Guilt - Recap

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At the manor, Jacob wakes up and hears water running. Paul comes in from the shower and tells him to get up, and Jacob wonders how he can be there. He finally gets up and turns to discover that Jacob has vanished. When he goes into the bathroom, he sees blood on the shower curtains and draws them back, and finds Emma dead in the shower. Screaming, he wakes up from his nightmare.

The FBI watch as the news covers the government's response to Carroll and his cult. Debra tells Ryan what little they have found out from Amanda, and Ryan insists that he needs to talk to her. Nick comes in and says that they're not in charge, but agrees to let Ryan have a crack at her if the Washington team fails. He then tells the team that someone has hacked their firewall and accessed their communication logs to Claire. Ryan wants to be put in charge of Claire's safety and Nick reluctantly agrees.

Roderick brings in two militia types, Vince and Brock, to give Carroll their plan on how to take the motel where Claire is being held. Carroll agrees to give them a shot, but orders Roderick to go with them. When Roderick says that he has to work as a sheriff, Carroll reminds him that he's failed twice and orders him to go with the others.

Jacob comes downstairs and Joey runs to him. The boy wonders what happened to Paul and Jacob says that he won't be there. Emma wants to talk to Jacob and explain, but he ignores her and has Joey show him around.

In Huntingdon County, PA, Claire nervously paces around the hotel room. Marshal Ferguson, the man on duty confirms that Ryan is pulling up now and lets him in. He hugs Claire, who wants the truth, and Ryan tells her that they cut off her media access because Carroll was killing people with her name and they didn't want Claire to know. He admits that some of Carroll's people are trained soldiers and computer hackers, and wants to move Claire to someplace safer.

A group of people enter the hotel lobby and Vince and Brock blend in with them, then go to meet Roderick. He has already killed a maid and taken her master key. They know that Claire is close and they fan out to search.

Claire finishes packing just as Ferguson gets a report of suspicious people in the lobby. Meanwhile, Roderick and his men don masks, go out into the hall, and gun down the first two marshals that they find. The militiaman conduct a room by room search while Ferguson sends Ryan and Claire out the back while he provides cover. He bars the door while Roderick and Brock shoot out the cameras and discover that the door is locked. They fire through the door, killing Ferguson.

In the parking lot, Vince grabs Claire and threatens to shoot her if Ryan doesn't surrender. Ryan calls his bluff and Claire knocks Brock man aside long enough for Ryan to get a shot. They drive off while Vince, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, fires off a few shots. Once they're down the road, Ryan has Claire take the simcard out of his cellphone, confirms that she doesn't have one, and drives off for somewhere safe.

At the federal center, Debra tells Nick that Ryan has taken the simcard out of his phone and they figure that he's playing it safe. They try to work out where Ryan is heading next, while Agent Mitchell informs them that they have facial identification on the unidentified attackers at the hotel. Debra and Nick head out to find Ryan.

Ryan drives to a home and a man with a shotgun comes out. When Ryan asks for a man named Tyson, the man hugs Ryan, who introduces him to Claire. Inside, they explain to Claire that they went to Quantico together and Tyson retired into Witness Protection when the mob targeted him for execution for years ago. Ryan explains about how they're on the run from Carroll's people, and Tyson assures his friend that no one will find him there.


Tyson reads the draft of Ryan's book on Carroll and warns him that if he publishes it, it will define him as "The Joe Carroll Guy" forever. Ryan explains that it might overcome his issues that he's had from dealing with Carroll, and Tyson tells him to go for it.


Tyson admits that he's missed Ryan.

At the manor, Joey shows Jacob around but the boy is clearly unhappy that Claire isn't there. Carroll comes in and embraces Jacob, making sure that he's okay. He then greets his son, who walks out without a word. When Jacob objects, Carroll assures him that his son is adjusting and tells Jacob that he'll be happy there. First he wants Jacob to talk to Emma and give her a chance to explain her side of things. When Jacob objects, Carroll says that she was doing what he asked for her and asks him to settle their differences. Jacob doesn't want to but Carroll says that he needs Jacob to forgive her. As they talk, Jacob hallucinates Paul coming in and warning him that Emma is a selfish bitch.

Debra brings up the files on Vince and Brock and confirms that they were sent to a foster home that was later busted for militia activities. Mitchell checks their emails and finds an embedded password, and Debra has her start comparing them against encrypted URLs that they've picked up. Meanwhile, the team in the field calls to confirm that Ryan didn't go to his apartment in Brooklyn.

Jacob finds Emma and tells her that Carroll sent him. He reluctantly sits down and asks if she thought he was dead. Emma claims that she didn't know what she thought and apologizes for Paul, saying that she loved him. Jacob doesn't believe her and Emma insists that she followed orders, but he points out that she was fine and so was Joey. Emma claims that Roderick ordered her to take Joey home and says that Jacob would have done the same thing, but Jacob says that he wouldn’t have. When Emma insists that she loves him, Jacob just stares at her.

