The Boy with the Bucket - Recap

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The episode begins with Walter and Leo at an art museum where the manager tells Walter that one of the paintings that Walter found for them was a fake and wasn’t the original Winslow Homer. The manager asks for a refund and Walter tells her that he will find the original. Leo tells him that it has been four years of cold trail and it would be difficult for him to start. When they arrive at the bar, Walter is surprised to see his musician brother, Langston Sherman, sitting at the bar. Langston tells Walter that he came here to tell him that their father is dying; congestive heart disease and failed lungs. Walter checks the archives and tells Leo that they need to talk to Jason Stephanian, the guy who stole the painting.

He tries to ignore the fact that his brother is here to take him along to meet their father. But later he decides to go and asks Leo to talk to Jason. Walter meets his father. Sherman wants Walter to find someone-the love of his life-their mother! Walter denies. But Langston tells him that it is their father’s dying wish and that he should fulfill it. Walter agrees. Walter is angry with his mom because she drank and dumped them for a rich guy. Next, Bella asks Walter as to why she wasn’t told that his mom is in witness protection. Walter tells them that His mother and her boyfriend Peter Driscoll testified against the Lunar Cult and so she had to join the program. Bella knows that the lunar Cult is dangerous and they even kill people. But Walter still wants to find Jason first. Leo isn’t interested in Jason. He wants Walter to find his mom as his father doesn’t have much time left. Walter agrees.

He is trying to figure out the state where his mother could be relocated. Bella cannot help him as it is against the law. But Walter figures it out, and it is Memphis, Tennessee. Next, Leo and Bella meet Jason. They tell him that the painting Walter took from him is a fake. But Jason doesn’t believe the computer reports. Bella agrees to show it to him. Also, she strikes a deal with him, where he would be allowed to enter the museums accompanied by cops, if he helps them to find the original. He happily agrees. Meanwhile, Walter and Langston visit an AA meeting in Memphis. A man in a black suit slips an address to Walter. Next, Uncle Shadrack and Timo visit Willa and the uncle hands her the invitation card too her own wedding! Yes, he wants Timo and Willa to get married in the coming week. Next, Leo goes to Jason and tells him that they shredded the forged painting.

Jason is shocked; so is Walter when Leo tells them on the phone. Next, Walter and Langston go to the address given to him by the man in the black suit. But when they enter the house, U.S. Marshall Catherine Gibson places them under arrest. Next, Leo and Bella arrive to bail out Walter. Gibson tells him to concentrate on finding the painting and quit looking for a federally protected witness; else she will charge him with obstruction to justice. Walter tells them that he will stop looking for his mother. On their way back, Bella discloses a secret that she isn’t supposed to. She tells him that his mother left her husband three years ago and she is no more in Memphis. He thanks her for her help. Next, Willa goes to her probation officer and asks her to put her in jail for few months. The officer deduces that Shadrack is forcing her to get married to Timo.

But she tells Will that she is of age and she has to choose the life she wants to lead. She needs to stand up to herself. Meanwhile, Jason looks at the painting and tells the manager that the painting is an original. And if it is a fake as the computer shows it to be, then it had to be made by someone who is Homer’s clone; a man with the same weight, height, temperament. He tells them that this is his living and he can’t be wrong about it. Walter meets his father. Langston likes the changed Walter. Walter takes a look at their family picture. Something strikes him and he tells his dad that he has a way to find out their mom and the painting. He borrows the picture. Next, Walter wants to buy Leo a weathervane.

He calls in a lady to make a particular weathervane for him; it is a mermaid and under the mermaid are a boy who is flying a kite and a boy with a bucket. She tells them that she has made it twice before for the same lady. Willa tells Shadrack that she doesn’t want to marry Timo, but Shadrack doesn’t change his decision as he feels that it is for the good of the family. She leaves. At the bar, Willa, Bella and Leo are trying to find the new Winslow Homer. She says that she should run a check on all the psychiatric facilities. Meanwhile, Walter finds out where he can find his mom and both the brothers set out to get her back to their dad. Willa finds out about a grad student who has written a thesis on a patient, who calls himself Winslow Homer. But it appears that the patient calls himself “W”. The student has also put some of W’s works and their shredded painting is one of them.

Meanwhile, Walter and Langston find their mother. Elaine is happy to see her sons. They are on their way to meet their father. On the phone, Leo tells Walter about the psychiatric ward where they could find their guy. Elaine talks to Bella and Leo. Elaine notices that Walter has changed. Walter tells her that he isn’t the boy with the bucket anymore. At the bar, Willa gives Leo a big hug and leaves to meet her probation officer. Leo wonders what that was all about. Meanwhile, Walter notices that his van is being followed. Walter takes a reverse and rams into the car that is following them. He gets down confronting the guys. It is the same guy from the AA meeting who also belongs to the lunar cult. The guy tells Walter that they only want Elaine and that they have nothing to do with the sons. In a small fight that ensues, the guy gets killed. But Walter too gets shot in his hand.

Elaine meets Franklin Sherman. But Walter tells Langston that Elaine wasn’t what his father was looking for. Elaine tells them that Walter is right. It is Walter that their father was looking for. She was just an excuse to meet Walter. Walter goes in to talk to his father. His father tells him that he has done enough for him and that he should go and find the painting. But Walter tells him that he is going to stay with his father; a nice decision. Next day, Willa’s probation officer comes in and asks Leo about Willa. She tells him that Willa was supposed to meet her today and she hasn’t turned up and neither is she answering her phone.

They go to her trailer. There is a note for Leo and it says that she is sorry. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Franklin Sherman passes away. Next, we see that Bella gives up her badge and her weapon to Gibson. Walter is arrested. Timo informs Shadrack about Willa. Leo and Bella find the painter/patient who calls himself Winslow Homer. Willa is on the road asking or a lift. Leo puts up the trailer for rent. Next, we see Willa walking down the road; the road to a new beginning. The episode ends.