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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Gangs of Little Havana/Execution in Coconut Grove

Debut: A reality series following homicide detectives during the critical first hours following a murder. The opener observes Miami detectives as they investigate two murders involving shootings at close range.

2 :01x02 - Overkill/Left for Dead

In the first case, OVERKILL, Miami homicide sergeant Joe Schillaci and his team of investigators are dispatched to a brutal case of overkill. A young man has just been gunned down in broad daylight on a crowded street. He's been shot numerous times to the head, not far from a busy apartment complex filled with children. It's in a part of town where drug dealers and thugs rule the streets. Detectives have just 48 hours to find a witness willing to talk before threats and intimidation take hold of the neighborhood.
In the second case, LEFT FOR DEAD, an unidentified man has been found shot and brutally beaten in an empty parking lot. When he dies in the hospital hours later, a cigar-chomping veteran detective Manny De La Torriente and his rookie partner Jose Rodriguez must act quickly to unravel the mystery. But with an unidentified victim and no physical evidence, investigators have their work cut out for them.

3 :01x03 - Blood in the Snow/Swope Park Killing

Two murder cases in Kansas: detectives investigate the murder of a woman in a cul-de-sac and a man shot and dumped in a park.

4 :01x04 - Double Murder on Haskell/Back Alley Revenge

In Kansas City, detectives investigate a shooting death and must convince a son to give up his father; and investigate a murder in an area known for its drug problems.

5 :01x05 - Body in the Park/Ruby Street Shooting

Philadelphia detectives investigate the discovery of a body burned beyond recognition and a murder with no leads.

6 :01x06 - Killing Spree

Detectives pursue a serial killer terrorizing residents of a Miami housing project who are too frightened to offer information to help the police.

7 :01x07 - On Ice/Body in the Canal

In the opening episode, investigators in Miami attempt to solve two brutal shootings committed at point-blank range.
In the first case, GANGS OF LITTLE HAVANA, the team finds a young man lying dead on the sidewalk in Little Havana near an area noted for gangland violence. From the outset the murder appears to be the latest tragedy in the turf war between two gangs. At first the investigating team is hampered by a wall of silence from a frightened community. But hour by hour the full story of what happened begins to emerge.
In the second case, EXECUTION IN COCONUT GROVE, it appears that a convenience store owner in Coconut Grove had invited someone she knew into her home and was then shot twice in the head. The detectives quickly discover that the victim also sold jewelry, and a ransacked room suggests that the murder could be the result of a robbery gone wrong. Or is that what the murderer hoped the detectives would think? With no obvious suspects, a major forensic operation gets underway with the house examined inch by inch for fingerprints in the hope of putting a name and a face on the killer.

8 :01x08 - Fire in the Rain/Family Feud

In Dallas, a motorist discovers a man's body alongside the highway— with his genitals on fire. The investigation propels detectives on an odyssey through a rowdy world of Texas prostitutes and drugs.

And when a hard working Mexican migrant supporting his young family is found dead in a parking lot, detectives can't find a motive. As their investigation deepens, they must navigate a complex web of family ties and loyalties to identify the killer ... and catch him before he flees the country.

9 :01x09 - Desert Bones/Party's Over

Detectives Sallie Dillian and Cliff Jewell investigate a female skeleton found in the desert. Along with forensic anthropologist Laura Fulginiti they work to determine who the mystery woman is. At first, they don't even know if she was murdered. But they use the scattered forensic and physical evidence to determine her identity and crack the case.
18-year-old Kenny Smith is shot in the head as a party of hundreds of high school students is breaking up. Because he is not expected to survive, homicide detectives Sandy Rodriguez and Tom Kulesa are called to the scene. Witnesses describe the shooter as a black male in a ski mask. In an intriguing development, there is a report of another non-fatal shooting that took place nearby, where the victim also described the shooter as a black male in a ski mask. Rodriguez and Kulesa must determine if the two events are related, who would have been after Kenny Smith, and why.

10 :01x10 - At Death's Door/Wrong Side of the Tracks


In the first case, AT DEATH'S DOOR, Miami homicide detective Mayree Morin and her team of investigators are on their way to work on a sunny morning when they are called to a brutal murder scene. A man, shot at least a dozen times assassination-style, straddles a doorway in one of Miami's roughest areas. No one in the vicinity saw anything, but detectives quickly learn that an ongoing war over drug turf has recently paralyzed the neighborhood. With just hours to work with, Morin's team must move fast to land a suspect before the killer slips away.
In the second case, WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS, the son of a celebrated neurosurgeon is discovered near dawn, shot to death along the railroad tracks in Miami's desolate Overtown neighborhood. The investigation leads straight-talking veteran detective Ervens Ford and his wise-ass rookie partner Kevin Ruggiero down a shady path of halfway houses, strip clubs, and misguided wealth. The pressure is on as the detectives meticulously backtrack the victim's last steps, trying to nail down a solid lead before their trail runs cold.

11 :01x11 - Stripper's Revenge/Dead on Arrival

STRIPPER S REVENGE: Hours after a jealous stripper vows revenge, her two-timing boyfriend is shot and killed. But the girlfriend is not the shooter, and it's up to Detective Tom Kulesa of the Phoenix police department to unravel the mystery.

DEAD ON ARRIVAL: When a young father is dragged screaming from his bed in the middle of the night and gunned down in his doorway, Detective Mike Polk must separate the facts from the fiction in the witnesses' stories before the killers' trail grows cold.

12 :01x12 - At Close Range/Murder in Motor City

In Miami's Coconut Grove, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his team try to solve a near-impossible case of four men shot while sitting in their car. The shooting left an innocent passenger dead... but the three survivors refuse to name names. And when Det. Emiliano Tamayo and his rookie partner Det. Kevin Ruggerio find a local celebrity murdered in his apartment, they realize the key to the case is the victim's cellphone missing from the scene. As they work the murder around the clock, Ruggerio learns he must make a personal sacrifice to solve the case.

13 :01x13 - Silent Witness/Halley Street Slayings

In Miami, when a hard-working store worker is cut down in a hail of gunfire, a veteran Sgt. Pepi Granado and his team must turn to a silent witness--the store's video surveillance system, which caught the entire murder on tape; and in Detroit, Sgt. Jo Ann Kinney and Detective Ed Williams tackle the case of a young couple found brutally killed in their house and learn that the victims knew their killer. They must track down reluctant witnesses deep in the narcotics game...before their killer has a chance to get away.

Season 2

14 :02x01 - A Serial Killer Calls

In this episode of The First 48, homicide detectives are drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game by a cunning serial killer terrorizing Kansas City, Missouri. The game begins when Sgt. Doug Niemeier and his squad find the bodies of two women killed weeks apart stacked up in an abandoned garage. Soon the killer begins calling 911 to direct the detectives to other bodies hidden around Kansas City. As body count continues to climb, Niemeier and his squad must race against time to track down their elusive foe, before he kills again... and again.

15 :02x02 - House of Santeria/Murder on the Interstate

In Miami, homicide Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his squad must solve a murder of an innocent college student during a hectic Memorial Day weekend; and Sgt. Carlos De Los Santos and his team tackle a murder of a doctor found hogtied in his house and learn that the key to the case may lie with the voodoo-like Santeria shrines found at the crime scene.

16 :02x03 - Hostile Takeover/Shot in the Back

In Miami, homicide Sgt. Altarr Williams goes on an adrenaline-charged hunt for a mysterious van seen leaving the scene of a brutal murder. In Shot in the Back, Detective Emiliano Tamayo and his partners must ID a nameless victim gunned down in Little Havana; the case takes a shocking turn when they discover the victim s background.

17 :02x04 - Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue

Kansas City detectives pursue a man suspected of beating his friend to death using a cinder block.

18 :02x05 - Deadly Betrayal

Miami detectives investigating the murder of a strip-club owner are faced with a race against time as Hurricane Jeanne approaches.

19 :02x06 - Downstream Drifter/Muder in Room 162

In San Antonio, TX, Detective Timm Angell and his partners find a nameless man beaten to death floating in a creek; they must race to identify the victim and find anyone who may have known him. And in Phoenix, Detective Mike Polk and his team painstakingly reconstruct the final hours of a man found dead hogtied in a hotel room; the case takes a dramatic turn when they learn the killers may have been captured by the hotel's surveillance cameras.

20 :02x07 - Twisted Honor/Vultures

In Phoenix, Det. Dave Barnes must track down desperate lovers on the lam to solve a savage shotgun murder. And in San Antonio, Det. Tom Froelick and his team find a body of a woman in a wooded area and learn that she was last seen alive with a mysterious stranger.

21 :02x08 - Silence in the Grove/Show Stopper

From Dallas: a body is found along a highway; the body of a Mexican migrant worker is found in an apartment parking lot.

