The Fall - Recap

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Paul takes Ryan's weapon and then tells Joey go to his room. Once the boy leaves, Paul leads Ryan to a chair and tries to work out what to do next. Emma and Jacob come in and tell Paul that Hank and Lopez are dead. Jacob starts to panic and Emma asks Ryan who knows that he's there. Ryan says that the FBI knows he's there and warns them that none of them are making it out alive.

Charlie takes Claire to a warehouse and leads her to the basement through a locked gate. He locks it behind them and takes her into his arsenal and headquarters. When Claire demands to know where Joey is, Charlie grabs her by the throat and tells her not to make him hurt her.

Mike and Deputy Ava meet Chief Burke outside the farmhouse. They tell Burke that Lopez is dead and Mike asks him to focus and help them set up a perimeter. Burke agrees and Mike tells him that Ryan is inside the house.

Jacob finds some rope and prepares to tie up Ryan, who looks at him funny. Paul tells him to do it and Ryan echoes his orders, but warns Jacob that he'll kill him when he gets close. Ryan's cell phone rings and Paul tells him to hand it over. Ryan invites them to take it and Paul tells him to put it on the table and step away

Charlie monitors his computer while Claire paces nervously around. She asks about Joey and Charlie says that he'll let her know when he has an ETA. She notices a copy of Carroll's book and asks Charlie how he met Carroll, and Charlie says that they have mutual friends.


Charlie meets with Carroll and explains that he served in the Army in their computer division. He admits that he received a discharge for psychological reasons and that he killed nine people. Four of them were people that he wanted dead, and Carroll admits that he's handy to have around. Carroll asks if Roderick told him what he had to do, and Charlie says that he's grateful for the opportunity.


Claire looks at all of Charlie's computer servers and asks what they're for. She sees a file with photos on his desk and Charlie knocks them to the floor. Claire realizes that they're surveillance photos of her and Charlie tells her that he doesn't intend to hurt her. When he asks her to trust him, Claire asks why she should and Charlie says that he's her follower.

Ryan asks to sit down and Jacob and Paul disagree on whether he can. Emma comes down after drugging Joey and wonders why they haven't tied Ryan up. The police pull up outside, running their sirens, and Ryan says that he's fine with anything that happens because he knows that they won't hurt Joey. Furious, Emma jabs Ryan with a taser, damaging his pacemaker. She assures the others that Ryan will be okay and tells Ryan that it was Carroll's idea, and then tells her companions to tie Ryan up.

Debra and her agents arrive at the farmhouse as the news channels set up outside. Mike brings Debra up to speed and says that he's tapped into the servers in the farmhouse. Emma is trying to email someone and Mike intercepts it, only to discover that it's encrypted.

When Jacob comes down after checking on Joey, Emma says that she emailed Roderick for help, and worries that she doesn't know what to do. Jacob assures her that they'll figure it out and kisses her briefly.

At the Federal Detention Center, Olivia returns to see Carroll and tells him what's happening at the farmhouse. The lawyer confirms that Claire has disappeared and demands to know what it's all about. Carroll wonders if she really wants to know, pointing out that it would make her complicit. She concedes the point and Carroll tells her to keep him updated.

When Ryan wakes up, Emma tells him to call out and tell the police to back away. He refuses, saying that he doesn't care if she kills him, but Paul and Jacob bring Megan up from the basement. Emma uses her taser on the girl and Ryan tells her to stop.

As Debra coordinates a potential assault, Mike tells her about Claire's disappearance. Debra figures that Olivia is involved and tells them to focus on her. Ryan calls and Mike takes the call. He tells them that Megan and Joey are there, and Emma tells him to do what she said. Debra gets on the line and assures her that they want a safe resolution, and Emma tells them to back off or she'll kill Megan and then Ryan. The FBI agent agrees and tells Emma that she's a talented artist. She says that all of the women she drew resemble Emma's mother but Emma tells her that she killed her mother. Debra admits that she wanted to kill her mother and figures that Emma misses her. Emma hangs up and Jacob tells her to shake it off. Ryan realizes that Jacob is sleeping with Emma and tries to work out if he and Paul are gay.

While they wait, Mike asks what Debra is doing and the FBI agent says that she's trying to bring Emma's grief to the surface and bring out her conscience. Debra admits that parents can twist a child around and she knows from personal experience.


In Serenity Hills at Church Rock, Iowa, Debra goes to a commune and a man, Dale, greets her. She asks to see her family and Dale points out that it's been fifteen years. He suggests that they don't want to see Debra after what she did.


A young Debra goes to her parents' bedroom and finds Dale waiting for her. He tells her not to be afraid and brings her in. Crying, Debra begs him to stop and then slaps him and goes out into the hallway where her mother is waiting.


Debra goes into the church and greets her mother and father.


Claire continues pacing nervously and Charlie tells her that the others have been delayed. He admits that he doesn't know why and tells her to be patient, and assures Claire that they intend to reunite her with Joey. Claire asks what he meant about being her follower and Charlie shows her the notebooks that that he's been keeping on her activities for the last two years. Charlie brings up footage of Claire and Joey together and explains that Carroll wanted to see them because they're an important part of his life. Footage of Charlie entering Claire's bedroom and watching her sleep comes up on the monitor and he explains that Emma didn't know what Charlie was doing.

Emma gets an email from Roderick saying that they should shut down all online correspondence and wait for his call over the satellite phone.

The police pull back from the farmhouse and Emma prepares to call the FBI. Paul asks her how Jacob is doing and Emma irritably tells him that it's not the time. Ryan, listening in, works out that Paul is also sleeping with Emma and analyzes their situation. As he talks, Ryan notices the extra rope discarded nearby on the table and the knife his captors used to cut it.

