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Chapter Eleven - Recap

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The episode begins with the intruders about to enter Mitch’s home. The intruders then enter and see blood on the floor. Mitch and Ray, who are hiding, then attack the men. Flash back to two weeks earlier, and Mitch and gang are shown discussing what the next step should be now that they know what the Moxon numbers mean. They decide to find out more about the whole issue; meanwhile Mitch tells the guys that it should be business as usual. Later, Mitch meets with a woman who wants Mitch to be a lawyer for her brother who has been convicted of home invasion. The brother killed the owner of the home, and had been sentenced to death 14 years ago.

He is scheduled to be executed in 3 days, and wanted his sister to find him a lawyer. She tells Mitch that her brother is ready to die and just wants to face his end on his own terms. She begs Mitch to help her brother die with dignity. Meanwhile, Abby and Tammy are going over all the evidence of the Sarah Holt case. Tammy in the meanwhile, receives the news that, she has inherited a house from her deceased aunt Trudy. Meanwhile, Mitch meets the brother Jim Thorne in jail. He tells Mitch that he wants to donate his heart to the ailing daughter of his victim, about who he has come to know, from a magazine. Jim wants Mitch to convince the daughter to take his heart. He tells Mitch that he has been a terrible man and a terrible prisoner, and wants to just do one good thing in his life. Later Mitch tries to convince the victim’s wife about Jim’s offer. The wife seems to reluctantly agree but the daughter refuses it saying she doesn’t want a heart from the man who killed her father.

The wife wants to meet Jim, as she wants to make sure that he would go through with it. Later the wife and the daughter meet with Jim and ask him why he is doing what he is doing. He tells them that by donating his heart to the daughter the blackness in his heart could probably go away. The daughter and the mother agree to in the end accept his heart. Later in court it is argued by the public prosecutor that, all that Jim is doing is a ruse on his part to delay death row. The prosecutor tells the court that, it is a cruel joke perpetrated by Jim on a family that is already suffering at his hands. Mitch argues that all that is required is to check if Jim’s heart is compatible, and if it is then the transplant be carried out to save a young woman’s life. The judge in the end rules that the tests be done forthwith, so that it can be ascertained if Jim’s heart is compatible.

Meanwhile, Abby and Tammy talk to the wife of one of the patient’s to confirm if Noble Insurance denied her husband treatment. She says nothing of the sort happened, and that Noble had in fact approved his treatment. She also reveals that her husband who had terminal cancer suddenly passed away, although the doctors had informed her that through treatment his lifespan could be extended 2-3 years. Meanwhile, it is discovered after the tests that Jim can be a viable donor. But it is also revealed that the three drug combination that would be used for his execution would stop his heart, rendering it useless. Mitch requests that only one drug be used instead, which would still kill Jim but will keep his heart intact. The judge tells Mitch that he doesn’t have the authority to issue such an order. Mitch is advised to instead go to the court of appeals.

Mitch then argues his case in the court of appeals. Meanwhile, Ray and Tammy have differences about whether Tammy should keep her aunt’s house. Abby in the meanwhile talks to the son of one of the patients of Noble. He tells her that the doctors had informed him that his mother was terminal, and then she was gone a month later. Meanwhile, Mitch is informed that the court has given a 48 hour stay on Jim’s execution, till his appeal can be decided. Meanwhile, the daughter is rushed to the hospital as she collapsed in the courthouse. It is discovered that she needs the heart ASAP or she might not make it through the morning. Meanwhile, Ray meets with Sarah’s ex-husband. Mitch in the meanwhile warns Ray that the court order might come in too late for him to donate his heart to the daughter.

Sarah’s husband in the meanwhile tells Ray that Sarah would never hurt anyone. Sarah it turns out was a medic in Afghanistan. Jim in the meanwhile, takes a prison guard hostage with a pen to his throat and tells Mitch “we are not done fighting”. He then tells Mitch to uncuff him. He tells Mitch to talk to whoever he has to; to get him executed using just one drug. Meanwhile, Sarah’s husband tells Ray about the experiences she had in Afghanistan, and how those experiences changed her. He tells Ray that although she was trained to save lives, sometimes she actually regretted saving them. He also reveals to Ray that one day when he came back home, he saw that Sarah had left him and gone. He then gives Ray her military photo, just before she was employed. Meanwhile, Mitch tells the negotiator what Jim wants. The negotiator in turn tells Mitch that Jim’s demands won’t be met.

Mitch then tries talking sense to Jim. Jim tells Mitch he has other plans. Mitch then tells Jim to release the guard and take him as a hostage. The guard is then released and Jim comes out with Mitch as his hostage. He then pushes Mitch forward and is shot on the head. Mitch tells the medics to keep his heart beating. Later at home, Mitch tells Abby and Tammy that Jim’s heart has been taken to be transplanted. Mitch then tells Abby that he too was in on Jim’s plan. Later, Abby has a talk with Ray about the differences he and Tammy are having. She tells him to not make a big deal out of the whole house thing. Later, Mitch is relieved to know that the heart transplant was successful. Meanwhile, Ray and Tammy kiss and make up.

Later Ray gives Mitch, Sarah Holt’s military photo. He also informs Mitch that she was a medic and has saved hundreds of lives on the battlefield. Abby and Tammy meanwhile, reveal all they have found out about the Noble patients. Turns out all of them died before their projected time. Mitch believes that can’t be a coincidence. He feels all the evidence at hand should be handed over to Louis and the feds. Mitch in the meanwhile receives a call informing him that the court in the end ordered the one drug protocol. Just then in the photograph he sees Kevin Stack; he is seen standing right behind Sarah Holt, wearing military fatigues. They then figure out that Sarah Holt in some way must be connected to Kevin Stack.

Flash forward to two weeks later and Stack’s men are inside Mitch’s house searching for him. Stack meanwhile is monitoring the whole operation on his laptop. He suddenly looses the video link with his men. It is then seen that Mitch and Ray have managed to get the better of Stack’s men, Mitch and family is then shown escaping from the house, just as more of Stack’s men enter the house. The episode ends at this point.