22 :02x09 - Devil's Candy

Soon after discovering a bullet-ridden body in Overtown section of Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci learns the murder may spark a bloody turf war between rival heroin dealers in the neighborhood. Schillaci realizes, to prevent further bloodshed, he must infiltrate the world of heroin dealers and get them to reveal the killer's identity. But going undercover means Schillaci must confront his own traumatic past as a street narcotics cop -- when he gunned down a man during a buy-and-bust operation gone wrong.

23 :02x10 - Fallen/Texas Burning

In Dallas, Dets. Randy Loboda and Phil Harding find two bodies, burned up, in opposite side of town on the same night. Loboda's investigation leads to a motel where they find a bloody room, the possible murder scene, while Harding learns the two victims may have been killed by the same killer.

In Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci finds a man's body, a victim of an apparent suicide. But his investigation takes a twist when he discovers signs of a struggle. Schillaci soon learns the man was seen with a mysterious woman only hours before his death -- but the woman has disappeared. She may be the killer -- or yet another victim.

24 :02x11 - Murder in the Driveway/Double Shooting in the Beans

In a case of young man shot dead in Little Haiti, Miami Detective Ervens Ford and his team learn the suspected killer is a member of a notorious gang. The team must hunt him down, before he flees the country.

And when two teenagers are brutually gunned down in the Pork-N-Beans project, Sgt. Pepi Granado and Det. Freddy Ponce learn there's a witness who saw the murders go down. To solve the case, they must get the witness to reveal what he knows.

25 :02x12 - Roadside Burning/Blood Ties

Dallas detectives investigate the discovery of a murder victim along the highway; and the murder of a Mexican migrant worker.

26 :02x13 - Deadly Attraction


In his final case as a homicide investigator, Sgt. Joe Schillaci teams up with Dets. Mayree Morin and Olga Rome to solve a baffling murder of a man found murdered in his bed.

Schillaci and his team soon learn the killer may be a worker for a traveling carnival. They must enter into a murky and dangerous world of

Season 3

27 :03x01 - House of Blood/Last Man Standing

A brutal stabbing in Little Havana has Detective Carlos Castellanos following a trail of bloody footprints the killer left as he fled the scene. It will take bloodhounds and a frantic pace to track down the killer in this whodunit. And Detective Tony Miguelez has a mystery on his hands. A young man is found gunned down in a parking lot. There's a trail of blood at the scene that indicates a second victim. Who is he and what does he know? Miguelez needs to find the answers to those questions to solve this case.

28 :03x02 - Duct Tape Murder/Custody of the Devil

In Memphis, Sgts. Tony Mullins and Doreen Shelton get caught in the rumor mill and must separate truth from lies as they struggle to identify the two men who robbed and killed a neighborhood drug dealer.
And in Miami, when a daughter discovers her mother's body, Detectives Tamayo and Ruggeiro search for the elusive killer and learn that sometimes the harshest punishment happens outside the law.

29 :03x03 - Fish out of Water/Good Samaritan

In Miami, FL, homicide detective Fernando Bosch is faced with what appears to be the murder of an innocent tourist from Ohio. But the discovery of thousands of counterfeit dollars under the victim's bed leads him to believe the phony bills may have cost him
his life.

When a homeless man is brutally stabbed defending a local restaurant owner, Sgt. Eunice Cooper, Det. Ervens Ford and Detective Emiliano Tamayo must track the hero's killer before he disappears into the underbelly of Miami's homeless community.

30 :03x04 - Evil Streak/.50 Caliber

In Las Vegas, NV, Detectives Mike Wallace and Mark McNett are called out on a nightmare of a case: a beautiful young woman was assaulted and murdered in her own apartment. With nothing but the physical evidence, they've got to find out if the killer is a total stranger or someone she knows.
And In Miami, FL, Detectives Rolly Garcia and Orlando Silva must track down an enormous handgun that was used to gun a man down on a residential sidewalk; the .50 caliber Desert Eagle is such a rare weapon that the Miami crime lab has never handled a case with one before.

31 :03x05 - Foolproof Alibi/Left Behind

In Miami, when a young father-to-be is gunned down in broad daylight, Sgt. Eunice Cooper and Detective Ervens Ford are sure they know who did it. But when their primary suspect claims he was at home when the shooting occurred - and has the record from his GPS ankle bracelet to prove it - they must work against the odds to catch their killer.

In Phoenix, Detectives Steve Orona and Jeremy Rosenthal respond to a call of a foul odor coming from an apartment. When they arrive at the scene their worst fears are realized. The body of a woman, wrapped in a blanket, is decomposing on the floor of the bathroom. The detectives are now in a race against time to try and find the killer. They chase their suspect to Mexico, hoping to find him before he disappears.

32 :03x06 - Fifty Dollar Murder/Murder in Liberty City

Memphis police investigate a shooting and robbery at a convenience store; Miami cops probe two crimes that are a few blocks apart to see if they are connected.

33 :03x07 - Torched

In Miami, Sgt. Mo Velazquez and Detective Freddy Ponce discover an
unidentified victim in the back seat of a torched rental car. The
investigation takes a bizarre turn, as detectives uncover a kidnapping
and robbery plot involving a crew of drug dealers. They must find
everyone involved - before they all disappear.

34 :03x08 - Point Blank/Shoot Out

Memphis Sergeants respond to an unusual scene, a dead man hunched over a swing set. Working with clues found on the crime scene, Sergeants piece together information and locate potential witnesses. The case takes an unexpected turn when they are able to locate and crack an uncooperative witness.

In Miami, Detective Fernando Bosch investigates a murder that takes him across state lines. On a desperate search to find the killer of a man who died in Miami, their leads take them to a potential suspect who has reportedly fled to Atlanta. What the detectives find out when they get there surprises them all.

35 :03x09 - Last Exit/Out Cold

In Phoenix, a man is found dead on the side of the road, and detectives investigate; and Miami detectives investigate the murder of a man found dead in front of a bar.

36 :03x10 - Dead Man Running/Crash

In Memphis, Tennessee, Sgt. Tony Mullins and his team are investigating the death of an unidentified man found naked on a porch. A trail of blood leads to a house where they find the crime scene and two women, who insist they saw nothing. Now, it is the job of the detectives to get the women to talk.

In Phoenix, Arizona, rookie Detective Jason Schecterle is on his first case as a lead detective: the murder of Edwardo Beltran, gunnned down outside an auto body shop. The victim made a phone call just minutes before he was killed, possibly to the man who rear ended his car the day before. Jason has a hunch that the owner of that cell phone number is his killer, it is his job to find out.

37 :03x11 - Close Ties/Last Call

The deaths of three young people are investigated to determine if suicide or foul play was involved; and a man is found dead on a lawn.

38 :03x12 - Pack of Lies

In Miami, a man is found stabbed to death in his home, and the case may be drug related.

Season 4

Miami City Vice

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39 :04x01 - Loved to Death/Unmasked

A convenience-store shooting in Memphis that left a man dead is investigated; and Miami detectives probe a murder in an affluent area.

40 :04x02 - Inner Demons/Kids with Guns

A man is found murdered outside of his apartment in Miami; and Memphis detectives investigate a triple shooting that left two men dead and a third in critical condition.

41 :04x03 - The Witness/The Trunk

Miami detectives deal with the double murder of a husband and wife; and a missing-person case in Memphis is investigated.

42 :04x04 - Pre-emptive Strike/Unlucky

In Memphis, a killer barricades himself in an apartment; Dallas detectives respond when a decomposed body is found, and it's learned that the victim was murdered.

43 :04x05 - Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart

In Miami, an elderly man is found stabbed to death in his home; and, in Memphis, a young man is murdered outside of a liquor store.

44 :04x06 - The Boogie Man/Murder on Flowering Peach

Dallas detectives investigate when a body is found in a burned car; Memphis police probe a home invasion that resulted in a man's death.

45 :04x07 - The Run Around/Night Cap

In Miami, a woman's body is discovered near a high-rise; in Dallas, two burned bodies are discovered.

46 :04x08 - Crossfire/School Ties

In Miami, a woman is shot and killed at a convenience store, but the surveillance footage indicates that a man was the intended victim, and detectives try to find him to save his life; the murder of a man shot in the middle of the day is investigated.

47 :04x09 - Fool for Love/Dumped

In Dallas, a decomposed body is found and an investigation gets under way; Memphis detectives search for the killer or killers who dumped a body in a field.

48 :04x10 - The Wrong Man/Five Points Payback

A drive-by shooting in Memphis leads to a search for two brothers suspected of committing the crime; and Dallas detectives investigate the murder of a man who was shot to death in a van.

49 :04x11 - Candy Lady/Best of Friends

A search in Memphis for the person who murdered a well-loved "Candy Lady." Also: Miami detectives hunt for the killer of a 17-year old.

50 :04x12 - Family Affair/The Hustler

A pool hustler is found dead in a motel room in Memphis; a Dallas woman is found stabbed, beaten and burned, and her niece and her mother are missing.

51 :04x13 - Motel Massacre/Pure Innocent

Memphis detectives search for the shooter in a gunfight that left two men dead and another man injured; and Kansas City detectives search for the person who shot a 2-year-old child.

