The Curse - Recap

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Claire wakes up and finds Joey, and then leads him out of the house at the crack of dawn. As they run to the gate, they discover that it's locked. Claire has Joey start to squeeze through, but Roderick walks up and asks if he can help her. Several other follows come over and Claire says that they were going for a walk. Well aware of what she was up to, Roderick suggests that they go back inside and Claire reluctantly goes with him.

At Ryan's apartment, Molly checks his vital signs and he admits that he has trouble breathing occasionally because of his pacemaker. He thanks her for her help and she asks him not to get killed.

Jacob and Roderick put a tracker on Claire's leg and she realizes that they have the entire manor set up with security cameras. Carroll comes in and asks about their walk, and tells her that trust must be earned.

In Warner County, NJ, Ryan goes back to the abandoned armory and Mitchell informs him that Donovan and his team are there. Mike is also there and gives Ryan a sketch of Roderick. Donovan arrives and informs them that the armory was closed down because it was an environmental hazard. Debra shows them video that was left behind of all of their training operations to indoctrinate prospective cult members. All of the recruits were listed under aliases but Mitchell has identified three of the members. Debra shows Ryan a corridor filled with sketches of various works of Poe. She explains that Carroll is stealing ideas from various religions to convince his followers that they reach the highest level of Carrollism.

Carroll is in his study working on his new story but is stumped when he tries to work out what motivates Ryan. Finally, Carroll calls Ryan and admits that he's getting frustrated with the emotional through line. He wants Ryan to be more than a standard do-gooder, and Ryan points out that he sounds desperate. Carroll wants more backstory so he can learn what defines Ryan. He talks about how his "death curse" stated when Ryan's mother died. However, it is Ryan's father, gunned down shortly after retirement, that intrigues him. Carroll asks how it affected the 17-year-old Ryan, and Ryan asks if he's upset that they found the armory. He figures that he's getting closer and Carroll hangs up. Ryan tells Debra that Carroll is unraveling and they hope he'll start making mistakes.


Ryan waits outside in the car as his father goes into the convenience store to get some beer.


Mitchell confirms that the people who went after Mike were members of Freedom 13. They're connected with Daniel Moore, a black marketeer, and they figure that Carroll is getting his resources through Daniel.

Carroll meets with Vince and asks what the FBI will find. Vince gives them the rundown but assures them that there's nothing there that will lead the FBI to Carroll. Roderick is sure that they can't trace Daniel, but Vince isn't so sure. Carroll warns Roderick that Daniel knows too much, including where the manor is, and Vince says that he knows how to find Daniel. When Roderick says that Daniel is a friend, Carroll says that he'll have someone else kill him. Jacob steps forward and volunteers, but Carroll says that he'll do it and take Vince and Jacob with him. When Roderick warns his mentor that it's too risky to leave the house, Carroll says that it's riskier to leave it up to Roderick.

Mike starts nervously going through cabinets and Ryan suggests that he might want to take more time. Irritated, Mike says that Ryan reminds him of his father. Debra and Mitchell check CIA records and also locate an IP address to a house in Maryland. It's owned by Gloria and Ronald Fowler, and their son Brian is a member of Freedom 13. Mitchell gets an address and Mike immediately grabs it and heads out. After a moment, Ryan goes after him.

Emma finds Claire and Joey sitting alone. As she watches them, Roderick comes up and asks Emma if she's scared of Claire. Emma explains that she's trying to find the right moment to talk to her respectfully. Roderick points out that Emma slept with Carroll and she storms off. Meanwhile, Joey asks Claire when they'll try to leave again, and Claire says that they have to act normally. Roderick comes over and Claire sends her son to get a game. She asks if Roderick is Carroll's second-in-command and Roderick admits that isn't how Carroll would describe him. Claire wonders why he's a part of it, and Roderick says that he feels normal there and not anywhere else. He explains that the followers are a combination of psychos and groupies. Claire asks what Carroll is up to and Roderick says that it's a place for him to belong. He admits that he doesn't know what Carroll is doing and suggests that she ask Carroll. As Roderick walks away, Claire warns him that Carroll can't be trusted. The sheriff keeps on walking without a word.

Debra, Ryan, and Mike arrive at the Fowler home. They get no answer and Mike breaks in through the rear door. When Ryan objects, Mike points out that he learned it from Ryan. They go inside and hear someone moving around, and spot a security system. Avoiding the eyebeam, the trio moves into the house and someone attacks Ryan. Mike viciously beats the man down, much to Debra's surprise.

As Claire and Joey play cards in the main room, Claire sees Carroll's laptop and asks Joey to stand watch. She then goes to the laptop and confirms that online access is denied. However, Claire is able to bring Carroll's story up.

Debra and the others interrogate the attacker, Brian, who claims that he doesn't know where Daniel is. Mike slugs him and Debra orders him to back off. Ryan asks what's so valuable that Brian needs alarm systems and goes to look around. Debra tells Mike to go with Ryan while she calls in Donovan and a team. The two men search the house and check out the cellar. Daniel comes up behind Ryan and tells him to drop his gun, and Mike gets the drop on Daniel. The arms dealer surrenders and offers to talk.

Debra discovers that she can't call out and realizes that Brian has installed a cell jammer. He suggests that she go out to the street and she goes toward the front door. They both hear someone moving and Debra goes to investigate, and Jacob slips in and kills Brian. When Debra comes back, Jacob knocks her out.