Emma calls the FBI van and tells Debra that she misses her mother. Debra wonders why she's playing with her but Emma talks about her mother brought guys home all the time. The girl says that she killed her mother to be free and now no one tells her what to do. Debra points out that she's replacing her mother with Carroll and doing what he wants, and Emma insists that Carroll was her own choice. Emma hangs up on Debra.


Debra insists that she doesn't belong there but her parents say that she has great potential and invite her to stay. She says that she came back to see them because they're family.


Debra figures that Emma is stalling because they've contacted someone.

Jacob comes back in and Ryan asks how their three-way works. Ryan keeps taunting them and Jacob grabs Megan and starts strangling her. Paul pulls him away, telling his friend to keep it together, and Jacob storms off. They're both unaware that Ryan has secretly grabbed the knife.

Mike unscrambles an earlier email and sent on their server from a warehouse in Richmond. Debra tells Mike to call Turner while the SWAT team arrives. The commander says that he's ready to go in but admits that he can't guarantee Joey's safety. Debra tells him to set up position but stand down, and Mike and Ava go with him.

Charlie calls Roderick and asks what's happening, and assures him that she still has Claire. While he talks, Claire goes to his desk and grabs the keys to the gate. She runs to the gate and tries to unlock it, but Charlie realizes that she's escaping and comes after her. Claire runs up into the warehouse and Charlie tells her to give up, and easily recaptures her and takes her back downstairs.

As night falls, the SWAT team takes up position. Inside, Emma gets a call and goes into the next room to take it. Jacob and Paul look nervously after her, and when she comes back she tells them that everything is good. She says that she's going to check on Joey and tells the nervous Paul to have a little faith. Once she goes upstairs, Ryan points out that their position is hopeless and Jacob slaps him.

Upstairs, Emma wakes Joey up and tells him that they have to go.

Back in the basement, Claire notices Charlie constantly eying her and apologizes for running off. When she asks why she can't go home if Joey isn't coming, Charlie says that it isn't the plan. Claire asks who Roderick is, figuring it's an alias, and advances on him. She asks why he listens to Carroll and what it's all about, and Charlie says that Carroll is teaching him to feel his life.


At the prison, Charlie gives Carroll a report on Claire's activities. He describes Claire in her black dress and Carroll realizes that Charlie has fallen for her. He tells Charlie that it's easy to fall for a woman like Claire and assures him that he trusts him not to do anything inappropriate.


Charlie kisses Claire and she shoves him away. He admits that he made a mistake and it's impure, and starts slamming his head into a pillar.

As Jacob goes upstairs to check on Emma, Ryan starts cutting himself free. When Jacob comes back downstairs, he tells Paul that Emma has left with Joey. Jacob goes to the door and spots the snipers outside, and Ryan frees himself and stabs Paul in the stomach with the knife. He punches Jacob and then gets Megan out of the house, and then leaves himself. Outside, Ryan calls Mike to tell him that Emma is running and has Joey, and Mike and Ava head out after her.

A man approaches the SWAT team on the perimeter. They order him to put his hands up but a second man shoots them from behind.

Emma and Joey run through the woods and she tells him that Jacob and Paul will be fine. Mike and Ava find them and order Emma to put her hands up. However, Ava turns and shoots Mike, and tells Emma that she's with Roderick.

As Charlie tends to his head wound, the FBI breaks in. Charlie throws a flash-bang grenade and escapes in the confusion, while Turner and his men secure Claire.

As Debra checks on Megan, the SWAT commander tells Debra that Paul and Jacob are the only ones in the house. She tells the SWAT team to take it down. Jacob checks on Paul as the FBI team breaks in. However, the two men who took out the FBI team break in, wearing FBI uniforms, and shoot down the real team, and then tell Paul and Jacob to get out the back.

Ryan finds Mike and confirms that he's alive because of his bulletproof vest. Mike tells Ryan that Ava is in on it and points out which way she went, and Ryan goes after her. He finds the dead FBI team and keeps going.

Ava takes Emma to a waiting car and Ryan arrives. He shoots Ava but Emma gets Joey into the car and drives off.

Jacob steps out onto the road in front of a passing driver. When the man stops, Jacob punches him and Paul staggers over. The two men drive off.

The FBI secures the area but realize that Carroll's men killed the SWAT team. Mike wonders how Carroll's people planted someone in the local police, and then watches as Ryan walks away. Ryan goes off on his own and tries to get hold of himself. Meanwhile, Debra tells Mike that cult mentality is one of unity and everyone wants to belong.


Debra's mother figures that Debra came to them out of guilt, running off in the middle of the night. They lost their standing and were almost exiled, but Debra tells them that she came to forgive them and tell them that she loves them and always will. Dale comes over and Debra tells them to remember that and then walks away.


Mrs. Parker wonders what Debra has done and takes her back to Dale's room.


The next day, Olivia tells Carroll that everyone got out of the house and the FBI has no idea where Joey is. Carroll tells her that it's time for the next part of the story.

Later, Olivia calls a press statement explaining that she's filed a court order to transfer Carroll to a different facility because of FBI abuses. Claire is watching on the news when Ryan arrives. She goes to him and shoves him, furious that he let her son go. After a moment, Ryan hugs her and she reluctantly steps into his arms.

Carroll waits in his cell, smiling.

Debra goes to her office and looks at the church medallion that she wore as a child.

Jacob calls Emma and she answers the phone. She refuses to say anything as Jacob demands to know why she left them. After a moment, she hangs up and Paul thanks Jacob for not leaving him.

Ryan holds Claire tightly.