Freedom - Recap

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At Korban, Joe meets with a group of his new followers and thanks them for their commitment. He then says that they must receive their last teaching. One woman, Angela, volunteers to be first. Joe calls her up and asks her to tell them about the happiest moment of her life. Angela describes how she went to the Florida Keys with her fiancé and they went snorkeling. She felt that swimming in the ocean seemed like freedom, and Joe tells her that she has to give that gift to the entire world. Emma reveals a table with Carla strapped to it, and Joe tells Angela to give the gift of freedom to Carla. He gives Angela the knife and she takes it, saying that she can do it. Angela tells Carla that she's going home and that she loves her, and then drives the knife into her stomach. Joe assures her that she's freeing a soul and Angela, smiling, says that she did it as everyone applauds.

Ryan and Carrie are making love in Ryan's bed. Later, Ryan watches the news about how the nation is growing increasingly obsessed with Joe. He turns it off as Carrie comes out and asks if he'd care to comment about Lily Gray sightings in twelve countries. Ryan ignores her questions and smiles, and Carrie says that he should do it more often. He asks if he'll see her that night and Carrie says that it'll have to be late. Mike arrives and Carrie greets him before leaving with her bodyguards. Ryan lets his friend in and Mike explains that he and Max have been going through a list of cult and have a list of 73 potential suspects.

Claire is at the motel watching a newscast about Joe when Turner brings in Brad Daniels from Witness Protection. He tells her that they can't let her go because it will compromise the FBI investigation, and Claire demands to see Ryan because she knows a way she can help him. Brad and Turner finally agree but say that they will have to accompany her and also move Joey and Claire's mother to an undisclosed location so that even Claire doesn't know where they are. Claire reluctantly agrees to their terms.

Ryan and Mike go over the history of one of the killers, Patrick Trano, who was killed at the restaurant. Talk turns to Lily and they figure that she's in a country without extradition. Ryan asks how Mike is doing and assures him that they're both going to get through it. Mike is surprised that he's so optimistic and figures that it has to do with Carrie. Ryan admits that he likes her and she's not what he thought, and they move on.

At a bakery, three men pull up in a van and two of them don white masks and go inside. They start stabbing people, killing everyone in their path.

Agent Clarke calls Ryan and Mike into the bakery and describes the attackers. He figures that they're part of Joe's group but Ryan confirms that there was no message in the previous attacks.

Mandy is coming to see Joe when she hears him talking with Emma about how Mandy can't be trusted. Joe admits that Mandy has been somewhat of a disappointment and Emma insists that the girl is a lost cause. Robert comes in behind Mandy, who quickly runs off. He points out to Joe that Carla was at Korban and was a good soul, and wonders why Joe chose her. Robert admits that Carla was a friend and wonders if Joe really believes that Carla was chosen to go home. He warns Joe that some people that doubt his sincerity because they know Joe's path, but insists that he trusts their new leader. When Robert asks what to tell the others, Joe tells them not to confuse the man he was with the man he was, and that they have great work to do. Robert apologizes for bothering Joe and excuses himself, and Joe tells Emma that they have a problem. He asks Emma to see what influence she has over Robert so they can keep him close, and she agrees.

A woman, Terri Burke, goes to her car. Another woman, Serena, comes up and confirms who she is, and then stabs her dead, takes her ID, and drives away in her car.

Emma goes to see Robert in his dormitory and asks what is going on. She claims that she's doubted Joe as well and admits that he needs mistakes, and tells Robert that Joe needs people like them to steer him straight. Emma talks about how her mother called her a mistake every day of her life and Joe was the first person to believe in her, until she could believe in herself. Robert wants to believe in Joe and Emma says that he has to believe in her and Joe. She takes his hand and puts it to his chest, and assures him that it's real. Emma then tells him to have faith and kisses him. After a moment, Robert kisses her back and they have sex.

Mandy sneaks into Joe's cabin and confirms that he's not there. She then gets on a laptop and writes down a classified ad from the Baltimore Gazette. Once she does, she puts the laptop back and leaves.

At a hospital in New York where the bakery victims are being treated, Serena comes in and slips into a locker room. She puts her bag in a locker and locks it, and then gets into an elevator and makes a call to a man posing as one of the victims. Once he gets the message, he and another man get up and go to the locker room. They unlock the locker and take out the bag, and remove guns from it.

