Resurrection - Recap

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Ryan answers the door and the police officer on guard gives him his delivery food. Molly comes up behind Ryan and stabs him, and then stabs Claire in the back as she comes in. Ryan grabs Molly by the hair, yanks her back, and breaks her neck. He then crawls to the dying Claire and begs her not to die.

The EMTs take Ryan to the hospital and he catches a glimpse of the medics working on Claire as they take him into the ER. Later, Ryan wakes up as Mike comes into the room, and asks his friend how Claire is. Mike shakes his head and Ryan breaks into tears.

One Year Later

Ryan wakes up and gets out of bed, and goes out to jog. When he comes back, he turns on the news and watches a piece about the one-year anniversary of Joe Carroll and his cult's rampage. Author Carrie Cook is writing a book about the cult.

Later, Ryan attends an AA meeting. Afterward he talks to the sponsor, Barry, about how his niece Max wants him to have dinner with her and meet her boyfriend. Ryan then goes to New York College of Criminal Justice where he reviews case files with students. They analyze a crime scene and discuss how the killer masturbated at the crime scene.

That night, Ryan is preparing dinner at his apartment when the doorbell rings. Max comes in and explains that her boyfriend Chris will be up when he finishes parking the car. She tells Ryan that Chris is a pastry chef, much to his surprise. Chris comes up and Barry and another AA member, Melissa, come by for supper. They talk about how Max just made detective with the NYPD, and Ryan admits that it's a family tradition. When they get a moment alone, Max tells Ryan that he should start dating Melissa. He thanks her for taking the time out to be with him during the one-year anniversary and Max tells him that distractions can be nice.

Once everyone leaves, Ryan finishes washing dishes and goes to bed.

At the subway station, a train pulls in and passengers get on and off. Once the train leaves the station, a man comes in wearing a Joe Carroll mask. More people come in at the other end, also wearing the masks. The first man looks up at the security camera and makes sure that he's on camera, and then draws a knife and yells "Resurrection!" The others join in and then they start killing the passengers. Once they finish, they yell that Joe is coming and Ryan can't stop them. The doors open when they arrive at the next station and one surviving woman, Lily Gray, runs out screaming.

Ryan wakes up the next morning and turns on news, and finds all of the channels running the story about the massacre. The commissioner refuses to speculate on whether it is the work of the cult.

In Westport, Mike is watching the news when Agent Ken Phillips arrives outside. Mike sees him cleaning and tries to clean up, and then answers the door. Phillips says that they want him to consult on the case and Mike points out that he was suspended until after his review. Despite that, Phillips says that he should come with him to New York and Mike agrees.

A woman, Heather Clarke, is going up to her apartment when another tenant, Luke, sees her and smiles. She takes the stairs up and is surprised to find Luke waiting for her on the next landing, smiling.

Ryan goes to class and finds the reporters waiting for him. He gives a brief statement saying that he's not involved and then goes into the auditorium. He informs the students that he has no statements to make about the killing, only to find two FBI agents waiting for him.

Phillips takes Mike to the subway station where they meet with Special Agent Gina Mendez. She confirms that the one survivor is receiving treatment and assures Mike that they got everything on camera.

After strangling Heather, Luke takes her corpse to her apartment and insists that he doesn't want to have sex with her. He goes to get some food for the two of them.

The FBI take Ryan to the hospital where he sees Mike.

8 Months Ago

A clearly drunk Ryan is partying in a bar when Mike comes in to see him. Mike says that he'll be testifying before the grand jury and reminds Ryan that he'll be testifying as well. He tries to discuss their testimony with him, insisting that Ryan say that he doesn't remember. Ryan tells his friend that he doesn't have to lie for him, and Mike warns that they will accept what Ryan was trying to do when he shot their prisoner. As he goes, Mike asks Ryan if he remembers what Debra's last words were. Ryan doesn't respond and Mike walks off.


Mike and Ryan greet each other, and Phillips and Mendez come over to ask if Ryan has been contacted by anyone in the cult. He says that he hasn't and the two agents are apparently satisfied. Mike explains that Lily Gray, the survivor, is an art dealer in Soho. They go in to talk to her and she recites what the killers said about how Ryan couldn't stop them. As the others leave, Lily confirms who Ryan is and asks why they did it. He doesn't have an answer for her and leaves with Phillips.

Luke continues to look around Heather's apartment, playing her music and dancing with her corpse. After making her up and putting her to bed, while another man takes a shower. When Luke complains that he needs help with Heather... his twin brother Mark comes out of the shower.

In Burlington County, New Jersey, Emma and another acolyte, Hannah, watch the news report. They have no idea who the killers are and one of them notes that Carlos in Havenport insists that they're not with them.

