Chapter Twenty-Two - Recap

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The episode begins with Claire waking up Tammy from her sleep and reminding her that she is getting married today. Mitch meanwhile leaves to pick up Ray, so they can all meet at the church. Abby later lends Tammy her wedding dress for the marriage. Ray meanwhile is frustrated that he can’t find the blonde man in the photograph, from the bar. Mitch reminds Ray that he is getting married in an hour. Mitch tells him to take a break, as it’s his marriage. The blonde haired man in the photograph meanwhile is shown arming himself with an automatic weapon, and there are men accompanying him, who do the same. Tammy and Ray in the meanwhile are readying themselves for the church ceremony.

The blonde man in the meanwhile points out Mitch to his men, from a photograph he hands them. Ray and Tammy in the meanwhile proceed to read their wedding vows to each other. Then just as they finish reading their vows, they hearing the car alarm go off outside. Mitch leaves to take care of it, as he concludes that it’s from his car. Then just as he steps outside, he is rendered unconscious by a masked man from behind and put into a body bag by a few masked men. Then just as they are hauling him away in their vehicle Ray comes out and sees Mitch being taken away. He runs in and tells Abby to call 911, and tells everyone what just happened. He tells her what make the car is and also the last four digits of its registration plate. Ray then calls up Mitch who picks up the call, he then tells Mitch to leave his phone on and hide it.

The men meanwhile stop their vehicle and snatch Mitch’s phone from him. Ray meanwhile tracks Mitch on GPS, as it’s possible to do so as long as the battery and the SIM card haven’t been removed. He tells Tammy to keep tracking the signal, and leaves in his car to chase down the vehicle with Mitch in it. Tammy then briefs Ray as to where Mitch’s vehicle is heading. She tells him that it’s possibly heading outside the city. Claire in tears meanwhile tells Abby how scared she is. Tammy meanwhile tells Ray that the tracking stop at some kind of a parking lot, to near an area where Ray now is. He then hears Mitch’s cell phone ringing from behind a pickup truck in the parking lot, after he calls it, and sees it lying in the back of the truck. Mitch’s kidnappers meanwhile switch vehicles, at a gas station.

Later the men bring Mitch to a lakeside. The blonde man is told by one of his men in Russian that he doesn’t have the boss’s permission to kill him, and instead tells the blonde man to kill Mitch if he wants to. The blonde man then takes Mitch to the lakeside, and unmasks himself. Mitch immediately recognizes him from the photograph. The man then tells him and Ray to stop asking around about him, or next time he shall kill Mitch. He then kicks Mitch into the lake. Mitch later walks to the gas station where the men abandoned their vehicle, and tells a man at the gas station to call the police. Later Mitch tells Louis that the men who kidnapped him were Russians. He also tells Louis that the blonde man removed his mask as he wanted Mitch to see his face.

Ray later tells Mitch that he realizes now that none of his contacts would give him a name for the blonde guy, because they did not want to mess with the Russian mob. Mitch later tells Joey that he can’t expect him to continue after all that has happened. Joey reminds Mitch that they had a deal, and he has to honor it come what may. Joey then tells Mitch that he can either worry about the Russians or about him. He then assures Mitch that he would take care of the Russians, and that Mitch should concentrate on getting Patrick out. Joey then tells Mitch that from now on Mitch is under his family’s protection. Joey later tells the leader of the Russian mob to get the blonde haired man to confess to his crime. The Russian mobster Luca admits that the blonde haired man is one of his best and asks Joey how he can be sure the blonde haired man committed the murder.

Joey tells Luca about the evidence he has. Luca in turn tells Joey that he can’t help him, and instead threatens him. Luca then tells Joey to be careful and leaves. Later, Luca asks the blonde haired man if he killed Charlotte Miller. He denies it outright. Luca then tells the man named Victor that, he is looking into it, and warns Victor not to lie to him. Mitch and the gang meanwhile decide to go ahead with the case, as now they have Joey’s protection. Later in court, Mitch asks the detective investigating the case if Patrick could have been framed and the evidence planted. He then shows the photograph of the blonde man to the jury, and also tells them about him being present at the bar that night and also about how he followed Charlotte into her building.

Louis meanwhile finds out from Tarrance that the man in the photograph is Victor, one on Luca’s main men, who is also very dangerous. Louise then decides to bring Victor in for questioning. Tarrance later warns Victor who is an informer for the FBI, that he should stay out of Mitch’s way and that the FBI will handle Mitch. Luca later tells Victor and his other men that they have to kill a foreign diplomat visiting the US. Meanwhile Tammy and Abby watch the CD of the statement given by Patrick right after he was arrested. They are shocked to see him smoking on the video, and conclude that the cigarettes he smoked during the questioning was planted in Charlotte’s apartment as evidence of him knowing Charlotte. Mitch and Ray conclude that the Russians might have a cop on their payroll.

Ray also tells Mitch that the detective looking into the case is clean, but has some debts, which might have led to him planting the evidence for money. Later in court, Mitch asks the detective about what happened to the cigarettes that Patrick had smoked during questioning. He then asks the detective if someone paid him to plant the evidence. Mitch then points to court how the detective had debts and needed money. Tarrance meanwhile tells Louis that Victor is an informant. Tarrance then tells Louis that he won’t arrest an informant who might help him take down the Russian mob. Louis tells Tarrance that if they let Victor be, Charlotte won’t get justice and an innocent man will go to prison. Tarrance though will have none of it and tells Louis to back off.

Later, Mitch tells Joey and Patrick that he feels the detective working on the case didn’t plant the evidence someone else did. Later, Tammy and Ray get married in front of a judge. Later at home, Louis tells Mitch everything about Victor, including his connection to the FBI. Flash forward to six weeks later, and Mitch is shown running on the roof of a building possibly trying to escape from someone, and in the end jumping from the edge of the roof. The episode ends at this point.