Chapter Five - Recap

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Mitch McDeere is on his way to meet Andrew Palmer on a sidewalk café. He knows he could be in possible danger, but he doesn’t notice what’s coming at him. Alex Clark has two men set on him, but as soon as he is about to cross to the other sidewalk, a cop has him arrested for throwing off a man from the balcony. The story moves three weeks into the past. Mitch is about to leave for work, and his daughter is showing interest in the DC Tech case. Mitch is impressed, but when he announces the company is offering only $210,000 for causing damages to the patient, Abbey tells him that is not enough. However, Mitch promises to see what he can do.

Mitch meets his client Judd. He has been charged with murdering a gangster. Besides he is a lawyer, and owns an illegal casino. Although Mitch sees why he opened it – he’s made more money compared to any of his classmates, and the DC lawyer’s market is saturated. Mitch tries to explain they have an uphill climb, but Judd is not agreeing. Besides, losing is not an option. He trusts the jury to see that gangster Jack Riggs was going to kill him – after all he hurts people, that’s what he does for a living. Meanwhile, Ray arrives at Sarah Holt’s cell. The prison guard informs Alex Clark. She wants to know from Andrew if Ray is a threat. However, he tells her not to worry. Alex makes it clear that Mitch should not get to know the truth. If he does, Kinross and Clark is over. Back at the prison cell, Ray tells Sarah that her computer memory has been deleted. The good news is they can prove the victim’s son had motive to kill. Sarah cannot believe it, but Ray explains they heard from the ex-girlfriend of the new suspect that there wasn’t enough room for both in his life.

At the casino murder trial, the detective testifies that Judd and his friend Tom were really close. They started a casino that flashed on their investigation list as it was illegal. The prosecution then tries proving motive, and gets the detective to talk about Rigg’s distortion. The detective tells the court Judd was holding a gun when the cops arrived at the crime scene. Mitch cross-examines, getting the detective to testify that Judd called 911. He didn’t run or hide his gun. Jack Riggs was a gangster, a loan shark. The detective refutes saying killing loan sharks is not legal. And no, it wasn’t self defense. The victim’s gun was placed in his hand after the murder. Mitch points out the detective is no medical examiner to testify the fact. However, the detective almost yells back, saying Judd is a gangster. Meanwhile, when Abbey reaches Kinross and Clark to deliver the book that might help win the case against DC Tech. Andrew promises her the best efforts and shows her around – how hard a group is working on the case. Ray calls up Mitch to inform Sarah’s reactions. And from the way she was doing her bed, it suggests she was in the military. Something she never brought up before. Ray tells him Sarah could be lying, and he needs to check out her apartment. However, Mitch explains he cannot without her permission. Ray pretends he can’t hear, but Mitch tells him he just has to call up Tammy and tell her not to give him the key’s to Sarah’s apartment.

When the trial continues, the prosecution puts a medical examiner on the stand. She testifies three bullets were found in the victim’s body, and one of them was in the back. The prosecution shows the court how it wasn’t self defense, because the victim was shot in the back as well. The prosecution also helps the medical examiner prove her point through a graphical remake of the incident, showing that the victim was shot on his right shoulder in a way that suggests he wasn’t in attack mode. Mitch cross-examines, and the medical examiner says that it is possible, although unlikely for the first shot to have hit the chest, after which he wasn’t in attack mode. Besides, the bullet could have made the victim spin enough to take the third shot in the back.

As the defendant take it to recess, the prosecution knocks on Mitch’s door, and announces his next witness is a man who would be bad enough to prove the defendant is guilty. It is a man who has been to law school with Judd, and worked with him at the casino. Meanwhile, Ray gets to the office, and when Tammy knows she shouldn’t give him the keys, he distracts her erotically, and takes the print of the key. He wisely leaves the key behind. Back at the trial, the new witness testifies that Tom was brutally attacked by Jack Riggs on a previous instance. He had to be hospitalized, and the doctor said it could take him weeks, months or even years to walk again. What was Judd’s outlook on it?He was mad, pacing up and down, he raged to say he would kill Riggs.

Mitch cross-examines, but the heat remains on him, as the witness claims he knows Judd for years, and he wasn’t a person who would be afraid. He could be happy, angry, sad, but never afraid. When Ray gets to Sarah’s apartment with a new key, Mitch calls him and wants him to get all the surveillance tapes from the hospital where Tom was admitted. He needs him to go immediately. Ray leaves after collecting a bunch of shredded paper pieces from the apartment. Meanwhile, the heart patient’s daughter arrives at the office. Abbey and Tammy try comforting her, but they are running out of money on medical bills. The money her mother had left, is long gone now, and it’s been three months their payments are pending. Later that night, Ray arrives with a shocking piece of evidence. From the hospital surveillance tape, it turns out Tom walked down the stairs on the night of the murder.

Next day at the courthouse office, Mitch wants to know what’s happening, and what Judd is up to. Before long, he comes out with the truth. Riggs was at the casino, and Judd was paying him the cash. Before he knew it, Tom arrived with a gun, and shot Riggs with three bullets. Shocked, Judd wanted to protect him, and asked him to leave. In reality, Judd is innocent. Later, Andrew calls Abbey, and informs her about a major breakthrough in the DC Tech investigations. Kinross and Clark are all cheered up. DC Tech had found a machine that could save the victim from being in a coma. However, they did not, especially to save money. When DC Tech arrives with its lawyers at Kinross and Clark, Mitch heads his side of lawyers. Although the DC Tech attorney begins by sounding him off, Mitch eventually reveals their bag of experts – the best in heart disease machine designing – one from France, the other from Japan. DC Tech better settle for a bigger amount than $210,000, much bigger. Later, Mitch meets the judge of the casino murder trial, and tells him he wants to withdraw. However, the judge disallows him.

When Carolina receives the check, she cannot believe it could be so big an amount. Back at Judd’s trial, the prosecution closes by telling the jury Judd was acting in no self defense. And he is a gangster. He shot the man who hurt his best friend. That’s what gangsters do. Mitch closes saying Judd was a scared man. It was obvious, after all Riggs almost killed his best friend, and probably sent him through a lifetime of paralysis. Judd had every reason to expect Riggs would come after him. Yes, he did gamble, but to go home, and he hopes the jury will let him. When the verdict is out, Judd is found Not Guilty. Before leaving for the celebration party at Kinross and Clark, Tammy discovers that Ray has arranged the shredded pieces of paper. Four names are on it, and one of them is the name of the nurse who was fired from the old woman’s care. She knew them, and she has been lying all this while. The story moves three weeks into the future. Mitch enters an interrogation room as the prime suspect. The episode ends.