Joey hears someone coming and warns Claire. She gets off the laptop just in time as Emma comes in. She explains that she wants to talk to Claire about what happened. Claire points out that she kidnapped Joey, and Emma insists that she took good care of Joey. When Claire orders Emma away, Emma admits that when they lived together it was the first time she felt like a family. Claire tells her to shut her mouth and Emma says that Claire needs more time and they'll try later. When Emma walks out, Claire goes after her and tells her to stay away from Joey. Emma tells her that it's not up to her, and Claire slaps her. Surprised, Emma slaps her back and Claire chokes her until Roderick arrives and breaks it up. Claire goes back to Joey while Emma runs off.

Daniel explains that the cellar is his office and he keeps his weapons there. Mike tells the arms dealer that they found the armory and connected five of his former men to Carroll. When Daniel says that he has nothing to do with Carroll's house of psychos, Ryan picks up on the word "house" and demands to know where they can find Carroll. When Daniel demands to see his lawyer, Mike advises him to start talking. An alarm light goes off and Ryan tells Mike to watch Daniel while he checks it out.

Ryan goes upstairs and discovers that the lights are off. Vince shoots at him and Ryan ducks aside and then pistol-whips him. When Vince tries to go for his gun, Ryan shoots him. Ryan returns to Daniel and discovers that the arms dealer is dead. There's no sign of Mike and Ryan looks for him. He finally locates the agent zip-tied to a chair inside of a locked room with a window. Carroll steps out and Mike tells Ryan to take the killer out. However, Ryan discovers that the window is bulletproof glass. Carroll digs his fingers into Mike's wounds but Ryan says that Carroll won't kill him because he needs a hostage to get out. Carroll compliments Ryan on his perceptiveness and Mike spits on him. The killer knocks him out with the butt of his knife and tells Ryan that he wasn't intended to meet him today. Carroll insists that the story is still being written and says that he wants to get Ryan's defining moment correct. He asks if the death of Ryan's father was his defining moment, but Ryan says that the FBI is on their way. Carroll figures that he has nothing left to lose and prepares to kill Mike, and Ryan says that he'll cooperate.

Debra wakes up and discovers that Jacob has tied her up in the kitchen. She says that it's good to meet him and asks about Paul. As he admits that Paul wasn't so lucky, he takes a knife out of his drawer and tells Debra that he's going to kill her. Debra asks him to indulge her and explain what turned him into a killer. Jacob explains that he didn't want to be a doctor like his father. When Debra persists, Jacob tells her to shut up or he'll stab her.

Carroll continues, asking where Ryan was when his father was killed. He tortures Mike until Ryan says that he was out in the car.


Ryan hears gunshots from inside the store and saw a robber come running out. He got out and confronted the man... and froze. After a minute the robber turned and ran.


Ryan figures that he got lucky and the robber was on drugs, but Carroll doesn’t believe it.


Ryan goes into the store and sees his father on the floor. He was still breathing and Ryan takes his hand, but can only watch as he dies.


Carroll realizes that it was the first time that Ryan saw someone die. He asks what happened to the robber and Ryan says that the man died three days later of a drug OD. Carroll figures that it was justice and suggests that the world is sometimes fair, but Ryan says that it never is. Approaching the glass, Carroll asks Ryan why he thinks that he's surrounded by death. He figures that Ryan set out to help people after seeing his father die, and he has a deep-rooted case of narcissism. Ryan denies it and asks what drives Carroll, and he says that death drives him. Carroll figures that they both seek out death and asks Ryan what he did to deserve his place in life. Ryan says that it just is and Carroll says that they both live through death.

Jacob comes down with Debra, and Carroll tells him to kill Debra if Ryan makes a move. Ryan reluctantly lowers his gun and kicks it over, and Carroll comes out and says that it's a fine story. He promises to embellish it a bit but assures Ryan that he's been a great help. Jacob shoves Debra away and runs off with Carroll, and the two of them duck through a door and lock it behind them. By the time that Ryan shots his way through and gets outside, the two men have disappeared.

As the police arrive, Debra tells Donovan that Daniel helped Carroll set up somewhere in the area. As Donovan starts a search, Debra tells Ryan that she'll survive.

Claire is in her room when Carroll comes in with wine. She tells him that she's done all of the pretending that she can handle and informs him that his plan won't work. Claire explains that she read it and that it's just as bad as his last book. Carroll just stops himself from hitting her and then storms out.

Jacob is in the TV room watching newscasts about the identity of Carroll's cult members. They mention Jacob's history and how he dropped out of med school. Jacob calls his father, but hangs up once he gets through.

Emma is in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine when Carroll comes in. He pours himself a glass and tells Emma that he knows that she's upset with him. When she points out that he's been ignoring her, Carroll admits that he has and kisses her.

Ryan checks on Mike as they take him to the local hospital. He admits that Mike had him worried and Mike says that he knows he went too far. Mike says that it's sometimes hard to tell when the line ends, and Ryan warns him that he has to make sure he doesn't do anything if he can't live with it.


Ryan tracks down the robber and forces him at gunpoint to OD.


Debra calls Ryan over and introduces him to the local sheriff: Roderick Nelson of neighboring Havenport. Roderick is glad to help.