couple, Joe and Anne arrives. Anne is overwhelmed with what’s happening and breaks down into tears. She leaves. Walter asks Bella to talk to her and get her back. Anne pours her heart out to Bella. Just then Fico and his men arrive. They are the ones who bring the girls back. Fico smells the food kept on the table and calls Alejandro. Fico is going to kill Alejandro, but Walter asks him whether the couple could have their meal first; something like the last meal.

Fico agrees and joins them for the meal. Fico asks Bella about the barber. He loves the food and tells Alejandro that it is not just the peppers but also how he prepares it. It is evident that Fico is going to kill all of them. Leo tells Willa that she should have said a no to Walter when he asked her to steal. Fico recognizes the couple. He remembers that the couple used to visit the restaurant once every year, and today is the day. Joe tells him that it is their anniversary and Fico declares that it is his niece’s birthday. Alejandro tells Fico that they can work it out. Fico tells Alejandro that he gave him the best kitchen and organic food in Miami. But Bella cuts in and tells him that he laundered drug money.

She tells him that she cannot prove it without the sous chef. Alejandro says that Fico’s cousin was the one who killed the sous chef. Unable to bear the weight of this kind of conversation, Anne gets up and declares that she loves Joe a lot and believes in him. She thanks him for giving their relationship one more chance and for working things out. She asks everyone at the table to shut up and let her enjoy her meal. After the meal, Fico puts the gun on the table and asks them to surrender the stolen cutlery. Leo has a few things to say. He tells them that Alejandro had not seen any killing that night as he was hiding. He also proposes a partnership between Alejandro and Fico, where Fico reinstalls Alejandro as head chef.

Also, Fico sell fifty percent of the restaurant to Alejandro for one dollar, and reinstalls him as head chef. In return if Fico is incarcerated based on Alejandro’s testimony; then Fico’s lawyer would destroy Alejandro in cross examination. As his share in the restaurant would be Alejandro’s motive to lie. So basically the testimony is useless. Fico agrees and joins hands with Alejandro. Walter packs some food for Bella and gives a note written by Fico to her. They spend an intimate evening together. The episode ends.