Havenport - Recap

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At the sheriff's station in Havenport, Roderick briefs Ryan and Debra on his officers' search of the area. Debra thanks him for his help and Roderick leaves just as Mike comes in. He assures Ryan and Debra that he's fine and Debra sends him to work with Mitchell. As Mike goes down the hall, he hears Roderick talking in his office and carefully peers inside. As Roderick comes out, Mike calls to him and draws his gun, and tells Roderick to put his hands up. Roderick points out that he should be in the hospital and walks out, and his officers grab Mike when they see that he has a gun.

Once the situation is explained, Nick has the deputies vetted and demands a full report. Ryan checks with Mike, who blames himself, and Ryan assures him that they'll get the follower. Debra runs a background check and confirms that Roderick's real name is Tim Nelson, and he attended Winslow University with Carroll as his faculty advisor. Ryan figures that Carroll's people will make a move now that Roderick has been identified.

At the house, Carroll tells Emma to keep a close eye on Claire and Joey. She advises against it, pointing out that Claire hates her, and assures Carroll that she hasn't told anyone about the fact that the two of them are sleeping together. Jacob comes in and tells them that the FBI is hushing up the news of Daniel's death. Roderick runs in behind Jacob and tells Carroll that they have a problem.

At the station, the FBI team checks property records and figure that they're looking for a big piece of rural property. The press pulls up outside and Nick orders a complete blackout.

Roderick explains what happens and says that they need to execute their escape plan. Carroll tells him to calm down but Roderick blames their leader, insisting that he shouldn't have killed Daniel. The sheriff warns him that even though he hid the property records, the FBI will find them. However, Carroll insists that it's not time yet and Roderick demands to know what he's not telling him. Carroll says that he's getting paranoid and reminds his protégé of their history together. Roderick says that he's dedicated his life to Carroll and followers, all for a wife that will never take Carroll back. Carroll starts choking him and then throws him across the room, and Roderick realizes that Carroll has been using him all along. When Carroll tells him to pull himself together, Roderick asks if he'll kill him like he did Daniel.

Jacob comes in, interrupting them, and says that Ryan is on the news. They watch on the TV as Ryan announces that Carroll and his people are somewhere near Havenport. He offers amnesty to any follower that offers information on Carroll's whereabouts.

Inside the station, Debra and the others learn that Ryan is holding a press conference. Nick storms out, furious.

At the house, Carroll shuts off the TV and says that the FBI is desperate but they are not.

Outside, Joey asks if Jacob is bad like Emma. Claire warns her son that they can't trust any of them. However, she assures Joey that they have each other and tells him that they'll leave real soon. Roderick comes out and starts to walk by them, and then turns and shoves Claire to the ground. He grabs Joey and drives away with him in his sheriff's car.

Claire runs in the house and demands to know what is happening. Carroll says that they had a disagreement and promises Claire that he'll find Joey. When she continues panicking, Carroll screams at her and tells her to calm down. He walks out and Jacob follows him. Jacob offers to go into town to find them and Carroll sends two of his men, Michael and Ethan, to go with them. Carroll tells them to start with Ryan and to kill Roderick as a traitor.

In Havenport, a girl, Betty Vincent, is taking out the garbage behind the restaurant where she works when Roderick approaches her, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. She wonders why everyone is looking for him and notices the gun he's holding, and Roderick says that he needs her help.

Nick is berating Ryan for calling the press conference, and Debra agrees that Ryan made the right call. Their superior finally relents and says that he wishes Ryan had checked with him first. Mike take a call about a witness reporting that Betty got in a car with Roderick.

As Betty drives out of town, Roderick tells her that it's all just a misunderstanding. They pull up to a police roadblock and the officer asks for IDs. As Roderick gets out his fake ID, the other officer calls into the station. The first officer tells Roderick to step out of the car and he starts to get out, and then shoots both officers dead. Roderick then gets back into the car and tells Betty to drive.

As Jacob, Michael, and Ethan prepare to leave, Claire approaches Jacob. He assures her that he'll bring Joey back and Claire asks him to take Joey somewhere far away where the police can find him. Jacob says that he'll do what Carroll wants and leaves with the others.

Betty pulls over and stares at Roderick in horror. He tells her that he didn't have any other options and prepares to shoot her, but Ryan and his team arrive with the police. Roderick immediately surrenders and they shove him to the ground and handcuff him.

At the station, Ryan goes in alone to interrogate Roderick. Roderick offers to make a deal and explains that Carroll is mad at him because he took Joey as a hostage and a bargaining chip. He tells Ryan to call Carroll on the phone he had when he was arrested to confirm his story. Mike brings in the phone and leaves, and Ryan slides the phone to Roderick. He calls Carroll and Ryan comes on the line. Ryan says that he has Roderick and says that the prisoner is going to tell him where they can find the house. Carroll doesn't believe it and Ryan explains about how Roderick has Joey, and Carroll tells Ryan to pass on his threat. Ryan hangs up on him and asks Roderick what he wants, and Roderick says that he'll give them Joey in return for his freedom.