52 :04x14 - Broken Alibis/A Good Woman

In Miami, a homeless man is beaten to death; in Kansas, an elderly woman is stabbed to death in her kitchen.

53 :04x15 - Houdini/Innocence Lost

In Memphis, detectives search for a man suspected of killing a gas-station clerk; and a Miami detective investigates the murder of a 9-year-old girl.

54 :04x16 - Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance

A tourist who's in Miami for his son's 17th birthday is murdered; and a shooting at a high-school dance leaves one teen dead and another one in critical condition.

55 :04x17 - Moment of Truth/Cat and Mouse

In Dallas, a woman is killed during a robbery; and in Detroit, a mother and her infant are murdered.

56 :04x18 - Get that Money/Senseless

A young man is murdered in Kansas City, Mo., and the victim's cell phone may lead the detectives to the killer; in Memphis, a woman is killed in the neighborhood where the investigating detective grew up.

57 :04x19 - Easy Prey/Widowmaker

A woman is shot to death in Dallas; in Miami, an elderly man is beaten to death outside of his home.

Season 5

58 :05x01 - Family Secrets/Clipped

Memphis detectives investigate the murder of a man who was shot in his parked car; and a Phoenix detective probes the shooting death of a young man found in the parking lot of a bar.

59 :05x02 - Fatal Pickup/Bad Neighbor

Detroit detectives investigate a double shooting. Also: a murder in Dallas in which the victim was shot numerous times and the body dumped in a park.

60 :05x03 - Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark

A truck fire in Memphis turns out to be a double murder, and there are many suspects to be pursued; in Kansas City, a woman is found dead in the street, but there are few clues to her killer.

61 :05x04 - Blood Trail/50G Murder

A woman is stabbed in Memphis and left for dead in the street; and an elderly man in Dallas is murdered in his dental clinic.

62 :05x05 - Live to Tell/Field of Lies

Miami detectives investigate the case of a woman who was raped and murdered in a vacant lot; a Dallas robbery-murder case hangs on the ability of a wounded survivor to identify the attackers.

63 :05x06 - Stray Bullet/Payback

Dallas detectives believe a man was killed in a case of mistaken identity, and they try to find the intended target before it's too late; a rookie detective in Miami tackles a triple homicide.

64 :05x07 - The Good Book/Nightmare

A Miami detective investigates a double homicide that left a third victim clinging to life; a Dallas detective tries to solve a case involving a charred body in a burning car.

65 :05x08 - To Die For/Highway Revenge

In Memphis, a sergeant investigates a murder in her old neighborhood; a detective in Detroit tracks a notorious gang responsible for a homicide.

66 :05x09 - Final Investment/Writing on the Wall

A man is shot in Memphis, and a girl is the only witness to the crime; the murder of a homeless man in Miami is linked to a gang.

67 :05x10 - Silenced

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68 :05x11 - Last Dance/Deadly Deal

A gang-related shooting leaves two people dead in Dallas; in Kansas City, a man is found dead in his pickup truck clutching money and drugs.

69 :05x12 - Hard Fall

A former airline executive is murdered in his car in Miami.

70 :05x13 - Reversal of Fortune/Running Scared

In Dallas, a body is found rolled in a carpet and dumped on the side of the road; and a 66-year-old Cuban man is shot to death in Miami.

Season 6

71 :06x01 - Missing Witness/Who's Knocking

A man is gunned down in Miami in broad daylight; in Cincinnati, a man is murdered outside of his apartment.

72 :06x02 - Blindsided

A Dallas detective searches for a killer who shot a woman in the lobby of her workplace. The detective is given crucial evidence when video surveillance reveals the killer's face.

73 :06x03 - 20 Bucks/Family Friends

A Cincinnati teen watching a street fight is killed by a stray bullet; in Dallas, a victim is shot and left behind a vacant house.

74 :06x04 - Bicycle Bandits/First Shot

A recent high-school graduate is shot in Miami; and Cincinnati detectives search for a man they believe took revenge on a childhood friend.

75 :06x05 - Last Birthday

In Cincinnati, a 58-year-old man is found dead in a hallway, and detectives learn that he was murdered the day before his birthday.

76 :06x06 - Floated Away/Tagged

In Dallas, a man is found floating in a creek with his throat slashed; in Memphis, a 19-year-old man is gunned down in the street.

77 :06x07 - Friend or Foe/Code of Silence

Cincinnati detectives investigate the murder of a teen who was shot in the head while sleeping; and, in Kansas City, detectives search for a killer who shot a man over a dice game.

78 :06x08 - Thrown Away/Crimson Trail

In Miami, the decomposing body of a 14-year-old boy is found in a dumpster; in Dallas, the body of a Honduran immigrant who was stabbed to death is found in an alley.

79 :06x09 - About Face/Backyard Murder

In Detroit, a young man is found shot to death in a yard; and Miami detectives investigate the murder of a young man shot in broad daylight.

80 :06x10 - Stepping Up/Foul Shot

A man is shot in Dallas while trying to protect a friend; in Detroit, a basketball game turns violent and someone is fatally shot.

81 :06x11 - Double Life

In Miami, a man is found stabbed to death behind a church and the investigation uncovers a mystery regarding the victim.

82 :06x12 - Shooting Spree/Lady in the Fire

A man is found shot to death in his car in Miami; and Memphis detectives investigate the murder of a man who was killed in his backyard.

83 :06x13 - Bad Call/Ricochet

A 19-year-old woman is killed in Miami and detectives believe the murder is drug related; and a Missouri man dies in a gun battle.

84 :06x14 - Neighborhood Sweetheart/Hail of Gunfire

In Miami, a 17-year-old boy is beaten to death and his body dumped in the backseat of his car; in Dallas, a young man is shot dead in a parking lot.

85 :06x15 - Misled/Somebody's Daddy

Memphis detectives search for a murder suspect who may have left the state; a Dallas detective investigates a fatal shooting in a motel parking lot.

86 :06x16 - Motel No-Tell/Brotherly Love

Investigations include the strangulation death in Cincinnati and
the case of a murdered 65 year old man in Miami.

87 :06x17 - The Tender Trap/Bait and Switch

Memphis detectives search for a missing couple; and Miami detectives investigate the murder of a young man who was shot behind a barbershop.

88 :06x18 - Fit of Rage/Mean Streets

Miami detectives hunt for the killer of a 17-year-old. Also: A murder in Dallas in which the victim was shot numerous times, with the body then dumped in a park.

Season 7

After the First 48: Murder on the Interstate

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89 :07x01 - Inked in Blood

[Memphis] In Memphis, Sergeant Connie Justice investigates the murder of a 32-year-old tattoo artist shot to death during a robbery. The victim's husband, who survived the robbery, only knows the suspects' nicknames. Armed with stencils of tattoos the customers received before the robbery, Justice must identify and track down the multiple suspects.

90 :07x02 - Double Time

[Miami] A shooting at the Little Haiti cafe in Miami, sends Det. Ervens Ford in to investigate. Some say it appeared to be a robbery that went bad. But the team gets called to a second homicide just as they close in on their suspects. Now they must race against time to solve both crimes.

91 :07x03 - Dead Sleep/Tag Team

[Cincinnati, Memphis] Cincinnati Homicide Detective Kurt Ballman investigates a brutal beating death in the close-knit East End neighborhood. In Memphis, Lieutenant Toney Armstrong and Sergeant Mason use surveillance footage to track down the killer of local teenager.

92 :07x04 - Unnecessary Roughness/Stolen Life

[Cincinnati, Dallas] In Cincinnati, Ohio a children's Peace Bowl football tournament is interrupted by gunfire, leaving a teenager dead. With no leads, Detectives Greg Gehring and Kurt Ballman hope a witness will come forward to lead them to a suspect. And in Dallas, Texas Detectives Robert Quirk and PE Jones must find who robbed and shot a popular high school basketball coach.

93 :07x05 - Burden of Proof/Backfire

[Detroit, Cincinnati] In Detroit, Lead Detective Lance Sullivan investigates the murder of a woman shot in her home. Police catch their suspect driving the victim's car, but don't have enough to charge him. Now Sullivan must race to collect evidence for a murder warrant before his suspect can post bail. And in Cincinnati, a young man is found shot dead in a parking lot after he and a friend tried to rob a street vendor. Detective Colin Vaughn and his team identify the suspect, but still need to find the second robber to close the case.

94 :07x06 - American Dream/Easter Sunday

[Memphis,Detroit] In Memphis, a man who fled the war in Bosnia is found shot dead in his truck. A surveillance video could lead Sgt. Joe Stark and his team to their suspects. In Detroit, a young father striving to escape life on the street turns up dead in the back of a car. Tips from his family could lead Sgt. Constance Slappey to the killer.

95 :07x07 - Better Days/Wildflower

[Memphis,Dallas] In Memphis, Sgt. Terry Max lead a murder case of a 78-year-old man shot outside his home. The fuming community quickly assist to apprehend the two young suspects, but getting them to talk proves more difficult. In Dallas, Det. Bob Ermatinger investigates the difficult case of a woman found shot to death while collecting wildflowers. Each new lead just deepens the mystery.

