Betrayal - Recap

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Ryan stares at Claire in shock and wonders how she can be alive. Claire asks Turner to clear the room and he agrees, and Ryan angrily orders Mike out. Once they're alone, Claire asks a shocked Ryan to say something. He asks for answers and Claire explains that she survived the attack and they took her directly to Joey and her mother. Ryan strokes her cheek and Claire assures him that she's real, and they hug, crying.

Later, Claire explains that WitSec wouldn't let her talk to Ryan, and Mike only knew that she was alive, not where she was. Ryan insists that he would have come to see her if she had called and that it wasn't her decision to make, but Claire insists that she did it for Joey. She admits that she thinks of Ryan constantly, along with Joe, and she says that they need to finish it with Joe once and for all. Claire wants to kill Joe, figuring that she can surprise him, but Ryan tells her to go back to Joey and stay safe. She points out that none of them are safe until Joe is dead.

Evangelist Kingston Tanner is still preaching against Joe, calling him the Anti-Christ. Carrie interviews him later and Kingston insists that Joe is a disciple of evil. At Korban, Joe watches as Kingston explains that Joe is waging a war against God and religion. Carrie suggests Kingston is trying to raise publicity for his upcoming convention, as Joe cheers her on. Emma comes in and asks Joe if he hates Kingston, and Joe explains that he hates hypocrites and doesn't believe in any god. He insists that he made that mistake once and never will again, and Kingston has taken his name in vain so he's going show the world what religion truly represents. Emma agrees and asks Joe if he's seen Mandy. She confirms that Mandy wasn't at breakfast or in her cabin, but Joe figures that it's nothing.

Mandy waits at a closed gas station until two men walks up in the distance. She draws a knife as mark comes up behind her. He assures her that it's okay and asks where Joe is, and Mandy says that he can't tell her. Mark insists but Mandy refuses. After a moment, he smiles and says that they should get moving, and Lily is eager to see her.

In New York, Carrie is leaving the studio building with Kingston, who assures her that they're doing the Lord's work. They drive and come to a truck blocking the road, and one of Joe's followers steps out in front of them. She spray paints "JC Lives" on the hood and when Carrie's bodyguard gets out, another follower knocks him out from behind. Tilda gets in the car with Carrie and gives her a cellphone. It's Joe, who needs her to broadcast a new message from him. If she doesn't, he'll kill her and everyone he holds dear. Once he hangs up, Tilda gives Carrie a flash drive and leaves with her people.

Ryan gets word of the incident and comes to see Carrie. She tells him what happened and gives Ryan a copy of the flash drive. Carrie figures that Joe has something planned that day, and insists on airing it. Ryan asks her to wait until he's looked at it and Carrie reluctantly agrees. She then asks if she can stay the night, and Ryan says that he'll find her later and they'll talk then.

After blindfolding Mandy and driving her to an undisclosed location, he lets Mandy out. Lily greets her and asks how she's been, and Mark says that she won't tell them where Joe is. Lily glances at Mark but says that they don't need Joe as long as they have Mandy, and takes the teenager inside.

Ryan goes back to his apartment and plays the video file as Claire looks on. Joe talks about how religion has hidden behind masks, and now he will expose them to the world, removing their masks. Claire is surprised that Joe is quoting the Bible, and explains that his family was religion and he eventually became an atheist out of anger. Ryan notes that he's also an atheist and Claire points out that she believes in God. He points out that she wants to kill her ex-husband and Claire says that she isn't a saint. They figure that Joe will go after Kingston and realize that he will target Kingston's only son, Preston. Claire wants just the two of them to go so no one will interfere when they kill Joe, but Ryan refuses to endanger her. Ryan finally gives in and tells her to give him ten minutes to distract the Marshals outside.

Mike and Max are waiting downstairs and Max hugs Ryan, since Mike told her that Claire is alive. Ryan tells them about their theory that Joe is going after Preston, who attends Northfield College. He tells Max to go up to the apartment to get anything she can on Preston, and tell Claire that he's leaving without her.

In the apartment, Claire is getting ready to leave when Ryan text her an apology. Max comes in and Claire realizes that Ryan went to the college with Mike.

At Northfield College, Tilda and the others pull up in a van and go to the frat house where Preston lives. A campus security guard comes over and asks why they're there. Luke orders him into the van at gunpoint and they stab him as soon as he's inside.

As they drive to Northfield, Mike insists on telling Ryan that he wasn't going to let Claire and Joey end up like Debra. He thought that Ryan would choose Claire's safety over anything else, even his own feelings. Ryan says that he understands and assures Mike that they're good.

When Joe returns to his cabin, Emma shows him security footage of Mandy climbing the fence.

