Chapter Nineteen - Recap

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The episode begins with Joey telling Mitch that he wants to hire Mitch. He tells Mitch that a friend of his has been charged with murder in DC named Patrick Walker, and Joey wants Mitch to represent him. Mitch informs Joey that he doesn’t handle racket cases. But Joey wants him to take the case anyway and tells Mitch that, Patrick is innocent and isn’t a part of his crime family. Turns out, Patrick is an economist and went to school in MIT. Patrick has been accused of allegedly killing a woman. Joey in the end tells Mitch that “most lawyers want to win, but you have to win”. He tells Mitch that saying no isn’t an option, so if he decides to say a no, he better run. Mitch later tells Ray about it.

Ray and Mitch discuss what Mitch’s decision should be. The two in the end decide to have one meeting with the client. Abby and Dr. Wilson are in the meanwhile busy flirting over the phone. She then talks to Mitch and acts as if everything is normal. Later, Mitch tells Joey that he wants a meeting with Patrick, and only then will he make his final decision. Mitch then meets with Patrick in jail. Patrick has a battle of wits with Mitch and in the end tells Joey that he likes Mitch. He then tells Mitch that he didn’t know the victim, he met her at a bar and the two went out for a drink. He then went home changed his suit and went out again to attend a poker game. His car on the way was pulled over and he was arrested for the woman’s murder. He wasn’t drunk, but when his car was confiscated and his trunk checked, the dead body of the woman was found stuffed inside a suitcase in the trunk. He again reiterates to Mitch that he had never met the victim Charlotte Miller.

Mitch later tells Ray that he has taken the case. He tells Ray that its possible Patrick was framed. Mitch tells Ray to find out if there was really a poker game happening. The public prosecutor later shows Mitch the security tape in which Patrick is seen hauling the suitcase from out of his building, in which the victim was found, stuffed. The prosecutor also informs Mitch that, the victims clothes were found in Patrick’s building wrapped in a plastic bag. Meanwhile, one of Joey’s men tells Ray that Joey trusts Patrick as he helps Joey out with his business, and that Joey trusts him the most. Mitch then comes and tells Joey that everything Patrick to him was a lie. Mitch tells Joey all that the prosecutor told him. Joey still maintains that Patrick was framed, although Mitch isn’t so sure anymore.

He tells Mitch that, when Patrick went back to his apartment he found the victim there half naked and dead, hence he had no other option but to try disposing the body and her clothes. Mitch tells him he is out, and Joey in turn threatens him by reminding him that he has a wife and kid. Later and angry Louis confronts Mitch about his recent client. Mitch tells Louis that if he knows everything he knows that he didn’t have a choice but to take the case. Louis then takes Mitch to the FBI office and shows him evidence of how dangerous it is for him to get involved with a guy like Joey. He basically warns Mitch that most guys in Joey’s gang are unhappy with them being sidelined for Patrick. Meanwhile, Abby is doing some investigating of her own for her mother.

Later Mitch tells Ray everything that Louis told him. Mitch tells Ray it might be possible that, Patrick is being framed by Antonio. Ray tells Mitch that if they are going to do this they need to talk to Joey, as Antonio is still his top lieutenant. Abby in the meanwhile has found evidence of wrongdoing by an employee in her mother’s charity, and just as she tries walking out of his office with the evidence, the perpetrator Charles tries stopping her. She then yells out for Dr. Wilson who rushes into the office. Wilson instead apologizes to Charles and tells him that, Abby is one of his patients and isn’t in the sane state of mind. Outside Wilson tells Abby that she can’t just break into someone’s office. She in turn tells him that she isn’t his patient and leaves. Later, Mitch and Ray tell Joey that they want to accuse Antonio of framing Patrick, so they can get Patrick off the hook.

Joey rejects the idea, and tells them to find another way to win. Mitch later finds Antonio sitting in Mitch’s office. He warns Mitch never doubt his loyalty towards Joey. He tells Mitch that loyalty is the only reason he hasn’t killed Mitch as yet. Just then Alan the public prosecutor comes in. After Antonio leaves, Alan tells Mitch that Patrick was hauled in that night, on an anonymous tip that the cop arresting him had received reporting that, Patrick was drunk and also where his car would be. Mitch tells Alan that, it proves his client’s story might after all be true. Meanwhile, Wilson apologizes to Abby for his behavior and tells her that he was caught off guard. They then talk about the kiss they shared. Meanwhile, Ray and Mitch hear the recording of the 911 call made to the cops that night regarding Patrick.

Later, Patrick tells Mitch and Ray that he panicked and hence he tried hiding the evidence, but he also reiterates that he is innocent. They tell Patrick that someone called the cops so he would get caught. Mitch tells Patrick that he will try to suppress the search as the cops didn’t have the right to search his vehicle, hence whatever they found in his car would be inadmissible in court, even if it’s a dead body. Meanwhile, Abby tells her father that she wants to go back to Mitch. Her father in turn tells her to try reconnecting with her mother before she goes back. Later in court Mitch works his magic and leaves the cop who arrested Patrick speechless, by asking him how he knew the anonymous caller that night was credible. Later outside the courtroom, Joey is surprised when Mitch tells him that Antonio had paid him a visit and that too without Joey’s permission.

Joey tells Mitch not to worry and says “you do your job and I will do mine”. Later, Mitch loses his motion to suppress, as the judge denies it. Meanwhile, Abby’s mother tells her just as she is leaving, that she never approved of Mitch as he is reckless just like Abby is, and that is a fact that wasn’t acceptable to her mother, as she was worried about Abby’s well being. The two in the end hug and reconcile. Meanwhile, the FBI finds Antonio’s dead body in a garbage bin. Later, Louis shows Mitch a photograph of Antonio’s dead body. He tells Mitch that Joey killed Antonio as he suspected him of being disloyal. Later, Joey tells Mitch that he did not kill Antonio. Later Mitch is pleasantly surprised to see Clair and Abby back home. They too are happy to be back. The episode ends at this point.