The Inheritance - Recap

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The episode begins with Walter meeting Bella, expecting it to be some kind of a date; but she takes him into a funeral parlor to meet her friend Joyce. Joyce lost her father recently and she thinks he was murdered. Few days back, before he died, both of them had decided to meet for lunch. But while Joyce arrived at the decided place, her father was lying dead on the roof of a car; she was told that he jumped from the fourth floor. Joyce tells Walter that she wants him to find the men who killed her father; as she feels that her father would never commit suicide. Walter denies and tells them that he doesn’t find murderers. Back at the bar, Leo and Walter are having a debate on Good Vs Lucky.

Bella walks in and she tells the rest about Joyce. Willa tries a way to make Walter take the case; but he still wouldn’t. Bella says that it is sad that she would never know about her inheritance. That did catch Walter’s attention. Bella tells them that Joyce’s father was supposed to tell her about her inheritance and hence he called. Walter is in. next, Joyce comes in with a box in which her father kept everything little thing that Joyce made him when she was a child. Joyce shows Walter the 4000 dollar withdrawal slip for the money he withdrew before he died. Walter walks off to find the money. Next, Leo and Walter are at a race course. Walter found a betting slip in that box and the amount he withdrew was to bet on a horse. So, this money which possibly could be the inheritance, is now gone as the father had lost in the bet. But then Walter points out that the father was happy and excited to meet his daughter after the race. So there is more to this.

Just then one of the workers at the race course recognizes Stan’s photo and shows them the seat which Stan would always sit on. He says that Stan was a nice man and everybody liked him. Next, the duo is walking in the stable where the horses are kept. Just then a girl walks in with her horse and the horse is called Lucy. Walter uses his horse whispering skills, and says something to Lucy. Lucy answers and leaves. Walter tells Leo that Lucy doesn’t trust the guys who are standing at the other end of the stable. Walter makes some strange noise and their horse sweet stakes goes wild and comes running towards Walter. It seems angry. Leo jumps out of the way but Walter manages to calm down the animal. Those three men run to get the horse. Walter shows them Stan’s picture and asks them if they recognize him. Out of the three, one is a short guy, the other is fat and the third is the trainer.

It appears that sweet stakes has a swollen knee and has to be resting. Walter clicks a snap and leaves. Next, Timo, Walter and Leo decide to sneak into the stable at night. Timo uses his gypsy magic to get into the tack room. They are searching for something when Timo finds something. They think its drugs and horse urine; but turns out to be baking soda and energy drink. Timo educates them that if both of these are mixed and poured down the horse’s throat, the horse runs fast. Walter continues his search, when a needle gets stuck in his hand and he is unable to move. His tongue is sort of paralyzed as well. They bring him back home. Bella finds out that the owner of sweet stakes had given the horse to the trainer, Ed Peterman, as the horse had some ailment.

But despite that the horse managed to win two races. The short man is Lazlo Levy and he is a jockey, arrested twice on assault charges. And the fat man is Gary Anthony Jones, and was arrested for smuggling exotic animals. That instant Walter finds out that the drug that was injected in his hand is cobra venom, as Sweet Stake shad a bad knee and they were using cobra venom to treat it. Next, Willa meets Joyce and she tells Joyce that her dad owed 200,000 dollars to someone and shows her some papers. But Joyce tells her that those were her student loan statements and she wonders how her father knew about it. They also find a business card that belonged to Gary Anthony Jones, the guy who deals with exotic animals. They decide to pay Gary a visit. They find him lying on the floor. Gary tells them that Ginger, his pet cobra, bit him in his inner thigh.

Gary knows that he does not have much time. Gary tells them that Stan found out that they were doping Sweet Stakes with the venom and the energy drink mixed with baking soda. So they paid him $51,072. Just then Bella notices Ginger sitting right next to Walter, and just as it was about to attack, Bella shoots the cobra. Gary too dies with his pet, as he could no longer hold on. The cops come in and Bella tells the detective that she is suspicious about the way Gary died. But the detective tells her that with more than 200 exotic species around him, it could happen to Gary. Walter is checking the cobra cage and tells the detective that it was murder. He removes his t-shirt and slides his way to the fat man’s chair.

He then tells the detective that the snakes are attracted to the heat; so it would never slither its way through the cold floor to the chair. Someone must have put Ginger on that chair. Walter wants to keep a bunch of rats from that collection. Willa has pulled out all the contents from Stan’s box and has hanged all of them. She also found Stan’s glasses from the box. Willa tells Walter that she was trying to be like him, but couldn’t figure anything out. Next, in the parking lot, Ed comes to meet Joyce. Ed tells her that Stan owes him fifty grand. He tells her that Stan had called him before he died and that he had also told his daughter about the same. Just as he was about to threaten Joyce, Bella announces herself and Ed runs. Meanwhile, Walter figures out the way Stan used to know which horse would win the race. Also that Stan used to attend the horses’ work outs.

So, according to Stan, Sweet Stakes was supposed to come fifth; but Stakes won the race. And that’s how Stan found out that the horse was doped. Next, Timo and Willa are watching a race and Timo bets two grand on a horse that Willa tells him to. We see that Bella too has bet on the same horse. They win. Back at home, Walter tells the group that the hush money that Stan got, he would put it on a particular horse, and the money that it would bring would pay Joyce’s student loans. So they need to find the latest betting slip. Leo is happy that Willa is applying for colleges. Next, Walter is still trying to figure the location where Stan his the betting slip. Joyce comes by to thank Walter for all his help.

She tells him a story that he father used to tell her when she was a child. And Walter figures out where to find the slip. As they are about to leave, Lazlo comes from behind and makes Walter unconscious. When he comes back to his senses, Ed and Lazlo are standing over him. Leo tells him that they know about the betting slip. Ed draws a gun at Walter, but Walter manages to knock Ed to the ground and Lazlo is too easy for Leo. The cops arrive and take them away. Walter tells the detective that they were the ones who let Ginger out of the cage. Walter takes them to the place where the slip is hidden; to the race course. He always sat on the same seat which had a horse shoe drawn on it.

Walter finds the betting slip under the seat and Joyce has won 255,360 dollars. Joyce thanks them for all their help. Next, Bella is curious to know what happened to the money they won on the track. Walter used that money to buy a horse and Bella is excited. The horse is Sweet Stakes and they go for a Sweet ride. The episode ends.