96 :07x08 - Last Ride/Trailer Trap

[Dallas,Memphis] In Dallas, homicide Detectives Rick Duggan and Ken Penrod investigate the shooting of young man left in the trunk of an abandoned car. In Memphis Sergeants Terry Max and Caroline Mason work the murder of a man brutally murdered in a trailer park.


97 :07x09 - Lured In/Disaster

A Miami man is found inside a motel bathroom dead, and detectives investigate the shooting death of a man in the middle of the afternoon on a residential street.

98 :07x10 - Dropped Call/Derailed

Detectives Bill Hanson and Mike Carroll search for a suspect in the shooting death of a young Tuscon man. A dropped cell phone and pawnshop ticket just may be the clues they are looking for. Then, in Memphis Sergeant Debo Carson investigates a body of a woman which is found dumped on a railroad tracks. A clue is discovered when a man calls in a tip on the case which includes details about the case which were never revealed in the media.

99 :07x11 - Shell Shocked/Cradle to Grave

[Memphis,Miami] In Memphis, Sergeants Mundy Quinn and Kevin Lundy set up a sting to catch the victim's killer. And in Miami, Detective Manny Castillo and Sgt. Juan Herrera are called to a brazen execution in the middle of a bustling neighborhood in Coconut Grove.


100 :07x12 - Ashes and Snow

A murdered woman found strangled in a burned car has the Minneapolis police investigating.

101 :07x13 - Deal Breaker/Gunplay

A man is shot during a robbery in Memphis. Then, a high school student is gunned down as he walks home from the mall in Tuscon, AZ.

102 :07x14 - Frenzy/Hard Truth

The investigation of two men who were gunned down in Miami is featured. Also, detectives in Cincinnati search for a murderer who shot one man to death and then wounded a second.

103 :07x15 - Last Fare

The Tuscon investigators must work fast after learning the suspects of the murder of a cab driver have plans on fleeing the country.

104 :07x16 - Last Night Out/Death Do Us Part

A young man is seen running from a shooting of another man outside of a Cincinnati nightclub. Detectives hope their only witness will assist in catching the fleeing shooter. In Miami, a mother is found slumped over the wheel of her SUV shot dead, as a pair of one year old twins are left crying in the back seat. Detectives investigate their few leads in hopes of catching the killer.

105 :07x17 - Lester Street

Detectives investigate a grisly murder in Memphis in which four adults and two children where left dead. Making things worse is that the press is swarming all over this case due to its magnitude of the crime.

106 :07x18 - Breaking the Silence/Letters of Intent

[Cincinnati,Dallas] In Cincinnati, Detectives Keith Witherell and Bill Hilbert attempt to crack the code of silence surrounding the death of a 28-year-old man gunned down on Main Street. In Dallas, Detectives Mark Ahearn and Robert Quirk work quickly to solve the murder of an aspiring social worker who risked her life by reaching out to help a two-time convicted killer.


107 :07x19 - Bail Out/Seeing Red

[Dallas,Cincinnati] In Dallas, Detectives Scott Sayers and Ken Penrod are investigating a home invasion that left a young man dead. Is their suspect just a young suburban mom, or a criminal mastermind? And in Cincinnati, a brutal stabbing ends the life of a hard-working grandfather. After interviewing a series of family members, Det. Jenny Luke finds out that her suspect may be closer than she initially thought.


108 :07x20 - Blackout

Detectives in Dallas investigate the murder of a 22 year old man after he was fatally shot during a robbery.

109 :07x21 - The Last Yard/Root of All Evil

An investigation ensues when a University of Memphis college football player if found shot near the campus inside his car. The deadly crime may have been caused by a long standing feud with a fellow student. Then, in Tuscon, AZ. detectives investigate a murdered couple who were found inside their own home. Their search takes them over the state line for a pair of suspects, an exotic dancer and a drug dealer who disappeared from the town the day following the homicides.

110 :07x22 - Moving Out/Among Thieves

Detectives investigate the shooting death of a Memphis man outside of his own home. Then, a Dallas man is murdered during a carjacking spree.

111 :07x23 - Unwelcome Guest/Wrecked

[Memphis,Minneapolis] In Memphis, Sgt. Connie Justice investigates the homicide of a man found bludgeoned to death in his apartment. With no witnesses to the crime, Justice must rely on the physical evidence from the victim's apartment to track down her suspect. And in Minneapolis, Sergeants Nancy Dunlap and John Holthusen investigate the murder of a young man shot on the street after a car accident. As they close in on their suspect, they piece together how a late night car crash turned into a shooting.


112 :07x24 - Collateral/Driven to Kill

[Detroit,Dallas] In Detroit, Sgt. Gary Diaz and Officer Kelly Mullins investigate a triple shooting that left a young mother and her friend dead. The third victim, a critically injured 18-year-old girl, is the only one who can tell them what happened. And in Dallas, a man is intentionally run down and killed by someone in a car. Detective John Palmer tracks down two potential suspects, but must figure out which one was driving.


113 :07x25 - In Cold Blood/Red Handed

[Tucson,Cincinnati] In Tucson, a grandfather is shot after answering a knock at his front door. The suspect's getaway car crashes a few blocks from the crime scene and the suspect flees. Det. Bill Hanson and his team hope that clues from the car will lead them to the alleged killers. And in Cincinnati, an elderly man is found strangled to death in his bedroom. Det. Jennifer Mitsch and her team hunt for a strange man who was seen knocking on neighbors' doors just before the murder.


114 :07x26 - River's Edge

A homeless Minneapolis man proves to be a tough caswe when the unknown man is found on the banks of the Mississippi Riverbank bludgeoned to death.

115 :07x27 - Snapped/Fallen Angel

[Cincinnati,Dallas] In Cincinnati, Detectives Jenny Luke and Terry McGuffey investigate the murder of a 56-year-old man brutally beaten to death in the stairwell of his apartment building. Luke tracks down two teenage suspects and is surprised to learn what triggered the deadly fight. In Dallas, Detective Eddie Ibarra and the homicide unit investigate the murder of a 28-year-old singer found shot in his car in a drug deal gone bad. Detectives discover the victim had a troubled past in Mexico that may have caught up with him.


116 :07x28 - Smoke/Touch of Evil

[Dallas,Minneapolis] In Dallas, a man is found dead in a vacant lot. With no leads, witnesses or motive, lead Det. Rick Duggan and his team must put the pieces of the case together to find their killer. And in Minneapolis, Sgt. Gerhard Wehr and Sgt. Jerry Wallerich are working one of the most brutal crimes of their careers--the violent stabbings of a mother and her 10-year-old son.


117 :07x29 - Coma/Disappeared

An investigation in Dallas of two teen boys who were shot outside a nightclub. Then, a look into the case of a woman who disappeared without a clue.

Season 8

After the First 48: Blindsided/Killing Spree

Past cases are updated, including the one where a Miami housing project is terrorized by a serial killer.

After the First 48: Silenced/Downstream Drifter

An update of the past cases in Texas, includes an unidentified woman's murder, and a man who was found floating face down in a river after being beaten to death.

118 :08x01 - Gone

An apartment covered in blood has a Dallas detective thinking murder as he tries to solve a missing person case.

119 :08x02 - Return to Sender/Death Camp

In Dallas, a detective investigates a young man's murder who was shot in the backseat of a friends car. Also, the death of a homeless Minnesota man after enduring a beating.

120 :08x03 - Crashing the Gate/6000 Motives

An idling car in Dallas has two gunned down murder victims inside. Next, an elderly man is found stabbed to death inside his Miami home.

121 :08x04 - Obstruction/Flight Risk

Detectives in Cincinnati investigate when a man from Detroit is found dead by a gunshot. Then, the investigation of a young mother who was murdered and left on the side of the road in Dallas.

122 :08x05 - Blood Money/Fifteen

The detectives of Tuscon investigate the death of a man who was shot down behind an apartment complex. Then, a birthday party in Dallas ends when a teen girl is struck by a stray bullet.

123 :08x06 - Out of the Past/Feud

The detectives in Dallas investigate the killing of a 54 year old man who was gunned down in front of his family. Then, a gunfight in Cincinnati leaves a 23 year old man dead.

124 :08x07 - Devil Inside/Rattlesnake

A woman's body is found laying in a Tuscon underpass naked. Then, a Birmingham teen is found shot inside his apartment complex.

125 :08x08 - Blame Game/Chasing Shadows

The body of an apparent robbery victim is found near his car in Birmingham, and the shooting of a family man is investigated by Louisville detectives.

128 :08x11 - Shattered Dreams/Left to Die

A Sudanese man from Louisville who fled genocide in Darfur is found shot dead while at work at a clothing store. The store's video surveillance system didn't identify the suspects, so Det. Rick Arnold must hit the streets to find any leads in the case. Next in Birmingham, a young man is found murdered in his home. His girlfriend was also shot multiple times and is clinging to life. But she is able to name two potential shooters. Investigators must determine whether these two suspects are indeed the killers.

