Welcome Home - Recap

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Joey wakes up in the morning and finds his father sitting in his room. Carroll says that he knows Joey is scared of him but asks him for another chance. Joey doesn't say anything and Carroll assures him that Claire was supposed to be there but things went wrong. Until he can rectify that, he asks Joey to give him a chance to prove that he has the ability to be a cool dad. Joey still doesn't say anything and Carroll goes out to the hallway. Emma assures him that Joey just needs to get to know him and says that everyone is waiting for him. Emma takes Carroll downstairs to where his followers have gathered in the main hall. He smiles and greets them.

At the detention center, Ryan discovers that an FBI agent, Nick Donovan, is meeting with the team. He tells everyone that everything has to go through him. Debra is in her office and meets with Ryan, warning him that the FBI is in panic mode after Carroll escaped. Ryan suggests that they talk to David, the captive acolyte, and Nick comes in and points out that Ryan tortured the man. Debra defends the torture, pointing out that Ryan got them the location of the hostage, and Nick shakes Ryan's hand. He says that they appreciate Ryan's help but tells him to stick to consulting. Debra objects but Ryan agrees with Nick, figuring that he's a liability. Ryan goes to meet with Mike, who informs him that Nick has taken over interrogation of David.

At the manor, Emma talks to Carroll outside and admits that she didn't know they had so many people. Carroll is glad that she's there since Joey trusts her, and then asks about Jacob and Paul. Emma says that they haven't called and there's been nothing in the news, and Carroll figures that is a good sign. He thanks her for bringing her son to him, but is interrupted when the local sheriff from nearby Havenport pulls up. He calls to Carroll by name, walks, over and greets Carroll. The two men hug and Emma realizes that it's Roderick Nelson. Roderick introduces himself and they go inside. He tells them that Ryan has kept them on their toes but everything is going smoothly. When Carroll thanks, him, Roderick says that he's in his debt.


Roderick meets Carroll in prison and thanks him for taking the blame for killing two of the girls that he actually murdered. Carroll assures him that he'll repay him.


Roderick tells Carroll that everything he is, is because of his mentor. He then shows Carroll around and points out how the acolytes are reorganizing the place. The local dispatcher, Sally, checks in and Roderick assures her that everything is fine.

At the detention center, Nick tells Ryan that David won't talk to anyone except Ryan. Ryan asks Nick what he'd like him to do and the agent asks Ryan to sit in with him. They go to see David, who ignores Nick and talks only to Ryan. He introduces himself and then simply stares at Ryan. Finally he asks Ryan how he liked the plot twist. Ryan says that it was good and now David is boring him, and asks where they can find Carroll. David makes vague threats about how they're everywhere, and Ryan congratulates him on being creepy. The acolyte then bends over, chews on something in the skin beneath his thumb, and then goes into convulsions.

Roderick shows Carroll their tech setup in the basement. Carroll says hello to Charlie, who apologizes for failing him and losing Claire. Roderick tells him to drop it, but Carroll tells Charlie to learn from his mistakes. Louise, the woman who rescued Carroll at the parking garage, comes in and greets him. Roderick then takes Carroll to the study that they've prepared for him, and explains that he's been recruiting during Carroll's imprisonment. The sheriff says that everyone is anxious to get started, but Carroll wants Claire there first. Roderick says that she's in protective custody and apologizes for losing her, but says that he has an idea how they can find her... by letting the FBI tell them. He points to a chart he's prepared and points to one of Ryan's co-workers.

Mike tells Nick and the others that David had a cyanide pill sewn into the skin of his hand. Agent Mitchell has come up with info on David, and Nick immediately takes it. Mike hacks Nick's email and reads the report, which shows that David was a soldier who was convicted of torturing Iraqi prisoners. Nick storms in and Ryan claims that he did it, but Nick knows that he doesn't have the access. Mike apologizes but Nick demands a meeting in private. Debra comes in and they tell her what happened. When Mike comes out, he tells Ryan that he's being sent home. Ryan tells Nick that he's making a mistake, but Nick insists that the investigation starts at his desk and walks away. Debra tells Mike to go back to the motel and they'll talk in the morning.

When Mike arrives at the Goodwin Inn, he sees five men standing and talking in the parking lot. As the agent goes inside, a woman comes up behind him and gets in. Mike hesitates and finally tells the woman that he'll get the next one. Once the elevator goes up, Mike takes the stairs to the next floor and runs into the woman as she gets off the elevator. He walks down the hall and the woman follows him, and two of the men come up behind her. Mike fumbles with the key and the woman offers to help, but he finally gets it and goes inside... and finds Louise and Charlie waiting for him.

Ryan tries to call Mike and doesn't get an answer, and has Mitchell ping his phone. She confirms that Mike's phone is at the hotel but Ryan figures that there's something wrong and drives there. He checks Ryan's room and discovers that someone has torn the place up.

