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Chapter Fifteen - Recap

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The episode begins with Mitch and Ray proceeding to meet Stack at the designated place. Stack in the meanwhile, gives instructions to his guys over the phone. Mitch tells Stack he just wants Abby and doesn’t care about Stacks mission. Stack then instructs his men to drive Mitch’s wife in. Mitch wants to see Abby. Stack says it’s not possible in public, his men will walk away from the car as soon as he gets the drive, then Mitch can see Abby. Just like Stack doesn’t know whether it’s the real drive, Stack tells Mitch he too wouldn’t know if Abby is inside the vehicle; Mitch has to just trust him. Mitch uses a camera from a passerby to zoom into the car. He just sees a woman’s had appear against the glass of the car window, for a few seconds.

Mitch is shocked at what he sees, and immediately begins walking away. Stack shouts after him to stop him. Mitch tells Ray it’s not Abby. He realized this by seeing the ring on the hand that he saw. Hence it’s a setup. Later, Mitch wonders, why Stack didn’t bring Abby if she were alive. Mitch is fairly sure Abby is killed. Ray calms him down. Meanwhile, Stack tells Alex he doesn’t have the drive as Mitch wanted to see his wife, and Kevin couldn’t make that happen. Stack says the only option left is to leave, and he wants Alex to come along. Alex says she will stay put, and is ready to face the feds. She tells him that “nothing they have connects to me”. Stack bids Alex a goodbye. Meanwhile, Terrance wants action taken against Louis for letting Mitch and Ray leave. Meanwhile, they are told that Mitch and Ray are there to see them. Mitch tells them, Stack still has Abby, and he isn’t even sure if she is alive.

Louis reassures Mitch that he and his guys will look for Abby. Meanwhile, Dmitri will help the feds decrypt the drive. Meanwhile, Louis receives a call from a policeman telling her that Abby has been found, and is very much alive. She was found by a passing vehicle. She is being taken to the hospital, she seems in shock. Meanwhile, Mitch tells Diane everything about Stack, and Sarah Holt. Meanwhile, Louis comes in and tells Mitch that Abby is on the phone. Mitch is visibly relieved to hear her voice. Later at the hospital, the doctor tells Mitch that Abby is basically fine, but her anxiety levels are extremely high. Terrance comes and takes Mitch with him, to help with the evidence after the drive decryption. The drive contains three files: one contains a formula, which takes into consideration various factors like life expectancy and the cost to company of a particular patient; higher the cost to company, more the possibility of the patient being eliminated by Stack.

The second file contains a list of victims. The third file contains the list of people working for Stack. Meanwhile, the feds are arriving at the offices of Noble to arrest Stack, and also going to the Firm to arrest Alex. Alex pretends as if she is innocent, when being arrested. Meanwhile, Stack is heading for a private airstrip. The CEO of Noble calls Stack up and tells him to come in. Stack refuses, with the CEO threatening to get him to come, if he readily doesn’t. Stack agrees to meet him in the end, and would be going to the Hilton to meet him. He is told to use the freight elevator to avoid notice. He then reaches the Hilton, and after entering the room, pins the CEO against the wall, and warns the CEO to never threaten him again. Just then the CEO calls out for Terrance, and Stack is arrested. Meanwhile, Louis and Terrance reach the place where Abby was held captive; they see the man who was watching over her, dead on the ground.

They realize that Abby was water boarded. Meanwhile, Mitch apologizes to Abby for all that happened. Abby in the meanwhile, asks about everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Alex is told to reveal everything, and if she does she would be dealt with leniently. Alex maintains she is innocent, and claims she knows nothing. She is confident the feds don’t have enough to charge her. Later Diane tells Mitch that they have to release Alex, as they don’t have enough evidence against her. Abby is visibly angry to hear Alex might get away. She wants Alex to pay, as much as Stack. Meanwhile Louis comes in to check on Abby, just as Mitch leaves to meet Diane. Louis tells Abby to reveal to Mitch that she was water boarded, as she needs her family’s support to get over the emotional trauma of what she has been through.

Meanwhile, Mitch tries convincing Diane to convict Alex. She says her hands are tied. She tells him to go and take care of his family. Meanwhile, at home Claire nurses Abby, and they have a heart to heart. Meanwhile, Alex tells Stack in jail that, he and the others who are involved would be tried for 117 counts of murder. Alex also reveals to him that there might even be a possibility of a death penalty. She then tells him how the feds are trying to find the actual killers, with the help of the drive. Stack tells Alex to find a way to get him out of jail, or else he will drag Alex with him. Stack also shocks Alex by telling her that, he has recorded every conversation he and she ever had. Later in court, Alex represents Stack. Stack in the meanwhile is charged with 15 counts of murder.

Diane tells the court that although they are charging Stack with only fifteen counts of murder, the FBI is actually investigating over 100 cases. Alex wants the hard drive suppressed as evidence, as it was stolen. The judge allows Alex a hearing. Meanwhile, Abby tells Tammy how she was tortured. Abby blames Mitch to a certain extent for all that has happened to her. She feels Mitch goes looking for trouble. Meanwhile, Mitch meets Stack in jail. Mitch asks Stack why he did, all that he did. Stack refuses to answer, and in fact threatens Mitch with serious consequences for messing with him, just like Sarah Holt faced. Later, the media questions Mitch on the streets, regarding the Noble conspiracy. Meanwhile, inside the courthouse, a couple thanks Mitch for bringing down Noble, as their son Danny who has leukemia, would have been one of the future victims.

Meanwhile in court, Mitch testifies against Stack, and describes the trail of events. Later, Alex is called to the stand and grilled by Alex about disguising herself to steal the hard drive. Later, Mitch is again grilled by Alex, about how he incapacitated Stack with peanut oil. Ray too is called to the stand for questioning, on the hard drive stealing issue. Alex then reiterates the fact that, the law enforcers were in cahoots with Mitch and team; in the hard drive stealing issue. The judge isn’t too happy about the stealing, and will need a day to consider the given arguments.

Later, the judge rules that the hard drive is excluded and Stack is free to go; as the hard drive was stolen by devious means. Later, Louis tells Abby to testify against Stack, for what he did to her. Louis then stops Stack from leaving, instead arresting him for the murder of Andrew Palmer. Mitch is shocked to know that, Abby is the witness for the Andrew Palmer murder case. The episode ends at this point.