Ryan leaves the room without a word and Nick tells him that they are not going to negotiate with Roderick under any circumstances. Debra asks how they know it isn't a trap, and Ryan says that he'll take the chance. However, Nick says that he's not taking the chance under any circumstances and walks off.

That night, Jacob, Michael, and Ethan park near the station. Inside, Ryan goes into the interrogation room, disables the camera, and frees Roderick. He then trains his gun on Roderick and tells him to take him to Joey. When an FBI agent walks by, Ryan calls him in and orders him at gunpoint to hand over his cap and jacket. Roderick puts them on and they walk out, locking the door behind them. As they get to a police car, Roderick tells Ryan to get rid of his gun and his cell phone, and warns him that Joey doesn't have a lot of time. Ryan does as he says and they drive off. Jacob and the others spot them and follow.

At the house, Carroll is writing in his study when Emma comes in and explains that the others are panicking. When Carroll says that they're safe, Emma admits that she isn't so sure and her lover tells her to calm down. Once she gets control of herself, Emma tries to kiss him and Carroll tells her that she needs to stop. He admits that he's been giving her mixed signals and tells her that there's a time and place for sex. Carroll blames her for letting Joey go and Emma tries to defend herself, pointing out that Claire wouldn't let her near him. When Carroll slaps her, she breaks into tears and runs out.

Roderick directs Ryan to a country home and suggests that they go inside to find Joey. Ryan reluctantly follows him in. Once they're out of sight, Mike emerges from the trunk and calls Debra, who is up the road with Nick and a SWAT team.

Inside, Ryan hears Joey calling from a closet. He opens the door and gets the boy out, while Roderick pulls out a hidden gun. As he prepares to shoot Ryan, Mike comes in and orders him to surrender. Roderick tries to shoot back and Jacob and his people shoot through the window, killing Roderick. They realize who fired and Mike provides cover fire as Ryan knocks out the lights and grabs Roderick's gun. Outside, Jacob tells Michael and Ethan to stop firing for fear they'll hit Joey.

The three followers approach the house while Mike calls in for reinforcements. Ryan tells Mike to take Joey out the back while he covers them. Mike takes Joey to a bedroom and locks him in while he checks their escape route. One of the men attacks him, while another one attacks Ryan. Joey backs up and trips over the body of the house's owner. Jacob hears him and comes running in, grabs the boy, and leaves.

Mike confirms that Joey is gone and runs out with Ryan. They tell Jacob to let the boy go and Jacob returns fire, yelling at them to stay where they are. Ryan tells him to surrender, warning Jacob that Carroll doesn't care if he lives or dies. He tells Jacob to do what's best for Joey and Jacob looks down at the boy, crying in terror. As the FBI cars close in, Ryan tells Jacob that he knows that he cares for Joey. Joey begs his captor to let him go and Ryan cautiously comes over. He finds Joey, alone. Joey says that Claire told him that Ryan was one of the good guys, and Ryan hugs the boy.

Back in Havenport, the press report on Joeys' rescue. Claire watches on the TV and is relieved that her son is safe. Carroll tells them to turn off the TV and looks at his ex-wife in disgust. She points out that their son is safe but Carroll is furious that they have Ryan to thank.

Emma comes to see Jacob and asks what happened. He tells her that they're all going to die soon.

Carroll is typing on his story when Claire comes in. He explains that he's trying to channel his feelings into his writing, and Claire tells him that she wants to make a deal. Carroll looks up, focused on her, and Claire offers to do everything he wants if he gives up on Joey. He wonders why he should believe her and Claire says that time will show that she's telling the truth... if he gives up Joey. Carroll points out that she's scared of him and Claire asks him to give her some time. They hesitantly kiss and then proceed with more passion... and Claire stabs him in the stomach with a knife. As she tries to run out, Carroll's followers grab her and take her away.

At the station, a woman comes in and asks to speak to Ryan.

As Ryan goes over the search plans, Carroll calls him and says that their story has taken an unexpected turn. He explains that he'll have to do a complete rewrite and that he's having a bad day. When Ryan asks about Claire, Carroll tells him that it's time for her to die and hangs up, and then throws his whiskey glass into the fireplace.

Mike comes in and tells Ryan that a woman from Carroll's cult is there. She says her name is Melissa and she wants to turn herself in. However, the second that Nick turns around, Melissa leaps on his back and stabs him in the eye with a hairpin. By the time they pull her free, they shoot her but it's too late.