Ryan goes to clean up and Tyson tells Claire that he knows about the story between them. He says that she's gotten as close as anybody can to Ryan, and he only overcame Ryan's resistance by refusing to be pushed away. Claire knows that it goes back to the Ryans' death curse and asks Tyson about the women in Ryan's life. Tyson says that there were a number of girls, including Molly who Ryan was serious about.


Tyson is at a party with Ryan, who introduces his friend to Molly. After getting a drink, Tyson turns around and sees them kissing.


Tyson assures Claire that he was the one that Ryan was the most serious about. Ryan comes back in and Claire discovers that there's a tracking device on her sweater... and Carroll's people are on their way. Tyson gets out some guns and Claire apologizes to him for bringing her problems there, but Tyson assures her that Ryan has saved his life several times. He tells Ryan that he has a state-of-the-art security system but Ryan warns him that the people they're dealing with are state-of-the-art. Tyson warns him that they're short on ammo, but he has a trick or two in mind.

Emma fixes lunch for Joey, who complains about the food. When she says that Lizzie has to go shopping, Joey asks who she is and Emma explains that all of the people there are friends of his dad. Joey asks who all of the people are, just as Carroll comes. Emma suggests that Joey ask his father and leave, and Carroll starts to make some smores. Joey finally speaks up and says that he's doing it wrong. Carroll then offers to tell Joey anything he continues, and deliberately messes up. He asks Joey to help him and the boy finally gives in. He asks when he'll see Claire and Carroll promises him that he will very soon.

Ryan takes Claire to the bedroom and tells her to barricade the door when he goes out. She asks him if he's okay and reminds him of his "curse," and Ryan insists that it's real. When Ryan suggests that it isn't the right time, Claire points out that they never have a right time. She asks why he didn't call her in eight years, and figures that Ryan is her future. Ryan worries that he'll represent her past to him, and Claire says that she loves him. He tells her that's a bad idea but admits that he loves her as well. After a moment they kiss.

Outside the house, Roderick, Vince, and Brock scout out the terrain and confirm where Claire is. Roderick sends Brock in and Tyson shoots him dead with a shotgun that goes through his bulletproof vest at point-blank range. Ryan goes to guard Claire while Tyson takes the back, and hears someone moving in the kitchen. He investigates and discovers that it's Claire, who heard the gunshot and came to investigate.

Roderick pounds on the front door and calls to Claire to come out. Vince taps at the rear window, and Ryan runs to cover him. Meanwhile, Tyson opens fire on the man and misses. When Ryan and Claire arrive, they discover that Tyson has been shot twice in the stomach. They get him inside and Ryan applies pressure. They hear a noise from down the hallway and Ryan tells Claire to stay there while he investigates. She goes after him anyway and Tyson tries to stop her, but she assures him that she'll be right back.

Claire runs out of the house and sees Roderick's car. He casually gets out and tells her that she doesn't want to shoot him, and that he'll take her to her son. After a moment, Claire tosses the gun down and tells Roderick to take her to Joey. Ryan realizes that she's left the house and comes running. Claire mouths "I love you" as Roderick drives away, and Ryan discovers that the intruders have slashed the tires on his SUV so he can't follow.

At the manor, Jacob is trying to sleep when Emma comes in to check on him. He refuses to talk to her and Emma insists that she wants to win back his trust. She says that she loves him and leans over to kiss him, and Jacob finally kisses her back, and undresses and make love.

Mitchell finally figures out the URL that goes with the password and shows Debra and Nick a video featuring Poe. Debra notices a hidden portal that reveals a video of a man wearing a Poe mask. The man tells the viewer to enter their name and email and someone will get back to them.

As Jacob makes love to Emma, he hallucinates Paul standing nearby, looking at him in disappointment. He tries to ignore the vision but finally runs off into the bedroom. Paul is there and Jacob insists that he won't kill Emma. Despite his denial, Paul puts a knife in his hand and tells him to kill the woman responsible for his death. Jacob stabs him in the stomach repeatedly until he collapses. He apologizes and then slits Paul's throat. Jacob then goes back to the bedroom and tells Emma that he smothered Paul. Emma hugs him as Jacob admits that he killed his best friend because of her. Smiling, he says that he has a taste for it and tells Emma to watch her back. Jacob then shoves her back on the bed and walks out.

At the hospital, Ryan stands vigil over Tyson. Carroll calls and says that he hopes Ryan didn't get his friend killed. Ryan warns him not to hurt Claire, but Carroll says that's the furthest thing from his mind. He boasts that Claire came to him willingly, and Ryan tells his nemesis that he's done. Carroll says that he's given Ryan a second chance, a rebirth, and with every death he comes a little more back to life. Ryan can't quit yet because he's not the man he needs to be. Ryan tells him to go to hell and hangs up.


Tyson tells Ryan not to push Molly away because he thinks he has a death curse, and tells him that no one wants to die alone. When Ryan says that everyone dies alone, Tyson tells him it's all the more reason not to live alone.


A woman arrives at the manor and goes in to see Carroll. It's Molly, who runs into Carroll's welcoming arms.