The Reaping - Recap

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At Korban, two men are on patrol and realize that one of the other guards is missing. As they go to the hole to release one of the female prisoners, Ryan moves after them and the missing guard comes up behind him. By pretending to be a confused tourist, Ryan gets close enough to kill the man and then runs off.

At Ryan's apartment in New York, Claire tells Carrie that she wants to go on the air and lure Joe out. She figures that Joe will crack when he learns that Claire is alive. Mike explains that Ryan went after the kidnapped Preston Tanner, and they don't know where he is. Carrie warns Claire that she may not be making a rational decision, but Claire insists that she's doing it to protect her son. She points out that the reporter should help her and save a lot of people, and Carrie reluctantly agrees. As Mike escorts her out, he asks Carrie if she's really going to do it. She assures him that she isn't until she hears from Ryan, and tells Mike to keep Claire away from the phone and the Internet.

Once Carrie leaves, Claire insists that she can lure Joe out. Max wants to find Ryan. Mike gets a call from Kingston Tanner. The evangelist has heard from Joe.

Later, the FBI meet with Kingston, who has received a video file from Joe. The first part of the tape is the followers capturing Preston and killing his girlfriend. Joe then tells Kingston that he plans to provide the entire world with a lesson on true faith. Clarke tells them that the cyber-forensics team is reviewing the flash drive that had the message on it. Kingston recognizes Mike and offers his condolences on the death of his father Richard, and prays on his behalf. The evangelist then says that they should respond to Joe right away so he can prove that his trust in God is more powerful. Clarke warns against it, noting that it could set off a wave of violence. Mike says that Kingston doesn't have to go on TV to pray, and Kingston agrees to abide by their wishes until God tells him otherwise.

Ryan approaches the central stage at the compound and a man finds him. When the follower asks Ryan why he isn't in his robe, Ryan knocks him out. He then takes the man's robe and blends in with the crowd as Emma and Tilda bring the followers in. Emma tells Tilda that a large group will be leaving after the assembly on their final mission, and assures Tilda that Joe has faith in her to lead the others.

Once everyone is seated, Joe comes out and everyone cheers. Tilda records everything as the guards bring the prisoner from the hole out on stage. Joe assures his followers that everyone is talking about them across the nation, and now they will embark on their most important mission. The guards force the prisoner to her knees and then bring Preston out. The woman, Courtney, apologizes to Joe and he assures her that everything will be fine. He tells her that she is there so that Preston can deliver her from her suffering.

As Ryan moves slowly through the crowd, Joe takes out a knife and gives it to Preston. He tells the college student that he wants his devotion, and that he wants Preston to show them that Kingston's words are lies. Preston refuses to kill Courtney, and Joe tells him that blood must be spilled so Courtney can go home. Meanwhile, Ryan draws his gun and gets close enough to get a clear shot at Joe. Tilda prepares to film Preston killing Courtney, while the crowd cheers for blood. Joe tells Preston to make his choice: join them in their holy war and kill Courtney, or die. Ryan shoots and misses him, and the guards open fire. One of them manages to hit another, and Ryan runs off in the confusion.

The next morning, Lily meets with two of her men. One of them, Alistair Duncan, assures her that they'll soon trace Joe's call and confirms that she's ready to move. Lily checks with Mark and makes sure that he's ready to go. Mark wants to leave the country and Lily says that they will once they take care of Joe. When Mark says that he doesn't want to lose anyone else, Lily tells him to man up. She insists that Joe has to pay for what he's done and tells Mark to make sure that Luke is ready to go.

At Korban, Robert reports to Joe that they haven't captured the shooter. He suggests that it might not be a Korban member, and finally tells Joe that Ryan was at the college when they abducted Preston. Joe isn't happy that Robert hasn't told him, and Emma says that they need to leave now. Robert suggests that they get Joe to a nearby home that Micah used, but Joe refuses to go and tells Robert to bring Ryan to him now. Once Robert leaves, Emma tells Joe not to let Ryan get to him. Joe insists that they'll hold their course and orders her to send the troops out. She warns Joe that he's not thinking clearly and the FBI could end it, and Joe says that if it ends then it ends.

Max and Mike watch the video of Preston's abduction again and Max admits that forensics were unclear. She assures Mike that they've blocked Claire's Internet access, and they both admit that they aren't doing well. Max brings up Kingston's prayer for Mike and points out that he's not grieving for his father's death. Mike assures her that he's not running from it and he's trying to distract himself by searching for Joe. Max warns him that killing Lily won't accomplish anything. Before he can answer, they get a message from the FBI tech team. One call from Lily's mercenary was bounced off a hotel where Lily was spotted. The other one confirms Lily's location.

As Ryan makes his way through the woods, Robert and a guard, Jason, spot him and give chase. Ryan ducks behind a tree and the guards split up. When Jason approaches, Ryan drops on him from a tree and prepares to shoot him unless the guard talks. He tells Ryan that they're heading for New York but doesn't know their target. Meanwhile, Robert calls Joe and tells him that they've found Ryan, and Joe tells him to bring Ryan to him rather than kill him. Ryan hears the conversation on the radio and fires a shot in the air. Robert runs over and easily captures him.

