The Siege - Recap

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Emma, Paul, and Jacob are sleeping together when Jacob gets up. The others ask if he's okay or freaking out, but Jacob says that he's just has to urinate. Once he's alone, Jacob examines himself in the mirror. Outside, Paul figures that Jacob is freaking out and tells Emma that the three of them having sex was fun. Meanwhile, Joey runs to the bookshelf, climbs up, and grabs the cell phone that Emma hid there. He calls Claire and asks why he can't come home. Joey doesn't know where he is and Claire gets him to describe the farmhouse while Turner and his team trace the call.

While Joey complains that Paul is mean, Paul comes downstairs, hears Joey talking, and yanks him away, leaving the cell phone on the table. Mike confirms that the phone was scrambled and triggered a virus. As they talk, Ryan sees Olivia Warren, Carroll's lawyer, coming in. He tells Debra to send Olivia away, figuring that Carroll is up to something, but Debra says that they can't. As Ryan leaves, Mike says that it will take a couple of hours to trace the call.

At the farmhouse, Emma tells Joey that the police are the bad men and that it's too complicated to explain. She insists that they're lying about his dad so Claire sent Joey there to make sure that nothing happens to him. Meanwhile, Paul goes downstairs and wakes up Megan, and tells her that she should accept the fact that she's not ever going home. He goes upstairs and assures Jacob that the phone was untraceable and Joey couldn't have told Claire where they were. Paul then gives Jacob advice on how to kill Megan and assures his friend that he can do it. Jacob insists that he isn't gay and complains that the sex wasn't great. He tells Paul that he can't be what he wants him to be but Paul says that it was right for the first time and there's only one thing missing. Jacob asks him to kill Megan but Paul says that it's a matter of trust and they have faith he can do it.

Olivia enters Carroll's room and insists that he can't do anything for him. However, Carroll disagrees and warns that she owes him.


Olivia tells Carroll that there is nothing more that she can do from him. He disagrees but Olivia says that it's over and walks out.


Carroll tells Olivia that he needs to know everything going on with the FBI and the media now that Ryan has upped his game. She admits that she still has contacts and Carroll tells her that she's about to have a very busy day.

Ryan notices Olivia on the news and watches as she announces that she's representing Carroll again and calls a press conference. She reads a statement from Carroll quoting Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death." A man in a basement, Hank Flynn, hears the newscast, calls his fellow cultist Charlie Mead, and says that it's time.

Back at the FBI center, Debra and Ryan figure that Carroll used Olivia to send a coded message to his followers. Ryan insists that Joey must be in Duchess County, New York, and Debra finally gives in. She warns Mike to behave and then deputizes Ryan and gives him a gun. They then check with Claire and Ryan explains that they're going to check with local cops and go with Joey's description. Claire wants to go with them but Ryan insists that it's better that she stay there. Before Ryan leaves, Claire hugs him tightly and Ryan admits that he wasn't fair to her when he left her years ago. He says that once he brings Joey home, he wants to talk to her further.

At the farm, Paul tells Emma that they should call Roderick, and Emma says that she already did. Paul figures that Joey needs a smacking but Emma warns him not to. As they talk, Joey listens from above. Paul tells Emma that Jacob is down with Megan and he's giving their friend a little space.

Olivia goes to the Matthews home and demands to talk to Claire alone. When Claire wonders what she wants, Olivia only says that she'll be interested in what she has to say. Once they're alone, Olivia tells Claire that she has to be at a particular address if she wants to see Joey. Claire wonders what she means and Olivia tells her that whatever the FBI has told her is incorrect.

Ryan and Mike take a helicopter to Duchess County and go to the police department. Mike and Ryan explain what they're looking for but Chief Burke warns that there is over 150 miles of rural farms to check.

Jacob comes up from the basement and Paul realizes that he couldn't do it. Ashamed, Jacob runs outside and Paul goes after him. Emma calls Joey to lunch but gets no response. She goes up to his room and discovers that he's gone. Outside, Paul is trying to comfort his friend when Emma comes out and tells them that the boy is gone. They search the farm and find nothing, and then split up. Meanwhile, Joey runs through the woods until he trips and falls. A man comes up and asks if he's okay.

Claire tells Turner that she's meeting a friend for lunch. He objects but she insists that they can't keep her trapped there and Turner says that he'll keep her covered. Once Claire goes upstairs, Turner calls and tells Debra what happened. Debra tells him to keep Claire in sight at all times.

At the sheriff's office, Deputy Ava is talking to Mike when he puts up photos of the Emma, Paul, and Jacob. Burke recognizes Paul from surveillance footage they got when a local girl, Megan, was abducted. The agents split up with local law enforcement and start their search.