129 :08x12 - Up in Flames/Drive-By

• No Summary (Add Here)

130 :08x13 - One Heart

The detectives investigating the murder of a Rastafarian must use unusual tactics when start blaming each other.

Season 9

After the First 48: Blackout

A look inside some of the most powerful cases and dramatic events after the arrest, up to and including the trial and conviction.

After the First 48: Ashes and Snow/Backyard Murder

Update on past cases include detectives in Minnesota investigate the murder of a woman found in a burned car having been strangled. Also, a young man was found shot dead on his lawn in Detroit.

131 :09x01 - Last Wish

A man in Miami who was celebrating his 46th birthday was found dead on a residential sidewalk. The homicide team's initial lead failed to pan out, causing them to make a public plea for help, which sends them to New York City to find their suspect.

132 :09x02 - Signs of Violence/Live by the Gun

Det. William Brown must enter the silent world of the hearing impaired after a deaf father of three is found stabbed to death in his own doorway. As he closes in on the potential suspects, he receives shocking information which may link the suspects with another unsolved murder. And in Miami, a young man is shot on the sidewalk at close range during a lively street party. Det. Frank Sanchez must seek a witness who can point him towards a suspect.

133 :09x03 - Cold as Ice

A 45-year-old man is found gunned down in the snow in Louisville. Det. Rick Arnold and his team find a key witness, but she will be forced to make a choice between her own freedom and the friendship of the suspect.

134 :09x04 - Road Hazard/Cold

A detective in Birmingham, investigates the shooting of a motorcycle club president who was run off the road and then shot in the head. Next, in Louisville, a detective examines the evidence to catch the killer of a mother of seven who was strangled to death inside he apartment.

135 :09x05 - In Broad Daylight/Fight Club

Birmingham Detectives Chris Anderson and his homicide team investigate when a young woman is shot to death in a park during the middle of the day. But first they'll need to find out the name of their victim before searching for the suspect and the disturbing motive behind the murder. Then in Minnesota, Sergeants Chris Thomsen and Scott Larson investigate the murder of a young man in front of a strip club who had been beaten and then shot. With the use of a surveillance video the pair rush to find their suspect before anyone else is hurt.

136 :09x06 - Ditched

When motorists in Birmingham discover a decomposing body on the side of the interstate, what was a missing person's case suddenly turns into a homicide investigation. Det. Jerry Williams finds out that in this case it's a tortuous route to the truth, as he searches for the friend who filed the missing person's report.

137 :09x07 - Caught Up

A parking lot in Louisville is the scene for a shooting death of a 21-year old father. The detectives have video from a surveillance camera and a license plate number from a fleeing car to work with.

138 :09x08 - Torn/Gun Crazy

A rookie detective attempts to sort out a love triangle gone bad in Louisville. Then in Dallas, a detective a his team must piece together what went on inside a car which left the driver dead and a second victim critically injured.

139 :09x09 - Johnny Black/Stranger Than Fiction

A pair of homicides in Miami are investigated, including a man who was shot down in broad daylight; also, a man on a bicycle shoots a 27-year old.

141 :09x11 - Blind Rage/Those Closest To Us

Det. Marcel Walker investigates the murder of a 28-year-old man shot in his home in Birmingham. A woman mysteriously flees after calling 911 from inside the victim's home. After the detectives finally discover who the woman is, she reveals the identity of the possible shooter, whose testimony reveals a shocking twist. Then, Sgt. Ervens Ford and Det. Fabio Sanchez of Miami, race the clock to identify the suspect who stabbed to death a homeless man in the park. The case takes a dramatic twist when a tip reveals the last man seen alive with the victim was his one-legged friend. The detectives need to find out if the victim's friend is innocent or if he committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

Season 10

After the First 48: Bait and Switch

• No Summary (Add Here)

Forensic Evidence

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: The Boogeyman

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Bail Out

• No Summary (Add Here)

142 :10x01 - Twist of Fate

• No Summary (Add Here)

143 :10x02 - Body of Evidence

• No Summary (Add Here)

145 :10x04 - 10 Pounds

• No Summary (Add Here)

146 :10x05 - Cut Down/9-1-1

• No Summary (Add Here)

148 :10x07 - Straight Menace

• No Summary (Add Here)

149 :10x08 - Alias/Dual

• No Summary (Add Here)

150 :10x09 - Eye for an Eye/Dead End

A young man is shot to death in the middle of the street in broad daylight; a teenager's body is found in the passenger seat of his car.

Source: A&E

151 :10x10 - Hale Storm

A barrage of bullets from a machine gun leaves two young boys injured and a teenager dead; detectives resort to old-fashioned detective work to solve the case.

Source: A&E

152 :10x11 - In Harm's Way/Jealous Rage

A man is killed while being robbed; the mother of two is shot in the back outside her car.

Source: A&E

154 :10x13 - Mixed Up/Blind Alley

• No Summary (Add Here)

155 :10x14 - Division/Loose Ends

• No Summary (Add Here)

156 :10x15 - Schoolyard Revenge

• No Summary (Add Here)

163 :10x22 - Life Snatched

• No Summary (Add Here)

164 :10x23 - The Good Son/Jacked Up

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: The Good Book

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Last Fare

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Innocent Lost

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Last Yard

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Lester Street

An update on a past case in Memphis involving the murder of four adults and two children.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Torn

A follow-up on a 2009 case in which a young man was gunned down in Louisville.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Final Investment

An update on a past case involving a murder during a robbery in Memphis.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Hale Storm

An update on a past case involving a Louisville teen who was killed and two boys who were injured by machine-gun fire.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Bad Company

An update on a past case involving the shooting death of a man whose body is found near Lake Mead in Nevada.

Source: A&E

167 :11x02 - Marked for Death

• No Summary (Add Here)

168 :11x03 - Winter Games

• No Summary (Add Here)

169 :11x04 - Off the Tracks

• No Summary (Add Here)

170 :11x05 - Underworld

• No Summary (Add Here)

171 :11x06 - One of Ours

• No Summary (Add Here)

172 :11x07 - Gimme Shelter/Misstep

• No Summary (Add Here)

175 :11x10 - Thicker Than Water

• No Summary (Add Here)

178 :11x13 - Waterworld

• No Summary (Add Here)

179 :11x14 - The Slip/Pure Victim

• No Summary (Add Here)

181 :11x16 - Final Call/Fatal Fury

• No Summary (Add Here)

183 :11x18 - Street Law/Standing Up

• No Summary (Add Here)

187 :11x22 - Bad Company

• No Summary (Add Here)

188 :11x23 - Night Out/One Gram

• No Summary (Add Here)

189 :11x24 - Fear Factor/Fall Guy

• No Summary (Add Here)

190 :11x25 - Mother and Child

• No Summary (Add Here)

191 :11x26 - The Ring/Last Drive

In Miami, ten days before Christmas, a young corrections officer is shot dead with her two-year-old son while sleeping in their bed. Det. Kevin Ruggiero and Sgt. Ervens Ford take the case personally--not only do they consider the victim 24-year-old Ciara Lee as "on our team", but the death of her baby boy hits them emotionally. In this intense manhunt the detectives uncover the intended target, the motive, and the suspected killers, making an arrest two days before Christmas. But a surprise twist at the end leaves them frustrated and determined.

Source: A&E

193 :11x28 - Cold and Callous

• No Summary (Add Here)

194 :11x29 - Snake Eyes/No Way Out

• No Summary (Add Here)

199 :11x34 - Hit List/Hand in Hand

In Birmingham, a 49-year-old man is beaten and shot in the middle of a housing complex in broad daylight. In a community where no one wants to be seen as "snitching," finding someone to come forward with information will be Detective Chris Anderson's biggest challenge. Then, in DeKalb County, lead detective Chris Franklin investigates the murder of an 18-year-old male, gunned down in an apartment complex. The case takes a turn when Franklin learns the killer's intended target was actually the victim's friend.

Source: A&E

200 :11x35 - No Return/Dangerous Game

A man is shot to death in his driveway in Harris County, Texas; and a Miami man is shot to death in his front yard.

Source: A&E

201 :11x36 - Love Her Madly/Off Track

A man is shot to death in his driveway in Harris County, Texas; and a Miami man is shot to death in his front yard.

Source: A&E

202 :11x37 - Blood Alley/Bad Deal

A man is found dead in an alley in a Birmingham suburb; and a 24-year-old man is shot to death in his apartment in DeKalb County, Ga.

Source: A&E

203 :11x38 - The Chase/One Shot

In Harris County, Deputy Abraham Alanis is working the homicide of a 69-year-old Navy veteran. When Alanis' first big break, surveillance video of the potential perpetrator, fails to show the suspect's face, investigators take a closer at the footage and notice something big--a small detail in the video, could be a huge break for the case. And in Birmingham, Det. Marcel Walker responds to the city's first homicide since a deadly tornado ravaged the city. Walker needs to determine whether two people seen fleeing the crime scene moments after the shooting are witnesses to the heinous act or responsible for it.