The FBI arrive at Lily's safe house but she and her family have already moved on. They find Mandy's body and Max wonders why it's there. Mike figures that there's bad blood between Joe and Lily. Another FBI agent confirms that one of the people there was Alistair, a mercenary. Max checks his credit card usage and discovers that he rented a car.

Robert waits with Emma and wonders why Joe is letting Ryan live. Emma admits that Joe has a blind spot toward Ryan, and Robert realizes that things fell apart a year ago when Joe grew obsessed with Ryan, Claire, and Joey.

Joe goes to see Ryan, who is tied up in the assembly hall. He greets Ryan and insists that they're a pair, and Ryan promises to be good. Joe knows better and admits that his days are numbered, but is hurt that Ryan doesn't realize how much he needs him. Ryan asks what the big finish is and Joe admits that he has turned from Poe to the Bible. The ex-FBI agent figures that Joe is just planning on glorifying himself because there's nothing else for him, and Joe admits that infamy will give him immortality. Ryan concedes that Joe is a brilliant man but he can't see himself through his narcissism. Joe admits that they're best friends and tells Ryan that he's going to enjoy his next parlor trick.

Kingston gives a press statement and explains that his son Preston was kidnapped by Joe Carroll.

At Korban, Joe has the guards bring in Preston and Courtney and has them kneel before Ryan. Emma tries to warn Joe to leave, but Joe tells her that it will be quick.

Kingston calls Joe the epitome of evil and promises that he will fear no evil. He vows that Joe will not be victorious and begins praying.

Joe tells Preston to decide if he will kill Courtney or die in her place. Ryan suggests that Joe kill him, but Joe says that isn't an option and puts the knife to Preston's neck. As Preston considers, Ryan tells Preston that Joe won't do it and give up his leverage. Preston braces himself and says that he won't do it, and Joe has one of his guards put his rifle to Preston's head. Joe gives Preston one more chance and Preston takes the knife. Once he holds it, Joe addresses the camera, saying that the truth is coming out. Preston advances on Courtney as Ryan begs him not to do it, but the college student asks God for forgiveness and then kills Courtney. He then kneels next to her, crying.

At Lily's safe house, Mike and Max realize that Kingston went public. Clarke tells them that they've picked up Alistair's rental car thirty miles from where Ryan disappeared, and they realize that Lily is going after Joe.

Claire finds Ryan's cell phone and calls Carrie. When Carrie refuses to help, Claire threatens to call another reporter and Carrie reconsiders.

Joe welcomes Preston to the family and then sends him off to get cleaned up. Ryan vows to kill Joe, but Joe figures that neither one of them can kill the other because then they will die as well.

Lily, Mark, and Luke arrive near Korban and Alistair tells her that he has two men inside. He prepares for the assault and Lily tells him to bring Joe to her alive. Luke wants to go with the mercenaries but Lily says that he'll stay with her and wait.

Robert tells Emma that they have two vehicles at the front gate. Emma says that they have to go and leaves to find Joe at the assembly hall.

Joe asks Ryan how he thinks his final act is going, and Ryan says that he'll have to follow it up with something big. Ryan probes for information but Joe refuses to give anything away. He admits that his time is up and asks Ryan if he misses Claire. Joe admits that he misses his ex-wife and Claire is his one real regret. When Ryan says nothing, Joe says goodbye. Emma and Robert come in and warn him about the vehicles, and Emma tells Joe to kill Ryan. Joe says that it isn't an option and tells Ryan that it's been a pleasure. Ryan promises that Joe will see him one more time, but Joe just smiles and leaves.

Alistair and his men crash the gate and pull into the compound. They open fire and the followers panic. The survivors of the initial salvo flee but the mercenaries sweep the camp, gunning down anyone they find.

Ryan breaks the chair that he's tied to and runs out. He grabs a rifle from a follower and takes out several mercenaries.

Mike, Max, and Clarke arrive by helicopter and meet the FBI team down the road from the compound. They get into SUVs and move in.

Alistair ducks into one of the building and tries to contact his men, and Ryan guns him down.

The FBI pull into the compound and find the dead followers. Ryan emerges from one of the cabins and drops the rifle.

Mark tells Lily that Luke went to take a closer look, and Lily tells him to get his older brother.

At the compound, Mike figures that Lily would hang back. Mike goes after her while Max finds Ryan. Ryan tells Clarke that Joe is going after Kingston, and then asks Max where Mike is. She figures that Mike has gone to find Lily.

Carrie goes on the air with a cryptic message for Joe. Joe is at Micah's safe house watching the broadcast. When Carrie recites the message, Joe realizes that Claire must have given it to Carrie.

As Lily waits at her car, she hears footsteps in the snow. She goes to investigate and Mike comes up behind her. Lily turns around and Mike orders he down on her knees. She obliges and claims that her sons didn't come. Mike doesn't believe her and Lily invites him to take her into custody. As he prepares to shoot, Ryan and Max run up and tell him not to shoot. Ryan insists that Mike is better than that, and Lily tells Mike that he's a good man. Mike tells her that he used to be a good man but not anymore. Ryan says that it's him, not Mike, and tells Mike not to be him. After a moment, Mike lowers the gun, crying. However, he then says it will fix Lily even if it doesn't fix him and shoots her dead.