That night, Carroll samples the liquor and shares several drinks with Emma. He has Emma remove the bandages from his hand and admits that he's drunk, and she tells him that he has a lot of things to catch up on. Carroll admits that he hasn't had sex in a while and takes Emma's hand. One of the acolytes, Aaron, interrupts when he comes in to tell them that Roderick called and said they'll be back by dawn. Once he leaves, Carroll explains that he's known Roderick a bit longer then he knew her, and that Roderick was his first student.


Carroll takes Roderick to a basement room where he's tied a woman to a table. He offers to teach him and then takes a knife to the woman, describes how he tries to get close to his victims, and then starts cutting.


Emma strokes Carroll's cheek but he tells her that he loves his wife. He then leaves to find the others.

Roderick, Louise, and the others take Mike to an abandoned shipyard at Newport Harbor and dump him on the ground.

Debra meets Ryan outside of the hotel after Mitchell sends him the hotel surveillance footage. She has confirmed that Louise Sinclair is a former Blackwater operative. They've put out an APB on the plates. Nick gets on the speaker and tells Debra that the police have found nine potential matches on the plates. One of them was spotted by the police at Newport Harbor and Ryan figures that's the one because it's the same distance away. When Nick dismisses it as a hunch, Debra tells him to make the call and he finally tells them to check it out.

The acolytes take Mike inside and Roderick finally introduces himself as the host for the main event. He explains that he's going to question Mike and he's going to answer truthfully. If he doesn't, they have a fight sport and it will get worse if Mike continues lying. Roderick then asks where they can find Claire. Mike laughs and says that she's in protective custody and no one knows where she is. Roderick says that he's lying and Charlie beats the agent. They drag Mike up and he attacks Charlie, who fights back.

Roderick finally breaks it up and asks if Mike wants to end it. Mike insists he doesn't know anything, but Roderick describes Mike's personal history. He figures that Mike knows everything about FBI protective custody, including where they hid Claire. Mike realizes that he's dealing with Roderick and addresses him by name, but Roderick ignores him and asks the same question. When Mike says he doesn't know. Louise hands a pair of pipes to Roderick, who drops them on the floor. Charlie grabs his first and hits Mike repeatedly.

Ryan and Debra arrive at the shipyard and spot Roderick's SUV. They confirm it's the SUV from the plates and Ryan goes in while Debra checks the perimeter.

Roderick tells Mike to get up and warns him that it's not over until he stops breathing. He gives the agent one last chance but Mike insists that he doesn't know. Roderick says that he believes him and tells Charlie to begin the final round.

Ryan spots an acolyte standing guard and sneaks up on him.

Charlie has his men hold Mike up and tells him that he'll find Claire no matter what. Louise hands Charlie one knife and kicks another one to Mike. Mike manages to pick it up and then lunges at Charlie, who easily stabs him in the stomach. The agent collapses and Louise prepares to cut his throat. Ryan arrives and shoots five of the acolytes, but Roderick, Charlie, and Louise manage to escape. They get to the SUV and dive away before Debra can stop them. Meanwhile, Ryan tells Mike to stay still and assures him that the ambulance is on the way. Mike tells his friend that he didn't tell them anything and then passes out.

As the EMTs take Mike away, Nick tells Ryan that he should pull through. Debra asks if Ryan is okay and he says that he isn't. She tells him that it wasn't his fault but Ryan says that he plans to be there for Mike when he wakes up.

At the manor, Carroll is in his study stoking the fire when Roderick, Louise, and Charlie come in. They tell their leader that they failed and Roderick apologizes. Carroll assures him that he'll find Claire and bring her home. Charlie then comes in and apologizes for letting Carroll down. Carroll says that he's disappointed and Charlie offers to make it right so that his life will mean something. He takes out a knife while Louise places a plastic sheet down on the floor. Charlie steps onto it and gives Carroll the knife, and Charlie says that he wants to be important. He offers himself as a gift and an apology, and Carroll embraces him, assuring him that he will always matter. Carroll then pushes the knife into Charlie's stomach. Charlie collapses onto the sheet and dies, and Carroll wipes the blade off on his shirt. He then takes a glass of whiskey from Emma and downs it in one gulp.

Ryan is sitting at Mike's bedside when Debra comes in. He tells Debra that the surgery went well and Debra tells Ryan that Mike has the clearance for protective custody, clearance, and he's the only one who knows where they can find Claire.

Louise comes in to check on Roderick and realizes that he's upset. She invites him to go upstairs for sex but he refuses. Roderick tells her that things are different with Carroll there.

Carroll is undressing when Emma brings him towels to clean up. She asks if it helped and he says that it was a rush. Emma slowly wipes off his bloody chest and Carroll insists that he loves his wife, but she says that Claire isn't there.

Louise crawls onto Roderick, asking how she can make him feel better. He shoves her off and then starts choking her.

Carroll grabs Emma.

Roderick shoves Louise onto the couch and she swings at him, but he restrains her and tells her not to be like that. He then kisses her and she shoves him back on the couch and kisses him.

Carroll and Emma fall onto the bed, kissing.

Ryan watches a sleeping Mike.