Source: A&E

204 :11x39 - Caught in the Middle

Two men are murdered in an abandoned house in Miami.

Source: A&E

205 :11x40 - Pointless/Set Up

In Birmingham, Detective Chris Anderson investigates the gruesome murder of a woman who is shot to death and then set on fire. Anderson hunts down his suspects, but it's the victim's family that reveals a final, disturbing twist in the case. In DeKalb County, Detective Joe Renaud is working the homicide of a father of four, gunned down outside an apartment complex on the east side of town. Without little to go on, Renaud and his team must put the pieces of this puzzle together to track down the killer.

Source: A&E

206 :11x41 - Love Kills/Justified

A man is shot to death in Miami; and a gunfight in Birmingham leaves one man dead.

Source: A&E

Season 12

After the First 48: Loose Ends

An update on a past case involving the murder of a man whose body was left in a field.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Fifteen

A man is arrested for killing a 15-year-old girl with a stray bullet.

Source: A&E

The Killer Speaks

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Shattered Dreams

In 2008 Mohamed Abdelrahman, a Darfurian immigrant, was shot and killed in his store during a robbery in Louisville. Det. Rick Arnold charged three suspects with his murder. When one defendant turns on the other two, the trial becomes every man for himself. Mohamed's widow, Sumaya Harun watches and worries that the jury will let her husband's alleged killers go free.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Better Days/Inked In Blood

In Memphis, a 79-year-old man, beloved in his neighborhood, is shot dead. When the young man accused of the killing comes to trial, his defense attorney argues an unusual defense to get his client off. Will the jury buy it? Also in Memphis, a young female tattoo artist is killed in her shop. The alleged shooter faces the death penalty. As evidence mounts against him, his attorney wonders whether he can save his young client.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: In Harm's Way

• No Summary (Add Here)

After the First 48: Cold as Ice

An update on a 2009 case in which the killing of a Louisville man was argued to be an act of self-defense.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Torched/Girl Fight

In Miami, Detective Freddie Ponce arrests a man who tortured and killed his childhood friend. The case is strong--until an unexpected event in the first days of trial puts the whole thing in jeopardy. In Birmingham, a young mother is killed in front of her children. The killer is a young woman with no criminal history. Will this unlikely defendant win the jury's sympathy--and a verdict of self-defense?

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Tag Team/Heart of Gold

Updates on past cases include the killing of a Memphis man during a 2007 street fight and the stabbing death of a woman in Louisville.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Rules of the Game

An update on the case of a Louisville celebrity who was killed during a drug deal.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Last Call/Road Hazard

Updated cases include a motorcycle-club president who was run off the road and shot in the head; and a man who was found dead on a lawn.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Cold and Callous/Wrong Man

A 15-year-old is murdered by another teenager during a robbery in Harris County, Texas; an innocent bystander is killed trying to break up a fight in Memphis.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Stolen Lives/Crimson Trail

In Miami, Florida, 25-year-old Pedro Roteta is stabbed in the middle of the street and left to die. Despite video of the murder and a confession the defense attempts to get immunity based on the controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. Will a judge let the suspect walk out of court a free man? And in Dallas Texas, a man is stabbed to death in an alley and the sole suspect disappears over the Mexican border. Then, after four years on the run, the alleged killed is finally arrested and claims self defense. Will a jury buy his story?

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Devil Inside/Flight Risk

Updated cases include a woman whose naked body was found under a highway overpass in Tucson; and a woman who was shot to death by her cousin's boyfriend in Dallas.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Bad Attitude

After an unidentified man's stabbed body is found in a vacant Dallas, Texas apartment, two suspects both admit to setting up the man for robbery--and blame each other for the murder. Will the prosecutor succeed in determining who indeed is the actual killer? And will justice be served with an appropriate prison sentence for both defendants, or will one get off easily?

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Caught Up/Chasing Shadows

Past cases are updated, including those of two Louisville men who were found dead in parking lots.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: No Return

An update on the case of a father who was shot to death inside his Texas home during a robbery.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: Into the Woods

After a 17-year-old girl is found with a bullet through the back of her head in the woods of Katy, Texas, a young man comes forward who claims to be an eyewitness. Investigators are shocked by the unusual deal he s made with the DA. Is the eyewitness telling the truth -- or is he involved in the murder? And will the prosecution convince the jury that the defendant is the real killer?

Source: A&E

After the First 48: John Doe

An update on the case of an unidentified man who was murdered in Louisville.

Source: A&E

After the First 48: The Witness

An update on the case of a husband and wife who were shot to death in Miami.

Source: A&E

207 :12x03 - Ultimate Price

A person is killed in Miami while trying to stop a robbery.

Source: A&E

208 :12x04 - Hot Lot/Blind Faith

A deadly shooting occurs in a Birmingham scrap yard; a woman is killed in a motel room in DeKalb County, Ga.

Source: A&E

209 :12x05 - Missing

• No Summary (Add Here)

210 :12x06 - Deadly Encounter/Car Trouble

A janitor is stabbed to death in Miami; a Birmingham pedestrian is killed after fixing a car for his friend.

Source: A&E

211 :12x07 - Down in Overtown/Breaking Point

In Miami, a young father is gunned down after a night of gambling. Detective Emiliano Tamayo has to figure out who would have killed him over twenty dollars. Then in Dallas, a child's birthday party turns deadly. The investigation becomes even more urgent when Detective Leo Gonzalez discovers the killer may be on the way to Mexico.

Source: A&E

212 :12x08 - Tiny Dancers/Right Hand Man

In DeKalb County, a keyboardist for a local church is gunned down in his home. Detective Lynn Shuler uncovers a web of lies that ultimately puts him on the path of the killers. Then, in Miami, rookie Detective Mario Gonzalez responds to a call about a man found shot dead in an abandoned car. Just as the case is about to run cold, a witness comes forward that shatters the case wide open.

Source: A&E

213 :12x09 - Under One Roof/Off Target

In Dallas, a grandfather is robbed and murdered in his bedroom. Det. Scott Sayers has to figure out who would have bludgeoned him to death for a 26-inch TV. Then, Miami Det. Fignole Lubin investigates a drive-by in Overtown that left an innocent young woman dead. Police find a car riddled with bullets, but was its driver the shooter or another victim?

Source: A&E

214 :12x10 - Bad Attitude/Collateral Damage

In Dallas, Detective Brian Tabor investigates the brutal stabbing of a man found in a vacant apartment. Now, detectives need a woman who may have lured him to his death, to come clean. Then in Birmingham, a wild gunfight leaves an innocent young man dead. Detective Jody Jacobs is on the hunt for two shooters and needs to determine who fired the first shot.

Source: A&E

215 :12x11 - Cold Light of Day

In Cleveland, Detectives Mike Smith and Walley Everett investigate the murder of a 23 year-old mother of three found burned in the backyard of an abandoned house. The brutality of the murder leaves a community outraged as detectives search for the killer. And just when the case is about to hit a dead end, a witness comes forward who may shatter the case wide open.

Source: A&E

216 :12x12 - Far from Home/Object of Desire

In Dekalb County Georgia, an out of state truck driver is found shot to death in the cab of his truck. Detectives working the case trace the victim's missing cell phone hoping it will lead them to the shooter. And in Harris County, TX, investigators work the case of an exotic dancer found murdered in her house. The need to find out if the killer could be someone she knew and trusted.

Source: A&E

217 :12x13 - Unarmed/Bad Feeling

A man is gunned down in the parking lot of a Miami bar; a woman is found bludgeoned to death in her Dallas apartment.

Source: A&E

218 :12x14 - Brutal Business

Dallas Detective Dwayne Thompson and the homicide team investigate the brutal double murders of two friends shot and burned beyond recognition in the trunk of a car. Will detectives be able to catch the killers before they strike again?

Source: A&E

219 :12x15 - A Simple Plan/The Rip-Off

Footage of alleged criminals doing foolish things during commissions of crimes, with comments from journalists and law-enforcement personnel.

Source: A&E

220 :12x16 - Less Than Zero/Friends For Life

A man is shot in the back in Miami; tragedy strikes three best friends on their way home from a party in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

222 :12x18 - Night Shift/Mobbed

A double murder occurs during a house party in Cleveland; a father falls victim to a robbery in Harris County, Texas.

Source: A&E

223 :12x19 - Shattered

An update on the case of an immigrant from Darfur who was shot and killed in his Louisville store during a robbery.

Source: A&E

224 :12x20 - Massacre in Little Haiti/Exposed

Miami detectives hope that survivors of a shooting outside a corner store can identify the culprits; a Cleveland man is found strangled in his apartment, and police search for his friend and a motive.

Source: A&E

225 :12x21 - Deadly Ride/Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Cleveland man is shot while driving his car; a man is gunned down in broad daylight in Miami.

