Whips and Regret - Recap

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Ryan is at his apartment sleeping off a hangover when the phone rings. It's Carroll, having just returned from his morning jog. He realizes that Ryan is sleeping in because he's been drinking and figures that he's taking Claire's loss badly. Carroll says that he just wanted to check in on in his hero and gloat, and Ryan hangs up. The phone rings again and Carroll advises him to become a functioning alcoholic at the very least. Ryan tells him to get to the point and Carroll tells him not to fall apart until he's finished his story, and meanwhile he's going to enjoy a fresh start with Claire. He admits that it will take time to win her love back but he's looking forward to it, and wishes Ryan a nice day.

Roderick brings a hooded Claire to the manor, removes the hood, and escorts her inside. Jacob greets her and she immediately demands to see her son. He takes her to her room instead, ignoring her request, and tells her to let him know if there's anything he can get her... other than Joey. Jacob assures her that Joey is fine and goes, locking the door behind him.

As Ryan listens to a newscast about Claire's abduction, Debra shows up at his doorstep. She says that she's there to check on him and confirms that Tyson will recover. The agent warns him that he can't just disappear.

Molly tells Carroll that all of his books and journals have been sorted and labeled. He asks her about Ryan and she explains that Ryan dumped her and still has feelings from Claire, but she still sees him occasionally.


Carroll meets Molly at prison after she passes Roderick's tests, and she boasts that she's killed more people than Carroll. She works in a terminal ward and gets to decide who lives and who dies. Molly knows that Carroll wants her to follow Ryan, and she assures him that she wants to live in New York.


Molly gives Carroll all of the videos that she's made and assures him that what he's doing for all of them is beautiful.

Debra shows Ryan the video from the website and says that it's being broadcast from somewhere in Brooklyn. She asks if Ryan is an alcoholic and then admits that she isn't good at bonding. Debra suggests that Ryan needs the case to keep his life focused, and she needs him. Ryan tells her that Carroll called to gloat and Debra tells him to shower and go downtown to her to join the team tracking the web broadcast.

Carroll meets with Roderick and Vince, and offers his condolences on Brock's death. Roderick suggests that they put their plan into action now that Carroll has his family, but Carroll tells them that they'll table it for the moment. When Roderick warns Carroll that he's responsible to his followers, Carroll snaps at him and says that's enough. Roderick and Vince leave without any further conversation.

Ryan and Debra join Deputy Marshal Turner and his team, who have found the hotspot in a basement beneath a bar, Whips and Regrets, listed to a Haley Mercury. Debra and Ryan do the exploratory while Turner's men check out the exits. Inside, a woman sees them and they ask to see Haley, and she runs. Ryan and Debra chase her through several rooms filled with BDSM customers. The bouncer charges them and Ryan knocks him away and orders him onto the floor. They find the woman just as she erases some files on her computer, and she immediately surrenders.

As the FBI secure the bar, Mitchell comes in and confirms that all of the Internet signals are buried through channels going through international servers. She's also running an interactive fetish service. Debra and Ryan interrogate the woman and tell her that she's working for Carroll. The woman, Kate, insists that she's not a member of the cult and she'd be glad to work a deal. They want something and Kate tells them that her partner is Vince, who freelances with her for international customers into hardcore stuff. Kate wasn't aware that Vince is into murder and kidnapping, but isn't surprised. She explains that Vince lives on the fringes and assures Debra that they flogged each other. He set up the computer and the system, and Kate offers to deliver him to them.

Jacob brings clothes to Claire, including a dress that Carroll picked for her to wear to dinner that night. He assures Claire that she needs to do what Carroll wants, and shoves her back when she tries to run. Jacob warns her that he can't cut or bruise her face, but he's been given permission to hurt her however else he wants. As he goes downstairs, Emma asks how Claire is doing and congratulates him on his new duties. Jacob says that Carroll trusts him now and starts to walk away, and Emma assures him that she loves him. He tells her that the Jacob she loves isn't there anymore and walks away.

Haley shows Ryan and Debra a package that someone dropped off that she's been holding for Vince. While she sends an email to Vince, Ryan discovers that the package contains nitroglycerine.

At the manor, Vince gets the email and tells Roderick that he has a delivery to pick up. Roderick tells him to make it quick and when Vince tries to comfort him, Roderick grabs him and they both go for their guns. Vince says that he was just looking for a friend and walks away, while Roderick laughs hysterically. As he walks out, he grabs one of the technicians and slams his head into a server cabinet, and then apologizes.

At the BDSM club, Debra tells Haley to give Vince the package while Turner wires her. Ryan gives her a code word to recite if things get bad, while one of the agents switch out the nitro for a fake substance.