At FBI Headquarters, Phillips and Mendez show Ryan and Mike the camera footage. The technicians have confirmed that the masks are hand-made, and Mike notes that there are still eight known acolytes at large. The tech, Hopkins, picks up the three killers on the street CCTVs. Mike brings up the files on the eight known Carrolites at large and runs their body signatures against the three killers. They get one match, on Carlos Perez, who has been MIA for a year. Phillips puts out a notice on Carlos and demands to know what they're dealing with. Ryan admits that he hasn't kept up on the case and he's strictly civilian, and asks if he can go. Disappointed, Phillips lets him leave. Mike goes after him and says that they need to do something, but Ryan insists that he's done with it.

Instead of going home, Ryan goes to a safehouse and checks the board that he's assembled showing all of the cult activities and victims. He pulls out his files on Carlos and goes over it. Max arrives and Ryan explains that Carlos is a person of interest in the subway killings. He assures Max that what he's doing is a hobby and she brings up the police records on Carlos. One of Carlos' aliases is Robert Diaz and Ryan tells Max to check on it. The signature matches to a rental application on Avenue D, and Max suggests that they tell the FBI what they have. Ryan ignores her when she says that it's time to stop this and turn it over to the FBI.

Ryan goes to Avenue D and breaks into the Diaz apartment. A man comes out of the bathroom and tries to run, and Ryan easily knocks him out. He wakes him up and demands to know where Joe is, and Carlos insists that Joe is dead. Ryan doesn't believe him and beats him, and Carlos admits that he was at the light house. Joe survived the explosion and Carlos picked him up on the beach, and helped him past the roadblocks. Carlos hasn't seen Joe since he got out and says that no one else knows where he is. Ryan wonders if they're trying to lure Joe out, and then stops him for going for a hidden gun. Carlos hits him and makes a run for it, and Ryan goes after him. They run through the streets until a taxi hits Ryan as he crosses the street. A pedestrian helps him up and Ryan grabs his gun and staggers off.

Carlos goes to the Midtown Motel where a woman, Giselle, is preparing cell phones. She lets Carlos in and demands to know what happened.

Ryan goes back to Carlos' apartment and searches for clues. He finds Carroll masks and a playbill with Heather's bio circled on it. Ryan calls Max and tells her about Heather, and Max says that they found Heather's corpse 45 minutes ago. As Ryan leaves, he's unaware that Emma Hill, Joe's acolyte, is watching as he goes up to Carlos' apartment.

The police are examining Heather's corpse, which is propped up on a park bench reading a book. The FBI are there and Mike goes over when Ryan arrives. He explains that she has been posed to match the woman, Gwendolyn, in Joe's book. Mike notes that Claire was the inspiration for Gwendolyn, but Ryan refuses to discuss it. He looks over the crime scene and Mike points out that it's a specific message. Ryan says that he as nothing but Mike doesn't believe it. He knows that Ryan requested Joe's DNA records six months ago, and then asks why Ryan didn't get back to him when he tried to talk to him. Mike is still guilty that he didn't do what he could to save Debra. Ryan just stares at him for a moment and then tells him to take care of himself.

At the motel, Carlos and Giselle are watching the news report on Carlos' connection to the murder when Luke and Mark arrive and demand to know what happened. Carlos insists that he has no idea how Ryan found him and it wasn't his fault, and assures them that Ryan won't find anything that will lead the police to his group. Mark tells Luke to let it go, and Luke finally says that he overreacted. He invites Carlos to hug it out, and Carlos says that he doesn't want to hug him. Luke acts offended and walks over to him, and orders him to hug him. Carlos reluctantly does so and then Luke hits him in the throat. As Carlos falls on the bed, choking. Luke assures Mark and Giselle that he'll live.

Ryan goes to see Lily at the hospital and she figures that he's not there just to check on her. He finally admits that she's the only one he can say that he's sorry to because she's the only survivor. Ryan turns and leaves.

Emma goes to meet with her fellow acolytes and says that Carlos wasn't at the address Frank gave them. She tells Hannah that Ryan was there and admits that she doesn't know what is going on.

At the Midtown Motel, Luke and Mark make Carlos stand in the corner.

Ryan goes back to his safehouse and looks at the photo of Claire that he has posted on his board. He takes out the Carroll mask and puts it on, and stares at himself in the mirror.

At a cabin in the woods, a trucker is leaving after his night with a prostitute, Judy. Judy's daughter Mandy lang sees the news report on the subway killings and calls to their neighbor, Darryl, to see the report. "Daryl" comes back and watches Ryan's brief statement... and Joe smiles in satisfaction.