Silence - Recap

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Luke and Mark hijack a car belonging to Trisha Brumell and kill her. As Luke drives, he insists that Lily and Trisha aren't dead. Mark tells him that they are and Luke finally pulls over to face the fact that his mother is dead. He vows that Mike, Ryan, and Joe are all going to pay.

At Korban the next day, Ryan backs up Mike's story that Lily tried to fire at him and Mike killed her to save his life. When the detective questions Max, Ryan tries to interrupt but the detective insists that she answer, and Max says that she fell behind and didn't see the gunshot. Clarke tells the detective that he can check with the agents later if he has more questions. Once the detective leaves, Clarke wonders where Joe and his remaining people are heading, Ryan figures that they're heading for New York and Joe is planning something big involving Kingston. Clarke tells Ryan that Claire talked to Carrie and had the reporter pass a message onto Joe. The FBI agent tells Ryan to talk to Claire and leaves. Ryan advises Mike to go home and get some rest, but Mike says that he isn't and that Ryan would have done the same thing if it had been Joe. When Ryan says that Mike is better than him, Mike just stares.

At Kingston's house, in New Jersey, supporters gather outside while his bodyguard Roman brings a note to Kingston that someone threw over the fence. It has a burner phone attached and Kingston tells Roman not to report it to the FBI.

Mike and Max go back to the apartment and watch a repeat of the newscast of Claire's poem. Max puts a comforting hand on Mike's knee. Meanwhile, Ryan confronts Claire and accuses her of putting Carrie in danger. Claire insists that she had to do something and explains that the poem is something that she and Joe wrote together. She wants to lure Joe in so they can kill him, and wants him to try again so that they can trap him. Ryan tells her to go home, but Claire insists that it will never end until she knows that Joe is dead. He tells Claire that he can't do what he has to while he has to worry about her and asks her to trust him. Ryan starts to go but then turns back and hugs Claire. After a moment, he kisses her and she kisses him back. Once she's alone, Claire finds Ryan's closet of guns.

As they prepare to leave Micah's safe house, Jason assures Joe that everything is ready. Angela pledges her loyalty to Joe and says that she'll see him up above, and then drives off with the others. Joe then turns to Emma and tells her that the poem proves that Claire is alive because nobody else knew about it. Emma warns that Ryan is setting a trap but Joe figures that Claire will be at the inn where they wrote the poem. His follower says that it doesn't matter if she's alive because Joe had her killed. Emma refuses to leave course, and threatens to leave if he's falling apart. Joe figures that Claire has come out of hiding for a good reason and tells Emma not to be threatened to her, because he needs closure. And if it isn't a trap, then they'll gain leverage over Ryan. Robert comes out and tells them that Tilda has reported that everything is in place. Joe tells him to go to the Ware Lake Inn with Emma and see if there's a trap, and then call him if they find anything out.

At Kingston's house, Ryan tells the evangelist that Preston is alive and Joe took him along with him. Kingston insists that his security detail can handle things, but Ryan and Mike say that he has to stay put and get rid of the supporters outside. As they talk, Kingston receives a call on the burner phone and takes it in the next room. It's Joe, who confirms that no one is listening in and then tells Kingston that he will receive a sign and he's to do exactly what it says.

As Mike, Max, and Ryan leave the house, Angela approaches the house and pours gasoline on her. She shouts her praises to Joe and then sets herself on fire. Inside, Kingston realizes that it's the sign Joe promised and tells Roman that they have to leave now. He goes out the back and sees Joe's van, and tells Roman to stay behind while he goes alone. Robert knocks him out and drags him into the van, and they drive off.

Joe goes to the garage where Emma is lurking and tells her not to endanger herself. Emma insists that she should be with him in case anything goes wrong, but Joe tells her that she has to play her part. She assures him that she will and Joe says that he's utterly devoted to her. When it's all over and they're dead and immortalized, the world will know she was the woman behind him. Joe kisses Emma for a moment and hugs her.

When Ryan returns to the house, Roman tells him what happened. Ryan figures that Joe called and Roman had a plan to follow him. Mike points out that all of Joe's followers are fanatics just like Angela, and Roman admits that he put a tracker on Kingston.

Tilda and Joe's followers enter into the Blessed Saints Cathedral in New York City and sit down in the back. Meanwhile, Mike and Ryan follow the tracker and Max sends them the tracker coordinates.

In the cathedral, Tilda and another follower go into the basement and kill the janitor. Jason and the others pull up with the unconscious Kingston and Tilda lets them in, and they wheel in barrels of liquid. Once they're ready, Jason confirms that he knows that the driver knows what to do, and the driver leaves in the van.

Max directs Mike and Ryan to the cathedral and they call in the FBI and the SWAT teams. Meanwhile Claire is packed up and the marshals escort her out.

Joe's followers chain the doors shut and bring Kingston into the cathedral. They draw guns and Joe steps forward and tells the priest that he'll be taking over. He then addresses the parishioners, saying that he will be leading the service.

