Chapter Twenty - Recap

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The episode begins with Mitch telling Abby how glad he is that, she has returned home, and also how much he missed her. Abby then tells Mitch why she needed to go away, and how it helped her clear her head, so she could come back to him. Abby also tells him how her mother felt both Mitch and Abby are both reckless and hence make a bad pair. Mitch then reluctantly tells Abby about the whole issue with Joey Morolto Jr. He also tells her about the deal Joey has offered him. Abby in turn tells him that they have to end this issue once and for all, as they can’t run again. Abby tells Mitch that he just can’t lose the Patrick case, whatever the cost. Tammy in the meanwhile has managed to get her divorce, and is on her way back.

Later in jail, Patrick tells Mitch about a case he had filed against him in college, for trying to choke a girl, while having sex. He tells Mitch about this, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to him later in court. Mitch feels the prosecutor Alan Harper might find this out and use this against Patrick. Patrick reassures Mitch by telling him that, the girl from college named Wendy Vale did not press charges. Mitch later discusses this issue with Ray and Abby, and comes to the conclusion that they should wait and watch if Harper knows about Wendy already. Ray and Abby then proceed to have a talk with Wendy, to find out all they can. They see Wendy, and Abby goes to talk to Wendy, while Ray waits in the car. Wendy reveals to Abby that, Alan Harper had warned her that, Patrick’s defense council would try to talk to her.

She tells Abby that Patrick tried to kill her, and that she is going to testify in court against Patrick. She also tells Abby that, Alan has warned her to not speak to Patrick’s lawyer; hence she tells Abby that she would directly testify in court. Mitch later tells Alan that Wendy’s testimony is inadmissible in court, as the incident with her happened 7 years ago. Alan in turn tells Mitch that he has the copy of the police complaint that was filed, which he plans to use in court against Patrick. Mitch later decides to get his hands on a copy of the complaint too, and tells Abby to get it. He then tells Ray to find out all he can from the Morolto Club, where Patrick and the victim Charlotte Miller were, the night the incident took place. He tells Ray to talk to all the staff that was present at the club on the night of the incident.

Abby meanwhile goes to pick up the papers, and is assumed to be from Harper’s office; Abby decides to play along and not come out with the truth. She later makes copies of the papers, and returns the file just in time, so no one from Alan’s office is any the wiser. Later, Mitch finds out from the reports that, it was Wendy who withdrew the case despite accusing Patrick, of trying to choke her. Abby and Mitch are baffled as to why Wendy withdrew her case, and try to draw their own conclusions. Abby then points out to Mitch that the police found out; Wendy wasn’t against the idea of having rough sex, as was confirmed by other boys. There were two boys who confirmed this, according to the police investigation. The police probably assumed that, if she had consented before, she might have consented again, even when it came to Patrick.

Ray meanwhile comes in with a CD of the security footage which shows Charlotte Miller arrive and leave with friends, and not with Patrick. There isn’t a single frame in the footage, which shows Charlotte and Patrick together. Ray meanwhile decides to pay a visit to Charlotte’s friend Melanie Reed, who was accompanying her at Morolto’s, on the night of the incident, as was confirmed by the security footage. Later, Wendy testifies in court, as to how Patrick tried to choke during sex, and the rage and anger he had in his eyes when he was choking her. Mitch then questions her and brings up the report, including the part about the rough sex with 2 other boys. This line of questioning leaves Wendy visibly ruffled. Melanie meanwhile tells Ray that, Charlotte was a VIP liaison for a private jet company. Hence she traveled all over the world, and was never home.

She then tells Ray that Charlotte dated one of her clients called Alexi Dovak, who ended up getting a little obsessed with her. Melanie also confirms to Ray that, she had never seen Charlotte with Patrick. Even on the night of the incident Charlotte left the club, and got into her car alone. Meanwhile Joey is accused of killing Antonio, by one of his men. The man Johnny then draws a gun on Joey. He then walks out of the room, threatening Joey “this isn’t over”. Meanwhile the Judge rules that, Harper can’t use Wendy in the case. Later Wendy who runs in to Abby in the loo, reveals to her that she exaggerated in court about Patrick’s rage, as she wanted the judge to believe her. Abby on hearing this asks Wendy to tell the truth in court. Later, she tells Mitch about what just transpired.

Mitch on hearing this, shares it with the judge in his chamber. Harper is then called in, Abby then confirms to the judge in front of Harper how Wendy lied in court. The judge then asks Harper to get Wendy back in the stand. Ray meanwhile meets up with Alexi Dovak. Alexi tells Ray that he did not Charlotte in no uncertain terms. Later in court, Wendy admits to the fact that she exaggerated the truth and made it sound worse than it actually was. She also tells the court that it was Harper who made her do it, by showing her the picture of Charlotte and telling her that, if she didn’t testify Patrick would get away with murder. The judge, in the light of the recent events removes Harper as the prosecutor for the case. Later, Mitch finds out that Joey paid off Wendy so she would change her testimony.

Turns out, Joey had approached Wendy with the money long before Harper had approached her. Wendy and Joey then played Harper, convincing him that she was on Harper’s side. Joey then tells Mitch that Patrick will help take the Morolto family to the next level; hence he is ready to pay any price to get Patrick out. Outraged by the whole thing, Mitch steps out of the car, and so does Joey, just then Mitch sees a gunman on a bike approach them. Mitch on seeing this falls to ground, taking Joey with him. The bullets shot by the gunman miss the both of them, as the biker speeds by. Later Mitch tells Abby and Ray about the whole incident. Ray feels that Joey dying might help them, as Mitch can then let go of the Patrick case. Mitch on the other hand feels that, Joey is the only one keeping them alive. The episode ends at this point.