The man, Clark Sullivan, brings Joey to his house, and his wife Nora recognizes Joey from the news. Emma runs up and tries to take Joey home, and the couple asks who she is. When the husband says that Joey wanted to call his mother, Emma says that Joey can call her from the farmhouse. As Emma takes him away, Paul and Jacob run up. She tells them what happened and they say that they'll go back and thank the couple.

At the neighbor house, Clark is calling the police when Paul comes in with a hoe and tells him not to do it.

Ryan and one of the local officers, Lopez, are continuing the search when dispatch calls to tell them that they got a call about Joey from the Sullivan house.

Back at the farmhouse, Joey asks to call Claire and Emma says that she's going to get the phone. She locks Joey in his room and then hears someone moving in the house. Emma goes to investigate and one of Carroll's followers, Hank Flynn, comes up behind her. He says that Roderick sent him and it's time to go.

Claire goes to a restaurant and meets her friend. Claire admits that the FBI is following her and tells her friend to ignore them, and then they order lunch while Claire watches the time.

Ryan and Lopez arrive at the Sullivan house and no one answers the door. Ryan checks the back and sees that the door is open. The two men go inside and find the phone on the floor. Continuing their search, they find Clark and Nora dead in the living room, propped up in their chairs. Ryan tells the shocked Lopez to call it in and confirms that the blood is fresh. He runs outside with Lopez and confirms that the killers are on foot. They go to the next house and confirm that it matches Joey's description.

As Lopez calls it in, they see Paul and Jacob walking up to the house. Ryan calls Mike and tells him what's happening, and Mike tells Ryan to wait for backup. Once he hangs up, Ryan tells Lopez that they're going in to get a better look.

When Jacob and Paul enter the house, Emma introduces Hank and says that Roderick sent him. Hank tells them to be packed and ready to leave in ten minutes. Once he goes outside, Emma tells them to pack and she'll get Joey last.

Debra gets word that Ryan has found the farmhouse. She puts everyone on alert and tells Agent Mitchell to prepare air transport.

Claire tells her friend that she'll be right back and goes to the restroom. Turner goes after her but as soon as Claire is out of sight, she pushes the restroom door open and then goes out the fire exit. The agent takes a brief look outside but fails to see Claire hiding nearby. He then knocks at the restroom door and realizes that Claire is gone.

Ryan goes around the back while Lopez goes to the barn for a better line of sight. Meanwhile, Hank leaves the house and calls Charlie, who is waiting to pick up Claire. Roderick tells Hank that Claire is running late, and Hank spots Lopez in the rearview mirror of his SUV. In the barn, Lopez hears someone moving and goes to investigate. Hank steps out of the shadows, feigning ignorance, and cautiously approaches him. He finally gets close enough to grab him and they fight for the gun. It goes off, wounding Lopez in the stomach. Ryan arrives in time to kill Hank before he can finish off Lopez.

Emma and the others hear the gunshots and go to the SUV. They grab their guns and look around for Hank.

Ryan tells Lopez to stay down and calls in to dispatch. He then gives Lopez his jacket to use as a compress and tells him to hold on... only to watch him die. Mike calls back and Ryan tells him that Lopez is gone and he's going in.

Joey finally tries the door and discovers that he's locked in.

Olivia returns to see Carroll and informs him that the FBI agents have located the farmhouse but haven't recovered Joey. Carroll asks how her delivery of his message went and is satisfied that it caused a sensation. Olivia confirms that she gave Claire his message and Carroll thanks her for her help. She wonders what she's done, realizing that the poem triggered someone, and advises her to continue cooperating unless she wants to be the target of his next messenger.


Hank comes to see Olivia after hours and explains that Carroll sent him. He takes out a pair of clippers and says that he has a message.


Olivia begs Carroll not to bring her into it any further, but Carroll says that she has a lot of work to do for him. She gets out a piece of paper, revealing that two of her fingers are missing, and starts taking notes.

Claire goes to the designated address and another of Carroll's people, Charlie Mead, drives up and orders her in. When she wonders where they're going, Charlie simply says that she has to get in if she wants to see Joey. Claire gets in and they drive off.

Joey uses a curtain rod to hammer at the door but is unable to get it open.

Emma and Jacob find Lopez and wonder if he was alone. Meanwhile, Ryan gets into the house through a basement window and finds Megan. As she tells him what has been happening, Ryan hears Joey pounding on the door, tells Megan that he'll be right back, and goes to find the boy. Joey comes out, sees him, and ducks back, but Ryan reminds him that they've met. Paul puts a gun to Ryan's head.