The End is Near - Recap

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Carroll takes a shot of whiskey to dull the pain from the stab wound and watches the 2011 video Molly made of her and Ryan. When Ryan makes a comment about how a bruise won't kill him because he's already dead, Carroll takes an interest and repeats it over and over again. He then calls Emma in and gives her very specific instructions. Once he's satisfied that she understands, he tells Emma that with Roderick dead, she's the only one he can trust. Carroll apologizes for slapping her earlier and she says that she forgives him, and he assures her that he's undaunted despite his wound.

In Havenport, Debra briefs her team and informs them that local law enforcement is staying out of it. As Lafayette leaves with his men, Mitchell tells Debra that Joey is in protective custody and Nick is in surgery. Meanwhile, Ryan tells the agents about the description that Joey has given them of Carroll's house. Mike has confirmed that there are 37 similar houses and everyone heads out to search the area.

Carroll gathers his followers and they chant together. Once they're done, Carroll tells them that their love overwhelms him and he promises that today will be the most special day for all of them. Once they leave, Carroll calls over one girl, Aimee, and tells her to be fierce. Aimee vows to do it for him. A small group remains and Carroll asks one of his men, Alex, if they're ready. Alex says that they are and Carroll ask if Aaron is ready. He says that he will even if his part isn't the same as the others, and Alex says that they will get Carroll and his wife out of the house. Carroll vows that the world will finally hear their story and the others leave.

Outside, Jacob tells Emma that Carroll's plan is insane. Emma insists that it's what their leader wants, but Jacob wonders if Carroll truly plans to take them with him when he escapes. When Jacob says that he doesn't trust Carroll, Emma says that's his problem and he needs to suck it up.

Claire is sitting in her room when Carroll comes in and says that he'll be fine. He tells her that he's finished his rewrite and couldn't come up with a reason to let her character live. Carroll orders Claire out and when she refuses, has two of his men drag her out.

At the sheriff's station, Ryan goes over the local maps. He discovers that the map doesn't match up with the surveillance footage and they realize that someone has tampered with the files. Ryan figures that's the house and they head out.

The SWAT teams break down the gates of the house and quickly surround the house. When they go in, they find Aaron dangling from the ceiling, hung to death.

At a house in Havenport, Phil and Vicky Gray are packing to evacuate. When they open the garage door, Emma and Jacob are there and admit that they hoped the couple wouldn't be home. The two cultists draw their guns and Vicky runs into the house, yelling for Phil. She discovers that Carroll has already hit him and is standing there holding Claire.

As the EMTs take Aaron's body away, Ryan and Debra figure that it's a show of power. However, Ryan is sure that they have Carroll on the run. He goes to Carroll's study and finds a note from Carroll inside a copy of "The Masque of the Red Death," telling him that the final chapter has begun. Ryan tells Debra that Carroll is trying to put them off balance and figures that Claire has done something to Carroll, ruining his perfect plan. Debra figures that Carroll will give Ryan the chance to save Claire, but Ryan figures that it will only be an opportunity to witness Claire's death.

Carroll ties up Vicky and Phil and draws a knife on Phil when he tries to defend his wife. The cult leader says that they'll only need to stay there until nightfall and then pours himself a drink. When Carroll tries to make small talk, Claire tells him not to terrorize them and her ex-husband describes her as a martyr who takes care of everyone except him. He tells Claire to shut up and let him continue the conversation.

In the kitchen, Alex calls Emma. When Jacob asks what he said, she simply says that everything is good. Jacob wonders if everyone is onboard with Carroll's plan, and admits that none of it is what he thought it would be. When Emma wonders what he means, Jacob says that he thought it would be the two of them and then walks away.

Back at the sheriff's station, Mitchell and Mike are reviewing the photos of all the people that visited Carroll in prison. Ryan looks out the window where the townspeople have gathered, gets an idea, and runs outside. Mike joins him and figures that Carroll's people are there. As they watch, Aimee and Alex look at each other and then Aimee walks over to the newscaster. She starts quoting from Poe's "Masque of the Red Death" and then stabs the woman. Ryan runs over and pulls Aimee away, forcing her to drop the knife.

Inside the station, Ryan talks to Aimee in the interrogation room. She knows all about him but will only quote the poem "Annabelle Lee." Aimee asks if he'll be brave for his love when she dies, and Ryan focuses on her quoting "Masque of the Red Death." He figures that she's activating something, and Aimee says that it was meant for him. When she refuses to talk, Ryan slams his fist on the table and asks if she's ready to die. When she says that she is, he slams her against the wall and chokes her. Watching from the observation room, Debra holds Mike back. Meanwhile, Ryan asks why Claire has to die and Aimee says it's so Ryan can be reborn. He releases her and walks out.

