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Mad Love - Recap

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At the farm, Paul is studying Megan and Jacob complains that he's screwed up. Emma agrees with Jacob and asks why he hasn't dealt with Paul, and Paul mocks his secret lover. He then tells them that he picked up Megan at the local grocery store and admits that he didn't check the surveillance cameras. Paul doesn't see any reason for concern and reluctantly agrees to kill her. When Emma goes to check on Joey, Paul tells Jacob that he's tired of all the lies.

At Claire's home, Ryan and Debra go over the video looking for clues. Mike tries to pull up background information and is unable to trace the IP address. Debra asks how he's doing after Troy's death and Mike assures her that he's fine. She then tells Claire that the video is helpful and Ryan assures his former lover that Carroll is playing games with them. Claire doesn't believe that they can and worries that if he's exposed. As they leave, Debra tells Ryan how Jordy died, and that first he said Maggie knew where they hid Joe. As they talk, Ryan gets a call from his sister Jenny.


Jenny gets a drunken Ryan home and he collapses onto his bed.


Ryan refuses to take the call and goes in to talk to Carroll. He points out that the whole thing seems amateurish and informs Carroll that he killed Rick. Carroll is pleased to hear that Ryan is back at his game and then explains that Maggie's real name is Margaret Schuller. She went on a killing spree in Arkansas years before she met Carroll, who admits that the woman is very impressive even by his standards.

Mike confirms the six unsolved murders attributed to a female security killer. The authorities have a sketch of the killer but no record of Maggie visiting Carroll under the name Schuller.

Emma tries to call Maggie when they see the announcement of the APB on the news. As they discuss the situation, Joey secretly listens in but knocks over a shoe. Emma calls to him and Joey runs downstairs and goes outside to play soccer. Once he goes, Emma asks Paul what's going on in the basement and he hints that Jacob can't handle things. Emma says that she figures that they might have played around with Jacob, but Paul warns Emma that Jacob has been lying to them all. He finally tells her that Jacob has never killed anyone.

Mike gets video of a hardware store and sees Maggie kill a man. They discover that she's bought several items , including magnets, and that she's in the vicinity of upstate New York. As they talk, Ryan gets another call from Jenny.


Ryan wakes up and finds Jenny at his bedside. She points out that he missed his appointment and warns him that he has a heart condition and a drinking problem. Ryan says that she doesn't have to take care of him and Jenny warns him that something has to change. When Ryan dismisses her advice, Jenny says that it hurts too much and walks out


Ryan says that he has to take the call. Jenny says that things aren't good and then Maggie gets on the line and reminds Ryan of who she is. She asks how he wants her to kill his sister and then tells him to come alone and unarmed, and she'll trade him for Jenny. When Ryan asks if Carroll knows what she's doing, Maggie says that she's on her own plan now, says that Jenny showed her how to make a risotto, and hangs up.

Jacob checks on Emma, who gives him a knife and tells him to take care of Megan. When he says that Paul should do it, Emma tells him to do it and says that she knows he never has.


At Emma's house, Jacob describes how he killed a woman and dumped the body in the water.


Jacob says that he loves Emma and that he was ashamed to admit that he had never killed anyone. He insists that he wants to be a part of this and he tried, but he couldn't do it. Emma hands him the knife and says that he has to do more than try.

Ryan grabs his coat and starts to leave, claiming that it's personal, but Debra figures that he's lying. He leaves and Debra tells Mike to follow Ryan. He's reluctant to play snitch again until Debra says that Ryan got a call from Jenny. Mike goes after Ryan and asks if he's going to Brooklyn because that's where Jenny is. Ryan slams Mike against the wall and asks if Debra knows, and then admits that Maggie has his sister. Mike assures him that Debra doesn't know and that he'll get off with a warning because of the trauma of losing a fellow agent. Ryan considers for a moment and then agrees.

As Mike drives Ryan to Brooklyn, Mike suggests that Ryan call him by his first name and then asks if he's close to his sister. Ryan says that it's complicated and then tries to get some sleep, ignoring Mike's attempts at conversation.


Ryan takes Claire to lunch at the restaurant that Jenny owns and introduces her to his sister.


Mike gets a call from Debra and, ignoring it, turns off the phone.

That night, Mike and Ryan arrive a few blocks away from Jenny's restaurant. Ryan tells Mike that he's going to do whatever Maggie wants and tells Mike that he's going to leave a side door open. He also tells Mike to do whatever it takes to save Jenny, no matter the cost to Ryan.

Ryan goes in alone and unarmed and, once he's sure he's not being watched, slips off and unlocks the side door. He then goes to the main room and finds a note on the floor saying "Put this on." He finds a blindfold on a nearby chair, sits down, and puts it on. Maggie steps out of the darkness and tells him to keep the blindfold on, and assures him that Jenny is there. She tells him that Jenny has been telling her about Ryan's early years, and Jenny screams for Ryan. When he gets up, Maggie clubs him unconscious.