Source: A&E

226 :12x22 - Father and Son/Dangerous Attraction

In Miami, a beloved father is gunned down outside his apartment, leaving his son and the Homicide team wondering who would want him dead. Then, in Dallas, a man is shot dead in his sleep, but when the homicide team learns the suspect could be his girlfriend they uncover a murderous past.

Source: A&E

227 :12x23 - Murder in Pleasant Grove

In Dallas, a dismembered body is found burned in an open field. With no leads on the victim s identity, detectives turn to the public for help in solving this baffling case.

Source: A&E

228 :12x24 - Innocent Bystander/Partners in Crime

In Harris County, Texas, a man is stabbed at a strip mall in the middle of the night. Sgt. Craig Clopton finds surveillance video of the murder, but it leaves him with more questions than answers. Then in Dallas, a young man is shot dead in his living room. It appears to be a burglary, until Det. Brian Tabor uncovers a more treacherous motive.

Source: A&E

229 :12x25 - Blood Red/Deadly Moves

Two men are shot in Dallas; a preacher is found strangled to death in his Cleveland home.

Source: A&E

230 :12x26 - Blood on the Streets

A triple shooting occurs on a bus in Miami.

Source: A&E

231 :12x27 - Schoolgirls/Out of the Shadows

A fatal home invasion occurs in Dallas; a Cleveland man is shot to death during an attempted carjacking.

Source: A&E

232 :12x28 - Fatal Call

When a Dallas man is found shot to death in an apartment complex, the homicide team must rely on the eyes of the community to help solve the case before the killer slips through their fingers.

Source: A&E

233 :12x29 - Killer Debt/House of Rage

In Miami, a man is gunned down on a quiet city sidewalk. A mysterious car leads detectives on the trail of a suspect with a violent past. Then in Cleveland, a young mother of five is found shot in her apartment. With no witnesses, detectives turn to her outraged community for help.

Source: A&E

234 :12x30 - Nightmare in Greedy Grove/Good Man Down

An innocent bystander is killed in a Dallas shooting; a man is murdered while trying to break up a fight in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

235 :12x31 - The House Next Door/The Showdown

In Miami, a man found stabbed to death and dumped in an empty lot turns into a standoff with the house next door. Then in Harris County, a young father shot down in a turf war sends cops on the hunt for a killer caught on video.

Source: A&E

236 :12x32 - Strapped/The Killer Next Door

In Miami, club night turns deadly for an unarmed teenager. Detectives need devastated friends and family to help lead them to the killer. In Cleveland, two college students are robbed and shot while walking their dog. One of them dies, the other lives to tell the tale.

Source: A&E

Season 13

237 :13x01 - Birthday Girl

A 14-year-old Cleveland girl is shot to death at her birthday party.

Source: Crime And Investigation Network

238 :13x02 - Deadly Obsession / The Killer You Know

A young couple are murdered in Dallas; a Cleveland man is shot to death in his backyard.

Source: A&E

239 :13x03 - Hot Ride / Debt Collector

A young father is carjacked and murdered outside his home in Harris County, Texas; a musician is shot to death in Miami.

Source: A&E

240 :13x04 - Desperate Moves

A Dallas man is shot to death in his car.

Source: A&E

241 :13x05 - Wild Ride

A Cleveland father is stabbed to death.

Source: A&E

242 :13x06 - Easy Money/Ambushed

A young Dallas father is shot in the back; a clerk is killed during a robbery in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

243 :13x07 - Uncommon Valor

A Dallas man is gunned down while trying to protect his friends.

Source: A&E

244 :13x08 - Into the Graveyard

Two teenage brothers are gunned down in Miami.

Source: Crime And Investigation Network

245 :13x09 - The Girl Who Knew Too Much / The Guardian

A young woman is shot to death in Dallas; a Cleveland father is shot while trying to break up a fight.

Source: A&E

246 :13x10 - The Cover Up / Bad Seed

A Cleveland man is shot to death in an empty courtyard; a 72-year-old grandmother is murdered inside her Dallas home.

Source: A&E

247 :13x11 - Best Laid Plans / Burned Alive

In Cleveland, when a teenager is shot down in the street, detectives discover his best friends may have something to do with the murder. In Harris County, a young woman set on fire clings to life as deputies race to find who left her for dead.

Source: A&E

248 :13x12 - New Year's Terror / Deadly Friends

In Cleveland a man is gunned down defending his home on New Year's Eve. With no eyewitnesses, Det. Melvin Smith must rely on DNA evidence to track down the killers. And in Broward County, Florida, when an elderly man is found dead in his apartment, Det. John Curcio's hunt for the suspects leads to a surprising discovery.

Source: Crime And Investigation Network

249 :13x13 - Blood Feud

Two men are gunned down in Miami.

Source: A&E

250 :13x14 - Bad Reputation / Deadly Party

A young mother is gunned down in Cleveland; a man is shot at a birthday party in Broward County, Fla.

Source: A&E

251 :13x15 - Last Stop: Paradise / Bad Blood

A migrant worker is robbed and beaten to death in Broward County, Florida; a Cleveland man is shot in broad daylight at a car wash.

Source: A&E

252 :13x16 - When a Stranger Calls / Sweet 16

An elderly woman is beaten and strangled in her Dallas home; a 16-year-old girl is shot in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

253 :13x17 - Deadly Morning

In Cleveland, a young mother walking alone to work is viscously murdered and dumped in an abandoned house. As the community reels in shock at the horrific crime, Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz make a surprising discovery about the killer.

Source: A&E

254 :13x18 - Brother's Keeper / Fighting Words

In Cleveland, an innocent man is gunned down in a gang war and Detectives race to find his killers before any more blood is shed. Then, in Dallas, a father is murdered close to home and detectives need his neighbors to give them a lead.

Source: A&E

255 :13x19 - A Date With Death / Paid in Blood

A father is shot in the back in Cleveland; an elderly man is stabbed to death in his Dallas home.

Source: A&E

256 :13x20 - Kiss of Death

A suburban man is found shot to death in Rochester.

Source: A&E

257 :13x21 - Dead End Drive / The Fixer

Violent carjackers are sought in Dallas; an argument turns deadly in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

258 :13x22 - Bound and Burned

A man is found bound and burned in a Dallas creek bed.

Source: A&E

259 :13x23 - Game Over / Long Walk Home

Homicide detectives in a new city--New Orleans. First, a young man is executed, and detectives have nothing to go on, not even the victim's name. But the key to finding his killer may be right in front of them. Then, while walking home from work, a beloved young woman is gunned down in the street, leaving a community devastated and detectives on a mission to find her killers.

Source: A&E

261 :13x25 - Murder Rap

A bullied teen is gunned down outside a Cleveland library.

Source: A&E

262 :13x26 - Jacked / Fallen Idol

A young father is ambushed at a gas station in Dallas; a Miami rapper is gunned down.

Source: A&E

263 :13x27 - Calling for a Killer / Boiling Point

Kansas City detectives search for a serial killer.

Source: A&E

264 :13x28 - Teardrops / Almost Home

A Dallas man is shot dead by a car thief; a young man is robbed and murdered outside a party in Cleveland.

Source: A&E

265 :13x29 - Heartless

A mother and her couple of children are killed in New Orleans.

266 :13x30 - Run and Gun / Lonesome Highway

In New Orleans, Detective Maggie Darling is on the hunt for the killers who gunned down a recent high school graduate. Then in Dallas, Detective Steve David races to identify a woman found shot and dumped on the side of the highway before the killer's trail goes cold.

Source: A&E

267 :13x31 - The Rookie / Cornered

A father is robbed and shot in Cleveland; a New Orleans man is gunned down in broad daylight.

Source: A&E

268 :13x32 - The Graveyard Shift

Police in Cleveland look for the gunmen who shot and killed a store clerk.

269 :13x33 - Abandoned in the Bayou

The show takes a look at the case of a mother who was murdered in a vacant lot in the city of New Orleans.

270 :13x34 - Million Dollar Question

In Cleveland, a man is fund in a dark alley, shot multiple times and left for dead. Detectives Ray Diaz and Kathy Cruz put their lives on the line to untangle a web of lies and bring he killer to justice.

Source: Investigation Discovery

271 :13x35 - Trust No One / Risky Business

In Cleveland, after a beloved neighbor is murdered in his own home, Detective Art Echols is on the hunt for a killer who may be closer then he thinks. Then in Dallas, after a robbery that left one man dead and another severely wounded, Detective Steve David needs to track down two killers before they strike again.

Source: A&E

272 :13x36 - Killer Connection / Bloody Birthday

In Dallas, a young father is shot dead outside a bar and the killer is caught on video. But can Detectives find someone to ID him?

Source: Investigation Discovery

Season 14

14x?? - Secrets and Lies

A murder victim's friends could have been involved in his murder.

273 :14x01 - Safe House

Some Dallas detectives find nearly $1 million in the home of a man who was shot outside his house whilst a couple of violent suspects are tracked.

275 :14x03 - What Lies Beneath/ Pistol Whipped

A man is arrested after a dispute with his ex-boyfriend.

