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The Flash: Alpha

An experimental android turns to Barry and Tina for help when its creators order it reprogrammed because it won't kill for them.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x21
Production Number: 187120
Airdate: Saturday May 11th, 1991

Guest Stars
Vito DVito D'Ambrosio
As Bellows
Biff ManardBiff Manard
As Murphy
Mike GenoveseMike Genovese
As Lt. Warren Garfield
Dick MillerDick Miller
As Fosnight
Laura RobinsonLaura Robinson
As Col. Powers (Christine Powers)
Kenneth TigarKenneth Tigar
As Dr. Rossick (Jason Rossick)

Co-Guest Stars
Jason AzikiweJason Azikiwe
As Costigan
Anthony PowersAnthony Powers
As Joey C.
Ross PartridgeRoss Partridge
As Wiseguy
Main Cast
John Wesley ShippJohn Wesley Shipp
As Barry Allen/The Flash
Amanda PaysAmanda Pays
As Dr Christina McGee
Alex DesertAlex Desert
As Julio Mendez


A black-clad woman slips into a U.S. government facility, makes her way to a planning room, and moves in on the officer in charge. Meanwhile, Dr. Jason Rossick monitors her mental and physical readings as the woman aims a gun at the unsuspecting officer... and hesitates. Rossick's superior, Colonel Christine Powers, asks what the problem is and the scientist tells her that he can't tell yet. Powers contacts the killer, Alpha, directly by audio and tells her to pull the trigger. Alpha finally removes her hood and says that she can't, and then collapses...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
C+C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)music at the club

Episode Quotes
Julio: Look, you gotta come.
Barry: I don't know, Julio. It doesn't sound like my kind of place, know what I'm saying? Can't I just make a donation?
Julio: No.
Barry: I haven't even got a date.
Julio: It's no problem. I called up Tina, you're supposed to pick her up at Star Labs at 8 o'clock.
Barry: What are you, my social director now?
Julio: Hey, somebody's got to do it.

Tina: Oh, Alpha, this is Barry Allen, a friend of mine. Barry, this is Alpha Webster. She just started today as our new lab assistant.
Barry: Alpha. That's an unusual name.
Alpha: They call me Alpha because I was the first.
Barry: Oh, the first child in your family.
Alpha: In a way.

Tina: Now, I know you're going to meet a lot of very beautiful young women tonight.
Barry: Yeah, no one with less than twelve earrings or more than a monosyllable.
Tina: Well, here's mine for the evening. Out!

Barry: So, what do you think the odds are of us running into each other here tonight, huh?
Alpha: 2,718,450 to one, based on the most recent population of Central City.
Barry: Wow, you really do have a memory.
Alpha: I've memorized the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Webster's Dictionary, the complete works of William Shakespeare, and 613 other books.

Alpha: One night I read a book about the Civil War. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves?
Barry: Well, I heard a rumor.

Fosnight: You care to make a little donation?
Barry: To whom? The old hustler's home?

Alpha: Three nines.
Joey C.: Just a minute. That's the eight hand in a row that you've won. Do you know what the odds are against that?
Alpha: If you give me the data, I can calculate them for you.

(hacking a computer)
Tina: I'm in.
Barry: Tina, you're beautiful.
Tina: It's about time you noticed.

Fosnight: Alpha, you're a real piece of work.
Alpha: Thank you.
Fosnight: I can't wait to meet next year's model.

Episode Goofs
The "hand double" who does the card tricks is noticeably taller than Dick Miller. In the closeup shots, the letter F on the jacket is well above the level of the hands.

When the camera instantly cuts back to Miller, the letter F is now below the level of the actor's hands.

At the 24:56 mark, the radio dispatcher mistakenly calls Powers "Sergeant" rather than "Colonel."

Alpha enters the poker game with a single $100 chip. Unless the professional gamblers are feeling particularly generous or they have very low stakes, it would be impossible for Alpha to win. They would simply raise the stakes and force her to drop on the first hand.

When Tina tracks Alpha, the screen says 114 degrees west, 153 north. North latitudes only go up to 90 degrees, which would be the North Pole. 114 degrees west would put Central City somewhere in a line between Calgary, Alberta, and Las Vegas, NV.

When Joey C asks Alpha what the odds are of her winning eight poker hands in a row, she says she can calculate it if she gives him the data. She has all the data she needs: how much money the players hand, the rules of poker, and eight previous rounds of poker.

When Rossick removes the panel on top of Alpha's skull, the line where the prosthetic is attached to the actress' skin is clearly visible.

Cultural References
Nightclub: Apocalypse Wow

The 1979 movie Apocalypse Now featured a captain sent into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade colonel.

Fosngiht: Look, kid, if you got x-ray eyes, what color undershorts am I wearing?

In Superman: The Movie (1978), Lois Lane asks roughly the same question of Superman to confirm if he has x-ray vision or not. His answer is "pink" rather than Alpha's "red."

Bellows: A synthetic human like in all those stories by Isaac Asimov.

Isaac Asimov, one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century, created the Robot series and introduces the Three Laws of Robotics.

Murphy: And I'm the Tin Woodsman, and this is Munchkinland.

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) by L. Frank Baum, the Tin Man is seeking a heart and travels with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion to the city of Oz to obtain it. Munchkinland is where Dorothy first lands in Oz, and is the home to the diminutive Munchkins.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperDanny Bilson (2)  |  Paul DeMeo
Executive ProducerPaul DeMeo  |  Danny Bilson (2)
Supervising ProducerDon Kurt
ProducerGail Morgan Hickman
Co-ProducerDavid L. Beanes  |  Michael Lacoe
Associate ProducerFrank Jimenez
CastingApril Webster
Unit Production ManagerDavid L. Beanes
First Assistant DirectorDavid L. Newman
Second Assistant DirectorDaniel R. Suhart
MusicShirley Walker
Music EditorThomas Milano
Costume DesignerLe Dawson  |  Robert Short (2)
HairstylistLana Sharpe
Camera OperatorDavid Boyd
Set DecoratorRobinson Royce
Property MasterSal Vecchio  |  Craig Binkley
Production Sound MixerJames LaRue
Script SupervisorGillian Murphy
Director of PhotographyGreg Gardiner
Stunt CoordinatorFred Lerner
Art DirectorFrancis J. Pezza
ChoreographerMari Winsor
Costume SupervisorPerri Kimono
Special Makeup Effects ArtistGreg Cannom  |  Larry Odien
Visual Effects CoordinatorPhilip Barberio
Main Title ThemeDanny Elfman
Visual Effects SupervisorRobert Bailey (2)  |  David Stipes
Transportation CaptainRobert Benjamin
Film EditorGreg Wong
Visual Effects EditorPeter W. Moyer
Executive Story ConsultantJohn Francis Moore  |  Howard Chaykin
Special Effects CoordinatorWilliam H. Schirmer
Make-up SupervisorBill Myer
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