At the bakery, Clarke shows Mike and Ryan the back room where the killers escaped. Ryan realizes that the number of workers on duty is two more than the schedule shows, and they head for the hospital.

Serena goes to the secure ward where the U.S. Marshals are keeping a prisoner. She shows the proper authorization and they let her in.

When Ryan learns what hospital the victims were taken to, he realizes it's the hospital where Luke is being kept and Lily is responsible for the attack.

Serena enters Luke's room and gives him a phone. Lily calls and tells Luke that they're bringing him home.

Ryan and Mike drive to the hospital while Clarke goes ahead to have his people lock down the hospital.

Serena gives Luke clothing uniform and tells him to be patient. Meanwhile, one of the Marshals, Keeler, gets a call from Clarke just as one of Lily's men brings in the other man, who is posing as patient. They open fire on Keeler and his men, killing them, then toss in smoke grenades and shoot out the cameras. Serena and Luke come out and put Luke on a gurney, and wheel him to the fake ambulance that they have waiting.

The FBI pull up and Clarke orders his people to secure the ground floor. Ryan and Mike accompany them to Luke's room and confirm that the prisoner is already gone. One survivor who hid behind the desk tells them that the killers were meeting an ambulance downstairs.

The FBI approach the ambulance and the driver tries to escape. More FBI agents cut him off and he opens fire, and they shoot him dead. When they check the ambulance, they discover that it's empty and Ryan realizes that they're still in the hospital. He and Mike split up to search the floors.

The head man, Decklan, gets Luke to the stairwell and meet the other shooter, Murph. They've lost Serena somewhere, and Decklan says that the FBI arrived earlier than expected so they'll have to take an alternate escape route. Decklan says that he'll get Luke out and tells Murph to meet them at the market in 20 minutes.

Mike runs into a SWAT member bring a team of staff up for verification. As Mike checks their ID, Serena turns her badge toward her.

Ryan finds a locked door and shoots it open.

Mike asks to see Serena's ID and realizes that something is up. She attacks him and tries to run, but Mike captures her and orders her at gunpoint to tell him where Lily is. Serena insists that she'll die first and goes for her knife, and the SWAT man shoots her.

At Korban, Joe is watching a megachurch evangelist, Kingston Tanner, who is speaking out against Joe. Emma comes in and assures Joe that Robert won't be a problem, and notices that he's been reading the Bible. She warns Joe that they're running out of time and asks what the plan is. He finally tells her that his mistake in the past has been thinking too small. Joe plans to show the world the truth about religion, that it's about blood and sacrifice. If Kingston wants a holy war the Joe plans to give him one.

Ryan enters the hospital basement and finds another door.

Mandy watches Joe as he talks with his followers, stares at him briefly, and leaves. She goes to her dormitory bed and packs, and then walks out.

Mike calls Ryan on the radio and asks for his location, and Ryan says that he's heading for the marketplace outside the hospital. He finds a storage room and spots Luke inside, but Decklan gets the drop on him. As they handcuff him, Ryan points out that there's no way out but offers to help them. He tells Decklan that all he wants is Luke, but Luke says that his mother is paying them. He jumps Decklan and manages to shoot him, but Luke runs outside and blends into the crowd.

Later, the FBI finish securing the area and Ryan gives Clarke the phone Lily used to call Luke. Carrie arrives and hugs Ryan, and he assures her that he's fine. She asks to meet him for dinner later and Ryan agrees.

Murph brings Luke to the hotel where Lily and Mark are waiting. The brothers share a hug and then Luke runs to Lily, who is crying with relief. All three of them share a group hug.

Carrie goes on the air to report that Lily was behind the bakery attack and is impersonating Joe's followers. Joe, watching, is reluctantly impressed but vows to show her.

Ryan joins Mike in the car and Mike wonders how they can go up against a woman with more resources and cunning than Joe. He says that he can't understand her, and Ryan warns that she can't be understood. He promises to find Joe and Lily and after that, the two of them will go have a life because the universe owes them.

Mandy is hitchhiking and a woman picks her up. The teenager borrows the woman's phone and calls... Mark, whose phone number was in the classified ad.

Ryan and Mike arrive at Ryan's apartment. There's a knock at the door and Brad and Turner introduces themselves. Mike starts to tell Ryan that he can explain, as Claire steps in and calls Ryan's name.