276 :14x04 - Cold Embrace

A man is found strangled to death in his car. The detectives working on the case, soon discover a secret relationship that may hold the key to who the killer is.

277 :14x05 - Cold Betrayal

When a man is shot in front of his family in their home shortly before Christmas, detectives investigate drug dealers.

Source: A&E TV

278 :14x06 - Graveyard Love

A New Orleans man is shot in front of his grandmother's home, and police detectives believe a woman close to the victim may have arranged the crime.

Source: A&E TV

279 :14x07 - Gun Fight / The Ring

A man is killed during a gunfight in Kansas City, Mo.; a missing diamond ring may be the key to solving the stabbing death of a young mother.

Source: A&E TV

280 :14x08 - Who's Knocking; Payback

Detectives investigate the murder of a man who received a call from a stranger moments before his death; a rookie detective investigates a triple homicide.

Source: A&E TV

281 :14x09 - Crossing the Line/The Landlord

A young man is shot down in broad daylight in Cleveland.

282 :14x10 - Bad Medicine

• No Summary (Add Here)

283 :14x11 - The Case That Haunts Me: A 10th Aniversary Special

Several 'The First 48' detectives relive the case that has stuck with them throughout their career.

284 :14x12 - Senior Year

New Orleans detectives Mike McCleery and Bob Bachelder investigate the murder of a promising high-school senior, shot to death the week before Christmas and stuffed in the trunk of his car, 25 miles from home.

Source: A&E TV

285 :14x13 - Shattered Glass

In New Orleans, when a young mother is found beaten to death in her home, Detective Greg Johnson must fight to prove he has enough evidence against her killer, before he walks free.

Source: A&E TV

286 :14x14 - Broad Daylight

• No Summary (Add Here)

287 :14x15 - Family Ties/ A Good Neighbor

In Dallas, when a husband is shot in his bed after an Easter party, Detective Michael Yeric suspects that the victim's wife may be hiding a dark secret. Then, in New Orleans, Detective Tanisha Sykes must solve a mystery of why a popular DJ is found bound and executed before his killers strike again.

Source: A&E TV

288 :14x16 - Murder in Treme

• No Summary (Add Here)

289 :14x17 - Red Brick / Last Kiss

When a grandmother is strangled and left to die on a vacant lot in East Cleveland, Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli need to find out if her killing is related to the others. In Dallas a young father is shot to death in his girlfriend's arms, in the back of his car. Detective Leo Gonzalez must find the killer before more bloodshed occurs.

Source: A&E TV

290 :14x18 - Dark Waters

New Orleans Detective Ryan Vaught takes on his most challenging case yet when a young married couple goes missing and one of them is found floating in a river, drowned to death.

Source: A&E TV

291 :14x19 - Dead Wrong

In New Orleans, when a young father is abducted and shot in the street, detective Rayell Johnson hopes shocking surveillance footage can help him crack his first homicide case.

Source: A&E TV

292 :14x20 - Ringside Seat

Tulsa homicide delves into a dark world of drugs and prostitution to solve the murder of a man executed in his car in a motel parking lot.

Source: A&E TV

295 :14x23 - Rocky Road / Something She Said

An Atlanta man ends up being shot at an illegal establishment whilst an Oklahoma detective takes a look at a double murder.

296 :14x24 - Stray Shot

• No Summary (Add Here)

297 :14x25 - Fast Friends / The Thin Line

A young Cleveland father is murdered in his car, and the police suspect his friend has information on the killer's identity; homicide detectives hunt for a shotgun-toting killer.

Source: A&E

298 :14x26 - Stray Shot

Detectives in Tulsa, Okla., encounter a neighborhood under siege by young thugs after a man is killed in his home by a stray gunshot.

Source: A&E TV

299 :14x27 - Cranked

When an innocent father is brutally stabbed, Tulsa detective Justin Ritter delves into the dark and dangerous world of methamphetamine addiction in order to stop a killer on the edge.

Source: A&E

300 :14x28 - Neighborhood Watch / Eye in the Skye

New Orleans homicide detectives investigate the case of a man who was gunned down in the street and a coldblooded killing in a convenience store.

Source: A&E

301 :14x29 - Bad Love

In Tulsa a young woman is brutally gunned down in broad daylight. Detective Justin Ritter suspects the witnesses know more than they are saying.

Source: A&E

302 :14x30 - Soldier Down / Blood Vendetta

In Atlanta, a young father is gunned down in cold blood at an abandoned car wash. As Detective Dwayne Sutton starts to track down the shooter, he learns that the trail may lead to the Bloods gang. And when a Gulf War veteran is found shot to death in a park, Detective Michael Young has to delve deep into a dangerous underworld to find out why.

Source: A&E TV

303 :14x31 - Night Run

When a young father is attacked by a pack of brazen shooters, Atlanta Detective Summer Benton uncovers the shocking reason for his murder.

Source: A&E TV

305 :14x33 - Last Run / Mean Mugging

The show features the story of a late-night pizza delivery that turns deadly and cigarettes prove dangerous to an Atlanta man's health.

Season 15

The First 48 Presents: The Killer Verdict

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Broken Home Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek of the next episode.

The Fighter/Final Ride Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek of the next episode.

The Ties That Bind Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode.

Old Wounds Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode.

Bloodline Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode.

Dark Corners/Gundown Sneak Peek

This is a 14 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode.

Down on Bourbon / Deadly Trap Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode that will air on 19 May.

House of Cards Sneak Peek

This is a 3 min.-long advanced sneak peek preview of the next scheduled episode.

306 :15x01 - The House on Madrona Street

An Atlanta woman is found naked and strangled to death in an abandoned house; the investigation into the crime reveals more disturbing facts.

Source: A&E

307 :15x02 - Blood on Bourbon

The New Orleans homicide team uses surveillance footage to gather evidence on a mass shooting on tourists and innocent bystanders in the French Quarter.

Source: A&E

308 :15x03 - Blood Lust

Detective David Quinn tracks a killer with a powerful weapon who is keeping the city of Atlanta gripped with fear.

Source: A&E

309 :15x04 - Secrets and Lies

An investigation into a street-corner execution reveals that the female victim's close friends may have been involved in the crime.

Source: A&E

310 :15x05 - Murder on Maiden Lane

A crew of robbers guns down an Atlanta father; a detective working her first case suspects that she may be pursuing the wrong suspect.

Source: A&E

311 :15x06 - Last Shift

A violent attack in a Tulsa, Okla., barbershop leaves an employee dead and numerous people wounded; the hunt begins for a killer with an AK-47 assault rifle.

Source: A&E

312 :15x07 - M.I.A.

The homicide department in Tulsa, Okla., suspects foul play in the case of a welder who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Source: A&E

313 :15x08 - Knock Knock

Police must wade through a web of secrets and lies when a man is found dead in his Tulsa, Okla., hotel room.

Source: A&E

314 :15x09 - The Third Man; Cash Money Murder

New Orleans police look for the killer of a hip-hop promoter whilst night of drinking turns deadly in Tulsa.

315 :15x10 - Moonie; Dark Impulse

A New Orleans woman is discovered having been stabbed to death and left in a rubbish bin the day before Thanksgiving whilst an Atlanta man's friend and girlfriend become the main suspects following his fatal stabbing.

316 :15x11 - Bloody Valentine; Storm Warning

A man ends up being shot to death as he visits his son in Tulsa whilst a home invasion in Atlanta leaves a teenager dead.

319 :15x14 - In a Lonely Place

A young New Orleans mother is found shot and burned in the trunk of her car following a night out on the town.

Source: A&E TV

320 :15x15 - Broken Home

The shows looks at the case of a young New Orleans mother who was ambushed at home.

321 :15x16 - The Fighter/Final Ride

A New Orleans father and his friends are ambushed while sitting in a parked car; a feud between households in an Atlanta apartment complex leads to the killing of a promising boxer.

Source: A&E TV

322 :15x17 - The Ties That Bind

An Atlanta man is gunned down in his home by an AK-47; the victim's wife holds a dark secret that could tear the family apart.

Source: A&E TV

323 :15x18 - Old Wounds

The target of a drive-by shooting in Tulsa survives the attack, whilst his girlfriend is not so lucky.

324 :15x19 - Bloodline

A Tulsa, Okla., detective hunts a family of elusive criminals after a former Marine is fatally shot while trying to recover his stolen bicycle.

Source: A&E TV

325 :15x20 - Dark Corners/Gundown

A transgender woman is shot four times during an apparent robbery in New Orleans; two Atlanta men draw weapons in an underground mall.

Source: A&E TV

326 :15x21 - Down on Bourbon / Deadly Trap

A double killing on New Orleans' Bourbon Street leaves the city on edge; Tulsa, Okla., detectives believe that a shooting victim may have been lured into a trap.

Source: A&E TV

327 :15x22 - House of Cards

A Tulsa, Okla., detective pieces together fragmented accounts from five potential witnesses as he investigates a crime involving a lethal combination of guns and meth.

Source: A&E TV