Chapter Eighteen - Recap

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The episode begins with Mitch calling up Abby. Abby tells a worried Mitch that she and Claire are fine. Abby then tells Mitch about how her parents are. She also tells Mitch about how distantly her mother reacted. Mitch tells Abby that he wants her back home. Abby meanwhile is worried that there will always be something else; although Mitch tries assuring her that whatever has happened is done. He wants her to take her time but ultimately wants her back. Meanwhile in Chicago, Joey tells Sal that he is ready to get Mitch as the time is right. Mitch in the meanwhile tells Ray about the new case he has taken on, that of a man named Henry Kettle. Ray instead tells him to take a break, but Mitch wants to keep working just so he can keep his mind occupied.

He then tells Ray to check out an eyewitness who put Henry at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Abby pays the therapist Dr. Wilson recommended to her by her mother, a visit. She tells the doctor that she is there to just get her prescription refill and not talk about her issues. He in turn tells her that he doesn’t write prescriptions for patients without sessions. Abby pretends to agree, and just as the doctor leaves the room for a bit, she steals a paper from his prescription pad. Then just as he comes in, she makes an excuse and leaves. Meanwhile, it is shown that the Henry Kettle case of him being accused of having brutally killed his sister, is receiving a lot of media attention. The media is shown speculating whether Kettle who is a famous writer, might be legally insane.

Meanwhile, Mitch tells Kettle in jail that he doesn’t think Kettle is insane but he still wants him psychologically tested. He tells Kettle that he being an extreme recluse is reason enough for Mitch to want him tested. Kettle then tells Mitch that he is innocent and used to love his sister. He tells Mitch that his sister was alive when he left after an argument with her. Mitch maintains that he is unstable and hence he is required by law to do an exam. Kettle agitatedly agrees. Later in court, Kettle’s colleague gives testimony about how brilliant Henry is, but how much he hates the spotlight. He also tells the court that Kettle over the years had become a recluse. He then reveals to court that a few months ago Kettle had told him that, he plans to write a new book. But Kettle also told him that he was writing for only himself and not for the public, or the readers.

The colleague then allegedly reached out to Margaret Kettle’s sister, as he felt the world deserved to see the new book. She then on the sly brought the book to the colleague. Kettle was furious when he got the knowledge of this. He wanted to stay hidden and the idea of more public attention bothered him. The colleague Miller was worried Kettle might hurt his sister in anger, and hence he rushed to her apartment and found her dead there. Mitch in the meanwhile proceeds to prove to the court how much Kettle had helped his sister financially, and how much he cared for her. In the middle of all this when Miller calls Kettle crazy, he stands up in anger yelling “I am not crazy”, and is reprimanded by the judge. Later Kettle tells Mitch that he can’t be in court for the trial, as he can’t take it. Mitch later takes it up with the judge, and tells her how Kettle feels about the case.

The judge denies Mitch’s request and tells Mitch to tell Kettle to suck it up. Later in court Kettle is severely disturbed on seeing and hearing the details of his sister’s death. Mitch tells Kettle to distract himself by writing something. Mitch while arguing his case then observes Kettle stabbing his own leg with a pen. Mitch on seeing this immediately calls for a recess. Later, Ray comes in and hands Mitch a file with all the details of the eyewitness. Mitch after looking through the file concludes that the details in it could create reasonable doubt. Later McKenzie the eyewitness is questioned. He tells the court how he had seen Kettle enraged after hearing Kettle argue with his sister. He also saw a scratch on Kettle’s face that was bleeding. Mitch then reveals to the court that McKenzie and Margaret were romantically involved.

Mitch proves this by showing the court McKenzie’s credit card statement which shows the purchase of a pendant Margaret was wearing when she was murdered. He wrote the word ‘soon’ in the card accompanying the pendant, which McKenzie explains meant that he would very soon leave his wife; McKenzie’s wife on hearing all this walks out of the courtroom in tears. Meanwhile, Abby is helping her mother with the arrangements of a charity event she is organizing, just then Dr. Wilson comes in. He agrees to help Abby run an errand on her mother’s insistence. Meanwhile in court, someone called Robert Frain is called as a witness. Turns out, Robert wasn’t on the witness list but wanted to testify in the case. Robert is the VP for a publishing company and was given Kettle’s latest manuscript by Kettle’s sister.

Kettle is outraged to know that Robert had read the manuscript as it was meant to be private. He expresses his outrage by yelling in court, and is reprimanded by the judge for it. Robert then goes on to tell the court that the writing was mediocre and amateurish. The prosecutor then tells the court that the reason for Kettle’s anger wasn’t because his writing was exposed but because he was exposed, as a washed up talent. Meanwhile, Abby returns Dr. Wilson the paper she stole from his writing pad. She tells him that her daughter changed her mind. Abby then tells Wilson about her past, and how she used the pills to get over her everything. Meanwhile, Mitch and Ray get curious about a third key on Margaret’s key ring, and also see an auto payment on her credit card bill to a place called The Vault. Turns out, The Vault is for writers only. It’s a place where writers go to get some writing done.

A man working at The Vault shows Ray the room where Margaret used to sit and write. Ray looks around in the room and finds several notebooks with Margaret’s writing. Turns out, Margaret was writing a book; a book that told the truth about her and Henry. Later, Mitch and Ray confront a shocked Henry and tell him that they know it was Margaret and not he, who wrote the book that made Henry famous. It also turns out that, Margaret was going to publish a diary about how she had written the book when she was only 19, and how she had begged Henry to take credit for it. Henry reveals that he didn’t want to take credit but, Margaret and his father wouldn’t listen. The scene then flashes back to how his father told him they need the money, and how Margaret begged with him, as she herself couldn’t be around people.

Back in the present, Henry reveals to them that Margaret was angry that Henry was writing again, because she felt only she could write under the name of Henry Kettle. He tells them that, he wanted to write for himself so he could see what he could have actually been, on his own. Margaret didn’t believe this and hence she stole his pages to embarrass him. When she stole the pages he went to find her, but she wouldn’t listen. Henry also tells them how Margaret slapped him. Henry then reiterates the fact that he didn’t kill Margaret. Meanwhile, Abby and Dr. Wilson end up kissing each other, after hitting it off. Ray and Mitch in the meanwhile go over all the evidence at hand and come to the conclusion that Henry’s agent, Miller might have been the killer. Margaret probably in anger told him the truth after Henry left, and he knew that Henry’s new book meant a huge commission, which he would lose out on if Margaret went public with her revelation.

Mitch tells Ray that he might have a way to prove conclusively that Miller is the killer. He then asks the help of the public prosecutor on this. She plays along then Mitch and she tell Miller to come along with them. They in a closed room then question Miller about killing Margaret. He denies it outright. The prosecutor then asks to see Miller’s wedding ring. A forensic expert is then brought in to analyze the ring. He informs them that the ring has been cleaned and there is nothing on the surface. Mitch tells the expert to remove the stone on the ring. Underneath the stone the expert finds blood.

Miller then admits to everything, and just as Mitch had suspected he killed Margaret for the money, which he would have lost out on if the truth came out that Henry was a fraud. Later, Henry is informed that he is free and that the trial is over. Later, when Mitch is alone in his office, he sees Joey and Sal enter. Mitch thinks Joey is there to kill him, but Joey tells him “I am not here to kill you; I am here to hire you”. The episode ends at this point.