That night, Jacob escorts Claire in to Carroll's study for dinner. She hesitantly greets him and he says that they'll take it slow.

Vince arrives at the club and goes inside while Debra and Ryan watch. The SWAT team moves in and check Vince's car, while Turner runs surveillance from inside. Vince goes into the back, pounds on the doors, and comes to see Haley. She plays along, asking why he's mixing her up in a murder cult, and Vince objects to the term cult. He asks her to help take the package outside and she reluctantly opens the rear door for him.

Vince takes the package out and Debra tells the SWAT captain not to make any moves. Haley tells Vince to take care and he orders her to get into the car. He explains that the FBI will be there shortly and he'll keep her safe. When she tries to walk away, Vince grabs her and tries to force her into the car, and Haley gives the code word. Debra starts to move in, but Ryan says that they can't risk their one chance to find Carroll. As Vince gets Haley into the car, Debra tells the SWAT team to stand down and follow the car.

As Vince drives out of town, he tells Haley that there'll be there soon. He keeps an eye out for any tails and Debra, listening in, orders everyone else back. She worries that they'll be responsible if anything happens to Haley, and Ryan assures that nothing will happen to her.

Vince pulls up to an abandoned military armory and takes Haley inside. He takes the nitro package in and Haley reluctantly follows him. Debra has the SWAT team set up a perimeter and parks nearby. Inside, Vince goes down into the basement and explains that they use the armory as a weapons depot and training ground to condition some of their members. He takes her to a room filled with computer servers and equipment, and assures Haley that no one else is going to bother her. He grabs her and Haley tries to fight her off. He discovers the wire and Ryan and Debra, listening in, run in.

When Haley tries to claim the FBI set her up, Vince knocks her unconscious and then speaks into the wire, telling Ryan that Haley is dead because of him. Debra and Ryan run in and hear Haley's screams. Vince wheels Haley, tied to a chair, down the corridor. She alive and tells them that Vince has escaped.

The SWAT team moves in while Haley complains that they didn't rescue her. She explains that Vince only left her alive because it would take longer for them to rescue a living person than a dead one.

Claire finally asks Carroll what the point is of the house and the people, and Carroll says that they're his family. He wants to help them by bringing them some order. When Claire points out that he's insane, Carroll admits that he is and has chosen to embrace it. He wants Joey and Claire there because he loves them, and says that he can condition her into loving him again. Claire takes his hand and asks to see Joey, but he tells her that he's going to hold onto Joey a little longer since he's the only resource he has left to manipulate her. She tells him that until she sees some sincere feeling, anything she does will be a charade. Carroll tries to kiss her but Claire tells him to stop. After a moment, Carroll lets her go.

Debra finds detonators while Ryan locates the logs that they kept on all of the soldiers that were run through the training. Meanwhile, one of the SWAT officers finds cells filled with three victims. They beg him to let them out, and he opens the cell while calling it into Debra and Ryan. Ryan checks the logs and realizes that they're cult members, but the officer opens the door and the "prisoners" attack him.

As Ryan and Debra take a SWAT team in, they hear gunshots ahead. They split up and hear more gunshots, and Debra and Ryan confirm that they're unharmed. Continuing, Debra trips over a body and Ryan runs to find her. It's the dead officer, and one of the followers grabs her. She knocks him out but another one prepares to shoot her... and Ryan arrives in time to kill the second one. The third one runs up and Ryan disposes of him as well.

Carroll calls Roderick in and tells him that Vince called to say that the FBI discovered the satellite remote and they should shut it down. Roderick insists that it's impossible to find the camp, but Carroll tells him that Vince led him there. He assures Carroll that there's nothing to worry about, but Carroll asks if Roderick gave Vince permission to go to New York. When Roderick nods, Carroll punches him in the face and tells him that from now on, he'll make all of the decisions. Furious, Roderick walks out.

As the FBI secures the armory, Debra admits to Ryan that she was scared. She says that they should get some rest and thanks Ryan for saving her life

Carroll goes to see Claire and tells her that he believes in his heart that she will love him again. He then ushers Joey in and he runs to his mother. Carroll quietly leaves and goes to his study, and watches the video of Ryan and Molly having break-up sex.

Ryan returns home and finds Molly waiting for him. She apologizes for letting herself in and they hug, and Molly sympathizes with what's been happening to him, claiming she watched it on the news.


Molly tells Carroll that she'll get close to Ryan. However, she insists on one condition: she gets to kill Ryan when the time is right.


As they hug, Molly tells Ryan that she worries about him.