Chapter Twenty-One - Recap

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The episode begins with Mitch waiting to meet Joey at his club. Joey in the meanwhile is getting Johnny’s brother beaten up by his men to find out more about the attack on him. Joey is sure Johnny is the one who gave the order to attack Joey. Joey’s guy tells Joey that the infighting in the family is affecting business. He tells his man he will deal with it, and goes in to check out Johnny’s brother. Joey then tells Frank, Johnny’s brother that he will get it out of him, the information where Johnny is hiding. Later, Mitch tells Joey that if he tells the court Antonio framed Patrick, he will have to tell the court why. That means Joey will have to admit to the jury that he is the head of a mob family. Joey tells him that’s not an option, hence it will have to be shown that Joey is into a legitimate business and both Patrick and Antonio were vying for the same position.

Joey tells Mitch that he will provide him material to convince the court that he is into legitimate a business. Then while leaving, Mitch catches a glimpse of a bloodied Frank, and is visibly moved. Later, Tammy is shown returning, after having secured her divorce. Mitch tells Tammy that, if they lose the case she will have to have her honeymoon on the run; as she is planning to get married to Ray this weekend. Later, Ray and Abby check out Charlotte’s car for clues. Inside the car Ray finds a key card to the building where Charlotte lived. Meanwhile Joey is enraged about the fact that he has been subpoenaed by the prosecution. He tells Mitch he won’t testify in court unless he gets a guarantee that he won’t be asked about the mob. He tells Mitch; otherwise he would have to defend Patrick without him.

The security at Charlotte’s building finds out that, according to the information on her key card that Charlotte didn’t come into the building the night the incident happened. But the security guard tells Ray and Abby that she had seen Charlotte that night; enter the building at 10:30. The guard also tells Abby that someone would need an access to the main server, in order to change the information on the card. Later Tammy hands Mitch the questions she has formulated for the jury selection. Later outside the courtroom, the new prosecutor Olivia Danville introduces herself to Mitch. Later in court Mitch hands the court evidence to the effect that Joey is a legitimate businessman. He then tells the judge as decided that, Antonio framed Patrick because of professional rivalry. Olivia meanwhile tries to bring up the mention of the mob, but the judge stops her on her tracks by reminding her that the case isn’t mob related.

The judge then tells Mitch that, if he calls Joey to the stand and it raises any red flags, the judge shall open the door to the mob issue being addressed. The judge tells Mitch that Joey shall testify at his own risk. Ray and Abby meanwhile scrutinize Charlotte’s apartment, with Abby taking pictures of whatever she feels seems relevant. Patrick meanwhile tells Joey he can testify; all he needs to do is make sure he doesn’t say anything that can be questioned in any way. Patrick tells Joey that, he testifying is Patrick’s only defense. Joey feels the moment he steps into the stand, the judge will find a way to open the door. Joey in the end tells Patrick he can’t take the risk. He also tells Mitch that the frame defense wouldn’t work without him, so Mitch has to think of something else.

Abby and Ray meanwhile find out from the evidence in Charlotte’s apartment that, she was planning to stay in that night. Hence it was possibly the killer who transported her body to Patrick’s apartment. Joey meanwhile tells Mitch that he killed Antonio, just so that it could be proven that Patrick was framed. Mitch tells Joey he didn’t tell him to kill Antonio, and also that it was Joey who wanted him dead, as he wanted Antonio out of the way. He tells Joey that the frame defense wouldn’t work without him, but Joey isn’t happy about that. Later and irritated Mitch tells Ray to find something that would help the case, now that the frame theory is too weak to stand in court. Mitch later talks to Olivia about a plea, as she anyway can’t prove anything conclusively. Olivia agrees for Patrick being incarcerated for 15 years. Later, Ray and Abby ask around in Charlotte’s building, if they heard anything out of the ordinary that night.

One lady tells Abby that, Charlotte wasn’t alone that night, as she had heard men’s voices along with Charlotte’s. Another woman in the building tells Abby and Ray that, she saw a man sneak in behind Charlotte that night into the building. She also describes to them how the man looked, and also how he gave her the creepy crawlies. She also tells them that she can’t be sure if the man did anything wrong. Olivia meanwhile is informed that cigarette butts found in Charlotte’s apartment has Patrick’s DNA on them. She tells Mitch that, the plea bargain is off the table, based on the new evidence that has been found. Johnny meanwhile is shown trying to instigate Joey’s men to leave Joey and join him. Just then Joey gives Johnny a call and tells him that Frank is in the ICU. Johnny then sits in his car to proceed for the hospital, and just as he sits in it, the car is blown sky high.

Mitch meanwhile questions the possible jurors. Tammy advises Mitch to steer clear of any prospective juror who doesn’t seem to question authority. Tammy also tells Mitch that, anti-establishment types are better for them. Tammy basically tells Mitch to select jurors who would sympathize with Mitch. Olivia in the meanwhile is busy doing just the opposite. Abby meanwhile spots a man in the photograph from that night at the bar, and it fits the description of the man, the woman from Charlotte’s apartment building described she saw follow Charlotte that night. Later Ray hands Mitch a blown up photo of the man, who was seen sitting at a distance from Charlotte at the bar that night. Ray feels this man is their guy, and if they can find this man, they have their defense.

Later, Mitch shows Patrick and Joey the man’s photograph and tells them what he has found out. Joey tells Mitch “we’ll find him”. Meanwhile it turns out one of the jurors is fixed, and is seemingly working for someone. He was turned down by Mitch, and informs the person he is working for about it. The man in turn tells him that he will get picked tomorrow, the only he has to make sure is that Patrick is convicted. Next day the fixed juror is put into the final panel of jurors as was planned, it turns out, a juror chosen by Mitch has met with an accident, and hence the fixed juror is the only alternative left. Patrick later tells Mitch that Joey might turn on him, if things go bad, and if he feels Patrick could become a liability.

Patrick tells Mitch that along with him, Mitch’s time too is running out. Later at home Mitch tells everyone that finding the guy in the photograph is the best way for them to stay safe. Flash forward to two days later, and Mitch is shown being escorted by masked men who are armed, to a lakeside. One of the men then removes his mask, and turns out; it’s the blonde man from the photograph. The man then proceeds to shoot Mitch in the head. The episode ends at this point.