At the Gray home, Carroll makes dinner after tying them up in the dinner room. Claire promises that she won't let Carroll hurt them. When Carroll comes in, Claire suggests that he use the Grays to deliver his message to Ryan. Her ex-husband says that he's already sent the message and that Ryan will be busy for the next few hours.

Emma finds Jacob sitting in the car in the garage. She wonders if he plans to leave, but Jacob points out that he has nowhere to go. As he gets out, Emma says that she hates what she did to him and knows that they can't go back to what they had. She apologizes and breaks into tears, and Jacob kisses her and says that it's okay.

Carroll tries to open a bottle of wine and Claire offers to help him. She admits that she'll have to untie her to do it, and Carroll wonders if he can trust her. He finally unties her and gives her the wine bottle, and then asks Phil if he trusts and loves his wife. Phil says that he does while Carroll takes back the corkscrew and asks the husband if he would die for Vicky. He holds the corkscrew to Phil's neck and asks again, and Phil says that he would die for Vicky. Carroll asks if Vicky feels the same while Phil breaks into tears, and Carroll says that's the sound of marriage vows at work. He tells Claire to enjoy her meal because it will be her last supper.

Two policemen ring the doorbell and Emma answers the door while Carroll holds the corkscrew to Phil's neck to keep him quiet. When the policeman realize that Emma is lying, she shoots them dead. As Jacob and Emma drag the bodies inside, Carroll tells his captivez to stay there and starts to walk out. Claire grabs the wine bottle and breaks it over his head, and then stabs him in the side with the corkscrew. She unties Phil and Vicky and they all run out, while Carroll calls to the others. They run in and Carroll tells them to take the car and find Claire, while he calls and has Alex pick him up.

Ryan tries to work out the significance of the references to the Red Death. In the story, death found the people who tried to hide from it by seeking refuge in a palace. Mike realizes that Carroll is referring to the evacuation center and they drive to the community center. There are a hundred people in the gym and none of them were pre-screened. Debra tells the teams to do a preliminary sweep and arrest anyone out of the ordinary. Lafayette makes sure his men understand that there are no shots to be fired unless absolutely necessary.

The FBI agents enter the gym and Ryan finally spots Alex, recognizing him from earlier at the police station. When Ryan and Mike advance on him, Alex turns to face them and raises his hands. The lights go out and one of Carroll's followers splits a woman's head with an axe. Alex stabs Lafayette in the arm and runs out the door, and Ryan runs after him. Another man advances on Mike, who shoots him, and Debra kills another cultist. She runs after Ryan and a woman approaches her, saying that she needs help. Debra doesn't trust her and the woman draws a knife, forcing the agent to shoot her.

Claire and the Grays get to the road and see a car approaching. They realize that it's Emma and Jacob and run back into the woods. Jacob and Emma chase after them and Jacob manages to grab Claire when she trips. They let the Grays go and take Claire back to the stolen car.

Debra and another agent start checking rooms. They split up and a few seconds later, Debra hears a thud. She checks it out and Alex grabs her while another cultist advances on her with a bloody knife.

Emma and Jacob drive to the docks where a yacht is waiting. Carroll greets them and orders Claire out of the car. When she refuses, Carroll drags her out and takes her to the yacht. She reminds him that the Coast Guard is looking for them, but he figures that he'll take his chances and locks her in the cabin. Carroll then goes up to the wheelhouse and takes the yacht out while Jacob and Emma watch from shore. After a moment they get back in the car and start to drive. Jacob stops Emma and says that he doesn't want to die. Emma insists that they won't die, but Jacob points out that all of the followers gave up their lives just to be a part of Carroll's book. He figures that Carroll will eventually ask the same thing of him, and he doesn't want to die and doesn't want Emma to die. Jacob asks her to come with him, and Emma realizes that he's really going to leave. She kisses Jacob and says that she loves him, but she also loves Joe. With that, she cuts Jacob's throat and watches him die.

The FBI get control of the situation and Ryan confirms that Lafayette is okay. They figure that Carroll created the entire thing as a distraction. Mike comes over and tells them that Debra is missing.

Alex and the other man drag Debra into the woods and ask if she has any last words. Debra says that he doesn't have to do it and Alex says that he does... and then buries her alive in a box he set up in advance.