At the inn, Emma and Robert wait down the road. Robert asks if Emma is okay and she asks him what Joe said to him. The man says that Joe told him to leave it up to Emma, but she wonders what happens if Joe doesn't make it out of the church. The talk turns to death and Emma hopes that death is silence. The inn is apparently deserted for the season and Emma orders another sweep.

The police pull up at the cathedral and a female follower draws a gun and says that they'll burn it to the ground if anyone tries to enter. As Mike and Ryan arrive, the woman puts the gun to her head and kills herself. Mike briefs the police while Ryan looks for a way in, and Mike insists on going with him. They make their way to the cathedral roof and find an open window. They get inside and hide as a follower arrives and plants cans of explosive set to a tripwire on the window.

As the marshals drive through the downtown, Claire takes a tear gas bomb out of her bag and gets out. When a marshal grabs her, she maces him and keeps running.

As night falls, the FBI and SWAT secure the building. Max calls Ryan, who updates him on the situation. Ryan warns her about the bobby-trapped windows and says to get ATF ready. Meanwhile, Tilda brings Preston out and he goes to Kingston. Joe takes great pleasure in showing Kingston the video of Preston killing Courtney. He says that is how Kingston raised his son and asks if he knows where his limitations are. Joe boasts that God does not exist but he does.

Mike and Ryan make their way down to the basement and find the dead janitor. Mike tries to turn on the security cameras within the building so Max and the others can see what's going on.

Joe goes on the air with Kingston and Preston, and promises to prove that God doesn't exist and Kingston is a liar. At the news station, Carrie sees the broadcast and tells her people to go live.

At the cathedral, Joe tells Kingston that he has to pray to him to save Preston's life, or God. Preston steps forward and kneels, and begs Joe not to kill his son. Joe insists that he deny God and has Tilda film him as Kingston says that there is no God. Joe taunts him, saying that he wants to see more enthusiasm, and says that they're just beginning. He leads Kingston up to the altar and picks up two knives, and gives one to Preston and one to Kingston. If neither of them can kill, then Joe will kill them both.

The followers aim their guns and Joe tells them to begin. Preston picks up a knife... and tries to charge at Joe. A follower easily knocks him down and Joe warns that it's not an option.

Mike gets the cameras up and spots the canisters, and then turns on the sound. They listen as Kingston forgives Joe, but Joe tells him that he needs his decision. The evangelist picks up the knife and Preston asks him what to do. Joe asks what the greedy preacher is going to do, and Kingston admits that he's not perfect but his heart is filled with good. He insists that Good will always win, and then lifts the knife and tells Preston to forgive himself. He then cuts his own throat and falls to the floor.

Emma and Robert see a taxi pull up to the inn. Claire gets out and Emma is confident that she came alone. Robert wonders what they do now and Emma says that they get her. Meanwhile, Claire breaks into the inn.

The FBI watch on the monitors as Ryan walks them through Joe's set-up. Mike says that Ryan should just go in and kill Joe, but Ryan reminds him that there are a hundred hostages and canisters of explosives. He tells Mike to stop doing it and Mike agrees to do it his way, saying he won't do anything stupid.

Joe gets back on the Internet despite the FBI efforts to block him, and admits that he didn't think Kingston would kill himself. He says that the evangelist was a coward, while Preston glares at him.

Claire enters the inn and draws one of Ryan's guns. She makes her way to the lobby and turns on the lights, and Emma steps out behind her. Claire fires a warning shot but Emma says that if she dies then she can't take Claire to Joe. She demands to know why Claire wants to see Joe, and tells her that it was stupid to come there alone. Claire says that she doesn't care what happens to her anymore and demands to know where Joe is. Emma keeps walking and asks about Joey, and Robert grabs Claire from behind. He insists that they can't disobey Joe, but Emma figures that Joe will never know that Claire shot Robert and tried to kill her. Emma then shoots Robert. He manages to grab her before she can put a second round into him, and Claire runs upstairs.

Emma goes after her and yells that she'll make it quick if Claire surrenders, and rants about how Claire isn't good for Joe. As she searches, Emma says that she's grateful to her for the two years they spent together when she was taking care of Joey. Claire jumps Emma and they struggle for the gun, and Claire finally manages to stab Emma and then shove her out a window to the ground three stories below. After grabbing the gun, Claire runs down to Emma and takes her car keys, but Emma grabs her. They struggle and Claire impales Emma with a stray board. As Claire staggers back, Luke steps out of the shadows and admits that he didn't think Claire would kill Emma. Mark is nearby, furious that Claire killed Emma, and the two brothers advance on her.

Ryan takes out one of the followers patrolling a hallway, and another one spots Mike and opens fire. Joe hears the shots, grabs a gun, and orders Mike and Ryan to reveal themselves or he'll start killing people beginning with Preston. Mike finally steps out and invites Joe to kill him instead. Joe figures that Ryan must be close, but Mike shouts at Ryan to kill Joe no matter what. As Ryan stays hidden, Joe beats Mike, who shouts again at Ryan to kill him. Joe points out that they both have acolytes willing to sacrifice themselves, and invites Ryan to come out and resolve their differences in front of the entire world. When Joe taunts Mike about his father's death, Mike jumps at him and Joe pistol-whips him, and then counts to three and fires a shot.