Jacob goes to the basement, tells Megan not to scream, and then pulls off her gag. He gives her a drink of water and tells her not to talk. Megan promises not to say anything if he lets her go, insisting that he doesn't want to hurt her. She suggests that he cut him on the arms and legs so she'll bleed a lot, and then he can lie and says that he killed her and dumped her body in the ravine. Jacob warns that they won't believe it but Maggie insists that she can go home and she won't tell anyone. Crying, she begs him not to kill her.


At the prison, Jacob talks with Carroll and explains that he doesn't want to disappoint his mentor. He admits that he can't kill and that he lied to the others. Carroll asks if he wants to be part of the group and Jacob assures him that he can't go back to his old life. They recite Poe and Carroll tells Jacob that it'll be their secret, and one day Jacob will kill when he's ready.


Jacob picks up the knife and holds the knife to Megan's face. He stokes her cheek and places it against her throat, telling her to shut up.

Maggie slaps Ryan awake and he discovers that she's taped him to a table. Jenny is taped to a nearby chair and Maggie assures him that she's fine. She figures that the psychological damage of watching her brother die will leave a few scars. Maggie wishes that Claire was there but figures that Jenny will suffice.


After sex, Claire tells Ryan that she enjoyed meeting Jenny and figured she got a little more insight into Ryan. She encourages Ryan to open up and he explains that his mother got leukemia and died when he was 14. His father was a street cop for his entire life, retired, and then walked into the wrong store at the wrong time and was killed by a robber. Claire asks if it's just him and Jenny, and Ryan says that they had an older brother, Ray, who was a fireman who died on 9/11


Jacob finally unties Megan and tells her to get out. She runs upstairs and runs out the back, and Emma and Paul chase after her. Megan runs into the stable while her pursuers split up to find her. Paul goes into the stable and looks around, but Emma calls him out before he can find the clerk. However, when Megan runs out the back, she finds Emma waiting for her. When Paul comes up behind Megan, Emma stabs the girl and assures her that it's only a flesh wound, and then the two killers wrestle the screaming clerk to the ground.

Maggie rips open Ryan's shirt and says that she read his book and knows how bad his heart is. She then takes out the magnets that she bought and puts one on his chest. Maggie tells Jenny to watch as she tapes more magnets onto his chest, and Ryan begs her to let Jenny go. The killer tells him that she's not going to let Jenny go, and that Joe will be the one who killed Ryan by stabbing him in the heart. Maggie is just finishing the job. She turns to Jenny and tells her how cursed her family is, and then asks Ryan if he understands real love. Maggie then cuts Ryan's hands free and tells him that his fingers are blue because of lack of circulation.

As Mike comes in through the door, Ryan tries to sit up and then collapses. Maggie goes over and pulls Jenny over so she can see her brother's last breath. Mike comes in and knocks her down, and then shoots her when she comes at him with a knife. The agent then goes to Ryan and removes the magnets.

Paul comes in and finds Emma preparing to take a shower to get off the mud. He's covered in mud as well and Emma tells him that they both love Jacob. She starts to get in the shower, saying that they're not going to make out, but then turns and kisses him.

Jacob goes downstairs and finds Megan tied up again.

The police arrive at that restaurant and the EMTs confirm that Ryan's pacemaker is working fine. Mike finds Maggie's cell phone and tells Ryan that he may be able to pull a location from it. The agent admits that he's probably going to be suspended and says that they have to go, and Ryan asks for a minute. He goes to Jenny and tells her to disappear for a while. Jenny agrees and asks how Claire is doing.


Jenny visits Ryan and admits that she was wrong about his chances with Claire. She asks if he's going to break up with Claire, and Ryan insists that Claire deserves a new start. His sister asks what he deserves.


Ryan tells Jenny that Claire is hanging in there. Jenny admits that their family is cursed and figures that Ryan is afraid to let anyone get close to him, but tells him that they can't go through life alone.

Paul goes to the bathroom and finds Emma and Jacob in the shower together. They tell Paul that they're not giving up on him and he joins them in the shower, sobbing, as they hug him.

The next day, Ryan goes to Claire's house and tells her that they found a signal in upstate New York and will have an address in two hours. She says that she's glad that Jenny is okay and asks Ryan to stay and eat something.


Jenny asks Ryan what he deserves and he admits that he's not ready. His sister tells him that life doesn't wait for someone to be ready and he loves her, and Ryan says that he'd only be a reminder of the worst time in Claire's life.


Claire asks Ryan to stay but he says that he needs to get back and walks out of the house.

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