As Lily makes a chocolate cake, Mandy admires the house. She asks if they can go see some of Lily's other houses, and Lily says that it depends on what happens next. Lily points out that Mandy left her for Joe and Mandy says that she had no choice. She promises Lily that she won't betray her again and Lily demands to know where Joe is. Mandy refuses to betray him even though Lily insists that she just wants to make things right. The teenager doesn't believe her and says that they have to consider the issue closed. Lily slaps her and repeats her question. When Mandy won't answer, Luke comes in and asks where she's going to go.

In the apartment bathroom, Claire finds a lipstick tube on the counter. Meanwhile, Max is in the safe house room working on the laptop. As she prepares to call Ryan, Claire comes in and looks at everything that Ryan has collected on Joe and Lily. She asks Max how Ryan is doing, and Max says that he's been doing well and had a good year. Claire wonders if Ryan has moved on and assures Max that she's not there to hurt him. Max says that Ryan fell apart when he thought Claire died, and warns that she only wants what is best for her uncle. She then asks Claire to leave so she can make her phone call, and she then calls Ryan and tells him that Preston will be at the Alpha Beta Omega fraternity.

Tilda and the others pull up to the fraternity house and she strolls inside with Lucas. They ask one girl for directions and one frat boy gives them to her. Outside, Robert and Angela prepare their guns and Robert says that he and Tilda will do the videotape while Angela and Lucas take care of the others.

Lucas and Tilda go to Preston's room and knock on the door. They go in and find Prestons' roommate Matt with a girl. When Matt calls Tilda fat, Lucas turns up the stereo and he and Tilda kill the couple.

That night, Preston and his girlfriend Kelly return to the frat house and go inside. Joe's followers capture them.

At Lily's house, Luke and Mark play Truth or Dare and force Mandy to sit with them. They turn the bottle to Mandy and ask again where Joe is. She refuses to answer and tries to walk her away, and Luke drags her down. They hold her hand to a candle and Mandy yells for Lily.

Robert and Tilda film Preston and Kelly in his room, and tell him to pray for God. Tilda cuts Kelly's throat and say that God isn't listening. They hear Ryan and Mike pull up outside and Tilda goes to get Lucas. Meanwhile, Mike and Ryan knock and then come inside when they get no answer. The place is seemingly empty and there's blood on the floor. Drawing their guns, the two men go up the stair s and one man in a mask charges at them. Ryan easily subdues him and demands to know where Joe is, while another one charges at Mike, slashing his hand. Mike shoots him dead and spots more people in the room beyond with masks on. They realize that Joe's people glued the masks to the faces of their prisoners.

Tilda comes out and realizes that Mike killed Lucas. She runs for it with Robert and Angela and Ryan and Mike go after her. The followers get to the van and drive off with Preston. Ryan drives after them.

While Joe wonders how Mandy could have betrayed him, Emma checks Joe's laptop and discovers that Mandy was checking classified ads. Joe realizes that Mandy went to Lily and starts to call her, but Emma warns that Lily will be able to trace the call. He admits that Emma is right but then calls Mandy's phone anyway. Lily answers it and has the injured Mandy say hello. Mandy insists that she didn't tell them where Joe is, and Joe tells her that they're going to kill her. He threatens Lily, who is unimpressed and says that Joe abandoned Mandy. Lily offers Joe the chance to make up for it by coming to get Mandy. If he doesn't, she'll kill Mandy. Emma shakes her head and Joe tells Mandy that he loves her. She says that she loves her and Joe hangs up, crying.

Lily nods to her sons and walks out, and they advance on Mandy.

Agent Clarke and his people secure the frat house. When Clarke wonders where Ryan is, Mike calls Ryan. Ryan insists on going after them alone so he can get Joe. Mike apologizes for lying to him, but Ryan says that it's about Joe for all of them. He asks Mike to take care of Claire and Max and hangs up, and tosses the cellphone out the window.

At Korban, Emma tells Joe that Tilda and the others are on the way back with Preston. Joe blames himself for not making it clear that Emma and Mandy had to get along with each other. Emma realizes that Joe is blaming her and insists that Mandy was never going to be one of them. Joe advances on her, insisting that Mandy was his, and then turns on the TV to watch Carrie's broadcast as she plays Joe's video message.

Mike returns to Ryan's apartment where Max and Claire are watching the broadcast. He tells them what happened and how Ryan ditched his phone. Turner comes in and tells them that Carrie is outside and wants to see Ryan. Mike asks Claire to wait in the bedroom and Turner lets Carrie in. They tell Carrie that Ryan went off on his own, and Carrie says that she wants to help Ryan. Claire comes out and tells a shocked Carrie that if she wants to help Ryan, she should help her.

Mark and Luke eat dinner with Lily and enjoy her chocolate cake. They thank Mandy, whose corpse is propped up in a chair, and welcome her to the family.

Tilda, Robert, and Angela pull into the compound and drag Preston out. Joe welcomes him to Korban and tells him that it's time to pay for Kingston's sins. Meanwhile, Ryan watches them from the shadows.